interesting way to frame the piece

What interests me about TS Now is that Taylor is going to show us bts stuff from earlier eras. Behind the scenes of Fearless and Speak Now? Red era footage?

It seems like a perfect opportunity to go back and change the narrative, if Taylor chooses to do so. Her team have spent years squashing rumors of Taymily and Swiftgron but all this bts and rehearsal stuff would be the perfect way to get those conversations started again. Note: I’m not sure Taylor would out either Emily or Dianna without their consent - but there are relationships in the Speak Now / Fearless eras which even fans haven’t been able to piece together for certain. If Taylor had an ex in that time frame who was willing to hint at it now, we could be in for something interesting.

Just a thought.

the art of the salon wall
five tips for creating a gorgeous gallery space at home.

a salon wall is our celebrated way to display a highly personal, visually interesting mix of art and pieces that suddenly become art once cleverly arranged in a creative montage. want to create your own? our visuals manager and resident salon wall expert, ashley parsons, leads the way:

amidst the jumble, find harmony.

balance warm and cool colors; visually heavy and visually light pieces; and graphic, painterly and photographic pieces so that, as a whole, it’s easy on the eyes. (arranging pieces on the floor first will help you find the big picture—and avoid errant holes in your walls.) and if you’re using pieces with words, don’t group them together: “they’ll feel less special if you do,” says ashley.

consistency counts.

frames should fit the same profile: similar, but not exactly the same. “the charm of a salon wall is visual cohesion that’s still eclectic and fun,” says ashley. try using all the same color, or different colors in the same width. (we love a mix of black, white and brass.)

or, she advises, “use the frames to pick up complimentary colors in other pieces.” and if it’s a specific color you’re after, buy raw wood frames and spray paint them any which way you like.

pay attention to spacing.

your images should stay relatively clustered, and watch out for rogue gaps. if you’re working with a little art and a lot of wall, identify a small space to group them together rather than spreading them out.

tell a story.

while it’s not essential to a visually appealing salon wall, a theme or thread that runs through your images makes it personal—“even if your theme is ‘these are things that I love,’” says ashley. “it should make sense to you.” if you really want a cohesive statement, try using a series of portraits or illustrations.

shop home decor here. for more tips on decorating, entertaining and living an even more interesting life, pick up a copy of our new book, all in good taste.

Symbolism within the posters

Its interesting on how the comic con character posters they teased are filled with so much symbolism.

  • Ruby’s poster is a scythe with roses coming out of it, with the moon in the background. Makes sense as a lot of her journey will most likely be about dealing with what she found out about her heritage. The Moon is also tied with roses in most of song lyrics so there’s a connection between that. Also Roses are framed in the same way as the shattered pieces bursting out from the moon. Also “red like roses” has always been associated with loss and death for Ruby. “red like roses” haunts her dreams with images about her mothers death and now she has suffered a lot more than just that, so we will most likely have her dealing with that too.
  • Weiss poster is a rapier with a glyph in a snowstorm, with grimm in background. Many people pointed out that Schnee hereditary semblance(aka pretty much necromancy) is the only thing we know that summons things apart from grimm. The family is also the most connected to Dust mystery and are set in Atlas, which in itself is located in fallen kingdom of Mantle, so it works nicely as summary of things surrounding her character and most likely relevant to her story arc. At the same time, a rapier with fire dust(Weiss) in a cold blizzard(her family) is clear symbolism for the conflict within her family. And the fact that the Schnee flyph is split in half most likely is another symbol fo the conflict between her and her father.
  • Blake’s poster contains a white fang mask, her ribbon and her weapon, all of them surrounded by rain. All three elements represent the things that defined Blake and the things tied to her struggles, while Rain is symbolic of negative emotions, bad things having happened, etc. The Ribbon represents her faunus heritage that she hides as she tries to define herself for who she is, even if she is not exactly sure what she wants to be or how she wants to fulfill her ideals. The White Fang mask is embodiment of her conflict for equality and her conflict with the White Fang which she views as her failure. So obviously all of those elements have to play a role in her story. I already made a theory before that she might try to create an counter-organisation to WF as an alternative so I’ll just leave it at that as a guess. Whatever it is she is clearly set to oppose Adam and the white fang.
  • Yang’s poster is more mysterious. Its her weapon, bandages( I assume these are bandages because no idea wtf else can that be) and ozpin’s gears surrounded by embers of fire. Her weapon and bandages clearly represent the loss of her arm and her struggle with that. Embers are essentially “death of the fire” and usually used to represent the end of something. If fire is passion, will and determination, then embers of fire usually can symbolize represent dying emotions, waning relationships, burning bridges, which is identical to yellow chrysanthemum in her concept art. Likewise, the ozpin gears most likely hint at Raven possibly revealing whatever made her to go rogue in the first place(Ozpin’s One Big Lie?), which is pretty much the most clear way for Raven to get her on her side if it ever happens.