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Symptoms of Alien Abduction

If you want to know if there is a chance you may have been abducted in the past (or maybe still being abducted), I’ve compiled this list of signs that it may be happening.

Remember, not every abductee experiences ALL of these, but most abductees will experience at least a few.

(Also, I know this isn’t necessarily witchcraft-related but I wanted to share it anyways because I totally believe in aliens)

1. Regularly experiencing sleep paralysis and having hallucinations when awakening.

2. Tendency to recall false memories.

3. Daydreaming excessively.

4. Having New-Age beliefs.

5. Not feeling connected to your family.

6. Feeling as though you came from “out there” or don’t belong here.

7. Often looking towards the stars for answers.

8. Recognizing yourself as being different from others. This is actually a very common thing among humans- but abductees feel it with a greater intensity.

9. Body temperature is lower than average/you’re always cold.

10. You can’t tolerate being in large cities or crowds of people.

11. You love animals, but have bad allergies so you can’t always be around them.

12. Knowing things that can’t be proven, you just… know them.

13. Seeing inter-dimensional beings as a young child, such as angels, deceased family members, and other beings.

14. Knowing what people mean behind what they say, and/or knowing when someone is lying.

15. You do not tolerate people who complain about everything or blame others for their own problems.

16. Allergies to environmental substances.

17. Increased sensitivity to light, sound, and food.

18. Increased empathy and sensitivity to energy.

19. Experiencing psychic abilities.

20. Experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia or other chronic illnesses.

21. Compulsively using food, media, drugs, or other things to escape reality.

22. People appearing out of nowhere, giving you a message, then leaving.

23. Missing time in your memory.

24. Strange marks or scars on your body.

25. Feeling watched.

26. Insomnia.

27. Hearing tapping, buzzing, humming, or ringing in your ears occasionally.

28. Sleepwalking. (Not the kind where you sleepwalk to pee in the closet or something. That’s just a symptom of mental illness.)

29. Feeling the need to travel.

30. Seeing a UFO.

31. Unexplained medical issues.

32. Finding implants in your body, or strongly believing you do have implants in your body.

33. Terminated pregnancies. If you are a pregnant woman, you may wake up to find that your belly is flat, and there is no fetus in your womb, but there is no evidence of a miscarriage.

34. Sore genitalia. This would be because the aliens harvested your reproductive parts (sperm for guys, eggs for girls).

35. Seeing balls of light.

36. Dreams of flying.

37. Having strong memories of only a single moment, like a millisecond-long flashback of lying on an examination table or floating through your window.

37. You have a feeling of being chosen, or a sense of a mission that you must complete, though you may not know what the mission is.

38. Developing an intense interest in ecology, vegetarianism, environmentalism, etc.

39. Awakening in the middle of the night with a panicked sense of urgency or anxiety for no apparent reason.

40. You hate looking at art or pictures depicting aliens, typically the ones with big heads and black eyes.

41. Phobias of heights, snakes, spiders, being alone, owls, or creatures with large eyes.

42. You remember a “special place” from your childhood that had spiritual significance.

43. Large chunks of your childhood are missing from your memory.

44. You have a friend or family member that claims to have seen a UFO or been abducted in their lifetime.

45. You have had times where you found drops of blood on your pillow, and don’t know how they got there.

46. You have had sudden interest in space, UFOs, aliens, and related things for no reason.

47. You have seen a strange fog, mist, or haze in a place it shouldn’t have been.

48. You get nosebleeds often, or sometimes wake up with a bloody nose.

49. You have back or neck problems that seem to have no cause.

50. Electronic technology messes up/glitches around you.

51. Having intense headaches and/or migraines behind your eye(s). It may even feel that your eyelashes hurt.

52. Sinus problems.

53. You have an addictive personality.

54. You have or have had a feeling that you must not become involved in a romantic or sexual relationship, because it would interfere with something.

55. You have difficulty trusting others.

56. You often have dreams of catastrophic events, such as the end of the world.

57. You feel that you should not talk about these things.

58. You prefer to have your bed up against the wall.

59. You compulsively double- and triple-check that the doors and windows of your house are locked.

60. You have experienced many of these symptoms but have no memories of being abducted.

Sorry for the long post! I hope it was helpful.

Mars:4th house 🏡🔥🏡

-Mr./Mrs.fix it/DYI
-passionate emotions like anger are often suppressed
-spend a lot of time and energy on home improvement
-Things like house fires,vandalism ,and break-ins are more common with this placement
-military families,police
-much energy is put into home and family life
-protective family or protective of family
-if afflicted(usually by Saturn or Pluto), a parent could be oppressive or abusive
-a parent(usually mother) could be seen as very aggressive,domineering,or active
-there can possibly be many changes of residence
-problems and conflict with parents
-may have some interest in ecology,have environmental concerns
-you’re likely to be strong and active all the way into old age

-families in organized crime aren’t uncommon


Sherlock had noticed signs of John’s attraction to himself many times before in heated glances and subtle flicks of the tongue, but he had never before viewed John’s attraction to another man. Sure, there were other women all the time, but for some reason this man…this man was different. Sherlock was confronted with feelings he hadn’t felt for a long time.

28/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 23 

No picture today because virtually all I did was read and meet a friend for coffee (both of which I really liked). 

In other, random news, my reading today included references to both Alexander von Humboldt and Stephen Maturin (go watch Master & Commander if you don’t know who he is, or, even better, read the books), which made me happier than it should have (because, strictly speaking, neither are actually relevant for my PhD). And I’m beginning to develop another niche interest, this time about ecology and medicine in the early modern Caribbean. As you do.  

Capitalism and communism are simply the opposite sides of the same eurocentric coin. What the world needs is not a choice between capitalism and communism, between one aspect of eurocentrism or eurosupremacism and another. What we need is a genuine alternative to the European tradition as a whole.
—  Russel Means, Lakota (quoted in Churchill 1995)
I have no idea if Yellowstone gray wolf epigenotype influences adult social rank, but their pack lineages read like Oedipus the King, so that kinda interesting…

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University 

“Social Status, Epigenetic Variation, and Complex Phenotypes: How dominance hierarchies effect plastic DNA methylation in Yellowstone Gray Wolves”

anonymous asked:

Hi Archy!! I am very interested in ecologically friendly houses, passive houses, houses made of suitable material, environmental, nature integrated houses etc. Do you know any beautiful, nice buildings?? thx

Here are some examples of passive houses.

Villa Nyberg Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

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Snakes are awesome and that’s just that. I own several myself and while I was 18 when I brought home my first, my love for them has continued to grow in the ten years since. They make excellent fascinating pets, but it is their role in the wider world that is most neglected. Snakes make your world go ‘round even when you don’t know it. When snakes are locally extirpated completely all of a sudden humans gain a real appreciation for what they do. Hunt clubs for quail, grouse, and other small gamebirds have experimented with exterminating snakes alongside larger predators such as coyotes under the idea that more quail would then survive to a hunt day. Well the end result actually involved decimating wild bird populations across the board as rodent populations skyrocketed. Rodents commonly prey on ground nesting birds, especially nestlings and eggs. In a way that actually can make snakes a local wildlife guardian and savior if you treat them with respect.

This little coiled colubrid pendant is an ideal gift for reptile enthusiasts or anyone interest in animals and ecology. It can now be purchased over on the PaleoPanthera etsy store:

I want someone to write Hawaiian solarpunk. Either a near-future Hawaii that’s seceded/is in the process of seceding from the US, or AU Hawaii which was never taken over by the US (or any other colonizing force) in the first place. Because from what (little) I know of Hawaiian culture and history, it seems like it has PREFECT conditions* for a solarpunk culture, either now or in the past.

*The conditions I’m thinking of include investment in protecting a delicate ecology, interest in developing new, clean, life-improving technologies, ability of the islands to be self-sufficient, cultural emphasis placed on family and community, and community regard for the arts.

This little weird thing is called, hilariously, a ‘Snottite’.

They live in caves and utilize hydrogen sulfide gas as their primary energy source. It bubbles up through the oil deposits on the floor of the cave and then the Snottites convert it to Sulfuric Acid, much like how we convert oxygen into CO2. The breathe in poisonous gas and excrete acid. That is cool.


Proboscidea louisianica, a fascinating plant with endlessly interesting qualities. It’s gigantic (4″+ dia.) flowers are highly ornamental, the millions of sticky glands on all of its surfaces are possibly carnivorous, it’s seeds and green pods are edible in multiple ways, its dry pods able to produce textile materials, it holds cultural significance to many Native groups, and it evolved in tandem with woolly mammoths and other extinct megafauna in North America. If it produced medicinal compounds, it would be the perfect plant!