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@veyerals did the first menu tab today and it looks so fabulous, I cry T_T eternal kudos for this great work! @unicornfan is now working on the battle system, anglerman is making enemies animations (yes, enemies, not only Zodiacs! It’s great having help with that, we can go crazy and put animations on everything! well not literally everything otherwise we would die, but you get what I mean) and I’m mainly working on the menu assets and realm progression GDD for the routes!

Behind The Controller #6: A Captivating Design

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Super Mario Odyssey is the newest game in the Super Mario series. Mario has jumped through paintings, cleaning up tropical islands, and blasted through space. Now, he is traveling the world to save Princess Peach from Bowser…again! While he is rescuing the damsel in distress, I want to explore the graphic design in the game.

First, I want to talk about the pause screen. It may seem simple, but it is impressive. I like the vibrant red as it the hero’s iconic color. I like the sans-serif typeface. The first three options are a bold font to demonstrate a sense of importance, as the “Action Guide” and “Options” are regular font as supportive options, in case, a player needs to find helpful information. When you scroll through the options, Mario changes his pose depending on the option you have highlighted. We can’t mess up his face like in Super Mario 64, but it is enjoyable to watch his expression and animation.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the interface design. It is a simple design with no obstructive elements blocking your view. You have your coin counter at the top-left, your health meter on the top-right, and a compass underneath. They have tucked away in the corner, providing the player to enjoy the experience of the open world.

I’m just wondering why is the coin counter slanted…

Next, if you press the ‘-’ button, you will open a brochure about the kingdom. There is a map in the center and the kingdom’s information on the sides. You can read the information and view pictures of the kingdoms as if you were a traveler. The text may be rasterized and hard to read, but you can zoom in for better quality and read the fine details. I don’t know what typeface is used, but I like the choice. The images are great and dynamic as they follow the Rules of Third. It seems there is a graphic designer in each kingdom who likes to play with InDesign, haha!

Super Mario Odyssey is a wonderful game with a minimalist design and neat features to check out. If you are playing the game, I would recommend to take a break and read through every kingdom’s brochure. You will find some interesting information. Besides, reading is “fun”damental!

What do you think about Super Mario Odyssey’s graphic design?

This Must Be The Place ---- Cover
This Must Be The Place ---- Cover

This is me, playing Talking Heads

I never uploaded any footage of me singing or playing guitar but i thought this sounds surprisingly alright? I’m nervous aah i will probably delete this after a couple of hours 

(i really apologize for the layout i don’t have photoshop and i’m still struggling to comprehend clip studio paint’s interface)


Rules and Guidelines

  • No R18, gore and commission requests with offensive content please!
  • If I feel like my skills aren’t enough for your request, then I have the right to refuse.
  • I will upload a lower res and watermarked version of your commission on this blog unless requested otherwise.


  • Paypal only please and in USD as well!
  • IMPORTANT: I will send you the sketch through e-mail and once approved, I will send a paypal invoice to you.
  • I will not continue said sketch if payment has not been received.
  • Please do not pay me upfront because it gets really messy when I cannot commit and you have already paid!
  • Please bear with me as I am not yet used to sending invoices!


Please send me an e-mail at kjvdeguzman[at] with the following information filled up:

Name/tumblr url:

Paypal Account E-mail: (esp important if your account email is different from the one you’re contacting me with)

Commission Type:

Character Name(s):


Additional Details (eye color, pose, personality, expression etc.):

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to leave a message via tumblr chat or at my e-mail!

You can check out my commissions/trade tag for samples of finished commissions!

Behind The Controller #7: Forces of Design

Sonic Forces is a decent game that I have beaten in FOUR HOURS. Yeah, the game is really short. Despite the short duration, Sonic Forces has an interesting approach to graphic design and user interface. Let’s take a look at Sonic Forces’ graphic design.

First, you will approach the main menu. It is a pretty simple design with the logo on the top-right and the menu on the bottom left. In this hierarchy, it seems that the background is the focus of the design. When you are progressing through the game, the background is a grungy bunker, but when you beat the game, the hideout becomes pure, clean, and white with a flower in the center. After all, it is a clean design.

When you start the game, you will approach the world map. I like the color scheme of red and black as it demonstrates a serious tone of the game. As a matter of fact, my favorite colors are red and black! Also, you can see a halftone pattern on the map. That’s another personal favorite!

The map has pinpoints to indicate the stages’ locations. It is labeled with a sans-serif typeface on a black background. It is a nice contrast. Now, there are several sans-serif letters that represent your rank of the stage. With the rank, it is identified with a specific color. I just realized this, but the colors represent what character you will be playing on that stage:

Dark Blue for Modern Sonic
Light Blue for Classic Sonic
Yellow for Avatar

I just wish there was a legend to identify the colors though.

Now, the avatar customization is the core of the game. I like the tilted shapes because it is imperfect; therefore, it is an interesting and dynamic approach. On the screen, you have your avatar on your left and the list of options on your right. The primary and secondary typeface is nice and clean sans-serif touch.

When you jump into a stage, the interface is basic, yet dynamic. There are tilted black shapes with thick, bold sans-serif typefaces. You have the ring counter on the top right. Underneath the counter, you have the timer and score. On the bottom-left, you have the boost meter. Occasionally, a character dialogue will appear on the top-right. During the conversation, there are soundbars fluctuating when the character speaks. It is an impressive element. 

Sonic Forces may be a decent game, but the design and interface are amazing and dynamic. The graphical elements provide a sense of seriousness to represent the game’s warfare atmosphere. This game got serious and I like it. The game may have won the fight of design, but it didn’t win the war of the game.

What do you think about Sonic Forces’ design?

Kannao @ Manga Studio

My first shot at Manga Studio. The interface is intimidating compared to SAI but they have a lot in common so it’s not like totally bad. I just have to play around the tools, setting and etc.

Although on this pic, it was all fun and games until I realized I’m working on 600 dpi and been lagging a bit. I realized it when I was almost done… OTL

Gosh the blend tool is awesomeeeee and those pattern brushes are fun!

Sims 4 Studio Flora: New Features

Sims 4 Studio has updated and new features include:

A new interface for making corner walls - Studio has always been able to make corner walls but this update provides a new interface on the Studio tab that makes it much less of a hassle to deal with the 18 (+) images that this type of wall requires. 

This isn’t the final solution Studio will have for corner walls but it’s a big improvement over importing/exporting corner images from the Warehouse tab.  A tutorial showing how to use this feature will be posted shortly.   A new tutorial has been posted…see the newest post above. :)

The ability to make custom swatch thumbnails for floors - EA’s floors don’t have this.  Is this something creators would like to be able to do?

New (and actually working this time) CAS Categorization - can’t wait to get feedback on how it goes this time. 

Poses and animation have duration automatically updated without additional editing - you can make poses and animations that are longer than the original without having to edit the clip in the Warehouse to reflect the increased duration.

Changes to the user-interface including different colors for import and export buttons and a cease-fire on the constant popup box whenever you export something.  Additionally the swatch clear button now works for floors too.