interesting nail polish

i met a girl who changed my life.

she is one of a kind,
one shard of glass of a whole
broken window.

her dollar store hair ties
leave temporary scars on
my wrists.

the smell of her flowery
perfume makes me feel as if
i’m living in the Garden of Eden.

the artifical dyes in her hair
remind me of 90s girl bands
singing in the tune of feminism.

her laugh echoes through my mind
weeks after i first hear it.

her miscellaneous knowledge makes
our 3 a.m. coversations interesting.

her chipped nail polish reminds me
that we are human and we are alive.

she is a moonlit dream,
made of magic and emotion.

we were opposite sides of
the same coin, together

but i don’t know her anymore.
—  olympia rose

Have a couple of old-ish sketches while I’m on a temporary hiatus. AU in which Carmilla Karnstein is a Shoot love child; here you can see Carm’s tiny gay nerd of a girlfriend get along with Root. 


[Root is undercover as an employee of a company in which requires psychological assessments and therapies for every employee.]

EDIT: okay so some of you are confused about the timelines? the only clue is Root’s nail polish, it means past and present…i’m an idiot i thought it was obvious.*sighs*

This time I have 15 pgs for you….. For some of you who’ve seen the first 6 pgs, the rest 9 pgs are brand-new. Enjoy.

Alias reference (Root): Mary Fairfax Somerville

If having trouble loading any pics: AO3.


Okay this is the end of it. Thanks for reading.

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Nail Polish

Summary: Adrien gets a glimpse of his Lady’s hand and her interesting choice of nail polish after an Akuma leaves them stuck and reverted to their civilian selves.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrienette

Rating: K

Notes: I wanted to write a Reveal™ while also thinking about getting my nails done, thus cranking this baby out. Hope you all like it! 

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The Akuma this time around was a poor wallflower who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and not have their personal space be invaded. Hawk Moth decided to christen this one as the “Space Maker.” In order to go about his plan, the villain decided to give everyone their own person bubble to be trapped in. Thankfully, the bubbles were rooted to the ground as opposed to dragging the citizens of Paris into the sky like when Ladybug and Chat Noir fought the Bubbler.

Unfortunately, the Space Maker was a very calculating and strategic opponent, not striking his prey until both Ladybug and Chat Noir used their special powers to try and defeat him.

It was not the duo’s finest moment, to say the least.

Feeling his goal of achieving personal space for everyone was more important, the Space Maker decided to leave the heroes to themselves so he could continue to imprison Paris, leaving Ladybug and Chat alone to try and think of a plan.

“My claws may be sharp, my Lady, but they’re useless against this bubble,” Chat grumbled, wincing as his ring gave another sharp beep. He only had about three minutes left before he changed back.

Ladybug sighed, her own Miraculous giving off a beep to indicate her inevitable transformation, “Looks like we’ll have to revert back to our civilian selves and recharge our Kwami. Once that’s done, you can transform back and use Cataclysm to get us out of here. Then we’ll capture the Akuma, and this time we won’t fail!”

“Right.” Chat nodded.

An awkward pause ensued, Chat rubbing the back of his head as Ladybug shuffled from foot to foot.

“So… How do we…?” Chat trailed off. Their bubble prison wasn’t very big—after all, the purpose was for only one person to have his or her own personal space—however, it was spacey enough that the two wouldn’t be claustrophobic.

They had to make sure that whatever they did, they didn’t move very much and see the other de-transform, thus revealing their secret identities to each other.

Not that Chat minded, it’s no secret how badly he wants to know who is behind the red and black spotted mask, but sadly, those are the rules enforced by their Kwami so he has to respect it.

“We could just…” Ladybug started, covering her earring as it beeped again to indicate one minute left and looked at their surroundings. Lucky for them, the street the Space Maker trapped them at was deserted, meaning there would be no prying eyes that would see them. After assessing how much space the bubble had, she continued:

“Okay here’s what we’ll do: we’ll turn our backs to each other and keep our eyes forward. No peaking,” she emphasized, causing her partner to huff in slight annoyance. Like he was going to betray her trust so flippantly, no matter how bad the temptation was. Give him some credit, LB.

Nodding at the plan, Chat faced forward while his Lady maneuvered until he could feel her back flush against his. Once she was settled, their Miraculous gave their last beeps and bright green and pink light flashed. In Chat’s place stood Adrien, who stubbornly kept his eyes in front of him, trying his best to ignore the fact that Ladybug’s civilian self was right behind him!

Secret identities sucked.

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Amy's answer to the black nail polish question

I’m busy with school and won’t be able to sort out the audio transcripts right now. Seems like a lot of you are interested in the black nail polish question so I would share this first.

I intended to ask her about why Root stopped using her black nail polish in s4, but it came out wrong and became a question about whether she used it in s5.

She said that because she had to hide from Samaritan and be different person, they didn’t want to use something consistent. But Amy missed the black nail polish as well so in a scene in s5 where she doesn’t have shoes on, she suggested to the writers that she could use it on her feet and they went with it.


POI 5.02 “S.N.A.F.U.” Sneak Peek #2

Root is grounded (since revealing herself to Samaritan in 5.01!). So Finch has her shopping list to pass along to Reese. Items include mouthwash, floss, black nail polish, fuzzy slippers (2 pairs!), amongst other hilarious ones that baffle Reese!

Okay but like, can casual nail polish be more of a thing? Like, for reference, I live in the Deep South. The Bible Belt. The word ‘gay’ is thrown around like a horrifying insult, and being someone attracted to the same gender, it’s unnerving.

But that also means that a lot of my straight, guy friends don’t have the ability to check out things in terms of appearance they might be interested in. Nail polish, makeup, you name it. If it isn’t Nike brand and high lighter yellow, they might be villified as 'gay.’

But I just??? Wanna paint their nails??? I’ve gotten a lot if compliments on mine and a guy, just because he’s got something between his legs, shouldn’t have to worry if coloring his nails is going to get him kicked at my high school. Most of the guys wouldn’t even get their graduation year on their cheeks because it’s 'gay.’

Let guys wear nail polish aside from their sexual orientation, please.

Color doesn’t have a gender.

Everyone has nails.

Why do we care so much?