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What if Kyle really likes to read at night before he goes to bed sometimes so he uses the light of his ring as like a book light, like he doesn’t even construct something silly or intricate, but just keeps it simple with just the pure green light. And he probably sits all cuddled up or he lays really weird like all over the place because he can’t get comfortable.

Guy gets annoyed and is like “Kyle just go to bed” or “Kyle let me just sex you” but he gets all grouchy and is like half asleep mumbling things. So Kyle goes under the covers with his book and his ring and reads like that so that maybe it won’t bug Guy so much. Kyle laughs at something in the book though because Kyle runs off emotions so if something’s funny, he’s gonna laugh, if somethings sad, he’s probably going to cry. But Guy still hasn’t fallen completely asleep yet so Kyle’s laughter wakes him up and Guy just looks over and sees this big lump in the bed and the faint light of the ring from under the covers. And Guy is just thinking “you’re such a cute little shit” and he pulls the covers up and goes underneath to where Kyle is all concentrated on his book and just snuggles him.

There comes a time in every mans life

 aka: The wooing of China girl  
(aka: the path of love is walked by two; one being creepily followed by the other)

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Flowers and dates and holding hands are not for him, he supposes. And maybe love is not for him either, but she is.

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“Guy,” Kyle said, face smooshed up against the metal pole connected to the wooden horse he was currently on, “this was actually a great idea for a date.” Guy sat across from him, hanging loosely off his painted horse, with a huge grin on his face. Guy loved the idea of goofing off instead of rushing around space or dealing with rookie lanterns.  He loved the idea even more when Kyle was involved. Hell, he actually really liked everything more when Kyle was around.

“See! You thought I was being stupid,” Guy yelled over the obnoxious carousel music,“ ‘No Guy don’t drag me to the stinkin’ fair. My beautiful artsy fartsy self can’t handle it.’ ”, Guy said mockingly.

Kyle chuckled, “And now i’m saying you were right.” And that didn’t happen often because Guy was never right when it came to things between Kyle and him. He never made the bed right, he never put the toothpaste away, and he may have used one of Kyle’s shirts as a towel. But this time he knew he had done something right. He’d never seen Kyle look so absurdly cute and the dreamy look on Kyle’s face was reassuring to say the least.

“Kyle,” Guy said gently reaching across to him, one hand gripping the support pole of the ride while the other reached out to touch Kyle’s cheek. Kyle’s face rose to meet Guy’s touch while both this hands hugged the neck of the horse. Guy’s fingers brushed the edge of Kyle’s lips. For a moment he just stared at Kyle trying to figure out how this even happened. And how he was grateful that it did. He can’t even remember when it started, when he actually took such an interest in Kyle. Maybe it was the suit. Maybe he was face to face with Kyle’s perfect suited ass for so long he just fell in love. Or maybe because he was his partner and because Kyle made him…happy. And he made Kyle happy too, right? Maybe also because sometimes he felt like Kyle really needed him and he liked feeling needed. He was good being with Kyle. Throughout all the mistakes he’d made in his life, Kyle was something right and it made him feel proud that Kyle respected him and looked up to him and actually wanted to be with him and kiss him while they flew through space debris.

“Are you going to kiss me now. If so, i’d hurry up if i were you, the ride’s ending soon. And the people here already hate you enough ever since you-” Guy cut him off, smashing his lips against Kyle’s. The minute Kyle started making those small satisfied noises in his throat, Guy couldn’t help but smirk into the kiss. For a moment Guy started to wish that the carousel would never stop and that he could stay right here with Kyle, slobbering all over his face forever.

“Bet i could win you somethin’,” Guy mumbled over a mouthful of cotton candy. Kyle rolled his eyes at the sight of Guy shoving the candy in his mouth. “Here!” Guy exclaimed. Lacing Kyle’s finger with his own he dragged them to the closest game booth. “Okay, now see this here. I’m going to knock down all these pins and win you one of those things there.”

“You’re going to win me a stuffed bear?” Kyle stood next to Guy with his hands on his hips examining the huge ugly creatures hanging about the booth. What did Guy possibly think he was going to do with a huge stuffed bear? Take it back to Oa with them, wrapped up in his arms lovingly? Yeah. No.

“Duhhhhh i’m gonna win you that. Now please shut your pretty little face, i’ve got to concentrate.”

“Pfft, concentrate? Big time sports jock Guy Gardner can’t knock over a few lousy pins?”

First ball. Guy missed.Second ball. Guy missed.By the time he got to the final ball Guy was fuming, kicking his feet and swearing under his breath while Kyle tried helplessly to hide his amused smile behind his hands as he was seconds away from erupting into laughter.

“We should probably head back. Gotta lot of space cop things to do,” Guy yawned, his arm wrapped around Kyle’s shoulder.

Kyle was hugging the big hideous bear in his arms because okay, it wasn’t as bad as he thought. It was kinda like..a souvenir. A terrifically horrible one, but it did make him smile and feel all warm inside. And now he’s about to fly through space with a huge stuffed mess of a bear in his arms looking like a total weirdo, but the future humiliation was worth because Guy made it worth it. He won the bear for him and as dorky as it sounds, it made Kyle feel special. Okay, well maybe he didn’t exactly win it. “I saw what you did back there. With the ring.”

“For the last time, i didn’t use the ring. It was my pure, manly strength that won you that bear.”

“Guy you were out of balls! You threw a green construct one. And that missed! You won this with a green sledgehammer!”

Guy pressed the back of his hand to Kyle’s forehead, “You must be comin’ down with something. Or maybe,” he paused, giving Kyle a quick peck on the cheek,“ you’ve just been watching too much sci-fi, babe.”