I want Lance internalizing that maybe he does not have a role in Voltron and just masks his insecurities with lame jokes and Shit.

And Shiro notices this, notice that there is something different and he just goes to tell Lance that he is doing great, that he got this, that he is intergral to voltron and he is irreplaceable to this team and that Shiro wouldn’t change him for the world.

And Lance just bursts into tears because no one has told him that. He’s always always wanted to hear that, from his friends, from his teachers, from his family, from the people he cares about and hearing it for the first time, from Shiro, from the man he’s admired all his life at the Garrison, from the leader of his team, from the person he is in love with, IS SUCH A BIG THING.

"Integration was worse than slavery."

“TO ME INTEGRATION WAS WORSE THAN SLAVERY.” I watched as David Banner, producer, actor, and entrepreneur, spoke those words on the prominent radio show, Sway in the morning. Sway, the host, reaction was the same reaction that I’m sure most would have after hearing a statement like that one, shocked! Now I’m not going to go as far as to say that integration was worse than slavery but I will say that integration played a pivotal role in keeping black people enslaved after slavery ended. It kept us mentally enslaved and the effects are clearly visible today.

Let’s take “Black Wall Street” for instance. This is ONE example out of many. Black Wall Street was a flourishing black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. It was famously known for its Black entrepreneurs and many black owned businesses. Allow me to break it down even more. 600 businesses which included; 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, 2 movie theaters, 1 hospital, 1 bank, 6 private airplanes, and its own school system. That all came to a halt during the “Tulsa Race Riot” in 1921 when 35 square blocks of businesses and homes were set ablaze by mobs of angry whites. Well, within 5 years after the massacre, surviving residents began to rebuild the community to where it once was. They progressed but once SEGREGATION was overturned by the federal government, INTEGRATION encouraged blacks to live alongside the whites for the sake of EQUALITY.

Now, to elaborate of Banner’s comment and my original response… Because of integration, black people have learned and became so accustomed to working for the “white man” and depending on them to the point where we RARELY attempt to build our own empire. This whole EQUALITY trend has gotten us in the “lets join” movement and away from the “lets build” movement. In the early 1900’s when whites wanted nothing to do with us we said okay, and did it on our own. We owned businesses. We were very successful. We PROGRESSED from SLAVERY. But because of INTERGRATION we are once again the slaves. Even if we do not realize it, we are slaves. It may not be physically but we are mentally (Physically if you want talk about prison but that’s a different topic for a didn’t post). We virtually own nothing. We think that a high paying job for someone else is freedom. Yes a lot can afford to spend $500 on a spontaneous shopping spree but it doesn’t mean much if it’s going in SOMEONE else’s pockets. Yes we get $100,000 but the white man that “owns” us gets $1,000,000,000. Stop settling for the pepperoni pieces on an extra large pizza. In the early 1900’s we knew OWNERSHIP; after integration, we know ADAPTING.

We need to get back to the idea of segregation. And not in a “to hell with white people” manner but a “lets build black people" manner. It does not mean you hate white people if you elect to give back to your own. The Asians are segregated and own their own. In almost every city throughout America you can drive into a community and see Asian owned business side by side. And the same thing applies to other races. While WE, we are to focused on working for the next man to make him rich. We are to focused on moving into HIS community to live along side he and his family. We are to focused on being apart of THEIR world instead of building our own. We are to focused on sending our children to THEIR schools instead of opening our own where we teach OUR history. We need to be in CONTROL. We need to own our own. We need to sign the checks. Don’t WORK at the plantation, OWN it. We need to segregate. We need to become FREE!



Allan Watts on Confronting the Shadow- “integrate the evil”

you need to confront your inner darkness… and then you can understand and then transform yourself!

“Is that so selfish? Our intergrity sells for so little, but its everything that we have. Its the very last inch of us, and in that, we are free”_ Valerie, V for Vendette.

We are two girls and one guy, and we were friends for 10 years until he finally decided to tell us he is gay. It doesnt matter to me, the other girl feel flustered a bit, but we welcome him as he is. But he told me, he rather just us know about him, not even his family because they will never accept him for that. His younger brother, whom I knew for quite a while, is straight and hate gay to the point of disgust. His parents are very traditional, they even think that gay is a disease. He doesnt know if he will have to live a lie, or he will come out to them one day, but I really hope he can be open about himself one day.

How can being who you really are is an disease? Sometimes I dont understand the world, how can people live with such lie? How can we accept that? What kind of love is this? I feel so unfair for him, but at the same time I know even now many gay/bi/les/as people are still being judged by just that alone. I also heard that in small town people will even torture their children because of it. They would even send loved one to madhouse, or even ask for baptism. What madness!!!

To me, theres no greater misfortune that you cant live for who you really are. And thats what I will offer to all my friends, they will be themselves no matter how ugly they are. Because thats what life is, thats what human is, both ugly and beautiful. Perfection.

Let me tell you something.

I DONT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK ABOUT WHOM YOU CHOOSE TO LOVE, YOU GOOD TO ME I GOOD TO YOU, end of discussion. And even if I don’t like you, it doesn’t matter. You should be proud of who you are! Your gender your sexuality your lover should be yours alone, no one, no one, not even loved one should force you to be otherwise.

I’m just here to tell you, that if you ever feel cheated, hated, betrayed, ambushed, torn apart, left behind… by being LGBTQ, should you never felt loved or cried inside.Then, I love you, with all my heart.

I love you.


ExRIMPAC16 - Intergration Training

Photos by: CPL Matt Bickerton, and CPL David Said, Hawaii, USA.

Australian Army soldier Lance Corporal Joel Baron, Section 2IC, 1 Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), participates in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016, working closely with US Marines and other nations on a range of training activities at the United States Marine Corps Base on Kaneohe Bay from 29 June to 10 July 2016, before proceeding to the Big Island for live fire range activities.

Exercise RIMPAC is the world’s largest maritime exercise enhancing Australia’s relationship with the United States and contributing nations. It is aimed at strengthening international maritime partnerships, enhance interoperability and improve the readiness of participating forces for a wide range of potential operations.

The theme for RIMPAC 16 is “Capable, Adaptive, Partners” and provides a key opportunity for Australia’s Amphibious Force Landing Force to test their interoperability within the multinational amphibious readiness group.

iiii ho nesly???? fucking love voltron and like a big reason is because of the community like. i have seen SO MANY posts that say lance has ADHD and keith is autistic and none of them pass it off as a joke or a silly quirk but!!!!!’ at the same time they know how to intergrate it to be the entire character but not at the same time????? it just. f ee ls so Real and i Love It So Much because its so welcoming and like in any other shows fanbase this doesnt happen and i LOVE IT

Nursey/Dex RP

This would have been very smutty if consent wasn’t such a intergral part of the CP fandom. Also it would have gotten there eventually ;)

You: Nursey, I don’t know who you have in the hotel room next to mine, but you need to keep it down. WP

Stranger: Why’s that? DN

You: Because some of us want to sleep. WP

Stranger: Aw, c'mon! We won. You should celebrate, too. DN

You: No thanks. I have an exam when we get back. WP
Besides, I don’t think I want to know what is going on over there. WP

Stranger: Eh, exams. Right. DN
I’m not saying you have to join us. But humor me. What’s it sound like to you? DN

You: Like someone is watching a porn, which god I hope you aren’t doing that as a group. WP

Stranger: Haha. Nah. We don’t need porn. :) DN

You: What does that mean? WP

Stranger: It means that we don’t need anything to help us get aroused, Dexy. Duh. DN

You: I get that but like…are you doing something over there? WP

Stranger: You mean am I having sex or something? DN

You: Yes. WP

Stranger: Not yet. DN

You: Oh my god. WP
I don’t want to know anymore. WP

Stranger: Oh come on. Does sex really gross you out so much? DN

You: It doesn’t gross me out! WP

Stranger: Okay. But me having sex does. DN

You: I just don’t want to think about you or anyone else we know doing stuff! WP

Stranger: Maybe it’s not with someone you know. Does that make it better? DN

You: Not by much. WP
Just please keep it down. WP

Stranger: Fine. We’ll try. DN

You: Also why are you texting if you have company. WP

Stranger: Everybody needs a break every now and then. And besides, I told him to shower first. DN

You: [delayed] have fun. WP

Stranger: Thanks. Have fun sleeping. And if you change your mind about joining us, you know where to go. DN

You: Right, joining you. No thanks. WP
Night. WP

Stranger: :( DN
Night, Dex. DN

You: Dex tried his best to go to sleep but the noise coming from the next room gradually got louder. Eventually, he got out of bed and went to bang on the door that was between both of their rooms.

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geminis need immediate gratification, and they need to know that their ideas are being heard. the greatest injustice you can serve to a gemini is talking over them - however they are quick to interupt people because their minds work so quickly and they need to speak before it disappears. geminis have tremendous logic, however this seems to be intergrated only sporadically

What Even is a Syntherian Anyway?

About midway through my journey in the therian community, I was exposed to the concept of suntherianthropy/syntherianthropy.

From what I can gather, the term was coined fairly recently (at least in relation to the existence of therianthropy itself) and is usually defined as “a state of being in which one’s nonhuman indentity is integrated into their baseline personality”.

I have personally found this definition to be more than a bit vague, with lots of room for loopholes and variation in interpretation. As therians, I feel that our theriotypes are intergrated into our personalities already, because that is how our “animal sides” manifest themselves within our human forms and lives.

As a syntherian (I use syntherian because it sounds more like “synthesis”, which I feel is a pretty accurate term in relation to my experiences), I don’t just feel like my theriotype is integrated into my personality. That melding of human and animal has been there for as long as I have felt nonhuman. What I do feel differently is shifts. Now, for the most part, I am in an almost constant state of partial shift. Phantom, sensory, mental, there is almost always something there. This can cause certain habits or behaviours to carry over into my daily life, usually resulting in subtle social cues and boy language that most people don’t read into very well. If I was a contherian, the story would end right here. But the difference between a contherian and a sun-/syntherian is the “sliding scale”. Contherians do not experience variation from the partially shifted state, as their level of “shiftedness” does not fluctuate. Syntherians, on the other hand, still experience change in shifts, although these changes are usually rarer and less intense than a typical therian. However, even as the slider moves along and changes with my chance in “shiftedness”, it never turns off. It’s like a dimmable light switch, but instead of turning off completely when it reaches the lowest point, it just gets really dim.

So what’s the distinction between typical therians and syntherians? From what I’ve experienced, it’s the way my theriotype bleeds into my human actions. A therian that experiences a typical range of shifts but is not constantly shifted would more than likely not have animalistic urges or express behaviours related to their theriotypes unless they are shifted, and when they do shift, it is more frequent and intense than a syntherian. A syntherian will experience more of the urges, cravings, hypersensitivity, itchiness, etcetera, that comes from shifts, but their full-on shifts will be fewer and less intense. This might also explain my unusual adjustment to shifts, as it is so frequent my mind has learned to work around my feelings and is less surprised by nonhuman behaviours.

derrickhill  asked:

I could use some soft headcanons if you're doing them :) (I'm happy with any ship you choose)

have some Luz and Lip soft headcanons.

  • Luz who has to ask for Lip’s help to fetch him something from the upper cupboard and Luz who will kiss Lip’s cheek sweetly and saying “thanks, sweetheart” and swatting Lip’s ass as he walks away.
  • Lip who will let Luz massages his head after a long day of work, who will hum appreciatively when Luz works out the kink on his shoulders before turning around to kiss Luz.
  • Luz who smokes less because Lip is worried about his health.
  • Luz who teaches Lip how to win at poker (“that’s cheating, Georgie.” “Hey, ’s long as you wanna win, you gotta lose some intergrity”)
  • Lip who carries Luz to bed, because Luz is small and weight nothing; who doesn’t want to let go of Lip’s shirt so they end up cuddling in bed and falling asleep together.
  • Lip who will make sure Luz is comfortable when they are doing the deeds in bed; always asking him “is this okay?” and Luz, desperate with pleasure will whine, “yes fine, just get on with it, Lip.”