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Prompt: “No decision should ever be made at 2am!“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @dustycelt

“Morning, Sammy!” Dean bellows cheerfully strolling into the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re in a good mood considering it’s before noon.” The younger Winchester responds with a smirk.

“I have a stupid study group thing.” Dean groans, rubbing his hand over his face.

“That’s…new.” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“I’m doing awful in my Econ class, man. It’s the only reason I’m putting myself through that cruel and unusual punishment.”

“Ahh gotcha.”

“At least I can have a heavenly slice of apple pie before I go. I literally woke up craving it.” Dean licks his plump lips practically drooling at the thought.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13 Preview

Nooooooooooo!!! WHY?! Why are you doing this to him, Bong Soon-ah? After 10+ years of watching kdramas I can recognize noble idiocy the moment I see it just in the preview alone. She is going to leave him for his own good which means that Min Hyuk was completely right when they were watching the sunset because BS is basically the “male” lead of this story and MH is her heroine -  and now he will even experience how it feels when someone pulls at you the noble idocy card. Don’t get me wrong, I love this sort of angst but I barely had the time to bask in the afterglow of their epic kiss.

“I can’t stop you when you’re jumping into danger, nor should I stop you. It drives me crazy.”

This is the reason why Min Hyuk is one of the best male leads that have ever lived in kdramaland! He wants to protect BS but he knows he can’t stop her from going after the kidnapper because that would mean stopping and not accepting an intergral part of her - her wanting to use her powers, wanting to protect people, the very reason why she has those powers - a part of her which he loves and that’s why he is so torn. You can feel that even when MH was trying to distract BS from going after the kidnapper, deep down he still knew that it’s only a matter of time before she will do what she feels is right. And that’s a relevant dilemma MH si facing and one which you can get behind. So at the very least he wants to fight with her and help her but now he will have to deal with the fact that she won’t let him and will be pushing him away which is the very thing he was so afraid of - that she would change her mind about being with him. And her getting hurt is literally his worst nightmare coming true.


Allan Watts on Confronting the Shadow- “integrate the evil”

you need to confront your inner darkness… and then you can understand and then transform yourself!

@brucesterling made a great point about cyberpunk, in which he points out that all the terrible things we’ve done to rats can be done to a person.

Also remember that, once computers are intergrated into humans, everything that can be done to your computer can be done to a person: malware, ransomware, spyware, intrusive ads, forced updates, abandoned support, etc.

All the problems you have with Windows 10 or Android, only now it’s about operating your cyborg body.


ExRIMPAC16 - Intergration Training

Photos by: CPL Matt Bickerton, and CPL David Said, Hawaii, USA.

Australian Army soldier Lance Corporal Joel Baron, Section 2IC, 1 Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), participates in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016, working closely with US Marines and other nations on a range of training activities at the United States Marine Corps Base on Kaneohe Bay from 29 June to 10 July 2016, before proceeding to the Big Island for live fire range activities.

Exercise RIMPAC is the world’s largest maritime exercise enhancing Australia’s relationship with the United States and contributing nations. It is aimed at strengthening international maritime partnerships, enhance interoperability and improve the readiness of participating forces for a wide range of potential operations.

The theme for RIMPAC 16 is “Capable, Adaptive, Partners” and provides a key opportunity for Australia’s Amphibious Force Landing Force to test their interoperability within the multinational amphibious readiness group.


I want Lance internalizing that maybe he does not have a role in Voltron and just masks his insecurities with lame jokes and Shit.

And Shiro notices this, notice that there is something different and he just goes to tell Lance that he is doing great, that he got this, that he is intergral to voltron and he is irreplaceable to this team and that Shiro wouldn’t change him for the world.

And Lance just bursts into tears because no one has told him that. He’s always always wanted to hear that, from his friends, from his teachers, from his family, from the people he cares about and hearing it for the first time, from Shiro, from the man he’s admired all his life at the Garrison, from the leader of his team, from the person he is in love with, IS SUCH A BIG THING.

Asexuals make my life better

Before I get started, let me make one thing clear: as an allosexual person, I know the asexual movement does not exist for me. I know the impact it has on my life is not it’s primary goal and I am in no way implying that making my life better should become a primary goal. Ok, got that? Let’s go:

Asexuals make my life better. They really honestly do. Reason number 1: The right of ‘no’. Because in a world full of ‘consent is sexy’ and ‘enthusiastic consent!’, asexuals are the only ones truly, without ‘but’ and ‘sometimes’ calling for the right to say “NO. Not now. Not ever. There is no communication workshop that we can do to change this, I am never going to consent to having sex with you”.  And in doing so, they are creating a world where I have more space to say no. 

Asexuals make my life better. Reason number 2: The right of ‘not this’. I don’t like penetration. I just don’t find it interesting in any form. I know many other people who don’t like oral, or hand jobs, or getting naked, or kissing. All of us face the problem that most of our partners see sex as a ‘package deal’ that is at some point going to involve kissing and nakedness and hand jobs and penetration and oral. If not the first time, then probably at screw number 5, right? Except, it won’t. I’m not going to be into penetration at screw number 5. Asexuals are challenging that package deal. They are challenging that there is any act that is just a standard part of an intimate relationship. And in doing so, they are creating a world where I have more space to assert my boundaries.

Asexuals make my life better. Reason number 3: The right of different lives. Asexuals, and aromantics especially, challenge the idea that forming a life long romantic relationship with one person is an important goal in life for everyone. I never want a life-long romantic relationship with one person and again, I’m not alone in this. Asexuals are creating a world where there is space for that choice. They are challenging the idea that that is abnormal (amatonormativity). And in doing so, they are creating a world where I have more space to chose what kind of relationships I want. 

Asexuals make my life better. Reason number 4: A world without cishetnormativity and misogyny. Let me quote theasexualanarchist on this one:

Of course amatonormativity and misogyny work together, even when it appears otherwise. On one hand, our society obviously prefers a specific type of relationship - monogamous, long-term, with an emphasis on concerted sexual and romantic activity - while either neglecting or straight-up dissuading individuals from pursuing other relationship forms (see the myth that “men and women can’t ever be friends because sex”). And on the other hand, you’ve got this concept just sort of hanging out that cishet men and boys are entitled to a sexual or romantic relationship with a woman because “chivalry” or some equally bullshit expression of misogyny, and when some dudes do end up conforming to amatonormative relationships and others are “stuck in the friend zone,” i.e., not participating in the same preferred relationship performance, the latter lash out in just the shittiest ways. This is why we gotta be talking about abolishing amatonormativity alongside cishetpatriarchy. They feed into each other.

I want to destroy cisnormativity and heteronormativity. I want to destroy misogyny. But without the destruction of amatonormativity and allonormativity, some of the roots of these things are going to stay in our culture. Asexuals are destroying forms of normativity that feed into forms of normativity that I want to destroy. And in doing so, they are creating a world where I can dismantle oppressive systems that harm me. 

Asexuals make my life better. But of course that doesn’t make them perfect. The asexual community has it’s problems, to be sure. Most asexual groups are very white, with very little critical thought about how that impacts on their work and how that normalizes racism within their communities. And that’s just one problem. There are more. But I have yet to meet any community that doesn’t have problems of exclusion and intersectional oppression. Working through shit like that is an inevitable part of movement building. 

Also like most movements, the asexual movement has a big segment that is only interested in making a space for their individual identity under capitalism. “An openly asexual CEO or cop? Great! Never mind that they have blood on their hands.” A pretty big segment is not interested in working in solidarity with other movements to end all oppression. As someone who does want to radically alter the world we live in, that makes me sad. It makes me just as sad as seeing liberal trans rights activists trying to intergrate middle class white trans people into an oppressive society to create transgender cops and CEOs. 

But a segment does want to truly alter the world we live in and to them I want to say: THANK YOU. You are essential. Your work is essential to my work. Together, we are bringing down an oppressive system, and that system has deep interconnected roots. You are doing essential work to uproot a part of the giant roots of the system. I can not succesfully pull out all the roots of heteronormativity, cisnormativity and misogyny without you pulling at the roots of amatonormativity and allonormativity. 

Asexuals make my life better. They probably make it better in a few ways that I have not yet considered. By uprooting what are considered normal sexual and romantic needs in our society, they are creating a world in which I have more options to be whatever it is that I want to be tomorrow and they are creating a world in which oppression is easier to uproot altogether. 

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Prometheus and Oliver were trained by Talia Al Ghul, yes, but Oliver beat Ra's Al Ghul and Damon Drake. He could beat Prometheus. Prometheus has Oliver over a barrel psychologically, not physically. I think once Oliver finds his light he'll beat Adrian. He will. Do you think someone will remind Oliver of that, maybe Felicity or Diggle? P.S. You are my favorite blogger! :-)

Yes, I think both Diggle and Felicity will be intergral in restoring Oliver’s belief that he can beat Prometheus. You are right. This fight isn’t about physicality. It’s mental and spiritual. In the end… Oliver will win.

December 25, 4025 | 1:58am

Georgi and I finally talked about that night and…we decided to try it. Dating. The age gap wasn’t that big, and it’s more about personality too. Michele tried in vain to stop us, and he almost had an aneurysm when he found out about what we did after the last party.

Today was a busy day. The Christmas party started at 5pm. At 3pm, everyone was in place. I dressed up in my Mrs. Claus outfit to hand out cookies to all the on-duty knights. There were special batches made for those with certain intolerances and allergies.

It was only my second year here, but it was my second year doing it. I also handed out candy and cards on Valentine’s Day. Moral boosting was a good thing for a kingdom to do, so I always said it was courtesy of Princess Milla.

Then it was time to get ready for the party.  Yuri had finally gotten his own assistant, a cat girl named Emma. She came all the way from America to serve him. That meant I only had Milla to take help dress.

The Christmas parties here were always formal. Again, Michele and I wore red. His tie was the only red thing this time. Georgi also wore red. His lipstick. As for eye shadow, they were designed to look like holly. His suit was dark green.

I kissed his cheek and told him that I loved having a super creative boyfriend when he came to get me.

I sang again, too!!! On stage, in front of everyone! All I needed was someone to sing for. I even got the audience to pressure Georgi to sing “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” with me. He’s no Michele Bublè, but he wasn’t bad either.

Oh yeah, I never told you how I got Michele off my back. I introduced him to one of Georgi’s friends from Wolf country aka the Czech Republic named Emil and left.

It was cute to see Georgi all huffy and jealous when Emma started to flirt with me. He said nothing. When I asked him why, he said it was because he trusted me.

“If you really love me, then I can trust you not to hook up with more attractive people.”

“I do. That’s why I didn’t. You’re one of the most attractive people I know.”

He kissed me knowing I was just being honest, “I know.” Kiss. “I love you too.”

During the two hour long present opening ceremony, the royal family got to show off the gifts they got from the king, Queen Lila, their siblings, and assistants.

I was in charge of handing Milla her gifts and making a list of what gifts she got from whom. I am recalling this list from memory. Hopefully this isn’t illegal.

1. King Yakov: A pair of (really expensive) magenta gloves.

2. Queen Lila: A book of hobbies to try (since Milla did things fast, she got bored easily)

3. Prince Georgi: That pair of shoes she had been staring at for months but her father wouldn’t let her get because “she doesn’t need any more shoes”

4. Prince Viktor: A magic compact mirror in magenta. (He got magic mirrors for everyone but in different colors)

Let me explain a bit about the magic mirrors. They are nothing like  the ones from fairy tales. They basically scanned you and told you which makeup was good for the weather, outfit, and occasion. They also specifically told you which areas of makeup needed to be fixed/touched up.

5. Prince Yuri: A vacation castle. Yes, a castle made for taking vacations. In Japan. I would have to talk to him about how. It was for the whole family.

6 - 20. Assistants: giving typical gifts, dresses and pets and sweets.

21. Sara Crispino: A jewelry box from Canada. (She had a weird obsession with the country)

22. Michele Crispino: A suit. Guess which color? Magenta. He got stares, but she said it was her favorite gift so far.

There were a total of 50. That’s not including what the civilians gave her. They all have to be documented by New Year’s Eve, but Milla gave me the night off.

“Congrats on getting her, bro.” She told Georgi. “You couldn’t have saved a better maiden.”

It was our running joke that even being the two highest ranked females in the castle–not only in hierarchy, but in magic power–still, guys felt the need to ask us if we needed help with the simplest tasks.

He hugged her and thanked her for being ok with it. I did the same.

We parted ways. I am currently sitting in Georgi’s bed in Viktor’s Christmas gift to me…pastel purple lingerie.

I called him and asked him if he thought it was socially appropriate to buy a minor lingerie. He retorted by asking if I thought it was socially appropriate to date someone 6 years my senior.

“Touché” I said.

“Now if you don’t mind. I’m wearing a matching set that will hopefully be on the floor in a minute. Toodles.”

That was 5 minutes ago. I am now in the “outfit” collecting myself to show Georgi how–

He knocked to see if I still wanted to do this. I do. Gotta go. Hope he likes it!

I like seeing DID and autism headcanons but I would like for people to do research and be respectful.
I actually think I really like the idea of Krupp having DID? He had a bad childhood leaving him cold and bitter and split. He went through therapy and got integrated after a long time of work. But intergration can easily fall apart and having DID leaves you more susceptible to hypnosis so thus the ring caused his symptoms to re emerge and a new split, the character the boys created and he read in their comics, the Captain.