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After Party // Jughead

Prompt #20: Let’s have a some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.

Summary: Reader got ready for the dance with Veronica and Betty but when the party at Cheryl’s happened she didn’t expect a suprise. The surprise in the form of Jughead Jones and getting dared to play seven minutes in heaven with the boy.

Character: Reader x Jughead Jones, Veronica, Betty, Archie, Cheryl, and Reggie Mantle (mentioned)

Words: 1017

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Also to clarify in the tv series Jughead is NOT asexual and this is not based on the comics.

Warnings: Make out session, swearing, alcohol, fluff and a party

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes. Anon

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If you had to answer someone on what was the most surprisingly thing the first week of school you could answer. After the school dance everyone went to Cheryl’s place for a party. It didn’t matter if you hated her guts everyone went, either for the alcohol, the drama or just to see the castle of a home the popular girl lived in.

The most surprising thing was when you noticed that Jughead Jones was lounging around the room where everyone was. You couldn’t believe he had made an appearance at this party because majority of the popular kids were rude to him. You noticed that Archie was even surprised at Jughead.

“Jughead what are you doing here?” You asked. He had opened his mouth before Cheryl interrupted.

“Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” Cheryl smiled, “Well maybe once but they moved away.”

You rolled your eyes at her words because she would have been the reason that person fled town. The girl pouted her plump lips before calling everyone to circle up.

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(Modern Day) Khal Drogo x Reader...

IMAGINE….being new to town and your first impression of Drogo, “Khal”/President of the local motorcycle club known as the Dothraki.

((I may have….got too into this…I’m not sorry haha))

y/f/s – your favorite soda/pop/they’re called something different in England aren’t they? Or am I thinking of somewhere else?

 y/l/n - your last name

You were filling up the gas tank to your vehicle when the unmistakable rumble of motorcycles could be heard coming down the street. Lifting your hand to shade your eyes, you looked left and right and then left again just in time to see two dozen, if not more, bikes of different makes and models come speeding around the corner. Your breath caught, your eyes lighting up with curiosity, when you realized they were coming to the gas station, but your gaze was on the man in the front of the progression.

He was wearing leather from head to toe. His boots, his pants, and the sleeveless vest…all leather. He had bracelets on his wrists that you immediately wanted to know the use/story of. You had always liked long hair, and his was pulled up into a “man bun.” His legs were long and the tightness of the leather jeans showered the power in them. He was just…a very attractive and muscular man.

As the mc progression came to a stop, you quickly averted your gaze and tried to hide your blush as you finished pumping and put the nozzle back. You screwed the cap back on and closed the little “hood” to the gas tank before grabbing your bag from off the passenger seat and heading inside to pay.

There were two people already in line to pay so you moved to the back of the small room and grabbed a bottle of y/f/s and a candy bar before moving toward the cash register.

The girl behind the counter was a teenager, probably about sixteen, and seemed to find her nails were interesting than the money behind handed to her. She handled the transaction with the two people in front of you – an elderly man and a woman in her late thirties or early forties – all the while loudly, and obnoxiously, popping a piece of chewing gum.

Finally, it was your turn and you stepped up to the counter handing over a twenty and telling the girl which pump you had used. It wasn’t until you had finished speaking that you realized she wasn’t paying any attention. Huffing in annoyance, you turned your head to see what she was looking at just in time to see the biker man you had been checking out minutes earlier open the door and step inside under the soft jingle of the bell on top of the door.

“Hey Drogo,” the teen smirked and popped the gum once more. “We have those smokes you like,” she pointed out, sounding proud of herself.

Drogo was staring at you, a raised brow of curiosity on his face, as he replied to the teen with only a fleeting look and a, “Good. I’ll come in and get some once your brother comes in.”

The girl seemed to deflate some, a scowl pulling onto her face. “I can sell them to you,”

“You’re seventeen, last time I checked, girl. I’m not getting anyone in trouble.” The biker chuckled and you felt your stomach flutter. It was deep and low and so hot. “And who are you?” he was talking to you now, and you barely managed to find a voice.

“Y/n…my name is Y/n…Y/l/n. I’m new to town.” You tore your gaze away and once more handed the money to the teen and told her which pump you had used.

This time she did the transaction and then turned away, grabbing her cell from off the counter behind her.

“Y/n Y/ln. I’ll have to keep an eye out for you.” Drogo murmured, stepping closer to you as you went to move for the door.

You nodded, swallowing was difficult, “Alright. You do that.” And you practically ran for the exit.

His chuckle was the last thing you heard from him.


I had a sudden inspiration from some… interesting names for nail polish. It’s a short one, but I hope everyone will enjoy!

There’s a girl who can solve your problems.

Whatever you do, don’t ask for her help.

I call her Nails

You’ll find her in the quad. She’s always there, if you look hard enough. If you can’t find her, you aren’t ready.

When you find her, you’ll know her by the darkness of her hair, the hunger in her eyes, and the painting. Always, she’s painting her nails. If you sit across from her, she won’t say a word, but those hungry eyes will find you. She’ll smile an ever-so-slightly too-wide smile before looking back at her nails.

“What color do you want?” she’ll ask.

If you’re smart, you won’t say a thing. You’ll realize what a terrible idea this was and walk away.

You tell her your story. Whether it be the test that you can’t afford to fail, or the nights of sleep you just can’t lose anymore. I told her about the girl who broke my heart and hasn’t slept any worse for it. I told her about how every day I wanted to wring her neck and tear her heart out and show it to her. And she smiled.

She’ll close the cap, nails perfectly coated, and she’ll slide the bottle over to you. It’s different for everyone. My color was…

“Revenge. It will give you what you seek.”

This is your last chance. If you don’t take the bottle, you’ll be happier. You’ll be better for it.

“What do I have to do?” I asked.

“When you want your desired effect, open the bottle and paint each of your nails with a single stroke.”

She won’t tell you the price. If it’s just a test, you’ll have it easy. John went to her for a test. He only speaks in chemistry formulas now. It’s all he remembers. Mabel ask for sleep. She got transferred to the hospital. She still hasn’t woken up from her coma.

I don’t know if I have it worse… but the dreams are so vivid. My hands around her neck. Her heart in my hand, Nails’ smile on my face. I have them every single night, sometimes even when I lie awake.

I can’t remember if it’s a dream or a memory anymore.


The winners

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“Attention! Attention! May we have your attention please?” Fred, George and Lee were standing on an improvised stage in the three broomsticks. The pub was filled with busy chatting students, but now they were quieting down.

“My dear fellow humans.” Stated Fred. “Today has been a wonderful day, with one exception.” He looked around the crowd with a cheeky grin on his face.

“That one exception being the tragic disappearance of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, who have somehow managed to get lost on their way here. Now I don’t think that they mean lost in the traditional sense, after all who hasn’t lost themself in those eyes as green as a fresh pickled toad?” And George shot a meaningful look at his sister, who sat curled up with Luna near the fire.

“Oi! Don’t look at me! I never wrote that!” Shouted Ginny, offended.

“You didn’t?” Asked George surprised.

“No, I didn’t. I am not the one here who made up a song about Ronald’s keeper qualities, now, am I?”

Right at that moment the door of the pub opened to reveal a slightly flustered and out of breath Harry and Draco, who were very openly holding hands.

“Potter..?” Whispered Draco in Harry’s ear. “Why is everybody staring at us?”

“I don’t know.” Whispered Harry back. “But I have the idea it might be because we’re holding hands.”

Draco gave himself a mental slap in the face. He hated missing the obvious.

“Ha! Gay!” Shouted Seamus, as he held up his own hand to reveal Dean was holding it. His words broke the silence and a storm of buzz went through the students. Ron was gaping at Harry with a flabbergasted look on his face, while Hermione gave him a knowing smile. Harry wasn’t sure what it was exactly that she knew, but he was glad to see her being happy nonetheless.

He had turned it into his personal mission to make as many people happy as possible after the war. Starting by breaking up with Ginny because she and Luna worked way better, followed by his blessing of Ron and Hermione, even if their frequent snogging made him feel left out. Draco had originally not been on his list, but after their quite fun afternoon Harry felt himself willing to add him. Draco might even be able to make Harry himself happy, if Merlin allowed it.

“Classy people you Gryffindors.” Draco straightened his back, he wasn’t going to let people in on how nervous he actually felt, standing here hand in hand with Harry while half the student body stared at them.

“Well! It seems like our last couple has finally decided to bless us with their presence! There’s still a spot free for the two of you near our other pair of fresh lovebirds.” And Lee indicated towards Dean and Seamus.

“We’re not together Jordan. Don’t be absurd.” Draco didn’t sound like he meant it though.

“It’s best to just go with it Malfoy. They won’t let us live it down anyway.” Whispered Harry in his ear. Draco wasn’t sure what he thought of Harry’s face so close to his, but decided now was not the time to figure it out.

Lee and the twins continued their speech while Harry and Draco made their way to Dean and Seamus. “What happened to you?” Asked Harry, pointing at the sling around Seamus’ neck which held his wounded arm.

“Fell of the bed during rough sex?”

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i met a girl who changed my life.

she is one of a kind,
one shard of glass of a whole
broken window.

her dollar store hair ties
leave temporary scars on
my wrists.

the smell of her flowery
perfume makes me feel as if
i’m living in the Garden of Eden.

the artifical dyes in her hair
remind me of 90s girl bands
singing in the tune of feminism.

her laugh echoes through my mind
weeks after i first hear it.

her miscellaneous knowledge makes
our 3 a.m. coversations interesting.

her chipped nail polish reminds me
that we are human and we are alive.

she is a moonlit dream,
made of magic and emotion.

we were opposite sides of
the same coin, together

but i don’t know her anymore.
—  olympia rose

A moment of appreciation for how well Call the Midwife talks about mental health. It would be so easy for them to follow the norms of the 60’s and talk about mental health in a detrimental way.  But instead they show compassion and support for those with mental health problems. Sister Monica Joan is cared for by all at Nonnatus, no one treats her badly, they’re simply understanding of her illness. I love some of the moments between her and the nurses. In Series 3 episode 7 Sister Julienne is nothing but sympathetic for the women who suffers from puerperal psychosis. When her husband is struggling to come to terms with it and not wanting to visit due to the people she is in the psychiatric ward she responds with “They’re ill.. they should be extended the same understanding that we have for physical illnesses.” A concept that some people still struggle with in 2016. As for Patrick in S4E5 I thought this was portrayed incredibly. His wife and son are understanding and let him “come back” (for lack of a better phrase) in his own time. They’re supportive and understanding and never once treat him differently to the way they would if he had a physical illness. I really do feel like Call the Midwife handles mental health in a careful and sensitive way and that should be commended. I leave you with this..

“Invisible wounds are the hardest to heal, for their closure depends upon the love of others… on patience, understanding and the tender gift of time.”

Tom Riddle x Reader

Requested by @cinamonasss.

You step out of Potions, heading for Transfiguration. You walk by yourself because your friends have different classes this period.

You hear Riddle and his friends behind you talking lowly. You pay them no mind and head to your class.

Not many people are in your Transfiguration class so the hallway is pretty much deserted. You hear foot steps behind you. You turn, expecting to see a classmate.

Instead you see Riddle. You furrow your eyebrows. You know he didn’t have this class, but it was the only classroom down this hallway.

You shake your head and go to class.

After class, you head to your Common Room. Again, you hear foot steps and you turn to see Riddle.

Was he following you?


The next few days, the same thing happened.

At first, you thought you were being stupid and paranoid. But he was following you.

Again, you were heading to Transfiguration from Potions when you hear his foot steps. You roll your eyes and turn to him. He raises an eyebrow.

“What’re you doing Riddle?”

He smiles an alluring smile.

“I was always told to follow my dreams.”

You blush and try to splutter out a response, but nothing comes. He watches in amusement before you huff and turn into your classroom.


Instead of just following you, Tom had actually tried talking to you, but you ignored him. You weren’t trying to be a jerk, but you didn’t know what to say. Besides, it was kinda funny to see the frustration in those captivating hazel eyes…. It was worth looking like a jerk.

As expected, he’s right outside your Charms class. He smiles at you as you step around him.

“Y/N,” he greets.

You keep your eyes straight ahead and pretend you hadn’t heard him.

“Y/N,” he tries again.

You pretend to be occupied with your bag. He sighs and you can hear the frustration in it. He’s trying to keep his cool, but it’s slowly slipping.

The hallway slowly filters all people out of it until it’s only you two.

“Y/N,” he says more sternly.

You’re suddenly very interested in your nails as you walk. He steps in front of you, forcing you to stop.

“L/N, don’t ignore me!”

You feel a sense of power knowing you had this effect on him.

“Tom, have you ever wondered why it bothers you so much when I ignore you?”

“Well, uh I-”

You step closer to him making him step up against the wall. He eyes you nervously as you lean in close to his ear.

You put your hands on his chest and purr in his ear, “I think you actually like me.”

You pull his earlobe in between your teeth. You feel him shudder beneath your hands.

“W-what if I do?”

“Well, It depends on what you’re going to do about it.”

He slowly skims his fingertips up your arm until he’s reached your jaw. He cups your jaw in his hand and his hazel eyes lock with your E/C ones. He slowly leans down and crushes his lips against yours. He steps to the side and quickly pins you against the wall.

“I’m going to snog you until you agree to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

You raise an eyebrow at him.

“Oooo, tough torture method.”

He chuckles.

“Oh, I could do much worse.”

“I think it’ll be a while before I crack.”



He leans down again.


A few hours later, you both walk into the Great Hall hand in hand. His and your hair is messed up and both sets of lips are swollen and red, but both pairs of lips are curved up in a smile.


[Root is undercover as an employee of a company in which requires psychological assessments and therapies for every employee.]

EDIT: okay so some of you are confused about the timelines? the only clue is Root’s nail polish, it means past and present…i’m an idiot i thought it was obvious.*sighs*

This time I have 15 pgs for you….. For some of you who’ve seen the first 6 pgs, the rest 9 pgs are brand-new. Enjoy.

Alias reference (Root): Mary Fairfax Somerville

If having trouble loading any pics: AO3.


Okay this is the end of it. Thanks for reading.

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Review: “Moana”

So obviously this was a big ‘breakthrough’ movie for Disney: different indigenous culture recognition/adaptation, lack of romantic interest, dropping the Princess-like vibes, etc, etc. 

Some important observations I made:

Originally posted by moanas

the FUCKING AMAZING animation: it exceeded my expectations. And I’m no expert in the technical-computer-graphics stuff, but visually as a viewer, it made me FEEL like I was on the island. The style was uniquely Disney, but enhanced to press their limits. 

Originally posted by angelshizuka

Female Character development: modern Disney has been trying to break traditional female roles by presenting strong and independent females. Moana was EXACTLY that. And she didn’t try hard at it, either. She knew her fears and conquered them. Most importantly, she was imperfect. She didn’t know how to sail right away. She accepted help, which makes her all the more strong. 

Originally posted by royaltiana

Male Character development: again with the trend of modern Disney, a male character is becoming more than just a flat romantic interest. They nailed it with Maui. He was humorous, arrogant, and developed to love Moana–but not romantically, but as a friend. He had his own imperfections, fears, etc. A big step from the cookie-cutter males 

Originally posted by babs-e

Culture incorporation: although arguably not perfect (on academic and professional-study caliber) it was still incredibly impressive and a big leap for Disney. They sent researches to the indigenous areas not only to get “a feel” and spin a story, but to actually learn the practices, mythologies, etc., and portray them cohesively as accurately as possible. 

This is, of course, a general review. Some improvements, in my opinion, on plot line and development could have been implemented. Overall, though, a solid success for Disney. Not just another breakthrough movie, but a rising basis for future productions. 



Have a couple of old-ish sketches while I’m on a temporary hiatus. AU in which Carmilla Karnstein is a Shoot love child; here you can see Carm’s tiny gay nerd of a girlfriend get along with Root.