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I love their flat so so much it's so THEM it's so Dan and Phil like they've got stuff everywhere and it's so warm and cozy and lived in and idk I just have a lot of feelings about the London flat

the london flat is so special and so unique, it’s filled with so many little collections and memories that they’ve accumulated throughout their travels, and it’s really entertaining to watch that collection grow over time. i really hope they do a proper tour of the flat eventually, it seems like a very welcoming environment and it makes you feel right at home, even through a computer screen



As you can see I’m now open for commissions, if you’re interested, please feel free to contact me through the tumblr messaging service or through the ask feature.

I will only accept payment made through paypal, and payment must be given upfront, a refund will be offered if I cannot complete the commission.

All commissions can be made to a print specification so you are able to print and frame your work. 

Additional commissions are available just feel free to ask if you’re interested in a design commission or a 3D model commission.

Commissions are open!

$20 gets you one character, with an extra $5 for shading and $10 per additional character. I will draw most things (SFW or NSFW) but will not draw anything depicting characters under the age of 18 in sexual acts; non-consensual sexual violence or extreme fetish subjects; or any exceedingly intricate designs or machines.

These commissions are open indefinitely! Please inbox me if you’re interested to discuss further details!

So, I was out with my dad a while ago this evening, and he told me an interesting story:

One of his patients is a Vietnam veteran, a former Green Beret named Sconsonman(? Something like that, I think), who decided to specialize as a sniper. In the ‘70’s, he was stationed somewhere where rebel activity was high, and there was also some population of Polynesians where he was.

Apparently, the Polynesians saw him as a war god and gave him a woman of his choice to be his wife (who he ended up fathering two children with). He said to my father that he considered divorcing his wife back in the States to bring his new wife home.

One day, though, while he was away from the village or whatever, the rebels attacked and killed everyone, including his wife and children. He took revenge by single-handedly going over to the rebel camp and wiping every one of them out with a sniper rifle and guerrilla tactics-all on his own. Afterwards, he left a mark of his handiwork, his nickname at the time: Black Eagle.

When he came back to the US, they changed his identity to wipe his slate clean, but fast-forward to now, and there he was, sitting somewhere in Arizona, being checked on by my father.

My dad said he was thinking about writing a book about this guy. Maybe I should write that book.

If anyone can help dig up more info, or is interested in looking back into the history of the Vietnam War (hint hint, Nitya), I’d be interested to know.

Here’s a Kyle I drew for an ask blog ( @askthemountaintownkids) I’m gonna try and make work!! (: I feel like it might give me something to do when I’m bored and when I have nothing else to do : P It’ll also help me practice more!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the technical study of the coffin Pa-seba-khai-en-ipet, which came to the Conservation lab in preparation for out-going loan. In addition to documentation and analysis, we needed make sure the coffin was stable enough to travel. We started by doing a very careful inspection of the coffin’s structure and surface, noting particularly fragile or unstable areas and old restorations. 

In the early-mid 20th century, a plaster-like material was used to fill losses in the wood. Although this was a well-intentioned intervention at the time, over the years this material had started to crack, putting pressure on the fragile wood and adding significant weight to the coffin. We decided to remove as much of this fill material as we could, which helped not only to stabilize the coffin but also revealed really interesting structural details, like the mortise and tenon join below, which had been previous obscured by the plaster.

Once the plaster was removed, we consolidated areas of powdery wood and flaking paint and then had a discussion with curatorial staff about how many of the numerous losses in the coffin wood and surface layers to fill, many of which had been previously filled with plaster. Sometimes, when appropriate, conservators will fill and aesthetically reintegrate as many losses and cracks as possible. However, particularly with archaeological objects, we often decide to leave the object in a partially fragmentary state—stabilizing the object while also allowing the object’s condition to reveal its (often very long) history. With the coffin of Pa-seba-khai-en-ipet, we decided only to fill gaps and losses that were necessary for the stability of the wooden structure or surface layers. This not only improves the condition of the coffin for travel but also allows viewers to see all of the interesting technical details described in my previous post

Because the wood of the coffin itself is relatively weak, we chose a very soft fill material rather than plaster or other hard materials: acid-free tissue surfaced with a bulked cellulose ether adhesive. The fills were then toned to match the surrounding surface with tinted Japanese tissue. This work is almost finished, and then the coffin will be ready to travel!

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Hey guys! Saw this on Facebook and thought I’d share it on tumblr. I really loved the concept of it.

If you like books and you’re an avid reader,
there’s a book exchange. You can be anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send someone a book you really like in exchange for this one book, the world will give you back 36 great books without any further effort on your part. If you’re interested, message me for details!

So like...

Why didn’t we appropriately talk about Paulie’s little accident in bed with Z?

Why didn’t we speak on how familiar they’ve gotten with each others bodies - enough that he slips her tag back into her bikini bottoms

We ain’t gonna spazz about the birthday of their stuffed baby but only reference it as a sting to Bridgett?

We got 99 problems and we gonna keep trying to pretend like Paul is one of them when Z trying to hook him up Michelle?

Oh…okay then.

#whyohwhy #it wasn’t even just sexual, that double check - kiss on the forehead and murmur was lowkey married #implications my people IMPLICATIONS! #what exactly was he dreaming about #details only interested is details! #not exactly sure what the look was going for but she as in me was here for it #that back run was cute # But there’s something about the tag #o absent minded # as if that body may belong to her but they both know she wants him to do things to it # so he treats it as if it he has the right to # and there’s just something so sexy but also so natural about it #Proclamation from the prince! # His royal highness Ryan Christopher Calafiore. Rafe the giraffe…is giving a Ball! #son of Zakiyah is giving a ball # son of Paulie is giving a ball # the prince is giving a ball #if you know what this references you’re ten times more popular with me #if Paul keeps playing he too will have 99 problems and Paulie will be behind all of them #🙃

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Revenant of the Mists

Custom 5″ figma

A human revenant from GW2! Armor set is Mistward plate, warfists, warboots; aetherblade legplates; and fractal capacitor. She also comes with a fractal sword, Nevermore and Frostfang.

I had a lot of fun making this one. In the past, all my GW customs were super-deformed in design (aside from one gigantic 12″ figure D: ), so it was interesting working on creating detailed armor in this scale without needing to distort it onto a cute chubby form. 

I wish I had put her in more action poses, since none of the photos actually show off figma’s awesome articulation :( Ah well. Next time then. 


You can check out more photos at my website: or view the Revenant of the Mists tag to see my progress throughout the project

About the Mobile Suits

Kyrios is the fastest Gundam and doesn’t lose any speed, power, stealth, etc when it transforms

Virtue was conceived for anti-fleet and siege warfare operations.Since Virtue’s bulk hinders maneuverability, it gets the GN field for defence

“Certain members of the crew” nicknamed the Ptolomaios “Ptolemy” (but the novel doesn’t specify which D:)

VMS-15 Union Realdo was the Union’s pre-Flag model.

The Flag’s major improvement is that it can transform mid-flight instead of needing to touch down to get refitted

Graham’s Flag is customized for his left handedness

AEU-05 AEU Hellion was the AEU’s pre-Enact model. Hellions were fully mass producible units and therefore sold as an export item.It was confirmed that Hellions were used in terrorist attacks

 AEU-09 AEU Enact runs on solar power from the orbital elevator

MSER-04 ANF was the HRL’s pre-Tieren model. Anf means nose in Arabic. They ran on fossil fuel and was retired once the HRL achieved solar energy. Old models were sold to Middle Eastern and third world countries

 MSJ-06 II-E Tieren Space Type has been in use for over ten years (constantly improved to keep it updated). Its tanks can be used as shields

MSJ-06 II-C Tieren Mobility Type has wings. Since it can hover but not take off or actually fly, apparently the obvious solution is to use it for skydiving style air drops

 MSJ-06 II-SP Tieren Taozi was created for the super soldiers. Its additional thrusters and armor would give it what appeared to be “miraculous upgrades in maneuverability.” They planned to have a ground-based and space-based model

The front cover for a full colour doujin comic I’ve been working on and is nearly ready to be printed. It’s inspired by one of the 2006 animated episodes, and this comic was an attempt to rewrite the story as what it would have been like if it was an adventure done by Franquin.

The story is about Spirou trying to hold a surprise birthday party for Fantasio whilst the Count invents a new robot, and before long things start to go wrong.

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41. “You did all of this for me?”

Harry glanced at his watch and winced, hurrying out of the tube station on his way home from work. It was already after five o’clock, his father and his step-mother were coming at six, and he still had to clean the absolute mess of a flat, shower, and get a start on making dinner. If he thought about it too hard, Harry might start to cry.  

It was a horrible time of year for his dad to visit — right at the end of the semester, when Harry had what felt like hundreds of papers to write and hours and hours of revising to do.  Harry had tried to say as much, explain that in addition to all his schoolwork, he was also working way too many hours at the coffeeshop and volunteering at an animal shelter, and a visit before break would only be stressful for him.  Des had refused to hear it.

Harry rolled his eyes as he finally made the turn onto his own street, walking so quickly he was almost running. It felt like lately he interpreted everything Harry did as a slight against his new wife, Sharon.        

Fuck.  Harry fished the key to the building out of his pocket.  Zayn’s art.

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