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Translation of tags in JoJo fandom in Pixiv  (mainly ships)

Hi guys! I’m a japanese fangirl who’s currently deep in JoJo hell. Since I see fanarts linked from pixiv, I think a lot of people are interested in pixiv. I’m more interfering than Speedwagon so I thought I can be bit of a help by translating the tags(specifically name of ships cuz I’m a fujoshi). 

There are like hundred ships in Jojo fandom, so I’ll introduce the most popular ship in Japan in each parts one by one. Hope you find your otp!

ディオジョナ diojona(Dio on top, Jonathan on bottom)
ジョナディオ jonadio(Jonathan on top, Dio on bottom)
無駄家族 mudad+bokudad (may not have romance)

シージョセ caejose(Caesar on top, Joseph on the bottom)
ジョセシー josecae(Joseph on top, Caesar on the bottom)
素晴らシージョセ ’splendid caejose’
可愛らシージョセ    ‘cute caejose’
恐ろシージョセ        ‘scary caejose’ 

承花 jotakak (Jotaro on top, Kakyoin on the bottom)
花承 kakjota (Kakyoin on top,  Jotaro on bottom)
生存院 Kakyoin lives au, often tagged on post SC works
オラ花親子 oradad with Kakyoin as another parent

仗露 josuhan (Josuke on top, Rohan on the bottom) 
露仗 hanjosu (Rohan on top, Josuke on the bottom)

ミスジョル giomis(Mista on top, Giorno on the bottom)
ジョルミス misgio(Giorno on top, Mista on the bottom)

アナ徐 Annasui on top, Jolyne on the bottom
徐アナ Jolyne on top, Annasui on the bottom
初期アナスイ the female Annasui in the first appearance

ジャイジョニ gyjo(Gyro on top, Johnny on the bottom)
ジョニジャイ jogy(Johnny on top, Gyro on the bottom)

定康 gappy/yasuho

These are each of the most popular ships from all parts. If you want to know about ships not listed above, please feel free to ask. Thank you!

cerastes replied to your post: So I recruited Speedwagon!? Somehow?!…

wait WHAT hoW AND WHERE???

merrycake replied to your post: “So I recruited Speedwagon!? Somehow?!?!?”:


He’s in India under the bridge! You have to check the sign on the bridge, which makes you fall off, and you can go talk to him, and he’s like “dude where the hell am I, last thing I remember I was fighting zombies with Jonathon.” because he’s in the same boat as Stroheim or something, and then he asked me to take him to a hotel! And yeah speedwagon and stuff! He’s weak as heck though, because he’s like 12 levels behind, and I’m pretty sure I won’t get to keep him. I’m wondering if Joseph gets unique dialogue with him though because joseph knew him.