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Gay Sting likes Bi Rogue who likes Lesbian Minerva who likes Demi Yukino, but she likes Gay Sting. I love this little love square I made X3

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Edit: Hey, i’m the same person who sent the Sting, Rogue, Minerva, and Yukino love circle. And I just wanted to say in the end they get into a poly relationship because I didn’t add in the poly part. I’d never put these four though sadness dude.

i want to sell typography prints n’ stuff. make some money. be my own woman 


The Necklace-MacGuffin Idiot Ball: the prologue B (2/20)


i saw that a bunch of y’all wanted this translated, so here it is!
i tried my best to translate in character + language nuances, but i’m not good with words, so yeah…

translations + edits: mine
original work: zinc_park

Tattoo Artist!Jin

So before I start this, I just wanna say a hu g e thank you for 3,800 followers my mind is completely blown I can’t thank you all enough, I do have some things planned for the next celebration, whatever it will be, I have some things waiting for it so for now I’ll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart, onto the post, I’ve gotten a couple requests to finish the tattoo artist series so I thought I would do that today, to start us off as he always does is our beloved oldest member, the sweetie pie with the cutest laugh like I love when laughs are really unique and goofy and I love his laugh with all of my heart tbh, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • So for this series, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook’s parts have all been done so I’ll just be finishing the series off with the remaining hyung line and Tae
  • I’ll be starting with visuals as I usually do bc I love visuals they help paint the story, especially with something like this
  • So I gotta bring in black hair!Jin bc that shit is so nice it’s top quality like the Japanese MV for Danger is still one of my favorite looks on Jin they did that boy righT
  • I mean let’s be real Jin always looks good like he’s sat out in a jungle looking niCe and being a super cutie but black hair!Jin just has a special place in my heart 
  • But also pink haired!Jin makes a lot of appearances in tattoo artist!Jin’s world bc that was a l o o k will I ever be over it probably not
  • Onto the tattoos portion, he does have quite a few tattoos, each and every single one means something to him and their placement is for a very specific reason he’s never gone out and just been like give me something random wherever
  • Lil head canon that Namjoon is the one that gives him his first tattoo bc Namjin
  • He’s got one full sleeve and then his other arm has a half sleeve that he’s still working on he isn’t sure if he wants to complete it yet so he’s taking his time with it (hi remember that one recent gifset of Jin in a tank top just envision that for a second add some tattoos and join me in my internal screaming) and probably a leg tattoo like one on his calf and another on his ankle
  • He has a lip piercing bc his lips are so cute and pouty and if you look up punk!Jin edits pretty much every single one has Jin with a lip piercing it’s such a good head canon
  • Most people don’t even know Jin has tattoos bc he wears a lot of long sleeves, he isn’t hiding them at all, he’s just cold but he’s more than happy to sit down with them and explain some of the tattoos
  • His tattoo shop would be s o fucking cute though
  • I feel like Jin has more of a modern meets tradition vibe going on so it’s got a modern base but then vintage accents like the paintings on the wall are all vintage but then he has top quality computers that were given to him from the boys as their gift to him for opening the shop
  • I also feel like that would be reflected in his tattoo style, either a more classic tattoo with modern twists or vice versa
  • He does a lot of written tattoos, he does a lot of floral tattoos, some portraits here and there
  • Jin is a really friendly person Jin is that person you can just sit down next to and start talking to like he’s got this really warm look to him his eyes are really warm and his smile is soft and his voice is soothing so he can make customers feel right at home
  • That’s one of his major goals, he wants people to come in and be calm he wants them to be able to sit in the shop and just relax and not get too nervous bc getting a tattoo is obviously a huge deal for a lot of people, especially when it’s the first tattoo
  • He’s always really really patients with his customers, if they decide halfway into the design they don’t wanna do it anymore, he totally understands, he tells them he’ll save the designs if they ever wanna come back and do it like he never flips out of them if they change the design while he’s making it or they decide they want it in a different place right as he’s setting all of the inks up
  • He knows how it feels to be on the opposite side, he knows how nervous he was for his first tattoo and that if it hadn’t been Namjoon who did it, he probably would’ve never gotten it 
  • Lil head canon here that he always has snacks around the shop like cookies
  • You two meet when your best friend decides to get a tattoo so you go along for support plus you’re kinda curious about the cute tattoo artist you’ve heard so much
  • Anyone who’s gotten a tattoo from Jin is forever going on about how nice he is and how handsome he is and how it looks like a model is doing your tattoo for you so you’re pretty damn interested in seeing what he looks/acts like
  • They definitely weren’t exaggerating though bc once you see Jin you get it, you get all of it you understand every single compliment they ever gave him bc he’s so nice in every way
  • Not only is he beautiful but he’s also super sweet and he spends like an hour just talking to you and your friend and making the both of you feel comfortable and getting the full description of what your friend wants and he offers up a few different designs
  • He’s just really calming to talk to bc you can tell that he’s genuinely curious about your answers, he really does wanna know what your hobbies are
  • He doesn’t start the tattoo until your friend gives the okay and he keeps talking to the both of you the entire time and he plays some music to help distract your friend bc tattoos can hurt like a bitch so anything you can do to help keep a beginner entertained is a good thing
  • He’s also pretty quick about the tattooing, your friend wanted a written tattoo which is why you guys went to Jin bc he’s pretty well known for being able to come up with some cool fonts and interesting ways to add in lil accents of personality into them like sometimes he’ll have the person write it in their handwriting or he’ll try to pick a font that he feels would match their personality best (which is why he spends so long getting to know them prior to the tattoo he likes to personalize each tattoo)
  • The entire experience doesn’t take nearly as long as you’d expected it to and you’re hesitant to say goodbye bc you’re trying to think of excuses to come back and see him again but the only real way to do that is getting a tattoo
  • Thankfully as you’re walking out to the front area, Jin gives the both of you hugs and he stops you to talk to you while your friend is paying
  • “I would love to hear the stories of your tattoos”
  • “Well maybe if you meet me here at five on Saturday and let me take you to dinner, you’ll get to find out”
  • “That sounds like a fair deal”
  • “Then I’ll see you on Saturday”

All the entries in April’s diary. I was going to transcribe them, but it’s quite a bit, and I don’t want to take too much play time on them. It’s an interesting read, if the font and resolution will enable you to from the caps. The highlights, though?

  • The year is 2209.
  • April (our protagonist) just turned 18.
  • She’s attending “The Venice Academy of the Visual Arts” in Newport. No indication of where “Newport” is located. She indicates that it’s a lot like the “real” Venice in Italy. (Note that the quote around “real” are how she wrote it herself in her diary. Interesting.)
  • April’s homelife sounds very unpleasant. She sarcastically mentions “good, old Daddy” (also in quotes by her), and it seems that, at very best, he’s intensely controlling. She also mentions that she doesn’t think her mother likes her very much, but likely feels guilty for turning a blind eye, though doesn’t say for what. She also has what I’m assuming are two brothers, Danny (an asshole, in her words) and Owen, who she says might turn out okay, but she’s not optimistic so long as Dad’s in control.
  • She runs away from home to attend the school, and leaves with no note or trace (so she hopes, I’m guessing) of where she’s gone. She takes with her her old drawings (which we saw in the closet but couldn’t look at), which she’s apparently been hiding from her father since she was eleven or twelve.
  • She mentions not being able to bring her toys with her. SHE DOESN’T SAY WHY SHE BROUGHT THE FUCKING MONKEY SO I’M EXTRA SUSPICIOUS OF THE BLOODY THING
  • She brought every cent she’d saved: $2190.
  • The final entry, written about three months after the first, is the only one after she ran away and came to this academy. She talks about having intense fairy tale dreams, and then frets about her art project, which doesn’t seem to be coming along well. She’s hoping that inspiration will strike, but doesn’t sound too confident it will.

asriel-dreemurr  asked:

That zelda comic deserves a hundred times more notes than what it's getting. I'm interested in the font you used for the sheikah language. Is there a template?

GOSH THANK YOU HOW NICE OF YOU! I’m actually super flattered that so many people have liked and shared it so im hyped to make more for everyone!!!

The sheikah language isn’t from a font I’m afraid it’s from this post here and I cut them out myself. 

Any other questions feel free to hit me up!

tameddrew  asked:

I've considered getting Manga Studio 5, which in other terms is Clip Studio. I was wondering if you can clue me in on how it compares to Photoshop. I currently only have photoshop cc.

Hi! Sorry I’m a bit slow to reply and I hope it’s ok I’m posting this answer in public. This is question is pretty broad so I ended up writing quite a bit.

  • Speed: I suppose what struck me the first time I started using CSP is the speed in comparison to PS. I can’t really speak for the newer versions of PS (I have CS5), or it could just be my PC, but for example CSP loads quickly with very little fuss. It doesn’t have the loading splash screen like PS does. Perhaps it’s because CSP is tailored specifically for drawing and doesn’t come with the 9999 other features used in other trades you frankly won’t end up using. I also don’t get brush lag in CSP (drawing a spiral quickly = ends up a bunch of straight lines), but again, I don’t know how much to chalk that up to my hardware. Sometimes I feel like even undoing in PS is kinda slow… just overall it’s pretty clunky.
  • Brush system: The brush system is quite advanced and you can do a lot of neat things PS can’t. I’m not sure if you’ve used SAI but it sports a similar option to blend colours as you lay down your brush. Custom brush shapes (like lace) stretch and connect seamlessly in whatever squiggly direction you draw with the Ribbon option, unlike in PS where the most you’ll get with Angle Jitter/Control is just the brush rotated and stamped with gaps in between. You can add multiple brush parts too and set the order in which they appear as you draw a line. You can still add brush textures and do scattering too so I’d say the only thing you’d be missing from PS are those special brushes with Color Dynamics settings that emulate traditional media..? But I think you can achieve something similar if you play with CSP settings enough. There’s also a lot of cool stampy stuff you can download from the site.
  • Fill/Select: CSP fill/magic wand is pretty intelligent since it can detect (if you turn it on) gaps in line and automatically stop there. You can also set it to add or subtract pixels automatically so it can seep into the width of the line and not leave empty pixels around. If you like using the paint bucket in PS with patterns though I don’t think CSP does it.
  • Rulers: CSP has a bunch of rulers you can lay down that brushes can snap to (and won’t go off-track as you draw): perspective lines(!!), curves, concentric circles, rounded rectangles, grids, straight lines coming off from a centre point (”focus line”), among many other things. There’s also a symmetry ruler that mirrors stuff you draw on one side, and you can set up to 12 divisions and make neat stuff like this.
  • 3d: CSP has an in-built 3d section where you can rotate and pose models of humans for reference, as well as add objects and backgrounds. You can also render those models into lines, handy for generating stuff like quick generic backgrounds for comics.
  • Comic/Manga tools: To be honest I haven’t played with this enough to say much, but there are neat panelling tools and screentones, as well as exporting book-related formats if you’re ever interested in making comics.
  • Text/Font tools: You can make custom lists of fonts (very handy) and there are custom speech balloon/speech effect tools for comic purposes. There’s a lot you can do and a lot of options geared towards comics, actually, that PS doesn’t have. (Honestly speaking though I still kinda prefer doing text stuff in PS.)
  • Vector layers: You can draw using your normal textured/painty/shaped brush in a Vector layer and still enjoy the advantages of resizing to your heart’s content without things turning (too) pixelly. Honestly CSP has a lot of tools dedicated for vector layer use and I haven’t explored it fully, but you can edit line width, edit the line’s curves even after drawing it, push/pull/pinch it around, erase up to intersections just by touching the part you want erased, etc.
  • Other notes: You’ll still find most of the handy stuff like Levels, Hue/Sat, Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Color Balance, Gradient Map, etc – and they exist in Correction Layer forms too (in PS “Adjustment Layers”). In terms of filters, there’s: types of blurs (eg Gaussian, Motion, Radial), Sharpen, Mosaic, some of the Distorts from PS (under “Transform”). You can also quickly flip your drawing to work more comfortably / see mistakes (without actually flipping the canvas). Also, you can select multiple layers (an entire folder if you want), lasso a specific area and transform that area in all those layers all at once! There’s also a multiple-layer eraser.
  • Things you’ll find different: The brush/pattern/image library system might need some getting used to. The animation system is a little different and is cel+timeline-based. PS also has a timeline system, but also the frame system (which is easier for casuals like me). No burn and dodge (lol) plus some other less-commonly-used layer modes, but that’s just being nitpicky. I could really use a Color layer mode though.

Anyway, to sum it up CSP has a lot of really good features if your focus is drawing. These days I think I might sound a little evangelical about CSP but it’s true that when I started using it I thought “oh wow, I really needed this!” or “I actually do this a lot and they made things so much more efficient for me!”. There aaaare some hurdles, like the default interface (going by how many reblogs this has it seems like many people can relate) but once you get past that and open yourself to exploring I don’t think you’ll find yourself saying “I wish I can do X” often. Though of course if you use PS filters or the photo/graphics stuff a lot in your art then you won’t find much of that in CSP. I hope this covered what you wanted to know :( Give me a poke if you want something else / more specific info I guess!

makejidamashii replied to your post “So, there’s a LOT of noise in the fandom about DC making Dick “a Nazi”…”

So um. Are they trying to compete with Marvel here? Because is that something they REALLY want to compete with? (on that note I could go on an entire tirade about that, so here’s hoping they don’t disgrace your boy so horribly.)

I don’t think it’s trying to compete, but I DO think it is trying to catch the edge of the fervor that is being expressed by the community, without catching the heat, if you feel me? 

Personally, I work alongside a marketing team, which deals with social trends and current interests. Using a certain font because it’s HIP TO THE GROOVE, you know? 

Which is what I feel the artwork released, is. That cover is VERY heavily reminiscent of Stalin-era Russia, while bearing Nazi overtones. The story itself echoes some elements of fascism, but is not explained in depth. They’ve given themselves about forty thousand miles of leeway to back away if it explodes, but they’re playing Icarus at the moment. 

And I think they may be getting a little too close to the sun, just in overall opinion. You’ve seen how quickly people are leaping to the NAZI thought.

But bruh, you and me both. No one wants to see the soul of DC go dark for no good reason. The writing of this arc needs to be tight and on point to do justice to him. 


Walking in that room when you had tubes in your arms
Those singing morphine alarms out of tune kept you sleeping and even (x)