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Okay so I just read the really old Q&A with Cillian from Jane magazine, specifically the orgasm question. Why do I find the fact that he has faked an orgasm extremely sexy?? Can you explain it to me?

Jane: Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Cillian: Yes, I was young. You never think of men (doing it), but it’s just as possible.
Jane: Did the person know?
Cillian: No, I’m an actor for God’s sake.


It was bloody cold. Easy for directors and producers who were wearing the kind of clothes you’d be wearing on Everest. Much harder for actors who have to wander around in period clothes. The actors definitely suffered. The good thing about that is that when you watch the film you can see the breath. It helps you feel that world is real. ~ Director Peter Weber on filming Girl with a Pearl Earring in Delft in the winter. Watch the making of video at the link. (X)

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What is the post about Cillian being on late night shows about? Why is it weird? Is it cuz he usually avoids talk shows?

This post. Yes! He’s hardly ever done any TV talk shows, especially not live with an audience, and he’s never done a U.S. late night talk show. Ever. Now he’s doing 2 in one week, so it’s weirdly wonderful!

(He discussed that on The Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy in 2010 along with Brendan Gleeson, watch it here.)