interior makeover


Extreme Makeover: Sim Home Edition 

also known as: “When Jade Hates Her Own Half-Assed Decorating”

I’ve fallen in love with Laney’s Forever House, and I’ve invested 100% of my energy making it perfect. So, when I peeped this office/guest bedroom I did, I had to wonder what in the holy hell I was thinking, because it was fucking terrible LOL. I did complete overhaul, and I thought this was the most strikingly hilarious example of why I can never do anything of importance in this game. Anyhow, this is my ongoing work in progress, you’ll all see tons more screenshots of Laney’s house over the next few months, because I’m obsessed with it.

also ITT: Jade’s terribly unedited and hastily taken interior screenshots (swim away!) 

I kept the rugs doe  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Grace, Mamrie and Hannah get an office makeover 


I’ve always enjoyed seeing how amazing a good Ikea hack can turn out and here’s a few of my favourites.

It’s amazing what a good touch of paint can do to any furniture piece!

Marble contact paper and copper spray paint transformed this side table into one very glamorous piece!

Personally my knitting skills aren’t great but for any of you who are talented why not give this a go?

I love the touch of black and pastels. These frames are immediately more interesting to look at. 

These drawers have been completely transformed and given that old vintage worn look. 

These chest of drawers have been given a new lease on life, the added brass label holders are a great addition. 

Bar stools are instantly modernised.

Very stylish drinks cart using an Ikea table!

I love this idea using Ikea cabinets to create a floating console,buffet or TV unit. The addition of the wood finishes it off beautifully.

This side table has totally benefited from It’s new look.

Shiny nest tables yes please. Amazing.

Ikea desk looking great in gold.

Ikea Dresser with added moulding’s and new handles. Great colour choice.

Add some colour into your living room. These bookcases look bright and cheerful now.

Spice racks into book shelves. Very cute and clever thinking.

There you have it a few very cool Ikea hacks. I hope I’ve inspired you to give one a go today. Best of Luck!

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