interethnic marriage

Cringeworthy racist weeb classmate

I took a class called Kung Fu movies in America, which was super awesome because it was a 3 hr class, so we’d typically watch a Bruce Lee movie for the first hour and a half and then discuss it.
Well I had this one weird classmate who always mentioned that one time she went to Japan, never wore shoes, wore shirts from Japanese companies, I don’t think she was exactly a weeaboo but it was weird. Well once we watched the movie Fist of Fury where Bruce Lee beats up a bunch of Japanese guys (honestly, I think the movie was a little bit racist). Afterward this girl goes “None of the actors playing Japanese guys were actually Japanese!” And the teacher is not buying it, so he scrolls to the credits to check… And none of the Japanese character’s actors are credited. So he asks “So how can you tell?” And he’s not even being sarcastic, he genuinely wants to know if she has magic Asian-sense. And she just stammers out “Well.. I can tell.. From their faces..” Something about Japanese people having a certain type of face. Which, to be fair, is true to some extent, because interethnic marriage is a lot less common in Asia even among Asian countries. But there are millions, no BILLIONS of Asian people and suggest that enough of them look alike to be able to guess what country they’re from based only on their face is pretty racist.