No matter what your gender is

  •  It is ok to wear makeup
  • It is ok to dress up in dresses and skirts
  • It is ok to wear baggy shirts and jeans
  • It’s ok to cut your hair short or grow it out
  • It’s ok to love any kind of anime/manga/book/movie
  • It is ok and perfectly fine to be you!

Because your gender has nothing to do with your interests!~*

I love music for a reason. Songs are like controllable pieces of emotion. I can rationalize them easily, unlike my own feelings. They interest me, and stimulate emotion, but the feelings mostly stop when the song ends. I like to play my instrument as well because of this. There is something about music that makes an emotion more tangible and concrete in a way it cannot be in the mind. As an INTJ, I value being able to create something real out of something so amorphous.
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Harry Potter
Hunger Games
The Mortal Instruments
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Anything to do with television crime dramas
Gilmore Girls
Books in general
John Green Books specifically
The Pretty Reckless
Pearl Jam
Guns n Roses
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Pop Punk of any kind
Grunge (but only if you actual understand what it is)
Classic Rock
Inspiring Quotes
Christian Quotes

  • Me:I like this character
  • Person:that character can't do shit lol
  • Me:I like this season.
  • Person:this season sucks ass, the first season was way better.
  • Me:I like this show.
  • Person:you don't have a very good taste in shows tbh hahahaha
  • Me:...
  • Me:I don't have a very good taste in friends either hahaha *leaves*