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Mary Beatrice Kenner

She changed the world of feminine care with the invention of the sanitary belt, the precursor to the self-adhesive maxi pad. She also has five patents covering various household items, including an improved version of the bathroom tissue holder. What else did she invent?

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Kawarama headcanons?

Oh boy let me tell you my Kawarama headcanons. I need happy thoughts right now so let’s call this an everyone-lives!AU. 

- Youngest of 4 brothers. Not 1 ounce of mercy to be had. He’s learned through experience, okay. 

- Cheerful, friendly, happy to fuck you up if you mess with him. While smiling. Tobirama is so proud. 

- Some unholy blend of Hashirama’s charm and Tobirama’s focus. Born diplomat. Possibly born conman. Really, what’s the difference in the end. 

- Likes fire. 

- No, you don’t understand, he really likes fire. No affinity? No sweat. He likes it when things explode, anyway.

- Eternally disappointed that the Uchiha won’t share their Katon jutsus. 

- (The Uchiha are So Tired of this cheerful little menace ambushing them on missions to figure out their jutsus. Peace would be worth it just to get him to stop.)

- Fully supports peace, because peace means 24/7 access to Uchihas and their ability to set things on fire. 

- Also likes swords. And shuriken.

- Probably like 83% of the reason why Tobirama’s hair is white. 

- And 100% of the reason why Itama’s is half white. 

- Hashirama is the sibling he’s closest too, mostly because Hashirama is easily manipulated and fun to get reactions out of. 

- Calls Tobirama mom without a hint of shame. 

- Itama gets grandmother even though they’re like. 17 months apart. Kawa, have mercy

- He’s a menace to his family, but as that one Uchiha who keeps eyeing Itama found out, he’s a damned Horror to anyone outside of his family. 

- (Izuna is scarred, okay. And Hikaku hasn’t stopped laughing in a week.)

- Doesn’t tend to get interested in inventing jutsus the way Tobirama does, because he’d rather just learn them and then use them. People are more interesting than jutsus anyway. 

- Knows the name/face/history/interests of every person he’s ever had a conversation with. 

- Doesn’t understand why this is scary. 

- Good memory. Especially for anything that might be considered blackmail. 

- Loves his family. Hates being the youngest. Will gut anyone who tries to pick on him. 

- Has given up on being an overachiever (come on, his brothers are Tobirama and Hashirama, there’s no way to outshine them without resorting to, like, actual godhood). Will settle for being Terrifying. 

- Has achieved this, and is quite happy with it, thanks. 

Kissing booth 

Pairing: Pre-war! Bucky x Reader

Warnings: /

Words: 800

“Come on, Y/N, it will take me only 5 minutes!”

You were wandering trough the ‘1943’s Stark Expo’ when you spotted your friend Mary. She was working at a kissing booth which was raising funds for the local school to support kids who are interested in inventing. It was late so most of the visitors were already gone. You walked over to her and now she was begging you to cover for her while she was going to the toilet.

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Sun:11th house ✨👥☀️👥✨

-your friends are very important to you
-has the connections
-several different friend groups
-pretty popular
-great leaders
-have many friends that will help you achieve your goals or that will get you out of sticky situations
-interest in science,inventions, or the metaphysical/occult/mystical
-big dreams,many goals and objectives that you usually follow through on
-friends will often have a strong leo emphasis
-while you may have many friends there can be a tendency to dominate or even use/be used by friends
-involved in several clubs/organizations and may even start one

-social influence

I aspire to be that charismatic eccentric in almost every Nancy Drew game who had a house full of curiosities, made tons of interesting friends, and invented a series of puzzles for some tenacious and clever person to solve in the future

Three Wishes for Cinderella, and some thoughts on fairy-tale tropes

Since it’s quiet right now, I wanted to use the opportunity to bring to the attention of my shipping pals an absolutely lovely fairy-tale film called Three Wishes for Cinderella. It’s a Czech film from 1973 and I watched it for the first time today - it was utterly charming and delightful, and I think it might well be my favourite of all the Cinderella adaptions (sorry Ever After!). Best of all, the characters really are characters here - the Prince has a personality for a change, and Cinderella is a total badass. She’s an expert hunter who can teach the boys a thing or two, and she’s openly defiant towards her stepmother and stepsister - she’s active and stubborn where the Disney Cinderella (live action and animated) is passive and patient, and it’s extremely refreshing. 

And, naturally, because I have Reylo tunnel vision, I saw Reylo everywhere.

So you have the first meeting in the forest:

And then there’s a look of stunned awe and fascination, as the girl impresses the Prince with her skill:

There’s more to it than that (including lots of chasing each other through snowy forests and the girl presenting the Prince with a riddle over her identity), but it was an interesting reminder of exactly how trope-y The Force Awakens is in terms of its adoption of the visual language of fairy-tales. It’s not like this is a big surprise, given the words of Saint J.J. Abrams in the audio commentary:

You’re probably going to have a castle, and a prince and a princess, if you’re looking at a fairy tale. We wanted to give these sort of, fundamental, not cosmetic, but, sort of, prerequisite elements. These locations in which we can set our new story and our new characters.

What’s perhaps more interesting, however, is how The Force Awakens subverts the stock elements of fairy-tales - whereas the chase is depicted as charming flirtation in TWFC, in TFA it’s presented as an extremely perilous and frightening ordeal. The setting (a snowy forest) and characters (a handsome prince with raven hair and a beautiful young peasant girl) are entirely familiar - what is different is how they are combined with other tropes and traditions and put in an entirely distinct context. So the prince isn’t just a prince - he’s also a father killer and, until recently, a ‘monster in a mask’. And Rey isn’t just a beautiful peasant girl - she’s a prodigy in the Force who perceives the prince as an enemy to be defeated rather than a marriage prospect.

What I love about this is how open it makes things for the future story. Because of how rooted TFA is in fairy-tale concepts and imagery, it’s entirely plausible that they become further emphasised in subsequent films - with the edge of threat in the interactions between Rey and Kylo easing as understanding develops. Equally, it’s possible that the subversion is continued, with the filmmakers continuing to reference fairy-tale tropes in inventive and interesting ways that keep us all guessing and unsure of exactly how the story will resolve itself. While fairy-tales are powerful, they have the limitation of being extremely predictable since they almost always adhere to strict types that follow a rigid formula - so while it makes perfect sense that Star Wars is drawing from such an ancient and beloved mode of storytelling, it also makes sense that it is not being entirely beholden to its conventions.

In any event, I wouldn’t complain if this trope makes an appearance by the end of Episode IX. My personal feeling is that every romantic fairy-tale should end something like this:

(I feel like I need a legal disclaimer here to stress that I am not promising that Episode IX will end with a Reylo lift+spin. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’d really like it to.)

Why I theorize about Mother3 as the framework for Black Butler....

Yana-san wasn’t sure this manga series would ever get picked up (let alone become a huge industry), so she was tentative about writing arcs that might never see the light of day. HOWEVER, the main plot, the main characters (as well as some more minor ones), and the timeline of the series were planned from the very beginning, and Yana-san told us all about it in just TWO PANELS in CHAPTER ONE.

That first panel is a close-up of irises – Victorian flower language meaning “I have a message for you”.

The second panel is the VERY NEXT PANEL, the game packaging for “Mouse3”.

It’s a direct reference to Nintendo’s Mother3, which had been released in Japan back in April of the same year (2006).

The game revolves around mirror twin boys (with anagram names) who get separated soon after the tragic death of their mother. They are about ten years old. The older twin, Claus, dies (trying to avenge his mother’s death) a bit less than a month later. Lucas stays home for about three years before making his own journey for the same quest (revenge), but now it’s not just for the death of his mother but also for the disappearance of Claus and how all this trauma has made their father utterly useless. They don’t know Claus is dead, since they hadn’t found a body.

He sets out on his quest with his loyal DOG. They infiltrate their enemies, sometimes taking jobs with them, sometimes even dressing the dog up like a human. There’s even a scene in which the DOG is refused entry to a MUSIC HALL because he’s obviously NOT HUMAN. (Think: the two bouncers [Neckbeard and Skinhead] who refuse Boney entry look *very much* like the two thugs who toss Sebastian out of Sphere Music Hall. I’ve posted comparison pics before….) The vast majority of the game is played within a ONE YEAR TIMELINE. (Think: BB ever since chapter 14.)

He ends up with a “treasured” Courage Badge/Franklin Badge (a family heirloom) from someone with strong ties to his family. The person who hands him this “treasure” is the local (and very eccentric) grave keeper. (Think: Undertaker and his “treasured” mourning lockets.)

He gets help along the way by these weird fairy-like Magypsies, though they can be rude at times. All of them appear to be male but have magenta hair and dress as women. They are keeping a Dark Dragon asleep with magic needles. (Think: Grell Sutcliff as the main parallel but also include BB characters seen or associated with various kinds of needles, like Lau, Charles Phipps, Nina, Blavat, etc.) Lucas learns about a prophecy and that he’s able to fulfill it: if he pulls out the most needles, then he will control this Dark Dragon. (Think: having a contract with/being able to control a “Black Butler”.)

Then he finds out that someone else has the same ability to fulfill the prophesy… that this other person is heartless… and that their identities keep getting confused. (Think: the shooter in ch126.) There are even a couple scenes in which Lucas makes a TELEPATHIC CONNECTION to this Masked Man, though he has no idea how or why. (Think: the earl talking to a mirror image of himself in dreams/hallucinations. Also think: the earl thinking Undertaker is with a boy who looks like him, but then he wakes up and sees Sebastian by his bed.)

Two other people join him and become his team:

1. Duster forgets his identity and takes up a new persona in a five-piece band that “undoes” the brainwashing caused by Happy Boxes. His strongest weapons are his SHOES (which he can upgrade during the game). Much of his time is spent trying to find the missing EGG OF LIGHT, which contains his memories. (Think: the duo of Edward [joining the P5] and Lizzie Midford [with her shoes].)

2. Kumatora lives in an old castle that is haunted by the “ghost” of tradition. She always wears a hoodie, can be quite rude and distant, has psychic abilities (telepathy), and hides her true feelings. She disguises herself in a purple hoodie and changes her name to VIOLET in order to infiltrate the enemies. As Violet, she waits tables at a MUSIC HALL. At the end of the game she cries, unable to stop, and it’s apparently the first time she’s ever cried in her life. (Think: Gregory Violet, who was met at the super-traditional Weston College. Also think: Gregory Violet crying/showing emotion when the earl and Sebastian find him in Bath and save his life.)

A villager who had been silent (until he decided it was the right time) tells Lucas all about the history of Nowhere Islands… and how the people had arrived, on a big white boat, with the hopes to start over their lives. (Think: all those references to Noah’s Ark.) They even wiped their memories clean and came up with fake histories. Only this one person was left with his memories intact for the purpose of telling it to the one who will fulfill the prophecy. (I think Tanaka will ultimately fill this role.)

Lucas and his team have to defeat numerous enemies, including one who uses Happy Boxes (delivered by a trained and enslaved monkey) to brainwash the masses. (Think: Blavat Sky using the S4 performances to sway the masses.) Another major enemy they have to defeat is King Porky and his servants/army. (Think: Queen Victoria, Double Charles, and John Brown.)

They are sometimes helped by an eccentric inventor who is obsessed with donuts (offers them to Lucas, too) and driven in his pursuits by CURIOSITY. (Think: Undertaker, his bone-shaped biscuits/cookies, and how he’s driven by curiosity about life and death.) King Porky stole technology from him and even forced him to work on new inventions for his personal benefit. (Think: Queen Victoria wants Bizarre Dolls as “allies” and has Sieglinde Sullivan working for her now.) One of the more interesting inventions is a mobility suit that looks like SPIDER LEGS. (Think: Sieglinde Sullivan.) However, what the inventor is best known for are his FASCINATING CHIMERA. (Think: Undertaker’s Bizarre Dolls.)

After all other enemies have been defeated, the only person standing between Lucas and the last needle is the Masked Man who had previously shown up out of nowhere (from time to time) to mess stuff up and compete to pull needles. It’s the same guy that’s causing all the MISTAKEN IDENTITY issues. It’s the guy who is “HEARTLESS”. He turns out to be Claus, Lucas’ twin who had died ALMOST FOUR YEARS ago. He’s “heartless” because after death he was turned into one of those Fascinating Chimera; he’s a walking corpse programmed with a single purpose: beat Lucas in waking the Dark Dragon. (Think: the real Ciel turned into a Bizarre Doll and “programmed” with an “episode” to seek out his own revenge and to, perhaps, also reclaim his birthright.)

They fight; his friends can’t help him anymore (not even the dog). That “treasured” badge saves Lucas from an attack that would have probably killed him. Then, essentially, a miracle occurs in which the ghost of their mother forces Claus to remember who he was… and that they shouldn’t fight. Claus gives up… as his programming fails… and they reunite just before Claus “dies” a second time. (Think: the earl and real Ciel face off, but not even Sebastian can do much about it… for whatever reason. Perhaps he is busy fighting someone else? And one boy “wins”….)

Then Lucas pulls up the last needle. The Dark Dragon wakes up and causes Armageddon-level havoc before basically resetting things back the way they had been. There is the rubble of destruction everywhere, but the people are ok; the Dark Dragon’s power was even strong enough to return everyone to full health and strength. (Think: Sebastian will follow the will of whichever “Ciel” proves victorious….)

Done. The end.


THIS is why I spend so much time going on about my Mother3 theory…. :)

Visit @abybweissekuromother3 for more about my theory….

The Mark on Your Wrist

Requested by @betty234Hi! Could you write a Tony Stark x Female!reader in a soulmate AU where they have a tattoo on their wrist of something that represents the other? And then the reader doesn’t walk around, like Tony does, with her wrist showing, so he kind of already likes her and tries to figure out if maybe his tattoo symbolizes her or what hers is, to know if he’s her soulmate? Sorry if it’s too long, or maybe too confusing. Thank you!

Here you are, lovely! I had to change it a bit. I do not own Tony, Sam or Clint. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: All the fluff! A couple swears, nosy Clint. Soulmate AU

Pairings: Tony Stark x fem!reader, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Everyone was born with a birthmark on their wrist and only one other person in the world had the same. Your soulmate. The mark on your wrist was in the shape of a light bulb, which you found interesting. A symbol of inventiveness and cleverness. Still, you’d long given up on finding your soulmate. You didn’t have time for all that when you were constantly having to save the world. Besides, you loved someone already and it would kill you to discover that he wasn’t your soulmate. So, you kept your mark hidden. Until the one day you didn’t.

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Bluebird- Chapter 3

Prompt/Summary: This is the continuation of the album challenge fic. You know the boys before they go off to war.  This whole fic was actually inspired by the song and by this Gif set:  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: time travel

Word Count: 772

Author’s Note:   Better? 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Originally posted by rohgers

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i just don’t understand why people have to constantly shove their heterosexuality in our faces:

- gender reveals

- pinterest casseroles

- inspirational quote vinyl decals

- scentsy/it works/lularoe/herbalife/jamberry/younique

- “having to babysit” your own children

- michael kors bags 

like it’s fine if you relate to any of these things but i don’t understand why you have to be so proud about it and do it in front of the children

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In your Monsters au, how old is Tony when he gets with Steve and bucky? Also how old are Your monsters? Have they always Haunted that house or do they just go wherever there is a kid? Do they know alor of other Monsters? What is Peggy? Sorry about all the questions you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to.

Tony is twenty-four, almost twenty-five when he gets with Steve and Bucky.

The monsters are… old. Aside from Thor and Loki, Clint is definitely the oldest. He was born in the sixteen-hundreds. Thor and Loki are, of course, super ancient; any monster that has Old Magic clinging to them is (besides the Hulk, of course). Sometimes Loki and Thor reference things that Tony thinks would be impossible for them to have witnessed and he’s always a little terrified at how old they are. Bruce is definitely around ninety to a hundred years old. Natasha remembers a little before WWII and Steve and Bucky remember before WWI, though they can’t give a specific event beforehand to tell how old they might be. Sam will remember bits and pieces of WWII but he remembers the civil unrest in the south more vividly.

They have not always haunted the house! Honestly monsters typically move around until they find someplace they can stay for a long time.

  • Steve and Bucky arrived first, because they could sense a darkness in the house (Howard’s demons) and they were curious. When they saw Tony and how he was ignored by Maria that first time they scared him they kind of imprinted on him. They took care of the demon causing Maria’s postpartum depression and then cast out the other demons Howard was drawing in.
  • Natasha actually has no interest in scaring children (it’s a preference just like anything else) and actually only stopped into the mansion because she could sense a huge meal inside (demons still came around to test how determined Steve and Bucky were. And also if demons stopped coming she could just eat Steve and Bucky. She’s not picky.). She decided to stay because Tony’s a huge goober who offered her soup and access to the cheese fridge.
  • Clint was fleeing hunters from the circus and chose the Stark estate to hide in because hunters were wary of large estates; typically the owners were powerful and doubtful, and would never believe a monster was in their home if the monster laid low. Then he just never left.
  • The Hulk arrived because he worried about whether Tony and the Spider-Lady made it out safely and whether Tony was okay, and then he just stayed because Bruce would be accepted there. There seems to be a split where he’s more often the Hulk than Bruce but Bruce often feels uncomfortable because he’s lost sixty years of his life. When he’s Bruce, he spends a lot of time reading up on what happened (he is horrified when he sees all the wars that have gone on in his absence).
  • Loki arrived because he could sense Old Magic on Bruce and he was curious, and then just never left because he found Tony interesting. He likes Tony’s inventions even if he doesn’t understand them all the time and he’s very fond of Tony’s “golems” even if it’s in a “how quaint” way rather than an honestly impressed way.
  •  Thor is going to show up and he’ll come and go but he always comes back because of his brother, whom he adores, to Loki’s mortification. And also Steve and Bucky are always ready to brawl. (”OUTSIDE!” Tony shouts the first time they take down a load-bearing wall because how the fuck is he supposed to explain to contractors that his monster roommates took out a wall play-wrestling?!)
  • Sam is going to show up because he senses another bird monster and after Riley sacrificing himself to make sure Sam could escape hunters, he really just wants to roost with someone (avian monsters always seem to be able to find each other when they’re upset. Sam’s presence helps with Clint’s anxiety as well, so he’s welcomed into the fold.). And then he stays because Tony asks him to.

They know other monsters but in a vague way. Aside from avian monsters, they typically pass like ships in the night, and are pretty aware of where the other monsters are if only to be able to avoid running into each other and possible fights. Steve and Bucky are definitely outside the norm in that Steve would typically be solitary because he’s a snake. But Bucky’s a lupine monster and they’re pretty social when they meet other lupines, and Steve’s not lupine but he’s friendly. (Okay, Bucky found a scrappy little snake monster being beaten up by crows and just said “Okay this is mine” and scared the crows off. But don’t tell Tony, because he’d never stop laughing. Steve is way bigger than he was back then now and can definitely take on crows anyway.)

Peggy’s a human! She knows something’s going on in Tony’s mansion but it doesn’t seem to be hurting him (on the contrary, he seems to do quite well), so she lets it go. (Steve sees her during a visit one time and is smitten. “She’s married and she’ll shoot you,” Tony says. Steve’s still smitten but less likely to do something stupid. Like show himself to her. And get shot.)

Lol it’s fine! I like answering questions about my aus. :3

Ziggy and Pixel both have autism. Pixel’s special interests are inventing and video games while Ziggy’s are superheros. Pixel has hypersensitivity to light and certain sounds so he tends to stay inside to keep himself from getting irritated. Ziggy can’t eat a lot of foods due to texture hypersensitivity so he sticks to foods he knows he can eat normally

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

The Hamato family runs a dojo/security service, a very well known one at that. Often used my politicians and celebrities, the family runs a tight ship of well trained, cool-as-steel ninjas.
Started by Master Splinter (who is now mostly retired), the four brothers each run a different part of the operation as well as choosing and training their own students.

Leonardo is in control. He decideds what jobs they take and when they do so. His ninjas are precise, calm and collected. He is a force to be reckoned with.
He isn’t very fond of most of the people they protect but it doesn’t matter, this is his job.
His duty.
But this all changes when they are hired to protect a senator’s daughter. For the first time, Leo finds his cool demeanor failing as he falls for her. She’s witty, intelligent, and she challenges him like no one ever has.
He’s taken by her.
Can duty and love coexist?

Raphael is unbeatable. His ninjas are the best of the best, the strongest you’ve ever faced (if you’re dumb enough to do so). All he cares about is becoming even stronger, a ninja like no other.
Then his brother sends him to protect the daughter of a well known actor after several failed kidnapping attempts.
It’s just another job. Until the turtle begins to fall for the sassy, strong girl who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.
He knows it’s against the rules. But Raphael has never cared much for rules anyway…

Donatello is lost. His security is top notch, rivaling the most ingenious minds today. But his family has no interest in his inventions, they need to do things “traditionally”.
So he’s not to upset when he’s sent off to protect the daughter of a brilliant scientist, who has recently gone missing. But he’s surprised to find that she is beautiful and brilliant in her own way and, for the first time, someone is interested in his work.
Could Donnie finally find his own path? And maybe love as well?

Michelangelo is ready.
His ninjas are well trained, he knows he can compete with his older brothers. Now if only they would take him seriously.
Leo gives him a chance to prove himself and take his place in the dojo, if he can complete this one mission on his own: guard the wedding of the century and keep an eye on the billionaires daughter. But it’s harder then it looks. She’s sweet and smart and actually takes him seriously.
It probably isn’t the best idea to fall in love on his first mission…but Mikey can’t help himself.

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hi i was wondering if you've watched the voltron 84 ep " Give Me Your Princess"? it's the one Chris Palmer picked for the Voltron 84 remastered on Netflix. And all throughout it Keith's like "you're not sven! I wish sven was here!" Allura even has a dream that Keith looks at her and sees Sven instead? I find that really telling considering Keith and Allura are meant to be romantic interests. But also it's the episode Chris picked so... anyway I'd love to here your thoughts on this!!

oh ya I did actually! lmao I literally found the Sven thing so funny at first, I made this post right after watching it

Ok but seriously though, it’s kinda interesting that Keith brings up Sven at all. Because right now he’s fine with Allura piloting Sven’s lion. Allura taking Black though, trying to take charge of the team and putting everyone in jepoerdy, that really gets Keith. And he tells her that Sven would’ve just stayed with Blue like he was supposed to, Sven wouldn’t put everyone at risk. 

Every time we see the paladins comparing Allura to Sven in this episode, it’s about how Sven held them together, but Allura does not know how to work with a team. It’s less about Sven vs Allura as individuals, and more so the fact that Sven brings them together and Allura can’t. Allura takes that criticism though and hears: 

Like, it’s not even a question. She just outright tells Keith that, and he doesn’t deny it. So, on a more personal level, you get this sense that Keith does kinda believe that. At least, he would rather have Sven back with them instead. Later, when he’s thinking it over, he muses that maybe he was a bit too harsh on her. 

Allura still internalizes this notion that she’s inferior to Sven in Keith’s eyes though, and she struggles with that for the rest of the episode. 

And now that you mention it, the dream sequence thing where she’s like begging Keith to forgive her and you see Sven smiling and then his face switches to the Princess’ is kinda?? I wouldn’t say romantic, but. It certainly shows that Keith thought fondly of Sven, and in her mind, Allura can never quite surpass him. At least, not in Keith’s eyes. She doesn’t even come close. 

To be fair, from my understanding, Allura being Keith’s love interest was entirely an invention of the dub. Keith was unconcerned with romance in the original; he never really expressed any interest in girls or dating. But anyway, yeah, it’s Keith’s opinion that Allura’s really concerned with here. And his view is pretty obvious: 

Later when Hunk mentions teamwork he says something like “I wish Sven were still here.” And Keith’s just like “Yeah well, Sven’s not, so we’ll just have to make this work.” So while Keith undoubtably misses Sven, he also knows that figuring out how to work as a team again takes priority. By the end of the episode the princess has proven herself to everyone, and Keith tells her she is the Blue lion. Not only that, but he believes that she’ll one day surpass Sven and be able to pilot the Black lion as well. So he definitely sees a lot of potential there, even if he was resentful and maybe still mourning over Sven too much to move on at first. 

Of course, if something like this were to happen in vld though, I think the outcome would be pretty different. Because Allura taking Black here would have a lot of different implications–it very much would be about her replacing Shiro, because she’d be taking his lion instead of Keith’s. Undermining Keith’s leadership when he’d been entrusted to it by Shiro would also have this whole other layer of depth to it; Shiro trusted him with Black, and if he can’t even lead the team without mutiny, then how could he ever prove to Shiro he’s worthy? 

Keith and Shiro also seem much closer in vld than their counterparts in 80s voltron, so I think a retake of an episode like this would be really interesting to see. So ya, this episode has some interesting stuff going on. The characters are all very different, but it still leaves some food for thought about how Allura and the others might react to Shiro’s loss