No matter what your gender is

  •  It is ok to wear makeup
  • It is ok to dress up in dresses and skirts
  • It is ok to wear baggy shirts and jeans
  • It’s ok to cut your hair short or grow it out
  • It’s ok to love any kind of anime/manga/book/movie
  • It is ok and perfectly fine to be you!

Because your gender has nothing to do with your interests!~*

I love music for a reason. Songs are like controllable pieces of emotion. I can rationalize them easily, unlike my own feelings. They interest me, and stimulate emotion, but the feelings mostly stop when the song ends. I like to play my instrument as well because of this. There is something about music that makes an emotion more tangible and concrete in a way it cannot be in the mind. As an INTJ, I value being able to create something real out of something so amorphous.
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Harry Potter
Hunger Games
The Mortal Instruments
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Anything to do with television crime dramas
Gilmore Girls
Books in general
John Green Books specifically
The Pretty Reckless
Pearl Jam
Guns n Roses
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Pop Punk of any kind
Grunge (but only if you actual understand what it is)
Classic Rock
Inspiring Quotes
Christian Quotes

I am obsessed with documentaries. You get an insight on people that you would have otherwise never known. You get to really see things from their perspective. At the same time there is no pressure, because you aren’t there with them IRL. You just get to learn some cool stuff, and get out once you are satisfied.
  • Me:I like this character
  • Person:that character can't do shit lol
  • Me:I like this season.
  • Person:this season sucks ass, the first season was way better.
  • Me:I like this show.
  • Person:you don't have a very good taste in shows tbh hahahaha
  • Me:...
  • Me:I don't have a very good taste in friends either hahaha *leaves*
add artistic and unique touches to your mind. use big, intelligent words. pursue your interests with an endless amount of passion. walk with confidence. daydream often and think in depth. try to have an interesting take on certain things. train your mind to think of love, happiness, respect, confidence. and wipe out any speck of negativity. give people reasons to be intrigued with your soul.