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Hey guys, so with SKH out and after listening to it several thousand times I was struck with the idea of making a video compilation of the fam lip syncing to the song.  This could either be a flop or a success, but I feel like it’s the perfect type of song to do this to and I’m willing to give it a shot.  If you’re interested here are the details:

  • Send in a 5-10 second video of yourself jamming out and lip syncing to SKH
  • Send that video clip to this email: (NOTE: please title the email with the lyrics you’ve chosen)

Please feel free to send in multiple clips of different parts of the song!  Depending how much attention this gets, I may be short on certain areas of the song and I’d like to avoid that.  If you have any questions you can message me either on tumblr or through the above email!


    ↳Dylan O'Brien as T-4 George Luz
George Luz has everything he dreamed of. A great apartment, even greater friends, a new puppy, and his dream job. His life is everything he imagined and more. Until one night, after celebrating his first video game’s release, he bumps into an old friend from college. The two start reminiscing, laughing as if the years apart never happened, when his phone rings. He answers and in a matter of minutes, the two of them are in a cab, yelling at the driver to speed to the airport, as they’re once again thrown into a familiar life they thought they’d grown out of.

So, I was out with my dad a while ago this evening, and he told me an interesting story:

One of his patients is a Vietnam veteran, a former Green Beret named Sconsonman(? Something like that, I think), who decided to specialize as a sniper. In the ‘70’s, he was stationed somewhere where rebel activity was high, and there was also some population of Polynesians where he was.

Apparently, the Polynesians saw him as a war god and gave him a woman of his choice to be his wife (who he ended up fathering two children with). He said to my father that he considered divorcing his wife back in the States to bring his new wife home.

One day, though, while he was away from the village or whatever, the rebels attacked and killed everyone, including his wife and children. He took revenge by single-handedly going over to the rebel camp and wiping every one of them out with a sniper rifle and guerrilla tactics-all on his own. Afterwards, he left a mark of his handiwork, his nickname at the time: Black Eagle.

When he came back to the US, they changed his identity to wipe his slate clean, but fast-forward to now, and there he was, sitting somewhere in Arizona, being checked on by my father.

My dad said he was thinking about writing a book about this guy. Maybe I should write that book.

If anyone can help dig up more info, or is interested in looking back into the history of the Vietnam War (hint hint, Nitya), I’d be interested to know.


Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

The Town Mosaic

An assemblage of painted faience plaques probably from the inlaid decoration of a piece of luxury wooden furniture. The composition depicts houses of a town in a natural landscape with animals and human figures. Of particular interest are the architectural details of the houses presented, such as the ashlar masonry, timber, doors and multiple windows. Rectangular structures on the roof probably housed the staircase. The composition recalls those of the “West House” in Thera and the “Siege Rhyton” from Mycenae.

Knossos Palace (1700-1600 B.C)  

Tea Leoni & David Duchovny Divorce 

8/9/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Duchovny has divorced Tea Leoni … TMZ has learned.

The divorce went completely under the radar. We’ve learned it was filed in June and they settled all the terms themselves.

David filed the documents, citing an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship.  

Under the terms of the divorce … David and Tea have joint legal custody of their 2 kids – ages 15 and 12 – and she has primary physical custody.  

They both live on the Upper West Side of NYC … so shuttling back and forth won’t be too complicated.

He’s paying $8,333 a month in child support, plus all other expenses including summer camp, private school and college.

And he’s paying $40K a month in spousal support.  

The couple married in 1997 and briefly separated in 2008.  They separated again in 2011.

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New Collaboration Features An Interesting Added Detail On The Toe Box

One of Adidas most iconic silhouettes, the Adidas Superstar, has been used as a collaboration sneaker with the three stripe brand with multiple artist and different brands, but this one collab might feature the most eccentric material possibly found on a shoe: Wood. With their latest collaboration Adidas has teamed up with Afew Store and German artist Ivan Beslic bringing us this crazy style on the Adidas Superstar. The shoe features a premium calf and pigskin leather upper, a  perforated sock liner which includes some of the coloring and markings Beslic is known for, and his added embossed emblem on the tongue. And finally utilized as a contrast for the coloring and materials used on the shoe, the wooden toe cap which replaces it’s usual rubberized toe box. The added wooden feature is used to represent the unique work done by Ivan Beslic.

On Friday July 31st  Afew, Ivan Beslic, and Adidas will come together to unveil their latest collaboration at the Afew-Store in Düsseldorf, which will also be showcasing some of Beslic’s work.

Images Via: Afew


Textures in photography,
They are a chapter apart,
such topics regarding richness.

Here the term texture, guides the interested
about the details of what is represented
on the computer screen.

But there is much more to see,
on any photo, on any computer,
let your imagination flow and evolve.

In this photograph,
with textures the backlight,
3d effects were created.

As texture, it appears to have relief,
due to the effect
brightness of light and shadow.

With thus photographed texture,
the image gained volume
and the details gained importance.

Focusing on texture visualization,
the mind naturally associates more images
Similar that has in memory.

And so we return to the tree,
where did this wood.
Try to look like this …



I have a lull between gigs so opening up commissions to help with bills and groceries in the mean time! Offering Flats and Cell Shaded full body commissions. List and info can be found here. 5 slots open at a time!

$25 USD
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If you are interested, email me with details and whatever references you have at Payment is upfront through paypal. I am also available for freelance work!

EDIT: Due to trouble with paypal invoices I won’t be sending invoices this time around. Instead I will be confirming the total cost through an email when your spot comes up.

Reblogs and signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

On Ant-Man’s bland costume design

I tend to believe that there’s no such thing as a bad costume designer. Not at this level in Hollywood filmmaking, anyway. I also know for a fact that Ant-Man’s designer did great work on other movies (Ex Machina, Hellboy II and Stardust indicate a pretty wide range), so I’m assuming the film’s lack of stylistic individuality is a result of Marvel wanting to create a visually homogeneous universe.

Most of Ant-Man’s main characters dressed in unassumingly bland clothes to the point of having zero personal taste, with the most interesting detail being the contrast between Darren Cross, Hope and Hank’s differing styles of businesswear. Meanwhile Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) looked so boring he could have been the encyclopedia illustration for “generic white male.” He had the visual personality of the dad in a family car commercial. 


I need your help.

Is anyone interested in helping me with something? It very simple and takes only 3-5 minutes. And I’ll return the favor by shouting you out to my 5.5k+ followers Just shoot me a message saying I’m interested for details.

Thank you so much. Xoxo.

anonymous asked:

Sorry just curious with the response about Ant Man, what did you mean it's not suitable for Tumblr?

I mean that people on this website sometimes have unfairly high standards for everything they intake, and I feel like Ant-Man would be considered “problematic” in places to the more fiercely liberal amongst us. But, then again, I’ve seen people think Guardians of the Galaxy was highly problematic, and Ant-Man was no more so than that, so… *shrugs*.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it. But I’m at peace with the fact that enjoying what some people would call “problematic” doesn’t make me a bad person.