Dana Villas - Santorini, Greece

Nestled on the caldera’s cliffside in Firostefani, Santorini, Dana Villas offers gracious accommodation in chic rooms and suites complete with beautiful sea views. Restored with respect to the island’s traditional architecture, all units come equipped with modern bathrooms, private kitchenettes, and 21st century technology. Elegantly decorated, the suites boast wonderful balconies/terraces and some of them have soothing Jacuzzi bathtubs. Facing the glistening 70 sqm swimming pool is a wonderful open-air restaurant serving Greek and international cuisines accompanied by breathtaking vistas of the caldera.


Theme of the Week | “Animals”

Why go all the way to the zoo when we have a digital animal kingdom of our own to explore? No, you can’t pet the donkeys or feed the fish, but you can hang them on your wall…!

“Nasua Nasua a.k.a. Coati” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

“Rectanglebra” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

“Sunny Leo” | Numbered Acrylic Glass Print

“Rita” | Numbered Fine Art Print

“Five Elephants” | Numbered Canvas Print

“My Roots” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

“The Tenderness” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

“Meowr in Black” | PRODUCT AND EDITION

tastylays asked:

Hi! Can you list down different themes for a bedroom? Im not really into indie/boho and i just cant decide what theme i should do with my room. Thanks! ♡

Hi :) Other than indie/boho there are literally hundreds of themes! It depends on the person. I’ll give you the main ones or else this post will be extremely long:

1. Scandinavian (Minimal, White, Simplistic) 

2. Girly (Pink,Chic, White, Floral etc)

3. Vintage/Rustic

4. Grunge

5. Monochrome

6. One Colour

7. Colourful

8. Travel/City Themed

9. Nature/Fresh 

There’s a lot more themes but these are the main ones I can think of. Hope that helped! xo