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Villains I admire

Going back in time, there was a great emperor named Akbar the Great.

He actually brought a lot of good stuff to his empire, like philosophy and religious tolerance.

Something unbelievably adorable about him was that he could not read but he loved to learn so he had people read to him.

So why was this perfect man villainous?

Well, he had a political opponent who he wanted gone. So you know what he does?

He throws him out the window.

Now that he’s all good and dead, Akbar is done, right?

Nah, he drags him back up and throws him out the window again.

Did I mention Akbar was great?

john gonzalez was coated in pitch and thrown down a canyon for writing that bit of dialogue. the one we see today is actually a synth, so they could have him leave obsidian. but we know the truth, todd. we know the truth.

okay, tbh, if i knew a guy with that kind of humor id probably stick around him for 30 years…

Best quotes from the new dnp craft video

“Friends are important. then you have more knives”

*laughing* “Lying makes you go to hell!”

“This one’s long with a big head. Like him!”

“Throw the smallest over your shoulder! No one wants that.” 

“I’ve selected as many knives as i have friends. Two!”

*heavy breathing*

“Next, grab your potato! Grip it with all your strength.”

“Slice it like it will remember it.”

“Chopping things fills me with good memories.”

“Sometimes its nice to look up at the stars and remember that theyre all already dead.” 

“The universe is so big….and cold.”

“If you make a mistake while cutting, just think about it for the rest of the day!”

“Phil. Too hard. You hurt it.”

“Space is violent.”

“I only trust my potato with my true friend”

“Im going to place mine [potato] in the trapdoor under my bed.”

*satanic shit*


QI Series O, Episode 4 -  Occult


I have no words…


Goth Detectives alive!

Seriously, I’m very glad, hope to see it soon ;)

Yeah, aplusdaughter’s alignment chart was gross, but since alignment charts always have evil and chaotic alignments, I’m real curious about who y’all would be chill with being placed in those categories

anonymous asked:

Just want to throw it out there that I ship Kitsune with Rosinante, and if they ever have a child the kid would possibly; a)be pressured to be a marine (Sengoku and Garp as the child's grandfathers, and some snobby marines), or b) would possibly not care, and would just be temporarily a marine until the kid realizes a dream he/she wants to achieve. Thoughts? (The child by default would be the adopted brother/sister of Law, and cousin of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo.) Is the set the pairing RosinxKit?

(Potential spoilers ahead)

“Well I suppose three of you is-” 

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would anyone be interested in transcriptions of different roster teeth shows like the podcasts? I know I have a lot of trouble because their videos don’t even have proper CC and I’m curious as to whether or not anyone else is interested !

Ebay Bionicle Listings Are The Best-Worst Thing

Some of these things are just gold; pure unadulterated horrifying Gold

If you’re interested in these btw here are the sellers’ pages:

The first 5 Pictures:

The Last One: