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Thrice - “The Whaler” live

Request (one-shot)

Oops, guess who’s back with yet another Swerve ship that nobody but me ships

Also definitely inspired by this post by @sinpom​ oooooops

Title: Request

Series: MTMTE/Transformers IDW

Ship/Characters: Megatron/Swerve with guest appearances by Ratchet and Ravage.

Rating/warnings: Explicit for heat cycles, size difference, fingering as far as the eye can see, probably praise kink because i don’t think I am capable of writing smut without it, and some gross fluff


“This is about the request,” Megatron confirmed, taking one step inside the hubsuite so the door would close behind him. Swerve’s cooling fans roared and his gaze was completely focused on him. “I’ve come to accept it.”

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anonymous asked:

G1 sunstreaker, jazz, mtmte rodimus, first aid, ratchet, swerve, drift react to their bot s/o passing out during an interface session, because they were really low on fuel and their frame over heated.

*fans self* “Sexy can I, just pardon my manners…”
(Yes, I’m going to put random dirty song lyrics into all my suggestive headcanons ;3)

-He thought something was off but he wasn’t going to say anything
-When you pass out, he thinks to himself “oh scrap”
-He gets himself and you decent then wraps you up and carries you to the medbay for treatment, he tells Ratchet (embarrassed) everything
-Once you’re okay, he asks you why would you sleep with him if you were so drained

-He kind of was too excited to notice how drained you were… oops
-When you pass out, he is confused then checks your vitals
-He immediately gets you refueled on his own without anyone’s help. He knows he can do it and spares you of the embarrassment
-He apologizes for not noticing how tired you were and asks you to next time just say no

-He is so excited that you said yes that it doesn’t occur to him how tired you seem
-When you pass out, he thinks you just fell into recharge and tries to wake you
-When he realizes you overheated, he panics and calls Ratchet to come quick, then he realizes the situation and cleans you two up before the medic arrives
-Afterwards, when you’re fueled and feeling better, he asks if it’s okay to keep going

First Aid:
-He tells you maybe you two should wait because you don’t look so good, but he gives in
-When you pass out, he isn’t even that surprised
-He calmly gets you back to top condition in no time
-Afterwards, he says “no sex unless you’re properly fueled. Doctors orders.”

-He doesn’t think it’s a good idea but you insist
-When you overheat, he cusses at himself for giving in
-He bitterly gets you back up and running no problems
-He has one thing to say to you, “I told you so”

-He’s nervous so he tries stalling, offering drinks and cuddling but you persisted
-When you overheat, he panics and calls Ratchet giving him all the details because he’s so scared he hurt you or something. He doesn’t even touch you afterwards in case he does more damage
-Ratchet has to explain to him several times you just overheated and you just needed to refuel because Swerve keeps freaking out
-Afterwards, he asks you to please never put him in that situation again, he thought he might have seriously hurt you

-He thinks something is off about you but he wants you happy
-When you overheat, he doesn’t freak out. He just calmly checks you over and cools you down
-He lays with you and waits for you to wake up, he gives you until a certain time before he’ll call Ratchet
-When you open your optics, he just smiles and says “I’m glad you’re alright, but we’re not having this situation again, okay?”

Megarod Drabbles 3: Insatiable

Summary: Megatron decides he needs a break during interface and uses a dirty trick. Rodimus refuses to let that stop him.
Pairing: Rodimus/Megatron (Megarod)
Rating: Explicit
Other: No beta and sloppily edited.

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hold out for the ones you know will love you, too.

by far my favourite live performance/live version of any song by tegan & sara.


I want to turn you off so I can forget
Nothing that you do will make me regert
You were the one I loved to care about
But now I’ve got to run
You’re wasting my time here, you’re wasting my time.

Transformers and Doing the Do: How Babies are Made

Baby making essay

Sidenote: this is my own personal headcanon that I use for my own personal baby universe. I’m not trying to claim this to be the be-all-end-all of Cybertronian reproductive headcanons. Just trying to answer a common question I’ve been getting.

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