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Should You Play Darkest Dungeon?


•Absolutely gorgeous art style. Actual animation hovers around 3~4 frames but you likely won’t notice due to the camera work.

•Character design is Great and monster design is A+

•A very enthusiastic narrator with a great voice.

•Amazing musical score that sets the mood perfectly.

•Gameplay is surprisingly deep through a simple inventory management interface and skill screen. It IS a nightmare for people that can’t stand to throw things away and make room for new items, though.

•Beating a boss or even just a tough encounter feels like an actual accomplishment.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action so there’s no risk of lost progress if you have to quit in the middle of a dungeon delve.

•Has all the graphical demands of MSPaint and can be run on Windows 7 or higher.

•No demands for fast reflexes or split-second decision making, since it’s RPG-style combat.

•You can make up whatever names or headcanons for each character that you feel like.


•Can be punishingly difficult for all the wrong reasons due to the prevalent RNG behavior.

•A run can be made or broken by nothing more than a few bad dice rolls or miss-called coin tosses.

•Minimization of RNG (investing in equipment, removing negative behaviors, etc) requires heavy in-game investments, making it difficult in other ways. Some may revel in this difficulty, but it’s not for everyone.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action, so once a decision is made there is no chance to go back. You’re stuck with your choices forever.

•Some scenery and monster attacks can be nauseating for some. The game runs very deep with body horror in all its forms, from physical mutilation to monstrous mutation, and attacks featuring projectile vomit are very common. Granted, the puke isn’t detailed, but still. the sounds

•Giant grubs, maggots, spiders, snails, and mosquitos make up a portion of the monster encounters, which can be a deal breaker for some.

•The narrator can get grating at times, especially if one of his lines comes at a time that just salts a fresh wound.

So you want to play Dark Souls...

You’ve bought Dark Souls, whether on Xbox 360, PS3, or Steam. You start it up, you start playing…somehow, you make it through the Undead Asylum and are transported to Lordran proper. And then…you realize you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. Don’t worry, it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and even confused by the game at this point. That’s where I come in.

This post is not a strategy guide for the early sections of the game. It will not tell you where to go, it will not tell you how to fight specific enemies. It will not spoil you. Its only purpose is to help orient new players in terms of interface, obscure but important mechanics, general gameplay tips, and some very broad build advice.

All screenshots and button names assume that you’re using an Xbox 360 controller. The layout is identical on the PS3, but the button names are different.

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