Celebrating my 666th post with an olllld one I made and never posted after this gem popped up. Not as good as Hannah’s, but Azazel had to contribute, somehow.

He father was Demon, and Azazel is named after a demon.. sooo… it works. Please enjoy sassy devil Azazel.

{— ☾ Staying at the Salvatore Boarding house had been a good idea, at least at the time. After nearly ten months in the prison world it only made sense for her to be there, and slowly intergrade herself back into sleeping at the dorms. Unfortunately, being at the boarding house also meant that she had to face both Stefan and Damon on a daily basis. Which normally wouldn’t be too bad, but with the wake up call she’d gotten only a few minutes earlier? Definitely awkward.

Maybe that’s why she found herself in the kitchen with her head bowed and gaze focused solely upon the skillet resting against the burner; ignoring the sound of distance footsteps. If only to offer a brief, “Morning.” }