interesting to see the face shape differences

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This may be a weird ask but what did you think of the VFX used for Wanda's powers in Civil War compared to Age of Ultron? Was there any reason given as to why it was changed?

For reference:

In Age of Ultron, it’s aiming for ethereal. You can see the energy going up her wrists and out of her fingers in delicate lines. It has a smoky quality, and sometimes, it covers her hands. Towards the end, we get her starting to remote control things with balls of light, which is what she does in CW.

In Civil War, you can’t see the magic inside her body. It’s more something she’s working with than something that flows from her. It becomes spherical, instead of moving in streams. There are no more tendrils. It’s mostly balls of light, and they’re harder and more complete, suggesting more control.

I don’t think anyone has commented on the change, but the CW version is a more advanced take on what we see in the final fight of AOU. She’s holding it in her hands, not letting it flow. It’s less beautiful, but more sure of itself. The power is centralized outside of her, rather than beginning in her body and branching out. It feels like a maturation, and I’m interested to see how it changes going forward. 

Compare the choreography we’ve seen on the IW set with what was in Age of Ultron. It’s the same idea, but it feels like a different person. There is an otherworldly tranquility to Wanda in AOU (see also: the infamous “calm face” debacle), and there is no tranquility in that IW set video. The movements are rapid and forceful. There’s no attempt to convey ~calm beauty~. Both of these things, the difference in the movements and the difference in the shape of her powers, are reflections of her arc.

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Can you explain how you know the baby isn't real? I don't know who to believe

well for starters she was never pregnant

fake bump in one picture (this is halloween so around 7 months-ish)

and would you look at that it suddenly vanishes in another picture taken the same day:

you can see it’s her arm wrapped around her stomach which would still be noticeably huge if she was actually pregnant:

this picture below would have been when she was nearly 9 months pregnant. notice how there’s no bump. my food baby is bigger than her stomach.

also here’s how we know for sure the christmas pic is from this year 1 2 3 4 5 6

this picture below would have been taken like at least a couple of weeks before the christmas pic:

so where did the bump magically vanish to?

and i know there’s an argument that she was pregnant earlier than they announced and then gave birth before christmas but that makes no sense because then she’d be WAY bigger here (speaking of which … WHY THE HELL WAS A RANDOM NON CELEBRITY PAPPED?):

and here (this is mid-september):

hilariously they gave her a new bigger bump THE NEXT DAY after we all pointed out how weirdly low and small the fake bump she had was in the pic above.

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Ace In Art

For the #spookyrarepair prompt “Undead”

Pairing: Ennoshita Chikara x Tanaka Ryuu

Word Count: 1,355

Overview: Ennoshita spends the day at Tanaka’s to do face painting.

Note: I have a hc that Ennoshita is really good at art so

“Will you stay still?” Ennoshita urged with a frustrated grunt.

Tanaka squirmed under his friend’s touch, “I’m sorry but it tickles so much.”

Ennoshita let out an exhausted sigh. He had been at Tanaka’s place since eleven that morning – on Tanaka’s own suggestion - and yet he had only just finished painting Tanaka’s face. He still had his own face painting to do and it was coming to nine o’clock. What have we been doing all day? Ennoshita tutted at himself, I shouldn’t have let him talk me into marathoning all four Alien movies.

“Can I see it yet?”

“No, stay still.”

Tanaka bit his lip trying not to laugh when Ennoshita started carefully tracing bloody stitches across his cheekbones.

“You’re so ticklish.”

“It’s because of how you do it.”

“What does that mean?”

“Like,” Tanaka squinted a bit, “You use the paintbrush so lightly on my skin – that would tickle anybody.”

“I have to so I don’t make mistakes;” Ennoshita muttered apologetically, “You and the others would laugh at me if it looked bad.”

Tanaka raised an eyebrow, “No one would laugh at you; you’re the best arty person we know.”

“If you say so.”

“I mean it! You’re really good at all this stuff,” Tanaka sighed dreamily, “I wish I was as talented as you sometimes, I would charge people heavy money for them just to see my artwork, let alone paint their face.”

Ennoshita smirked, “So should I be charging you for this now?”

“Er…preferably not.”

“Didn’t think so,” Ennoshita dipped his brush back into the brown, “I’m just going to put some more definition onto your brows and then we’re done.”

Tanaka smiled up at his friend, finding it interesting how he used different shaped brushes for different parts of his face. It was cool how Ennoshita had an entire bag full of assorted brushes (that looked mostly the same to Tanaka, only really varying in size if anything). If Tanaka tried to do it himself he’d just use one brush for everything, his cheeks, eyelids, lips and eyebrows, so he marveled at how knowledgeable Ennoshita was in the specific uses of each brush. It was all very cool.

“I like this.”

Ennoshitas eyes didn’t move from where they were locked onto Tanaka’s eyebrows, “Like what?”

“Having you here.”

“W-why do you say that?”

“You might not be the best at volleyball but you’re kind of like Karasuno’s ace in art – hanging out with the ace is a rarity really…Eh? Are you blushing?”

Ennoshita refused to make eye-contact, though his face was an intense pink, burning even more intensely with how adamantly Tanaka was staring up at him in such close proximity, “Just stay still.”

“I am still.”

Ennoshita stood upright, flinging his brush into a cup of water, “I’m done now, go and look in the mirror – tell me if you don’t like it.”

Tanaka, a little confused if anything, shrugged and paced out of his room and into the bathroom to check his face. He was completely stunned; it looked so much better than he expected and his expectations were high enough as it was. He admired how Ennoshita’s choice of pale, lifeless colours gave him a truly zombie-like look. The sharp crimson that seemed to ooze out of the drawn on stitches contrasted against the soft browns used under his eyes that made him looked aged and dull. It almost seemed too real; Tanaka raised a finger to feel his face.

“Don’t,” came Ennoshita’s warning voice from behind him, “You’ll smudge it.”

“It looks fantastic.”

“You’re just saying that.”

Tanaka turned around aggressively, slightly startling Ennoshita, “It’s perfect.”

Ennoshita let out a stubborn sigh, trying to hide how relieved he was to hear those words, “Fine, whatever, I need to do mine now and I only have thirty minutes.”

Tanaka glanced at the clock as they returned to his room, “Wow, how did it get so late?”

“We watched all four Alien movies, remember?” Ennoshita retorted spitefully, adjusting himself on Tanaka’s desk chair.

“You’re the one who said that you don’t like watching horror films at night, so I thought it would be better for you to watch them in the day.”

“How thoughtful of you.”

Tanaka pouted and sat on his bed near Ennoshita, quietly admiring how he prepped his face and readied his paint, “I want to help.”

“Help how?”

“I can…hold your mirror for you?”

Ennoshita gave his friend a suspecting side glance before tossing his personal mirror to him, “You’d better hold it still.”

Tanaka, loyal to his word, sat motionless as he propped up the mirror in his arms. He was mesmerised by how Ennoshita seemed better at doing himself than others. He held the brush more confidently, but still with an air of cautiousness and with a heavy amount of concentration.

After a little while Ennoshita perked up, “Sorry to keep you waiting, I’ll be done in a minute.”

“I don’t mind, you’re so good at what you do that I could watch you all day.”

Ennoshita almost drew a streak of red across his face as he burst into a coughing fit out of embarrassment, Tanaka couldn’t help but laugh.

“You need to stop!”

Tanaka grinned cheekily, “Stop what?”

“All these stupid compliments,” Ennoshita babbled, going pink again, “I’m not used to all this…validation.”

Tanaka tilted his head slightly, before sighing and smiling, “Well, you’d better get used to it, I’m going to compliment you all the time from now on.”

“Please don’t.”

Tanaka placed a heavy hand on Ennoshita’s knee, which had been between his own knees the whole time, “You’re the most talented guy I know.”

Ennoshita simply used his painting hand to cover his face while he continued, trying not to look Tanaka in the eye.

“Oi,” Tanaka grabbed Ennoshita’s wrist and moved it out of the way, drawing the latter closer to him, “You’re the coolest artist at Karasuno, do you know that?”

Ennoshita shifted uncomfortably yet Tanaka showed no signs of letting go, “You can hardly call doing childish Halloween face painting artistic. It’s just some green and brown slapped on your face and you’re done.”

“Well, if it is, why did you spend so much time slapping it on my face, then? You’re always careful not to make mistakes and you pay so much attention to detail,” Tanaka edged closer to him, focusing his gaze on how Ennoshita’s lips trembled slightly now that he was under the limelight and how cute it made him seem, “I don’t know much, but I know that the care you put into our faces is because you’re super passionate about it – childish or not.”

Ennoshita’s eyes finally settled on a stitch he had drawn by the corner of Tanaka’s mouth, “What do you want me to say?”

“That you know that you’re great at art.”

“I don’t like to toot my own horn…”

“Then I’ll toot yours for you.”

At that moment Ennoshita raised an eyebrow and Tanaka’s eyes widened as he realised what he said. Tanaka let go of him, flailing about in a blind panic and miming a scream, “Ah, I, er, no, I didn’t mean anything like that! I mean, ah, er-”

Ennoshita rubbed the wrist Tanaka held between his fingers, awkwardly glaring straight at the ground, “No, um, I get you, don’t worry about it.”


“No, I’m sorry.”

Tanaka bit his lip and rubbed the back of his head, getting up from his bed, “We should go now or we’ll be late for the party.”

Ennoshita gave a long and somewhat regretful sigh, “Yeah.”

The walk to the party was to be a long one. The two had met Nishinoya, Narita and Kinoshita on their way there and they had thoroughly praised Ennoshita for his and Tanaka’s make-up, (Kinoshita hadn’t bothered with face paint, Nishinoya’s face was unevenly coated green and nothing else while Narita had a singular hashtag shaped stitch on one side of his jaw). However, even as the five friends patrolled the moonlit town in their undead zombie costumes, considering how Ennoshita and Tanaka lagged behind, strolling with their fingers brushing against each other’s occasionally, Ennoshita couldn’t help but feel more alive than he had ever felt before. 

Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club - Won the tournament AND their hearts! ♥

Otome game from Illus Seed.

Ho-ho! And finally, I’ve got to write this review.

I LIKE Asagao Academy a lot. At first sight the game is a banal otome, but after playing several routes, you start to see that it is not.



First that you notice is the art.

GUI - Well, cool, atmospheric and with hint on that strange asagao flower color scheme. There is CG gallery, music room, bla bla… Wait, what? Scene Picker? What the heck is this? Oh, I see, you can rewind the scenes. Wow… New, interesting and refreshing!(And I imagine, how many programming work had done to do this). Oh, diary. Hmm… Good. +

Characters art is the one of most strong points in the game. They are not copy-pasted looking-alike bishounens, they look fantastic! And I mean like real people. They have different shapes of body, face and eyes. They look like caricature drawn real people. And well it is a huge plus, because I’m tired of these sweetly looking boys in each game I play. +

Backgrounds - oh, original backgrounds are always cool. And there are many of them. +

CGs -  4 for each bachelor(whom are 7) count in mind 4*7=28(Many!)+2 special from hidden routes=30 CGs! +

Then you notice the music.

It is nice, atmospheric and well, it is played at right moments. + (One called “Worry” plays in my head each time I am at school lol.)

After that you notice the sound.

Game is half-voiced(otherwise there will be too many text to voice), and it is what adds game some spiciness. +

The sfx are played always at the right time, which is normal for a novel.

Then you notice the good writing and story.

Story is like real cool, and I like writing. It is not boring, and also not too fast. The feelings of MC is shown perfectly. Great applause to writer! +

There is humour in the story, but also drama and romance, what makes the story dynamic and rather deep. (And through some routes you learn more about MOPS. What is this? I’m not telling you, play the game ahahahahah~)

The route of each boy is colourful and differs from the others.

There are many endings - up to five(or six?) and it is always good plus. And they are hard-achieved, that happens rarely in otomes. +

Also, there are hidden routes, and I like all types of bonuses. +

And the non standard bachelors.

First, it is art. Not sweetly, but all with their own handsomeness.

Second, they are all based on real people. At first I didn’t want to believe it, but then when I browsed the Internet it appeared to be that Normal Boots Club and Hidden Block club exist! And what is amusing, their characters in Asagao Academy look alike the real club members for real! So great applause to the artist! +

And the third, the strongest point of game is non typical reactions of bachelors. Believe me, I’ve played an countless number of otomes, and usually, I’d be able to choose correct answers to get best endings. But not in the case with Asagao Academy. Like I read at one tumblr post,

Sometimes bachelors themselves don’t know, what they want.

And THAT is what makes the guys unpredictable and more similar to real people!!! And that’s why choices are not that easy to make - you don’t know how he will react, and what the consequences will be! In my opinion this is the most awesome thing in AA.

The last but not the least is MC.

Main Character, Hana Mizuno, pink-haired(it is important!) girl, has her dark past and some skeletons in her closet. At first shy girl appeared to have much more deeper story behind her past than it first appeared to be.

Also I like so much that her emotions are like the one of a real person. She has her character, she is not some puppet, what you are controlling with choices, but a person. Each your choice - despite is it good, or bad, shows some part of her personality and sometimes moments from her hard past.

When I only had started to play, I thought: “Well, one more typical main character of otomes and mangas, shy and timid and then - BOOM! ~magic~ and all the boys are hers.” But Hana Mizuno is obviously more than stereotyped MC. It’s just a gut feeling.

In the end, my opinion is that

This is a brilliant game, real masterpiece of huge talents. I wish that more otomes could be made like Asagao Academy: Normal Boots club in future.

Bonus - Favourite route is… I don’t know, first it was PBG, but now it’s Jirard. Yeah, Jirard obviously. He’s so sweet ♥



(Why minus? That is due to some bugs in diary and sometimes story could be more shorter and exciting, but it is good nevertheless.)

I like this fantastic game and strongly suggest you to play it too!

See you near Christmas and New Year due to school. Have a great time!

#02 _Skull, side view (sidenote)

Things I learned
Following the same process used in the last note, it’s interesting to see the differences between Cullen’s and Ellyna’s skulls.

Along with things we already noticed (bigger skull for Cullen, rounder eyes for Ellyna), what I find very interesting of this side view is the overall proportions: Ellyna’s skull is not only tinier, but rounder too (look at the chin and jawline!). Also, she has softer shapes (chin again, and cheekbones), and a pretty straight nose bridge (elven heritage ^^).

If we look at how the skull bones defines the face features, my favorite discover goes to the nose. I’ve never thought about this before (maybe because my nose is pretty much straight), but the little bump that some people have at the top of theit nose is actually defined by the skull’s nose bones :O So, while on Cullen that part is sliiiighly defined (and it’s not defined at all in Ellyna), Dorian and Josie will have way more prominent bones in that area.

Another special mention goes to the teeth position, which is pretty important in case you need to draw someone with their mouth open. Even though I’m sure my skulls here are not precise at all, just thinking about how the bones behave, from the top of the nose to lower down on the chin, really helps me to determine teeth position. Little side note: Josie’s has very full/plush lips, which brings her mouth way more forward than in Cullen or Dorian’s profile. It makes sense, doesn’t it? :)

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Tom's not handsome in the traditional sense; he's beautiful, inside and out. And many beautiful people are rather funny looking when you break it down.

See, I disagree, i think he IS traditionally handsome. His face is symmetrical, he’s got beautiful blue eyes, perfect high cheekbones, a strong jaw, perfectly straight teeth and a warm smile- all those things add up to handsome! It’s someone like Cumberbatch or Redmayne who aren’t “traditionally” handsome but have interesting faces that people are attracted to. You could argue that someone like Hemsworth is more universally attractive due to muscles and body shape and all that, and cultural differences are important to remember too- but I think 8 out of 10 people on the street would concede that Tom is “handsome”.

I’ll do the testing & research but only if I have the live subject with me 😁

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Why would a Scorpio stare at someone? What are they thinking when they're staring? Do you also stare a lot?

Scorpios are very fascinated by human features and bodies. We think things like “Wow, how amazing are human bodies?” and “I’m so fascinated that I was born on Earth” quite a bit. So especially when we meet someone new, we want to see if they have any flecks of different colors in their eyes, we want to know the shape of their face, their eyebrows, how their hair looks in the light, their collarbones, their hands… Scorpios are very detail oriented and love beauty, and to most of us, every human holds beauty. However, they will pay more attention to people that they find more physically beautiful. (Everyone has a different eye!) Scorpios also are very intrigued by other people’s minds, but usually only if we find them interesting in some way. We want to figure them out! A Scorpio will try to pay attention to your small gestures, how you phrase things, your expressions, how you act around them, etc. They want to figure out your language so they know how to communicate with you in the most effective way possible and be a person that understands you best. I do stare a lot! Sometimes I’ll find myself staring at a person’s hair or silhouette or jawline and then remind myself that they’re probably creeped out. Humans are just so strange, graceful, lovely, that I could stare at someone that I find really beautiful for hours. (But I’m also a visual artist.) So in summary: If a Scorpio you know stares at you a lot, they probably find you really beautiful and intriguing. :) Thank you for this ask, I hope this helps! xx

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Rufflout, 20?

Breaking the Rules

“Not my sister, man. Anybody but my sister.”

Tuffnut’s one rule.

“It’s like me but with boobs,” he would go on, hands cupped before his chest in a crude imitation. “Think about that next time you try and hit it.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

“Me,” Tuffnut stressed. “And boobs.”

“I got it,” Snotlout grunted.

And Snotlout honestly tried to picture Ruffnut as her brother when she sauntered around him.  Her interest in Eret had waned and had finally, finally shifted to more Hooligan prospects, particularly since he saved her from that battle fall (Fishlegs helped a bit).  He supposed that’s why Tuffnut started taking the panic of his sister getting with his friends seriously.

Thinking about it wasn’t hard.  She had those boyish hips and the same shade of hair, so if she faced the other way he could overlap Tuffnut with her.  Her arms were too slender to pretend though.  He tried to focus on the bulk of her vest and how it broadened her shoulders, but then she’d turn or shift, and he’d see the long, tight shape of her body with those teasing hints of femininity (not blatant and curved, like Astrid, which he found he was less interested in as the years passed).  The slant of her eyes was certainly feminine, and an entirely different shade of grey-blue.

Her nose was too different from Tuffnut. And her jaw.

The taste of her lips and the feel of her waist in his hand and the weight of her in his lap must certainly be different from her brother. Bony bum and all.

With his eyes closed and Ruffnut in his arms, Snotlout found it entirely impossible to think of Tuffnut.  He forgot she had a brother at all.

“One rule!” Tuffnut screamed at him from the base of the brazier. “I gave you one rule!”

Ruff cackled against his lips and Snotlout had to wonder if Tuffnut’s One Rule had inadvertently tipped the scale in his favor.


What started as a much smaller project in illustrating the different eras or versions of The Undertaker evolved into a much bigger project in illustrating every version of The Undertaker and his twenty-two appearances at Wrestlemania, where he was known (until Wrestlemania 30) for his undefeated streak.

Undertaker’s look evolved over the last 25 years so for the most part it wasn’t hard to illustrate him with each passing year, but there was a massive challenge in trying to find little differences in some of his later years when his look more or less stayed the same. I looked at photos and footage to try and find any sort of slight change in shape, colour, and length to both his hair and facial hair. Even in some of his earlier years, his look remained similar but his hair would lie a certain way or hide less or more of his face.

It’ll be interesting to see going forward what he may look like in the future - that is if there are any more appearances left now that ‘The Streak’ is over..

“Insecurities and Stale Coffee” One Shot

Title: Insecurities and Stale Coffee 

Author: shyrosewitch

Original Imagine Link: Imagine having a crush on Dean but doubting he could be interested in you because you’re overweight and feel like you’re not good enough for him. (Inspired by this prompt, differs a little form the imagine b/c I did not read it correctly)

Warnings: Bullying mention. You and Dean swear a bit. 

Word Count: 1,450

Summary: You work at a cafe and suddenly Dean and Sam are there. You’ve been through some tough times and Dean comforts you (and also hits on you because it’s Dean).


            “H-hey there,” you mumble softly as another patron comes through the cafe’s door. He’s tall, really tall, with thick shoulders and large arms. There’s a question on the end of your tongue, but you nibble your lip, too nervous to add anything else. Who are you? What are you doing here? Behind you the old grandfather clock chimes the new hour, midnight, and you have to fight back the urge to yawn. You’ve should’ve turned in hours ago, locked the door and gone home and yet here you were, waiting behind the counter, still pouring bowls of chicken noodle soup and mugs of lukewarm coffee for the few hungry stragglers.

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hey koryos, i was wondering about that kodkod picture you reblogged -- overwhelmed by its ridiculously cute face i decided to google more pictures of kodkods, but the majority of the images i got are of a completely different feline. what's up with that? and what is that adorable black creature actually called, if it's not a kodkod? is it just an extra fluffy house cat?

The image of the cat that I reblogged earlier (this one) is actually a kodkod. It does look different from normal kodkods because it is melanistic, meaning it has overproduced dark pigment just like a black leopard.

Usually kodkods have a spotted coat pattern, like the one below. But you can tell the two are from the same species because they share the same distinct rounded face shape and short round ears. The nose is also quite different from that of a domestic cat.

And here’s another image of a melanistic kodkod. You can still faintly see the striping on its tail.

At some point I’ll probably do an overview of Felidae like I did with Canidae because there really are some interesting and not very well known characters among the smaller cats.


ok but you know what. in true pistachioshiba spam fashion i will make 1 post for each of them to talk about. *followers scatter in the wind like important documents again but this time i don’t even care because i’m too busy marveling over shiratorizawas*

we’ve known about ushiwakachan and his glorious character design since the olden times now, but he’s only become more refined and expressive as time has gone by. we’ve known the profile picture since last year - it’s been recycled from season 2 (you can tell the purple on his uniform is a little pinker! this was edited to match the others in the image where they’re all lined up next to each other). it’s heavily featured on merchandise, which leads me to believe the other eaglets’ profile pics will be their go-to merchandise illustrations.

there’s a lot more emotion in these wakawakas than we’re used to, and with good reason. this might be a good time to mention that this is not a spoiler free zone. this match totally flipped all of wakawaka’s switches, and with good reason. same, to be honest. his expressions range from slightly miffed to totally outraged. it’s interesting to see this side of ushijima, but i just wish the circumstances would have been a little different. he did not deserve the vs main characters treatment. but that is a rant for another time even though i’ve already ranted about it 26 times.

ushiwakachan is… so beautiful. the anime does have a tendency to make the more blocky manly face shapes look a bit odd especially seen from the front, but ushiwakachan doesn’t suffer from it as much as daichi, whose anime design i loathe.

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If makeup doesn't look good on me does that mean I'm just ugly? I'm really self conscious about my face. I wang to wear makeup, like foundation (I wear eyeliner and mascara right now) but I don't feel prettier with my acne scars, nor without them :/

Hell no! It absolutely does not mean you are ugly. You are just self conscious so that makes you feel uncomfortable with navigating your face. This is ok. That doesn’t make you ugly. It makes you self-aware. Everyone feels ugly at one point or another. You are under no obligation to wear foundation or anything else as a means of making you more beautiful. Like, let’s think about what you mean by beautiful. What makes something beautiful to you? And what makes you feel happy and comfortable and proud to be who you are? These can be the same things. I totally get the double-bind of acne…. for me I kind of just ignore them and focus on other aspects of my face I find more interesting. I really like shaping my eyebrows and highlighter, for example. Eyebrows shape my intentions for the day, the thicker the more stuff I have to get done. And I like illuminator and like spending time deciding where I want it on my face, and watching it draw light to the contours of my face, it helps me understand how the body can look so infinitely different depending on the way the light reaches it. It can be very familiar to you but when you see it in new ways, it becomes this stranger – I find that kind of disconnect very interesting, and I use highlighter to remind myself I am not done knowing myself. This makes me beautiful. Or not beautiful – not in like, a “wow i’m so pretty everyone also must find me attractive” – but valuable, to me, and worthy of respect and admiration from people I want to surround myself with. Which is an idea of beauty I can advocate for. Makeup is interesting, you need to navigate it personally for it to be fun, I think. You might find it more fruitful to understand people are going to tell you a million things about yourself but its up to you to listen. Maybe you just haven’t found the makeup that “suits” you. We are never done exploring techniques and colors and textures in makeup, really, and the same goes for our relationship to knowing ourselves. 

Book 3 Analysis #6

Here’s what most of the fangirls have been waiting for. The shirtless Tenzin scene. You can clearly see that he’s standing on the airship’s bridge (from the previous post) and of course you can notice the yellow/light blue colors of the airship itself.

In any case, this scene looks very interesting. Tenzin performs an airbending move, and has this angry look on his face. I’m not sure if that’s training, but rather an attempt to push someone/something away. He seems much younger than he is considering his body shape, despite his age (52).

Moreover, Tenzin wears a completely different outfit from the one he wore in the last post, which indicates that those scenes aren’t the same one. It also strengthens my theory that this airship will serve the team throughout book 3 as a method of transportation, as it has been spotted behind characters in different situations several times in the commercial.

Thanks! Like and reblog if you enjoyed! Book 3 Gallery | Book 3 Dutch Commercial

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Hey there!! Huge fan!! I've wanted to start a comic for quite some time now!! I know you don't know a lot about comic drawing but I was wondering if you had any advice on creating a real simple oc. I always get caught up in face details. Like noses or eye shape. Like I want to be able to draw a consistent character and then be able to add detail. I don't know if you understand that or not but if you could help me that'd be so so amazing!! Keep up the amazing work you do! Looking forward to more!

hey, thanks a lot! character design is one of my favorite things ever so ill do my best to help you out!

my advice, first of all, would be to not let the face details trip you up at the get-go, which is much easier if you approach the design process without thinking about them at all until later. this might sound counter-intuitive but i think those are things that should happen naturally as you brainstorm the character, and that brainstorming process can be hindered if you try to do details too soon. the fun thing about character design is that it can be very interactive, so you can let that work to your advantage! maybe a visual will help!

i’ll design a character from the ground up, so you can follow along if you wanna try this yourself with me! <3 theres commentary under each step with important notes. sorry if it’s a bit wordy lol

(ill continue under a cut; this is gona get long)

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Performing at weddings is always so different to what I do at night, it’s always interesting to see people realize that Elliott and Starchild are one person. The brides face was hilarious. Never gonna complain about the free tea and cake though, well until it puts me outta shape.


OK HERE WE EFFIN GO. This is all speculation and going to be a linear breakdown based on the images and the teaser trailer.

From the teaser trailer and images we know one thing for certain. This takes place AFTER the events from FNAF2. 30 years to be precise.

We get evidence from this early on, as the Marionette, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Balloon Boy are depicted in the drawings on the walls. Also, Foxy can be seen on the end, old Original Foxy running (you can tell by his pants) Now, the new art on the walls gives no clues as to the time like ‘the new face of fun’ as the old ones did, but also, we KNOW it’s after the second game, which is a prequel. 

Then we see the faces of the ORIGINAL FNAF cast. Chica’s eyebrows, the facial structure of the characters- all lines up with the first crew. They are not the old animatronics from two, because their face shape is different. 

Something interesting here is that thus far, Bonnie’s been depicted quite a lot. In the wall art, as well as the fact that Bonnie is the closest animatronic in this side view. 


You cannot see Freddy’s eyes and Chica continues to look straight ahead, but Bonnie is peering right at you. Looking deep into your soul. Bonnie seems the only one to be active in any way. Eerie. So the bunny is already giving you bad vibes when who shows up to ruin all your golden freddy fan theories?

This guy. Now, I saw some of you saying there was a person inside this suit. I highly doubt it. Based on the frankly erratic way it’s jerking around, plus its deteriorated state, it’s unlikely someone could fit in it with the way it’s faffing about. Faulty animatronics? Yes. Person seizing? No.

I’ll come back to him because he’s obviously important. BUT- the most important thing I want you to consider is this shot RIGHT HERE.

There are no monitors anywhere in this room, but it still requires a camera system. So it seems pretty high tech. You have what appears to be a laptop to look at the cameras with. Laptops are a modern thing.

External image
There’s what appears to be a very large window, and nothing to the right-hand side to our knowledge of the map above and the way the room is laid out. Based on this we can guess there is only one door now, but there’s no way to tell if an animatronic is coming except for this window. It is a window because of the drawings taped to it. Now, you might be able to turn that light on, but it could let any animatronics see you and cause them to move faster. So you’d have to rely on knowing when to shut the door, and be there in the dark.

External image

There seem to be a variety of options for the player to use now, and they all may take power. The bunny could also shut down or cause errors to these vital systems putting you in danger so you will need to reset them, costing you time and putting you in blind spots with no way to tell who is coming.

Based on the pile of stuff in the corner we can also see it’s the toy parts of the FNAF 2 crew we saw in the teaser image, but also there is a Freddy torso and face in the 'hall’ you get a glimpse of before this golden bunny shows his pretty pretty face.  That gaping, eyeless Freddy’s got to be something to scare you if you aren’t really looking, making you double check to be sure an animatronic isn’t in your office corridor. It’s a red herring. But maybe Freddy, the eyeless FNAF1 Freddy we saw- can stand just in front of it, making you careless if you cant’ tell the difference and earning your demise.

From this Golden bunny’s teeth and deteriorated state, he could be one of the oldest animatronics of the lot, but why he’s still around is a mystery. It’s facial structure, animatonics inside, and even its eyes are markedly different from anything we’ve seen what is it doing here- why is it short circuiting so badly? Where did they find it?

Last but not least are the description from the steam greenlight: 

“Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed it’s doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of "Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction” are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin. 

At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made… 

The attraction now has one animatronic.“

This is all a horror attraction set in the 2010 onward era and they’ve done something VERY VERY bad. Not letting the souls rest, they’ve turned the pain and misery of dead children into a horror setting. This rabbit, perhaps the spirit of one of the first victims, will not rest until it’s mocking existence is put to an end.

I worry this rabbit is going to be able to assemble and turn on other animatronics and cause a whole mess of trouble. This is not good, and if "he” is the freddy killer as many think he is, this is not going to end up well at all. But if 'he’ is the rabbit coming back as a lost character- well then, welcome home buddy.

The masked encounter [Close starter]


Another trip, another landing with the face, at least the floor was smooth, made of metal, as well as the walls of the corridor where Lex was, knowing that and seeing that a lot of flashing lights of different colors and shapes were everywhere, it was clear where he was. 

When Lex decided to explore another universe that interests him, only to try to get rid of Frisk for a while, the Core of that universe wasn’t his most desired place to arrive, but the portal opened there, he could nothing about it.

* After dusting himself and get up, Lex started to walk along the corridor, then, he went to the left, and then, to the right. Lex wandering for a long while, until he realized what was happening.

“I…I think I’m lost”

anonymous asked:

Hello again! It's the Queen Anon. Now that you can no longer be spoiled, I need to ask you what you thought of Mala and what you think could happen with her character. I'm kind of disappointed that she only shows up in the last episode, but at least she interesting. I want to know how she knows Viggo. Also, that cliffhanger...


I am very much drawn to Queen Mala. She contains a wonderful, assertive presence, an unquestionable and assured authority, a commanding pose, and a thoughtful head upon her shoulders. She combines leadership, with confidence, with wisdom, with spiritual and cultural considerations. Mala is very interesting to me right now.

Although Mala makes the wrong assumption about Hiccup’s company, believing that they came from Viggo rather than in peace, it is not that she was acting out of completely blind emotion. She has sufficient reason to be suspicious. We get a hinted backstory of how she knows Viggo: the dragon trapper and trader has wanted to get his hands on the dragon her people revere. Because of this, Mala has seen the extent to which Viggo will go to out-manipulate his opponents. Mala herself makes comments about “the last group” that came to her island, and how they lied and pretended to be pro-dragon, too. Mala knows that Viggo is extremely clever, and thus will be on her guard for any intruders. I imagine it is very rare that people frequent her island, and that those who do… are usually enemies like the dragon hunters.

Mala’s decision from the trial is one she makes ahead of time. She lets the youths babble away while she withholds extra information she knows: she has Viggo’s map. I find that very interesting. She watches to see what they do before she informs them of their punishment. I find it fascinating how Mala is embedded into different cultural traditions, and yet it seems so natural… everything about that island has a beautiful sense of culture from the buildings to the body language of its people. I like seeing this natural sense of culture and spirituality emanate from Mala as she interacts with Hiccup and the others and informs them they will be fed to the dragon nest.

I also love how Mala is willing to give Hiccup a chance but will remain on guard. I do think she jumps to conclusions at the end of the episode, but she did give Hiccup a warning with a very short rein. She seems the sort of woman who finds it better to play it safe than sorry. I hope that we get to see more expanded upon her next season, even beyond “Part 2″ to the Part 1 we just watched.

The last thing I want to say: I know there are some people decrying her design as “lazy,” or they are unhappy she is thin… but I actually overall dig her design. Her eyes could have been a different color and maybe her face shape changed a bit more, but I love the short hair - never before seen in HTTYD on a woman - and I love her clothing. Even her litheness is something I’m completely cool with because her entire island is full of lean people. It contrasts these people with the Vikings, whose general population has been portrayed as tall and heavy. Mala’s people have a different body shape - shorter on average, lean, fit, small. I actually think they create an interesting contrast with the wider dragon hunters, Berserkers, Hooligans, and Outcasts we see as background characters elsewhere in the series.


If it is okay for me to hop on and talk meta, I also want to talk a bit about feminism and female representation in RTTE. 

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