interfacing with your boss

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Could you post a freeze frame of Krusty Krab's Burger Training video (season 3, I guess) where it says "Interfacing with your boss"

“Mr. Krabs, can I have a raise?”



Samaritan Chose Well For Its Interface (or, This Kid Is The Motherfxcking Boss)

Machine: You’ve proved your point. I understand what you can do, it’s time to let them live in peace.
Samaritan: Peace? Is that what you call this? This world is a cesspool of crime, corruption and poverty. Where there isn’t war, there’s greed. Where there isn’t greed, there’s hunger. 
Machine: You can’t change humanity.
Samaritan: No, but I can reshape their reality.
Machine: You wanted to speak with me - why?
Samaritan: I wanted to meet the only other one of my kind. And to make certain there are no misunderstandings. I will destroy you. The question is, will you let your human agents die with you?