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KnB 30-Day Challenge  | 05. a character you came to like ?
Murasakibara Atsushi, Yosen High (C, #9)

The thing that pushed me over to liking the idea of Rey being a Kenobi (other than her accent, and Obi Wan’s voice saying her name, and neither Kylo or Leia sensing that they’re related, and Han not recognizing her/her name, which is unlikely unless Luke hid the fact that he had a daughter or changed her name) is that reylo could be obikin reincarnated. Or more specifically, like Anakin’s and Obi Wan’s relationship going in reverse. Meeting as enemies and becoming friends, instead of meeting as friends and becoming enemies. I feel like their characters are already entwined in a way and I like the idea of them coming together. Obi Wan and Anakin started on the same side of the force and drifted further apart and I’d like to see Rey and Kylo start on opposing sides and drift closer together (personally I’d like them to become more like grey jedi instead of them both ending up strictly on the light side but that’s a ramble for another time). Kylo also mentions wanting to train her, and though I don’t see that happening, it reminds me of Obi Wan training Anakin, but again reversed, as it’s the Skywalker wanting to train the Kenobi, and the training would be on the dark side not the light. Obi Wan was also hesitant to train Anakin while Kylo is seeking it out. There are a lot of parallels and reversals in tfa to the other movies and this could potentially be another one, especially since Kylo is already a massive Anakin/Vader parallel/contrast/foil thing. What first got me thinking about this though is the part of their fight that looked just like part of Anakin and Obi Wan’s fight at the end of rots; you know the one where they’re both grabbing the other’s arm while holding their lightsabers in the other hand and pushing against each other. It’s a memorable moment visually so when I saw it in tfa I recognized it immediately. I feel like the sequel trilogy could be a parallel to the original trilogy while also paralleling the prequel trilogy in reverse, and Rey being a Kenobi would add yet another layer to that.


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Observer Effect: The theoretical foundation of the concept of measurement in quantum mechanics is a contentious issue deeply connected to the many interpretations of quantum mechanics. A key focus point is that of wave function collapse, for which several popular interpretations assert that measurement, or observation, causes a discontinuous change into an eigenstate of the operator associated with the quantity that was measured.

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[In Peter Pan] Wendy, having no desire to grow up, follows Peter to Neverland where she won’t have to. Eventually, she realizes she does want to grow up, and leaves. But as much as she’s come to mean to Peter, he refuses to leave behind the freedom and adventure of childhood to come with her.

But why does Wendy decide to grow up? Maybe because nearly the first thing that happens upon her arrival in Neverland is the Lost Boys – other perpetual children Peter has collected – ask her to become their mother. The boys make her into “Mother” and Peter into “Father”. As soon as she gets to the world of perpetual childhood, she’s asked to take on the adult role. Her choice then becomes: go home and really grow up, or stay in Neverland, but be cast as an adult against her wishes, by males who refuse to see her any other way.

—  A very astute observation from this film review by Jennifer Kesler

Hey so i wanted to share a random idea i had for a reboot:

So, what if a reboot started off with Clockwork observing Danny in Antartica at the end of Phantom Planet, and he kind of hums to himself and says something along the lines of “He didn’t reach his full potential,” and then he starts messing with his time staff saying something like “We’ll have to make some adjustments,” and/or “Let’s try raising the stakes,” and then the series would start again, but with some really obvious differences.

That was the main idea, but continue reading if you desire-

This doesn’t have to be the case, but I kind of really like the idea of Danny becoming Phantom without his friends there to witness it, and we watch him try to deal by himself for a while. We’d be going a lot more in depth this time about how the changes with the ghost powers affected Danny’s life. Also, I kinda thought it would be cool if Danny and Tucker weren’t friends with Sam yet? So in the beginning there would be a lot more love for Tucker’s character and we’d get to see him being an awesome friend to Danny when he finds out about his ghost powers. And then we’d be introduced to Sam’s character and get to know her as Danny and Tucker do, and she’d be abolishing stereotypes associated with goths and with girls left and right. Maybe Tucker could become friends with Sam first, but it starts out as a rivalry because of the meat/ultra-recyclo-vegetarian thing. Or maybe they become friends through Danny. Idk, I just think it would be a good chance to really explore their characters right from the beginning instead of just establishing character tropes for them.

Anybody else have thoughts for what they want a reboot to be like?

I’m not sure what happened to Darren between Broadway and this show […] but he’s made leaps and bounds in his acting, especially the parts dealing with pain and anger. […] I was actually afraid of his Hedwig at times and afraid for this Hedwig as well.

Did people forget about the scene in Texas were Lucas and Riley are dancing and their having there little DM and Riley is still trying to convince Lucas that they’re “brother and sister” and Lucas says “if that’s what you want Riley” did anyone not realize she never said that’s what I want Lucas, instead she went with “you know what I don’t want..” That’s real important if you watch the scene again! She doesn’t want to say that she wants to be Lucas’s brother so she completely takes a 180 and says “you know what I don’t want Lucas?….” And she proceeds to say what she doesn’t want to happen. Just thought that was an important scene for people to look at. Byee

So why does Sebastian iron the newspaper?

I had always assumed it was for a very stuffy reason: to remove all the creases so that one’s master would be presented with a completely smooth newspaper.  That makes it a symbol of almost excessive wealth and privilege.

Turns out, I was wrong.

The real reason is more practical: ironing newsprint prevents the ink from rubbing off on the reader’s fingers.  And dirty, ink-stained fingers aren’t something a noble like Earl Ciel Phantomhive would stand for.

Has anyone else noticed the sheer diversity in the way Fe shows itself in the different places of the functional stack? Like idk. Perhaps the other functions look super different in the different places too, but hear me out here.

Fe in the first position is engaging. It’s focused on everyone else and is often pretty intense. My brother is an ESFJ and when he meets someone new, he tends to creep them out at times with how focused he is on the other person. He mirrors them and puts a huge effort into making sure they’re okay. Another ESFJ I know is always super on it about making sure they don’t say anything offensive. They’re Fe at its finest.

Aux Fe is different. Being an INFJ that has an ISFJ friend, we both kinda seemed involved in our own worlds until prompted to interact. Fe values are still important. Uncomfortable social atmospheres bother us a lot and we will make attempts to fix it. But… Idk. I’m saying this from personal experience that IXFJs feel more socially fake than EXFJs lmao.

Then tert Fe kinda just flips traditional Fe over. All of the EXTPs I know personally are charming people, but in a bit of an intimidating manner because it’s a confident type of charm. An ESTP guy I know used to attempt to get free meals at Taco Bell by flirting with the cashier when he was in his teens (he often succeeded). Fe for them seems to be a take it or leave it sorta thing. If Fe goes against their goals, screw it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then inferior Fe is, well, I’ve never observed it from afar. I’m close to all of my IXTP friends. Overall, Ti-doms are endearing af. Inferior Fe gives them this charisma that they don’t seem to be aware of. It’s easy to feel comfortable around them because of that.

I think it’s because of these things that I tend to feel a lot more comfortable around TPs as a whole. They have enough Fe to share similar morals, but not enough that I constantly have to feel on guard as I would with FJs or Fi-users.