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Muggleborn Ravenclaws are unimpressed by the limited amount of jobs in the creative fields in the wizarding world.

They create an agency that forges documents to they can attend muggle art and design schools. They end up becoming architects, interior designers, event planners, and more and have a diverse clientele of muggles and wizards. Upon inheritance, the new generation of wizards and witches are finally updating the decor in their ancient dusty manors.


Inspired by her travels, my new favorite interior designer Paola Navone made her Paris apartment feel like an eclectic summer country house. Born in Turin, Navone is now based in Milan as an architect, art director, interior designer, and exhibition and event organiser for design companies including Abet Laminati, Gervasoni, Driade and Poliform just to name a few.

Her super cool and relaxed home was designed to feel like an eclectic country house in summer, with an abundance of Mediterranean and Asian influence.