interesting places in india


my original idea for their, or maybe specifically india’s color scheme was the one on the left. them both just lookin’ all twinsies, ‘cept for india’s eye, basically

but then i had the idea for the one on the right and i kind of love it, but i’m not super sure. on the one hand, it would make a lot more sense why she wasn’t really living the life she used to, and i can imagine the sequence where she’d become like that, and it looks super cool in my head.

on the other hand though, it’s kind of extreme… she definitely still goes out to buy groceries and run errands etc, lampblack is weird but that might be pushing it just a little. most importantly though i’m worried she looks too much like a toon, and i don’t want that. i mean, i love toons, don’t we all, but what sorta makes india interesting in the first place is that she’s not one. will it tempt me to let her be more toony as a result of her “condition”? despite it all, she’s very human. and that definition stretching is a big part of her character, but i’m worried being b&w like that stretches it too much. i never meant for india to have any toony qualities, just… inky ones. and, obviously, she & godwin are less recognizable as brother & sister, and she creates less of an impression on the overall look of the, uh, team.

but dang… it sure is fun.

 so i did the one in the middle, but it seems kinda… pointless either way. like what does it matter if you can barely tell? would it even be worth it to take away a little pigment if it’s not striking? she can’t really embrace the grayness but she doesn’t get to keep her nice colors either.

i mean, obviously, i’m not going to do much in color anyway. kinda the whole point is that i’m going to keep things black and white for the most part, it’s called lampblack city after all not rainbow…town. but still, help me out here y’all. thoughts??