interioir design ideas

….omg…I’m drooling over this room! Teal+huge bookshelf+TEAL=HUGE TEAL BOOKSHELF! Those double doors, the height of the ceiling, all the molding, the brick, the wood, the white - it works. I’m in love. I’m definitely filing this under dream room. Its just fantastic.

As much as I love color, sometimes my sences need a break. This is the perfect room for it! SO chill, SO simple, SO potato couch central! Im really enjoying grey walls that are on the lighter side right now….Ive got a picture in mind, but I cant find it at the moment : (

Anyways, can you imagine having a movie night on that couch with several of your closest friends? You’d need a better table…probably a huge grey ottoman, but hey - sounds like a blast!!

Another thing I’m really enjoying right now is colored doors. It all started with the doors you see in neighborhoods like Father of the Bride, where the doors are usually red or black, but these other colors are even better! Seems like the best way to let passers by know that this is a sassy/bold residence and we are not afraid of color! LOL, I wonder if I’d be just as satisfied having my bedroom door be colored…

Another thing about me, I LOVE ornate mirrors with fab colors! The mirror in this picture makes me drool for several reasons:

  1. the size - its totally my size!! (Im 6'3 btw, this mirrow is definitely a 6'er & when I find mirrors that get all of me - I go nuts for them!) haha
  2. the ornate frame - totally gives it an old world/“I belong in an old French Chateau” feel. It gives the mirriow history and I love that!
  3. the color the frame - DUH! Im all about color, not ashamed to say I went through my pink phase & this would definitely bring it back


The accessories in this room are what totally make it. First and foremost, did you notice that sofa has a paisley pattern on it (a bold one at that)? Then there’s the coffee table, but those ornate details deserve to be jazzed up with some color (depending on the room of course) and from the looks of it, this one could use some help. Don’t think I didn’t see that huge mirror back there : ] I like the tea tray too…makes me want to play house and have a high tea - pinkies up bitches!


Sometimes, I feel like Marilyn Monroe….lol….jk, I dont know enough about her to say that. But I can appreciate the fact that she was a curvy, sassy, and beautiful woman. Clearly whoever designed these super retro room knew that too. Theres sass written all over it! Those chandeleirs, the wall decals, the color scheme - FAB! Im particularly fond of the picture of Marilyn’s face…its the epitome of firece.

This kitchen. Its regular, its simple, its beautiful, its chic, its old, its lovely, it works. First of all, that refrigerator is so cool! Talk about a 50s flashback & a welcomed one at that! Do you think it would still keep a person safe from an atomic blast like Indiana Jones? LOL Second, that island/bar contraption doesn’t look like something that belongs in a kitchen, but who ever designed this kitchen is making it work. It almost looks like a hutch with a fireplace mantle attached…but hey whatever works right? And of course, the chandeliers that anchor the space are divine! Im filing this under country vacation home…and I’m talking want to get away from life & complexity/go back to basics for a while vacation status

Ok, that large grey room I posted a while back (the grey bedroom too) would be the epitome of design sas with windew treatments and accessories like this room! I cant realyl explain why, but I’ve been wanting a large woodland animal to stand majstically in my room. Theres so much attention to detail in this room!! Truly beautiful!

Oh, and I’ll take that sofa in teal. K, thanks, bye <3