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i’ve been thinking about all those posts about “we need female heroes who do girly things”/”why is the female hero always such a tomboy” and then the response posts that are like “uhhh actually we don’t really have any really masculine female heroes either” so i was trying to figure it out—what do we have, exactly?

and really what we get is women who eschew “girly” things while still managing to look like society’s ideal woman. they would never touch eyeliner (they’re too busy with Important Things), but their eyeliner is immaculate. they have a huge, varied wardrobe, but wouldn’t be caught dead actually shopping for clothes. and it reminds me of the expectation that women must be effortlessly beautiful. don’t wear makeup or you’ll seem self-absorbed—but god forbid you look like you’re not wearing makeup. it’s interesting to me, that the impossibilities imposed on female characters are the same ones imposed on real women.

Diagnostic criteria for autism are always so badly written.

Like, the trains thing.

I’m going to keep coming back to the trains thing because it baffles me.

So, the example used for special interests in a lot of diagnostic criteria is trains.

“Has an unusually strong interest in something - for example, trains”

And, like, sure. Okay. Special interests can be anything. Trains are a possibility.

But, like, special interests don’t appear out of nowhere. You generally have to be exposed to something first to get a special interest in it.

So, like, I know a lot of autistic people, and I know no one with a special interest in trains.

You know what the most common special interest is, in my experience?

Star Wars.

Yeah, go fucking figure, the ubiquitous movie franchise that almost everyone has seen at least one movie of is the most common special interest, in my experience.

Now, I do kind of understand the trains thing. The line between special interest and regular interest isn’t always super obvious.

Like, collecting Star Wars toys, or writing Star Wars fanfic, or marathoning the movies a bunch of times doesn’t necessarily make it a special interest.

And since it’s socially acceptable (especially in modern day nerd culture) to do all of those things, it’s not a glaring indicator of autism to outsiders.

If someone’s really into something obscure - like trains - however, it can make the fact that it’s a special interest super obvious.

But it’s still bad to have it be the go-to special interest example because it’s just not that common.

Plenty of autistic people don’t have obscure special interests. Their SIs are in the Marvel movies or Star Wars or Star Trek or Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Hell, part of the problem with women and girls not getting diagnosed is because no one notices their special interests in, like, makeup or boy bands.

When you use “trains” as the example, you’re sending the implicit message that special interests have to be obscure and out of the social norm, and that’s just not the case for most people - especially now that a lot of geek culture has gone mainstream and there’s a huge nostalgia cash-in.

Having a special interest in Power Rangers was weird for me when I was 14. It’s not now that it’s a big blockbuster movie and most people exposed to the internet review-sphere are at least aware of Linkara’s History of Power Rangers.

Special interests don’t have to be outside the social norm to be special interests. It’s how the autistic person feels about them and engages with them that defines it.

inktober 2017 - 21

Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

It’s so fucking annoying whenever someone makes post about compulsive femininity (or even just “tomboy/butch women aren’t evil demons and pathetic failed women”), and it inevitably gets flooded with a bunch of brats saying “WELL I LIKE BEING A GIRLY GIRL, SO THERE’S NO PROBLEM!!!!”

like, fucking good for you, bitch, but if you got your head out of your bleached ass, you’d realize the world extends beyond your Sephora pallete, and there are women who just aren’t interested in makeup, or don’t want to get punished for not wearing high heels ND contouring to work, or are sick of constantly having to perform this hyperfemininity because society demands they do it to “compensate” for being WOC/trans/overweight/LGBT/etc. And yes, we’re Real Women™ too

Pennywise Doing Your Makeup (Headcanon)

Request by Anon: Could you possibly do Headcanons of Penny doing the reader’s makeup?

  • He always watches you curiously when you’re putting makeup on
  • “Why do you do this everyday? .. Is it your disguise?”
  • He gets up real close to you in the mirror, watching your every move
  • He analyzes all the makeup you have laid out
  • He often pokes and prods at the makeup, very interested in everything
  • “Can I try?”
  • When you finally let him do your makeup, he has the biggest grin on his face
  • Happy laughter
  • He picks you up and set you on the table in front of him
  • Your makeup gets scattered everywhere
  • You have to tell him what each thing is for, but he’s decided he’s going to do what he wants either way
  • “Primer? What’s that?” *chucks it to the floor* “Don’t need that.”
  • He does a lot of drawing on you with eyeliner
  • He tries to read out the names of every makeup product that he picks up
  • “Kat.. Von.. D..”
  • “A feline has makeup?
  • “Too.. faced..”
  • “Will this give you another face?”
  • He becomes very infatuated with all the different colored lipsticks in your collection
  • Drool
  • Drooling right in your eyeshadow palette
  • You have to take them from him because he began painting his own skin with them
  • You love him, but it’s too expensive to let him draw on himself
  • Pouts when you take something from him
  • The growls he gives you when you begin to get impatient with him
  • “Patience, little human.”
  • He sticks his nose into the setting powder.. And sneezes
  • He finds it hilarious when the room gets covered in the white powder
  • He rubs eyeshadow over his own eyes
  • “What does this do?”
  • He doesn’t understand the point of having so many makeup brushes
  • He tries chewing on things
  • He growls when you won’t let him chew on said things
  • More pouting
  • A lot of eyeshadow, lip stick and different colors end up smeared on his own face and suit
  • He’s an adorable mess
  • By the time he’s done, he’s basically given his own version of his face paint on you with black eyeliner and red lipstick
  • He gives you a big, toothy grin when he sees the finished product
  • “You look ravishing.”
  • He gives you a big, sloppy kiss, smearing the makeup between both of your faces

Y'all … I got some Dior lipstick as my birthday sample from Sephora and I am MINDBLOWN. It has been a struggle for years trying to find a matte lip color, either in stick or liquid, that is highly pigmented and has staying power but that won’t dry out my lips and make them look all cracked and weird.

I have tried everything at every price point. I was happy with Nars crayons and Stila’s liquid lipstick but neither one ever really felt comfortable.

I honestly had no expectations putting this Dior on because it was free anyway and a SUPER BRIGHT red I ordinarily wouldn’t wear.

But … Omg. It feels like a high quality lip balm in consistency but is completely matte. In literally one swipe I got full coverage that matched my liner. Blotting didn’t dry it out. My lips feel moist and pleasant and look really pretty. I have no idea how long it will last but consider me sold. Which honestly I regret because like most people I cannot afford Dior products haha.


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                                     ᴍʏ ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ  


Max has always had an interest in makeup.

Growing up, he’d watch his mother apply it carefully. Her lipstick and eyeliner. Gently shading in her eyebrows and outlining them. His father hated how much he liked watching her, calling him off handed slurs when the chance would arise.

When Max had gotten a little older, around 7, he tried it out for himself. Shaky hands drew lines on his eyelids, haphazard and uneven. The lipstick was better, a bright red against his brown skin. He liked his eyebrows the most, they were the easiest.

“What the hell!” The voice of Max’s father boomed and he jumped, dropping the eyebrow pencil. It hit the table and rolled into the open bottle of eyeliner. It spilled, a thick black.

His father was fast.

He snatched the young boy up by his arm and shook him.

“No son of mine will be some prissy bitch!” The violent motion and words set tears to the child’s eyes.

He couldn’t get away.

“Honey, why are you yell-” Max couldn’t recall the details of what happened next, just the basics.

His mother running into the room, taking him away from the danger he was in and cradling him to her chest.

The screaming as she argued with the man- How could he call him his father, fathers aren’t supposed to hurt their kids.

Years passed and Max had ceased watching his mother apply makeup.

Mostly because now she was carefully covering bruises.

One summer he went to a camp, and his mother handed an envelope.

“Open it when you arrive.” She sounded sad as she spoke. Her sorrow was so deep.

He nodded and when he arrived there, jitters running up and down his spine as he thought of what the letter would contain.

Opening the piece of envelope, there was a ring- his mother’s ring- and two words.

I’m sorry, it read, and Max could only feel dread.

Only a week before camp ended, David approached the boy. The usual cheer was gone, and he looked as if he’d been crying.

“Max.. I’m.. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but.. Your parents are dead.”

The shock of hearing it compared to merely assuming it was numbing. He was numb.

Adoption papers.

Red hair, white hair, and dirty blond hair.

Three dads.

Max had three dads.

David, Daniel and Jasper.

He was adopted by David shortly after hearing of the incident.

David turned out to be married to a man named Jasper, he never wore the ring at work for fear of losing it.

Later on, they began to date the not-so reformed cultist, Daniel.

Max stumbled into the bathroom once while Daniel was in there.

He was putting on makeup.

Thick eyeliner.

Coloured in eyebrows.

All he was missing was the bright red lipstick.

Max cried himself to sleep that night, the 16 year old was a mess of memories and fears.

It became routine, a routine Daniel noticed.

Everyday before work when he was putting on his makeup, Max would watch from the doorway.

The boy never spoke and neither did he.

Until they did.

“Max, would you like to sit?” The question was a mere starter, a wondering. It was open ended.

The green eyed teen shook his head and looked away.

“.. Would you like me to do your makeup?”

That caught his attention and there was a strange longing that filled his eyes.

It made Daniel smile sadly.

Slowly, he nodded, walking up to the cultist.

The albino dipped the brush into the black before gently gripping Max’s face and steadily drawing the makeup on.

Once he finished with the eyeliner, he placed a small dot on the bottom corner of his right eye.

“There. You look beautiful.”

Max looked in the mirror and for a moment, he saw his mother.

He looked like his mother, right down to the beauty mark.

When Max turned 16, his interest in makeup became a lifeline.

ficklerecluse  asked:

could i get headcanons for an orc lady being flirted with by a human reader? cause i've been hit with a desire to romance a lady that could break me in half

  • orc flirting is a tad bit more aggressive than human flirting so she sometimes hits you on the shoulder so hard you’ll fall and she’ll challenge you to arm wrestling contests
  • she loves to pick you up by just her arm and show you off to her orc friends
  • she always initiates the kisses 
  • she lets you ride on her biceps
  • she can and will beat you at every eating contest you have 
  • she finds human makeup interesting like war paint and really wants you to put it on her 
  • sometimes when she play fights with you she’ll let you win & collapse on her back like ‘oh no!! tiny human killed me!!! D:’
  • nose boops that knock you back 
  • when she winks its killer
  • whenever you look at her from across the room she’ll flex at you 

I can talk to a lot of people about superficial things, but you’re the person I think of when I want to talk about something interesting or important to me.

And I think that says a lot about us.
And about how much I want you to be in my life.


—  Love advices and schtuff #6 // lily rose.