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Could you do an episode analysis on the new SU episode, please? How the trio interacted? Connie's speech in the end? Lapis acting more like her true self? Anything that caught your eye.


It was a really good episode, honestly! I love all the little details- Pumpkin falling immediately in love with Connie, Peridot trying to work through an issue the way she believes Garnet would, Lapis really only being here because Peridot is her barnmate and Steven is her bestest buddy ever, Connie in Steven’s clothes (I was so hype about that, honestly) and just wanting to do her assigned job but now she’s on Gemsitter duty and they’re playing some stupid game and honestly she could’ve just stayed home if this was how it was gonna be.

(Pictured: smol child who is ready for war, but not quite ready for dealing with her Tempmates.) 

And, really, it was only natural that they would fail at the roles they were assigned.

Connie’s much more straightforward and no-nonsense than Steven, and her training over the year has only exacerbated that. She can’t just sit there and talk about loving each other when deep down she just wants to knock their heads together and make them get their crap straight. She just can’t.

Peridot, on the other hand, isn’t really about that leader life. She’s great at pointing out where to go and how when she’s in her niche area- technology- but otherwise she tends to go with whatever she thinks will get her the most brownie points, not necessarily what’ll get the job done.

She tried, but Peridot just isn’t ready for any sort of leadership gig quite yet. Maybe in a few millennia. 

Lapis’ sense of humor is remarkably close to sarcasm for a Gem, which is a bit off-putting as compared to Amethyst’s “YOLO” style of poking fun. She also had no real involvement in any of this- no interest in Beach City, or the Crystal Gems. Her love is all for Peri and Steven. 

(Also, I love how, when Lapis pretends not to know her, Peridot just turns to her looking betrayed like Lapis how dare)

Lapis is slowly returning more and more to her original self. Will she ever be the Gem we met in Mirror Gem? Nah. Doubt it. But she can still find a middle ground between the two personalities. 

Peridot has only just started stretching her legs as a Crystal Gem. She doesn’t really know what to do as of yet. The CGs have been remarkably patient with her, letting her learn the basics at the farm and bringing her along on the odd mission. Their teaching style so far has been far more hands-off than it was with Steven or Connie, and it shows with her every fumbling movement. 

They really need to start prompting her more. Even if it’s just a talk to more firmly settle Peridot into the fact that she’s here, she’s one of them, and that’s all she needs to be, should she so choose.

Connie, on the other hand, is far more passionate about her job. She wants to be a Crystal Gem. She wants to prove herself. She wants it to be okay for the Gems to rely on her the next time Homeworld comes a’knocking.

And will this be enough? No. But it’s a start, and she really wanted that start. 

Then Peri and Lapis drag their feet in. Lapis isn’t a CG, which is fine- it’s her choice- but Peridot is, and neither of them have even a basic clue as to what they’re doing, yet they somehow manage to take over her show and turn it into this weird half-attempt, half-accident thing they’ve got goin’ on. She’s not unhappy, so to speak; this just isn’t what she expected.

In short- 

Somebody help me I love these characters so much.

Extra shots of Connie I found hilarious:

Nope nope nope not today friendo.

I’m gonna murder your entire family, you terrible Garnet impersonator.

You come into MY HOUSE, mock MY RESPONSIBILITIES, belittle MY ANXIETY,

You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

*Aggressively singing to herself* here comes a thought, that’ll get me in trouble….


Justin’s New Girl

A/N: Can I get some feedback from this after you read it? Send requests too b. xx

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1, 904

Warnings: does swearing count> ;)

SummaryJustin has introduced his new girlfriend for the first time to his long-term closest female friend, Y/N, but his girlfriend does not have a keen interest in befriending her.


“Raindrop, drop top smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox” I sang in the mist of hoovering my living room over the wooden floorboards. I was too busy dancing with the hoover to the song bad and boujee that I didn’t even notice that my house doors locks were making the sound of keys being jiggled in that would have hinted that it was Justin entering the house, “I see your dancing again y/n” Justin chuckled walking over to the sofa and leaving the keys on the coffee table. “why don’t you do something better like go Livestream on insta” I walked over to where Justin was sitting and sat directly opposite of where he sat to talk to him better. Justin shrugged, “already did that in the morning but I do have something to tell you”

“What’s good?” I replied

“You know all the months I have been out of the Instagram social media limelight right? Well I met someone”

I stood up and walked closer to him, pulling him into a hug, and congratulated him “How long have you been with her and does anyone else know?” I gushed

“First of all I have been with her for like 3 months or so and you’re the only person that knows which leads me to tell you that I want you to meet her for yourself – I need to show her one of the most important people that I know”

“Ok sure but why didn’t you introduce her to your sisters and parents before me?”

“I need to make sure she is the right one before I tell everyone” he explained which I clearly understood.

I was truly happy for Justin having a girl with him but I couldn’t shake the feeling that these LA insta girls don’t seem how they really are but for Justin, I will give her a shot. Tomorrow at the Palm in Downtown LA.


After Justin told me that he had a girlfriend I just had to be the supportive best friend and check out her Instagram page that revealed her name was Asia Eliwood. This Asia must be about twenty years old judging by her nurtured skin. Asia was an Instagram model with over 900K followers that were interested in liking her beach pictures that exposed her toned abs on her beautifully tanned body. She was Justin’s Type. Today I was going for the casual look consisting of slick black straight hair, black two piece dress that followed my black heels and a pair of diamond-encrusted earrings.

The restaurant was surprisingly full for a hot Friday afternoon, the soft reclined chairs and oak wooden tables were used by many new customers. The waiter came returned with a menu, looking at the menu I decided to pick out a Caesar salad with prawns as a starter and for the main meal, a Pepperoni pizza with a glass of coke with sliced lemon.

Minutes later…

I fidgeted, adjusting the strap of my dress and reapplying another coat to my already red lips. With nothing else to do, I let myself soak in the ambient music for a few moments, wondering what the words to say when Justin and his girlfriend arrive then drinking water in the vanilla fragranced air. From the corner of my eye, I realized a slim figured female stood beside the table;  I glanced up at her face and stood up.

“Y/N right?” she said

“You must be Asia, nice to meet you” I began walking closer to her to pull her into a hug which she happily agreed. It was fair to say that she was even more beautiful as she was on her Instagram account and really knew her angles, her green eyes, and long wavy jet black hair complimented her faux feathered grey jacket over her tightly fitted turtleneck shirt with black jeans whereas Justin dressed in a black slim fit suit and tie for this casual occasion. Justin made his way to me and pulled me in a soft embrace as a sign of common friendliness between us then pulled out a seat for Asia before sitting down on the chair opposite to me.

“So y/n how long have you known Justin bear?” Asia asked

“nearly 4 years now, he is like a brother to me in all honesty so you better look after him good” I chuckled clearing the air without realising that this Asia rolled her eyes and showed off her dimpled fake smile that Justin loved, Justin remained in his seat and turned over to the window overlooking the summery spring lighting that was covered by groups of fans waving over for him to come over. “Asia, Y/N the fans want what they want but I will come back in a second” Justin stood up and pecked Asia on the temple before leaving the restaurant to entertain the fans clambering outside the restaurant.

“It’s so fucking annoying how these fangirls think that they actually have a chance with Justin bear” laughed Asia, sipping from her wine bottle looking back at Justin currently taking photos with fans and laughing along at whatever Joke a petite brown skinned girl with a high puff that framed her heart shaped face – her face said it all that she was serious and partly intimidated by the girls she was talking about. “Anyway Asia you look so good in that outfit you probably workout like 5 times a week right?”

“I have a personal trainer that helps so most of the credit goes to him and it helps that he is fine as fuck but in 2 months or so he can fix you up y/n”

“oh really?” I laugh joining in on her so-called joke

“I’m serious babe; you need all the help you can get” Asia flashed her million dollar smile and moved on to her salad and scrolled through her phone leaving me dumbstruck on did she actually say this as a joke? Or did the bitch mean that she was serious? She was on strike 2 after bitching about the fans that initially loved her because of her large following before they started dating which lead them to believe that she was a ‘genuine’ person that ‘does not want him for his money’ or the ‘fame’ along with it. I started gathering up my things removed myself from the awkward situation then pushed a $20 note for my half of the bill and walked out of the restaurant in time as Justin walked back in.

Justin’s face showed concern as he looked own ant my bawled fists  - a trait I have when angry or pissed off that he noticed during our  4 years of friendship, “Y/N why aren’t you inside with Asia, she really likes you”

“Justin as your best friend It is in my best interest to tell you that Asia Eliwood is not only a bitch but also an anti-belieber one too.”

“sure and that’s why she took photos with the fans 2 days ago” Justin sarcastically replied

“Don’t play that game with me Justin, ask your dumbass girlfriend what she thinks about the fangirls which believe they have a chance with you and get back to me” I managed not to snap and moved away from the fans recording the altercation and walked back to all white Mercedes to go home.


*A week later

It has been days since Justin and I have stopped talking because of his stiff and stuffy girlfriend and her insecurities between mine and Justin’s friendship so when Justin surprisingly facetimed me to tell me that he doesn’t want to lose this friendship and wanted to come over, shocked was the last word to say at the least. Finishing the last burrito in my minimalist stone marble countertops, the small ringing sounds of the doorbell played I open the door allowing Justin in and closing the door, however, the blockage of soft moisturized blue acrylic nails that belonged to ‘all so famous Asia Bitchywood’

Justin is the closest friend I have so because of that I had to let Asia I, even if she was from the pit of hell. In attempt to break off the ice I smiled at Justin which Asia followed with a sly snarl and a raised eyebrow for the classic bitch please move – She messed with the wrong one

“Sorry darling is there an issue?” I chuckled inching closer to her face and not caring that Justin was in the same room as both of us

Asia smirked knowing that with Justin here she could be the innocent looking one, “I don’t have one y/n”

“I’m sorry, have we met? Because I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered a bitch like you.” It was too much for me not to say something to that stuck up bitch even if Justin and I are losing the friendship bond AGAIN because of her! Faced with no other option Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen from the hallway. It was the only time since last week that I analyzed his facial expression when he put 2 and 2 together that maybe I and Asia do not appreciate each other’s company

Justin’s face was laced with confusion and heartbreak as he whispered, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this y/n but I really like this girl and she is trying to be your friend! Why can’t you just try as much as she does?”

Raising my eyebrows I faced away from him and began walking paces away from him “I don’t like her because your so perfect girlfriend told me to stop being friends with you” It was clear that Justin was not only baffled by what I just told him but from his shaking fingers that accompanied with his head he couldn’t believe this. “You have a fucking problem” Justin sighed and rubbed his temple

“Me have a problem? It was never an issue with us when she talked about my weight and your fans that treat me better that you” I shouted and walked towards the fridge to pull out a can of coke for me, Justin and the ungrateful hoe standing in the middle of the hallway alone.

“But she never said it y/n” argued Justin

“Let’s get this over and done with because Khalil is coming over for a chill session Justin”

Justin let out an exasperated sigh and called over Asia into the kitchen to the island for all of us to be faced with each other once again, “Asia you and y/n need to figure out your beef for me ok baby?”

Asia nodded and puckered her lips for Justin to kiss making me feel like the 3rd wheel in my own house but if this bitch wants to play  like that ok “Justin maybe to patch all my so called lies up why don’t we double date me, you, Avasia and Khalil?” I asked

“Asia y/n ayyy-shhh-aaa” smirked Asia crossing her arms with a sour expression

Justin smiled at the thought of proving to you that not only is Asia worthwhile but she isn’t a hater too, “Done deal y/n I’ll text you the date on the group chat I’m out”

Waving goodbye to Justin and Asia as they left the house I closed the door and focused on Khalil to talk things over. This was going to be fun.

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Okay, I have some prompts for you. You can do all of them or the one that speaks to you the most. - Betty needs Jughead to pretend to be her boyfriend when she runs into an ex. - Betty is set up on a shit date and ends up leaving with the waiter, Jughead. - Betty and Jughead are camp counsellors. - Jughead and Betty's first trip to IKEA as a couple. Sorry this was an oddly structured ask.

I decided to go with the first for now but I really like the other prompts and if inspiration strikes me I will definitely try some of them out :-)

Something felt off. Betty wasn’t completely sure what it was but it felt like something big was going to happen. All day she couldn’t shake the feeling, so when her best friend, Vera, called after a long day at the shop asking her to go to a party with some of her work friends Betty immediately said yes.

It had been one of the hottest days of the year so Betty slipped on a light blue sundress, hoping it would cool her down while also being appropriate for the party. She pulled her hair into one of her classically tight ponytails knowing that if she left it down her hair would be frizzy before she even got to the sidewalk. She wasn’t sure what the vibe of the party was going to be, opting for a natural look with her makeup, too. As she was waiting for Vera her mind started to wander.

Betty had to admit it was sort of an impulse decision to move to San Diego after college. She left everything and everyone behind; but she had never been happier. She had struggled with anxiety all her life, however after one month in the new city she found herself having less and less panic attacks. Now, three years later, she was successfully running her own flower shop – having even been featured in a Buzzfeed article – and she felt she was living her best life.

The ding from her phone was what dragged Betty out of her reverie. It was a text from Vera letting her know that she was downstairs. Betty did one quick twirl in front of the mirror before she grabbed her wallet and headed downstairs.

As Betty sat in the Uber she started to fidget with the hem of her dress, wondering if this had just been one huge mistake. Lately, Betty hadn’t been one for parties because parties usually meant humans of the opposite sex. It wasn’t that she hated men, but she had broken up with her serious boyfriend not too long ago and she just hadn’t felt ready to re-enter the dating pool again. It had ended amicably enough but Betty still felt a bit awkward about the whole thing. Vera sensed this and gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“Betty, it’s been four months and Brad is definitely not going to be there.”

“I know, just… what if?”

“Betty, look at me. You are a strong confident woman who isn’t going to let some asshat, whom you broke up with, control your life any further.” Betty was looking at her and knew she was right; she wouldn’t let Brad define her life. She was Betty Fucking Cooper. “Good. Now take these with me before we get to the party,” Vera handed her two mini bottles of Fireball. Tonight was going to be Betty Cooper’s night.

When they got to the party Betty was already feeling kind of buzzed. She didn’t drink that often and her tolerance was shot. She and Vera got separated almost immediately when her friend saw a guy named Nick that she worked with. Betty headed straight for the bar and ordered her favorite drink.

“Sex on The Beach, interesting choice.” Betty was suddenly caught off guard by a set of hauntingly blue eyes. She didn’t even have a second before he stuck his hand out. “Jughead.” She took his hand, giving him a peculiar look. “Trust me the real thing is worse,” he chuckled as he took another sip of his beer.

“I’m Betty. Beer is such a lame choice, there is an open bar you can have anything you want,” she said, eyeballing his Bud Light as he finished it off.

“That is a very astute observation, barkeep give me an appletini,” he said giving Betty a boyish grin.

The pair continued to try the most ridiculous drinks they could imagine for the next several hours.

“You know I don’t usually come to these parties but my friend Nick over there forced me, said something about it being my duty as a best friend,” Jughead said, slightly slurring his words.

Betty was about to respond when her whole body went rigid. She looked around the bar for Vera who was still flirting with Nick somewhere, not noticing what was happening. Betty was stunned beyond belief and thinking of an exit strategy as Brad, the person she least expected to see, walked through the door. He was making his way towards the bar, towards Betty and she knew she had to do something. She looked at Jughead who was slightly confused by her change in demeanor.

As Brad approached the two, Betty grabbed Jughead’s face and crashed her lips against his. This time it was Jughead’s turn to go rigid, but he adapted quickly and started kissing her back with an easy leisure. Betty was shocked by the electricity she felt from the kiss, forgetting that Brad had even arrived at the party. All she could think about was how right this felt with Jughead. Jughead licked her lower lip, seeking access that Betty quickly granted, his tongue slipping into her mouth and deepening the kiss. Their moment of passion was broken up by the sound of Brad clearing his throat. The two finally parted but leaned their foreheads on one another, neither of them opening their eyes just yet.

“Hi Betty, how are you?” Betty groaned as she gave Jughead a glance that he quickly interpreted as follow along and he nodded.

“I am great Brad, how are you?” she said with a hint of annoyance, but making sure she was polite, as always.

“Good. Work at the firm is good, overwhelming but good. Hey, aren’t you going to introduce me to…” Brad said gesturing toward Jughead.

“Oh, where have my manners gone! This is Jughead, my boyfriend. Jughead this is Brad.” Brad’s expression suddenly looked stunned as Jughead introduced himself.

After many painful minutes of conversation, Brad finally left the pair alone.

“Okay what the fuck was that?” Jughead asked with one eyebrow quirked in amusement, hands coming up to rest on her waist, thumbs stroking small circles there.

Betty was about to start explaining what had happened to Jughead when she saw Vera signalling to her from across the party that it was time to go.

“I promise I will explain this to you another time, I just have to go.”

As Betty went to leave, Jughead grabbed her arm and said, “Wait, Betty. Can I see you around?” with a desperate look plastered across his face.

“Well, we have many mutual friends so I am sure our paths will cross again,” she insisted with a coy look in her eye. “But here’s my number for good measure,” she murmured, voice almost a whispered as she jotted her name and number down. “Goodbye, for now, Jughead.”

She got on her tip toes and gave him a final, parting kiss on the cheek before walking away, looking back only to see him glued to his spot with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Plot 154: Vacation Plots (Happy Summer 2.0!)

a) Muse A and friends rent a room at a beachfront hotel. It’s super convenient that said room is on the first floor because they can simply toss the beach umbrellas and chairs over the balcony rail after a long day of baking in the sun and sand. Muse A gets back to the room first and plays catcher as friends toss up items over the balcony rail, but they can’t account for their friends’ poor aim. When a frisbee sails over to the neighbor’s balcony, Muse A decides to climb over and retrieve it before anyone notices. Of course, as Muse A gets halfway over the rail, Muse B, the hottie next door, steps out onto their balcony and catches Muse A trespassing. 

b) Muse A finally cashed in their adventure fund for the road trip they’ve been dying to take. After a few hours of cruising, they stop at the last gas station for several miles. As they’re heading to the register to pay for the fuel and snacks, they realize that they forgot the pump number and head to the glass door to peek outside. To Muse A’s shock, someone is stealing their car. Muse A runs out of the convenience store, but it’s too late to stop the thief from getting away. Muse A calls the police to make a report, but the nearest station is 3 hours away; there’s no telling how long it will take for an officer to arrive. Muse B, a truck driver, overhears Muse A’s story and kindly offers to give them a lift. Muse A isn’t sure about accepting a ride from a stranger, but Muse B seems nice and they really don’t want to hang around the gas station til nightfall.

c) Muse A and Muse B are best friends on a road trip for several weeks. The pair are faithfully following their favorite band on an 8 city tour culminating in an epic music festival at the end of the summer. Muse A, exhausted from a long leg of night driving takes a nap once Muse B gets behind the wheel. Unfortunately, out of the two, Muse A is the better navigator. Even with GPS, Muse B manages to miss a crucial exit. Rather than confess their mistake to Muse A right away, Muse B keeps driving, hoping the GPS will lead them back to the right path soon enough. With every mile Muse B drives, they get further and further away from the tour route and further out of range of the GPS satellite. By the time Muse A wakes from their nap, they’re pretty lost.

d) While on a trip overseas, Muse A can’t help but act like a typical tourist. They sign up for a sight seeing tour and whip out the fancy camera they brought along for this special occasion to take dozens of hi-res photos they can share on their blog later. Muse A accidentally bumps into Muse B, a fellow photographer, as they’re getting off the tour bus and their cameras mistakenly get swapped as they part ways. Muse A doesn’t notice that they have the wrong camera until they develop the film/check the thumbnails on computer. Muse A is appalled by what they see in the pictures– graphic evidence of brutal crimes– and starts to fear what will happen when Muse B realizes that they have their camera along with the incriminating photos on it; Muse B must get those photos back at any cost.

e) When Muse A is dared by a friend to dine and dash at a five-star restaurant while on vacation, risk-taking Muse A accepts. After ordering the most expensive dishes on the menu,  including a thousand-dollar desert plate, Muse A smiles and politely collects the check when the waiter leaves it on the table. The bill is astronomical– more than Muse A could afford even if they scrape 3 paychecks together. At this point, they really have no choice but to dine and dash even if they’re having second thoughts. Muse A heads to the bathroom as their friend casually exits through the main doors. It takes some cat-like maneuvering, but Muse A slips out through the bathroom window and reunites with their friend to escape and bask in the incredible high of their wrongdoing. The following evening, Muse A is mingling with attractive Muse B at a bar near their hotel. Muse B offers to take Muse A to dinner the next night and to Muse A’s surprise, it’s the same restaurant that they dine and dashed .. and to make matters worse, Muse B is related to the restaurant’s owner.  

f) While vacationing in the Caribbean, newlyweds Muse A and Muse B sign up to take a half-day boat excursion to a private island with several other tourists. Being so in love and unable to keep their hands off one another, the amorous couple hatch a plan to sneak away from the group when the opportunity arises to do their own “sight-seeing”. They discover a romantic, little cove about 2 miles from the shoreline and indulge, losing track of time. When Muse A and Muse B return to the coast, the tour boat is gone. Thinking they simply got turned around somewhere, the hopeful couple treks to the other end of the island in search of their tour boat but they can’t find it or any sign of their fellow tourists or guide. They’re stranded with nothing but the clothes on their back and the contents of their pockets until the next tour boat comes around.   

g) In the year 2080, people are finally able to travel through space and time rather than just being limited to travel to a geographical location. Time travel is the best vacation money can buy and it’s surprisingly inexpensive. There are restrictions, of course, that must be followed to ensure the integrity of the space-time continuum. A time traveler must learn the historical background, customs, manner of speaking and dress of the era before booking a trip; there is an exam to ensure such conditions are met. Most importantly, they must not interfere in the events of an era native’s life in any significant way. Muse A time travels for the first time after passing their exam and is ready to explore. They meet Muse B, an era-native, almost right away, encountering them in trouble. Muse A knows that they aren’t allowed to interfere, but they can’t in good conscience turn a blind eye to someone in trouble.. because Muse A interferes, they are barred from returning to their present day. It’s in the fine print of their time travel itinerary, which they failed to read.        

h) Muse A and a handful of friends take a much-needed trip down to a popular beach destination once school is out for the summer. With stressful finals and assorted messy breakups to recover from, several days of partying on the resort grounds is just what the doctor ordered. Muse A and pals make a concerted effort to dedicate their vacation to the fine arts of drinking and debauchery. Muse A gets off to an early start of it when they meet Muse B on the beach. Since both parties are looking for a no-strings good time, no one bats an eye when the acquaintances head back to the hotel together. In the morning, Muse B quietly slips out to avoid any awkward lingering and Muse A is content with that minus the fact that they don’t know how to contact Muse B to hang out again. Not too bummed about it however, Muse A moves on with their day and goes out with friends later on. Muse A’s pleasantly surprised to encounter Muse B as they’re walking to dinner and Muse A figures it’s their chance to ask for a number. Muse B seems a little confused by Muse A’s approach at first, but after several minutes of flirtatious banter, they give up the digits. When Muse A shows up at Muse B’s hotel room door that night for drinks, Muse A is shocked to learn that Muse B has an identical twin (Muse C). Muse A isn’t sure which twin they hooked up with, but they are sure that things have just gotten more interesting. 

The reapers at the beach

William: the one who just wanted to chill with a cold drink but accidentally sat next to a bunch of playful kids who keep throwing sand at him
Grell and Ronald: the only ones willing to get in the water. Probably playing with a beach ball or something
Othello: the one who checks out all the tide pools and secretly collects everything cool they find
Alan: the one who really isn’t interested in the beach and just wants to read a book in the shade
Eric: the one who tries to get a tan but ends up burning himself
Sascha: the one who starts building an entire sand kingdom
Ludger: the one who pretends not to know their friend because they wouldn’t be caught dead building a sand castle
Undertaker: I don’t even know

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Jason todd and s/o headcanons going on vactation together

Ooh vacation! I’m just gonna say a Vacation to Rio? I hope that’s okay!

–Jason tries to bring his gun right off the bat
–“Jason they won’t let you through security with a gun. Hell, they won’t even let you in the airport.”
–“babe just lemme try.”
–you pack his bag because he was super busy with his job.
–he almost forgets his wallet
–when you get to the airport, oh boy, you’re right.
–“I’m sorry I’m afraid we can’t let you through sir.”
–“Why the fuck not?”
–“you have a firearm in your possession.”
–“see? I told you.”
–“fuck this! I’m Bruce Wayne’s son!”
–he tries to use that excuse to get him through.
–It doesn’t work.
–Tim has to come pick up Jason’s guns

–when you arrive, Brazilian girls ogle Jason
–you glare at them and Jason reassures you he’s not interested in them
–Beach = The Jason Show
–he’s 90% convinced that someone is after him in Rio

okay that last one was random. Thank you nonnie! I hope you liked it!

Send Headcanons to celebrate 700!

(I’m blaming @memoriesandmint for this)

There’s a boy on the beach.

He’s wrestling with a horse- no, the shadow of a horse, a black mare with bone so thin I could wrap a single hand around her cannons, sea foam in her mane and panic in her eyes. The boy, too, is slight, tall and wiry. A slim black rope connects the two.

I can see that the summer sun is wearing on them. It’s a good time for training- it’s why I’m standing, here, bare toes in the sand and a disinterested bay uisce mare by my side- but even as the summer warmth tires the mare, it tires the boy as well. His movements mirror the mare’s, growing slower and clumsier.

This isn’t working. But it’s not my problem.

The bay mare gives a start as I lift her lead line and step forwards, but she follows along easily. This is a conversation we’ve had before, and even with the sea distracting her, she’s not impolite. She’ll be a good horse one day. Not now, not for awhile, but one day.

The sea rises to lap around my ankles as I lead the mare into it. She arches her neck and snorts at it, droplets clinging to the fine hairs on her muzzle. Something about her gaze relaxes, reminding me why I’m here.

If she’s easy to handle in the summer, she’ll be controllable in October.

Not enough of the racers appreciate this, I think as I side-eye the boy and his mare. The summer sucks the fire out of the horses, takes away the bulk of the challenge of training them. This means that the beach isn’t interesting, not compared to the thrill of the October sands. But I’m still here, because if I can’t handle this mare on a gentle summer day, then I cannot begin to dream that Matthew can in October.

The boy is obviously thinking somewhat along the same lines as I am. They’re now agreeing to do a sort of lunging exercise that’s describing a shape that may once have considered being a circle. It’s not a start, but it’s the outline leading up to the start.

The mare snorts. I glance back at her, just to be sure. Her rich brown coat is copper fire reflection in the waves, and when she paws at them, sparks fly up and dot her belly. Then she begins to lower herself, collapsing into the water.

I let her roll. The boy up the beach is staring, the mare yanking on his arm.  She throws her head back and releases a wail, and the boy doesn’t correct her.

Mistake, I think.

My mare flies to her feet and throws her muzzle into the sky to wail back. I’m leaping up, through the water, arms raised, and clasping a hand over her nose. She jerks, eyes going wide, flames flashing in them.

“Edana,” I snap. A name. She’s jostled me off my feet, and I have to push off her neck to regain balance, but I land in the water and the mare is studying me now.


It suits, and she knows it. She hasn’t sung.

“Excuse me, but you just- did that?”

The mare and I whirl, and it’s the boy, standing with his mare.

He’s closer to my age, now that I see him up close. But he’s fair-haired and dark eyed, with an oddly shaped mouth and a scar across his chest. He hasn’t gotten where he’s at with that mare without paying for it. And Thisby’s currency isn’t necessarily money.

“You’re Sean Kendrick,” the boy says, blinking as though he’s surprised. I can’t imagine why. “You won the races last year.”

“Second.” It was my first time, but Corr knew the game- run or fight. If it was a choice between running and the sea, his answer may have been different, but for the races he’d chose running.

And for that, I was grateful.

“First enough. Coseby died from injuries soon after though, so you’re first in my books.” The boy seems at ease now, even with an uisce mare at his side. Something about it seems like an open invite for a conversation. I feel a little ill about it. I didn’t come here to talk.

The boy glances at the mare, fiddling with his lead rope, a little awkward. I seem to have this affect on a lot of people. Then his eyes flash with understanding. “Ah. I’m Tommy. Falk.” He steps forward with a hand, but Edana lays her ears backwards. His smile falters. Only a little. “This isn’t the one you raced on.”

“This is Edana.” I like the sound of her name, spoken above the waves, and she likes it too, ears flickering to catch the word. This is good for her, standing in the surf, near another uisce. I’m not sure she’ll ever race, but either way, I don’t mind the experience.

My words seem to encourage Tommy more. He slides his gaze over Edana, over me, and then his mouth cracks into a crooked grin. “Say, how about you show me how you do that?”

I could do that. It suddenly strikes me that he means to race this mare, and one less idiot racing means one less idiot Corr has to deal with. I could make sure this boy isn’t an idiot.

“I can show you a few things,” I finally say.

Maybe this summer won’t be so boring after all.

Hawaiian Souvenir

‘Levy, would you watch Nashi & Happy for us?’

‘Sure, Natsu.  What’s the occasion?’

‘Since we never got to do it, and our anniversary is coming up… I was thinking of taking Lucy on a real honeymoon.’

‘Really!  That’s a great idea Natsu, of course I’ll watch Nashi for you.’

‘Thanks Levy…’


Natsu watches from the door with a smile as his wife tucks their sleeping daughter into bed.  “She’s so adorable…”  He whispers as he wraps his arms around his wife and kisses her cheek.  “I’m such a lucky guy to have two beautiful women in my life.”  Their daughter was the spitting image of her mother but with his pink hair and green colored eyes.

“Alright, what do you want Natsu?”  Lucy teases

Feigning shock, “I already have what I want…” he leads her out to the living room and sits her on the couch.  “But do you?  Are you happy with how things turned out Luce?”

“Of course, I am, Natsu, why wouldn’t I be?”

He puts his arm around her shoulder, “We had Nashi so young, and the wedding was kinda just thrown together…  I just worried that there were other things you maybe thought you were missing out on…”

“Well…” she leans against him.  “Having Nashi at eighteen wasn’t easy and rushing the wedding before she was born…  sigh, but I don’t have any regrets.  Natsu I loved you and that’s all that mattered to me.”

“But still, I wish I could have, I don’t know, given you more.”  

“Like what?”

“For starters, I couldn’t take you on a honeymoon.”

She laughs, “That wouldn’t have been much fun being 8 months pregnant.”

“I know, but now that Nashi is seven and we’re more stable financially…” he pulls out the two tickets he had hidden behind a pillow…  “…I thought for our anniversary this year…” … holding them up in front of her…  “I could make that up to you.”  

Her eyes widen, “Are you serious!!” she grabs the tickets from his hand.  “Hawaii!!”

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Studyblr Introduction

Hi guys!! My name is Scout and this is my studyblr (even though it’s not completely set up yet)! I tried starting one about a year ago but didn’t take it seriously so I’m trying again - new and improved! I figured I would start fresh with the new school year and wanted to introduce myself rq so you could get a feel for the blog :)

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One summer Bucky finds something interesting at the beach.


At first I drew Bucky barefaced and I realized as I was coloring oh no he’s in saltwater! He needs goggles!! Bucky put on your goggles!!! 

Anyway why did no one tell me there was a merman!Steve au in the universe?? Why did I only discover it now?! It’s called Blue Scales by chaya for those who are still in the dark like I was. It is precious and wonderful and anyone who hasn’t read it yet read it nowww! ♪(´ε` )

anonymous asked:

Which phase is your favourite for each member?

Noodle: Phase 1/ Phase 2, I personally liked her more when she was a kid. I still adore her now of course but I just enjoy the energy she gave off in the early phases

2D: phase 2. 2D is my favorite character so I’m enthralled by him in every phase but phase 2 2D just had an atmosphere I really liked. I think it showed some of his nastier side and I appreciate it because it kind of balances out the rest of his personality and I think it filled him out quite nicely as a character. 

Murdoc: Phase 3, I think his character was most complex/interesting during Plastic Beach there’s a lot to look at. Phase 1 is also dear to me when I see photos of what he used to look like I feel like I’m looking at a little kid.

Russ: Phase 4, phase 4 Russel feels so comfortable, I feel like he’s finally come together very well and I love all his phase 4 content (uhhh wish there was more) although I also like how in phase 2 his taxidermy interest was very prominent

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 12: Beaches and Coasts

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Before I start, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, but more specifically, your patience. I’m sorry it has been some time since I’ve written anything, but now that my exams are over, I have more time to concentrate on these posts. For the twelfth Pokémon in our biomes, I will be focusing on beaches and coasts, specifically terrestrial or semi-aquatic species that thrive near large bodies of water, but prefer to live on land or in shallow pools. 

Now that we’ve covered quite a few species, the remaining biome posts may have a bit more of a concentrated list. I imagine this post will be like that. Although there are arguably quite a few possible candidates, only a few species in my opinion would be suited for mainly coastal life. Beaches and tidal pools as you can imagine, can be very warm, hot, and sunny environments, however several coastal regions are very rocky, cold, and stormy. Species that survive on coasts or beaches generally have specific adaptations pertaining to their respective temperatures, food sources, terrain, etc. 

Beaches can be a nice, and relaxing get-away, where soothing waves calm each nerve, but moreover, less tropical coastlines, like the ones on the west coasts of North America and Europe, tend to be very violent with huge winds and waves crashing on the rocks. Although it may seem impossible, life is sustainable in these environments, and I imagine there would be some Pokémon that would survive there if they were real. 

Let’s get started!

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