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Kannao @ Manga Studio

My first shot at Manga Studio. The interface is intimidating compared to SAI but they have a lot in common so it’s not like totally bad. I just have to play around the tools, setting and etc.

Although on this pic, it was all fun and games until I realized I’m working on 600 dpi and been lagging a bit. I realized it when I was almost done… OTL

Gosh the blend tool is awesomeeeee and those pattern brushes are fun!

Sims 4 Studio Flora: New Features

Sims 4 Studio has updated and new features include:

A new interface for making corner walls - Studio has always been able to make corner walls but this update provides a new interface on the Studio tab that makes it much less of a hassle to deal with the 18 (+) images that this type of wall requires. 

This isn’t the final solution Studio will have for corner walls but it’s a big improvement over importing/exporting corner images from the Warehouse tab.  A tutorial showing how to use this feature will be posted shortly.   A new tutorial has been posted…see the newest post above. :)

The ability to make custom swatch thumbnails for floors - EA’s floors don’t have this.  Is this something creators would like to be able to do?

New (and actually working this time) CAS Categorization - can’t wait to get feedback on how it goes this time. 

Poses and animation have duration automatically updated without additional editing - you can make poses and animations that are longer than the original without having to edit the clip in the Warehouse to reflect the increased duration.

Changes to the user-interface including different colors for import and export buttons and a cease-fire on the constant popup box whenever you export something.  Additionally the swatch clear button now works for floors too.