interesting newspaper articles

Items in a Slytherin’s Bag
  • Broken timekeeping devices
  • Rings (of the jewelry sort)
  • Notes that were passed in class earlier that day
  • Love letters
  • Clippings of interesting newspaper articles and headlines
  • A nail file
  • Someone else’s handkerchief
  • A history book (filled to the brim with handwritten notes)
  • Photos of their pet
  • The chains of broken necklaces
  • A note on the back of an old Charms assignment (reading: remember to buy birthday gift)
  • Skipping stones?
  • Sheet music (regardless of musical talent)
  • A handful of chocolates wrapped in shining foil

Gryffindor / Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff

May I just say a couple of things about what's wrong with harassing Tohru Adachi Fans for liking the character?

I am not posting this into the tags, because I don’t wanna get involved into flame wars with complete strangers, but still. feel free to reblog this. I am just getting sick of seeing friends and people I follow getting bombarded with Anon hate just for having a favorite character to talk about.

Careful, contains the topic of rape. 

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