intergalactic inspiration

Headcanon that Appoplexians on a whole are actually really into science and engineering. It’s not because they’re genuinely fascinated by it, though. It’s because they see nature as a challenge and they want to kick it’s ass by exploiting its weaknesses. The most famous Appoplexian scientist in the galaxy is credited with making huge strides in the field of anti-gravity technology.


MCU Legacies: In the 1950s four different women from different agencies and political backgrounds, Peggy Carter, Regina Temple, Lian Qin-May, and Rebecca Valentine, uncovered something much larger than they could imagine. Brought together with one Inhuman and one Asguardian, they went rouge and pulled off an off-the-books secret op to save the universe that they would take to their graves.

Fast forward some 60+ years later, Sharon Carter while on the run discovers that there was far more to Aunt Peggy that she even knew about. Claire Temple uncovers a deep family secret. And when Sif comes back with a friend asking for Lian and Jiaying, Melinda and Daisy realise that they’re connected in more ways than one. Joined by Dr. Alicia Valentine and her sister Agent Sonya Diaz, and former Agent Barbara Morse, these women come together to save the universe, again. All while Claire deals with the secret her mother kept, Daisy deals with her mother not being dead, and Melinda is still grieving over the loss of her husband Andrew Garner.