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You know what had me on the verge of tears earlier? Watching an amv and Keith’s fight scene with the Blade of Marmora came up. I wasn’t upset because of Keith, but because of how awesome he was whilst fighting. And then it all clicked, this is what Lance sees everyday. Shiro was also really cool, so was Hunk and Pidge’s brain power. Allura is a freaking warrior princess and Coran is a vault of intergalactic knowledge. And all I could think was: next to these guys no wonder Lance feels inferior. I got hit by the realisation that the team is absolutely incredible and Lance’s insecurities just made way more sense. That’s because, though he is very talented, next to the others what can he say? “I have great aim”. And though that’s very useful it doesn’t sound as impressive as the others, it’s a skill that not many have but with his team he doesn’t really stand out because of it. And it’s honestly upsetting. Because I just understand that he feels inferior and untalented because he’s comparing himself to his team: “I’m not as smart as Pidge or Coran, I’m not as kind as Hunk, I’m not as gifted with close combat fighting as Keith or Shiro, I’m not as talented as Allura”. But it’s sad because it’s understandable, because he has a point. But their are qualities he possesses that are far more important then he gives them credit for like his charm, charisma, upbeat attitude, sacrificial nature, protectiveness over his friends, care for his family, desire to be helpful.

I guess it just saddens me that Lance, and maybe even his team, can’t see how valuable he is and how deserving of his paladin status he is. He’s blinded by his insecurities and it simply doesn’t help that they are founded in, well, truth.

(Largely Unedited Reblog of my post on) Jedi Order Projected Numbers per a decade with 100.000 younglings recruited (a pittance)

I quote:

On all Republic worlds, newborns were subject to mandatory blood-testing to detect the concentration of Midi-chlorians in a sample. If results were returned with a high percentage, the sample was forwarded to the Temple on Coruscant for recording in the Division’s database, known as the Kyber memory crystal.

I hope you don’t mind spewing words all over this but MY MATHEMATICAL AND HYERARCHICAL HEADCANONS LET ME SHOW THEM TO YOU (and hope they make sense).

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aries is falling through the atmosphere, shattering onto the earth like cascading  stars, scattering stardust fresh from heaven ~
taurus blossoms from the earth like a daisy chain dripping of cinnamon nectar, the harmony ball of all four seasons infused into one ~
gemini emerges from the words in a book, the invisible bubble of air and tantalizing ideas moving at rapid speed ~
cancer captains the dreamboat of pure love, the oceanic mother that gives life to all form and spirit ~
leo stands on top of the sun, breathing light and love to every soul, showcasing the true mastery of god’s creative genius ~
virgo escapes from the synapses of a mind, tangled in intellectual mastery, coded puzzles, moving rapidly with the neurons of nervousness ~
libra rises from the aroma of a flower, dainty as a forest fairy, honorable as a warrior and fighting for the cause that captures their heart ~
scorpio emerges from the underworld, scarred and yet still sparkling, worn and weathered, elevating with powerful wisdom ~
sagittarius is spinning around the globe, soaking up every dance, culture, woman, and wine, evaporating into books in old universities ~
capricorn is radiating from the midheaven, displaying the true artistry of God’s vision, looking down on their admiring followers ~
aquarius is swinging from star to star, making friends with every being from every galaxy, pouring intergalactic knowledge to humanity from an electric pail
pisces is floating in slumber below the ocean, searching for home and salvation, a lilac mermaid tail swirling into neptune mist, is only awake during the dream ~

If you think Jupiter Jones was just a "damsel in distress" the entire time, let me tell you a thing:

Jupiter Jones was a damsel. She was in distress. But she was handling it.

Jupiter Jones had no way of knowing she was about to be rescued from Titus and was doing the best she could with limited knowledge of intergalactic politics to keep Earth from being harvested. She wasn’t wringing her hands and waiting for a man to save her. She was going to save her planet.

Jupiter Jones had no way of knowing she was about to be rescued from Balem and was doing the best she could with limited knowledge of intergalactic psychopathic man-babies to keep Earth from being harvested. She tried to save her family and, seeing through the ruse because VILLAINS LIE, was willing to die to keep the deed to Earth from falling into Balem’s hands.

So no, that’s not the traditional “Shoot first, ask questions never” approach most sci-fi movies take. But it’s probably a damn sight closer to how you or I would handle sudden embroilment in intergalactic space politics. Not all heroes have to be action heroes