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Actually the ILY being forced proves it was real and not fake. If there was no emotion behind it, no meaning, wouldn't he just say it like he did to Janine in his FAKE proposal? In both scenarios he's determined to get to his goal, with Janine he does it smoothly, putting on all his charms, and magnificent acting skills and gets what he wants (an access to the office). He's such a good acting manipulator he FORCED out of John a forgiveness for the Fall in TEH! (and if it was firced does it (1/2)

mean it was fake? Now here is another angle to do a meta…) anyway, Sherlock has been determined to get to the office so he fake proposed saying ILY to Janine, now wouldn’t he be more determined to save Molly? Wouldn’t saying fake ILY be as easy and smoothly done as it was for Janine’s sake? Yet, he struggles, it’s difficult, he can’t say it to her (one, because she’ll know it’s fake, but) because it’s not fake at all, ‘i can’t say it to you because it’s true, it’s always been true’ (2/3)

It goes both ways for Sherlock and Molly. Saying it to each other under those circumstances is hard, very hard. It’s done under duress and force and it’s still so hard BECAUSE it’s true. For both of them. Just a thought I had when I saw a comment on Sherlock’s ILY being said only to Molly, and recalling he said it to Janine as well ('cause I’m canon Nazi ;)). But comparing those two scenes shows how real Sherlolly ILYs are (3/3) :)

This is my random thoughts of the first part of “Requiem”. (Because Karai was there and last part was too hard for me to talk now.) You know I’m Karai, Leorai fan. I wanted to talk about them in that part. (And I’m not native speaker, sorry for my odd English)

So finally Stockman finished making perfect mutagen and Shredder took in that.

The new mutagen made Shredder emotionless so that he could kill even Karai.I don’t want to say that, but he loved Karai in his way, and he decided to cut it for good to defeat Splinter… Now he became a heartless killer machine.

While it was happening, Splinter told Leo that “heart” was important for the leader. It was an interesting comparison.

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McCree is definitely the Gavin Free of the company. He's really smart but sometimes he says shit that makes everyone around him wonder if he's sane

oh, absolutely. and asks random questions that everyone else is like ????

also @ryanthepowerbottomguy and i have been talking about this au and hanzo being similar to ryan, as in, the mysterious, really hot guy that everyone is a little scared of at first but when he opens up he’s a huge dork and everyone loves him. hanzo ends up doing a pokemon playthrough and it’s super chill and he talks about his life and answers questions from fans and everyone’s more in love with him than before but there’s still no doubt he can and would kill someone.

listen i don’t know if i’m reading too much into this but! the scene in 4:10 when isak is on the back of even’s bike and Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears is playing!

i really love Donnie Darko (fight me) and i always associate that song with the iconic montage scene in that movie. and if you’re familiar with the movie/the plot, you’ll know what it’s about. parallel universes.

this scene is (arguably) the first encounter we as the viewer have with 21:21 in s3 and even happens before their first conversation about parallel universes. paired with the fact that even sees his relationship with isak as different films playing out in real life, i think it’s a really interesting comparison.

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Honestly they could've made a bunch of interesting comparisons with Hollyleaf, especially considering she was more like Tigerstar than Lionblaze will probably ever be and I think if they had emphasized her ambitious tendencies while on her way to leadership it could have led to some interesting povs/misconceptions PLUS imagine if she had mentored Ivypool! I feel like she totally would have been able to connect with and understand Ivypaw's situation more than Cinderheart Hollyleaf deserved better

yea like idk why they picked lionblaze to train in the DF, aside from his power. like mentally and personality wise he’s nothing like Tiger, it would have been neat to see Tiger/Holly explored more and to try and have Tiger persuade Holly to join them bc of her intelligence and strategical genius

AND following along that line, i really do think that Holly could have been a good villain, especially much better than Ashfur. She trains in the DF w Tiger, and when Sol tells her she’s not part of the prophecy it just drives her closer to Tiger/Hawk instead. She does kill Ashfur but she doesn’t admit to it/reveal the truth at the gathering. Like can u imagine the suspense building in OOTS when ivy starts training there too? and her mentor is the one to take her there and train her (no gross ivy/hawk yikes) 

idk anything would have been better than Ashfur and Hollyleaf’s lazy story end LOL

I really hate this misconception that Farnese is/was an extremely sexually depraved person.

The two times she did something overtly sexual (her assault on Guts and masturbating on her own) she immediately cried afterwards. Also mind you that she was possessed as she assaulted Guts, it wasn’t something she entirely wanted to do .

This is someone who is ashamed of her behavior. 

You could probably make some interesting comparisons and contrasts to Nina who is part of a sexual cult and relishes in it and even Farnese notes that they have a lot in common; and Luca who is a prostitute and is also one of the most moral characters in the whole manga.

But anyway, my point is that she’s not the sex crazed deviant some people peg her as, at this point in the manga (the Conviction Arc), she’s a very disturbed and misguided young woman who doesn’t know herself.

Lets compare Kaladin, Shallan, and suffering.

Kaladin has had a hard time. So has Shallan, and I’m not going to belittle either of them by saying one had it worse than the other. What I want to compare is the way they each react to the abuse the other has suffered.

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From a distance of 418 million miles, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft took an image of Jupiter February 12. It marked the first long-range target for the PolyCam instrument, which is a narrow-field, long-range camera onboard the spacecraft. Two images were combined to create the image, one showing detail on Jupiter and one at a much higher exposure to capture three of the planet’s largest moons. From left to right are Callisto, Io, and Ganymede.

In an interesting comparison between the spacecraft’s different cameras, the wide-angle, short-range NavCam took the same image immediately after the above one. Jupiter and its moons appear as white, pixelated shapes with no discernable detail.

Both images were taken during the mission’s search for Earth-Trojan asteroids, bodies of rock that orbit the sun in an orbit of similar length and shape to Earth’s.

OSIRIS-REx, which launched September 8, 2016, was 76 million miles away from Earth at the time the image was taken. The spacecraft will swing by Earth in September 2017 for a gravity assist before reaching the asteroid Bennu in mid-2018.

OSIRIS-REx’s position when it took its photograph of Jupiter is shown below. The positions of Earth, Bennu, and Jupiter is also shown, as are some key milestones in the pre-arrival phase of the mission.


1. “ A photo came out with Marc Antony kissing a guy. But since a kiss now means there’s mandatory courtship, well they’re now boyfriends, right?”
2. “They’re kissing!1!!! One, that means they’re now boyfriends!!11!! Marc Antony came out of the closet!!1!!1!11 ”

Not going to lie I thought this was an interesting comparison. lol

So Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is set during the 1992-1993 school year, making it around 1942-1943 when Tom Riddle initially opened it. An interesting comparison when you realize that the wizarding world was undergoing racial cleansing inside Hogwarts in an attempt to rid the school of muggleborns while muggle Europe was doing the same with Jews and other minorities deemed inferior to the human race. 

J.K. Rowling, proving once again that the wizarding world is not so far removed from ours as we sometimes care to think.

Trying on my new creation in the woods :)  The dress is a self-drafted pattern and I tea-dyed the cotton beforehand.  The lighting really washed out the colors, but tea-dying makes the prettiest brown you ever saw!   (The lace sash is coffee-dyed, for an interesting comparison)  .   I also made the skirt underneath with some lovely embroidered eyelet cotton I’d been saving.   yay!

(A Noragami Headcanon) Yato and Yaboku and...


I started binge-watching and binge-reading the anime and manga, and now I’m obsessed with Noragami again. This isn’t so much a theory but more like a headcanon of mine to support the most popular theory in the Noragami fandom (so forgive me if it’s been said already). 

You know what Yato’s name reminds me of?

A shinki’s name, bestowed upon one by their master.

In the same way, the same character is read differently (either by its Japanese or Chinese reading), but still pertains to the same individual, his name, with the exact same characters, can be read as Yato or Yaboku.

In the same way one reading turns a shinki into a weapon, ‘Yaboku’ was his identity as Father’s weapon, while ‘Yato’, the name Sakura reads his name as, is the name he uses to live as a person. 

Anyway, the point I’m getting at should this interesting comparison be completed is that Yato, like other shinki, has (I wouldn’t call it a true name, since I believe ‘Yukine’ for example is a true name in the same way ‘Hiyori’ is) a former name from before he died.

If that’s the case, it adds a certain dimension to Yato’s relationship with his Father. He’s bound to him in the same way a shinki is bound to his master (and he doesn’t even know it). It would be interesting if that were the case since Shinki are Humans bound to Gods, but what would you call a God bound to a Human? 

Anyway, I read an interesting theory about how the chapter ‘A Passing Resemblance’ could refer to Iki-nii’s resemblance to Hiyori (or even to Yato) since it was the chapter he was introduced in, but also how the situation with Yukine then, with him and Yato being separated from Hiyori, may reflect the situation from when he was alive (him having been separated from his sister and mother), and may be a factor in the resurgence of his memories. 

Considering double meanings, what if ‘A God’s Greatest Secret’ does not only refer to a shinki’s former name, but in the context of the story, could also refer to a specific God’s secret (so secret that it’s unknown even to himself), the secret being Yato’s former name.

If a shinki turns into an akayashi after hearing their former name, I wonder what the effect will be on Yato when he hears Tsukiyomi it. 

Octavia Blake and Anakin Skywalker

Why the nickname Octakin gives way to an incredibly interesting comparison 

I thought at first that the nickname frustrated me because I felt it insulted both characters but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it frustrated me because using the nickname is doing such a disservice to both characters and it’s such a superficial reading of both of them.

A/N: This meta is merely a analysis of the similar character journey’s and dynamics between Anakin and Octavia, this in no way excuses their actions 

Let’s start by looking at their childhoods

Anakin was a slave meant for something more but as the very intelligent meta writers of the Star Wars fandom have pointed out all Anakin did was trade one prison for another, he was an outcast at the Jedi Temple

Now Octavia was forbidden, a hidden child, she was an outcast

Neither of them received much of education other than don’t feel, Anakin was told that emotions lead to the dark side and Octavia was basically informed that if she let herself feel she’d cause her family’s death

Both of them love their family deeply but ultimately destroy their brothers who protect them in ways that end up being incredible detrimental in a fit of rage after losing someone they love 

They are molded by older people who teach that violence is a good thing and can be used to good but because they were taught to never feel it’s end going incredibly extreme

Anakin ends up destroying the Jedi Order, the group that simultaneously raised him and shaped him into the weapon he became. Octavia, by beating Bellamy does the exact same thing and furthermore she clearly could care less about the politics of Arkadia, the system that raised her, just like Anakin with the Republic as both of them end of killing established leaders and causing chaos 

Their dreams both boil down to being free and loved but as a result they are able to be completely shaped and molded by the people who take care of them and guide them

Anakin and Octavia both fall in love very quickly with the first person who sees their strength and lets them feel. Padme and Lincoln both are characters that ground them and they both blend the need for peace with a willingness to fight. Furthermore, the savior narrative is present throughout both of these relationships. Octavia is saved by Lincoln just as Anakin is saved by Padme and later there is reciprocal saving. These relationship are kept a secret because they combine groups that normally wouldn’t be in a romantic relationships and out of fear of judgement from the “brothers”. Octavia and Anakin both hold Lincoln and Padme up on pedestals of goodness. They both blame their “brothers” for their lovers death and do not take responsibility but without the grounding presence of Padme and Lincoln, Anakin and Octavia both let their emotions go wild for a moment, releasing haunting screams and being destructive but then becoming emotionless people whose only drive is murder.

In addition to all of the above comparisions, the parallels between the relationships of Octavia and Bellamy and Anakin and Obi Wan are striking

Let’s break it down:

Octavia and Anakin are both seen as a weird mixture of a child and sibling by Obi Wan and Bellamy

Bellamy and Obi Wan gain responsibility over Octavia and Anakin at a very young age

Anakin and Octavia both resent Bellamy and Obi Wan for the perceived need to “control” their lives

Anakin and Octavia both act out in defiance, risking their lives in the process

both sets of dynamics will never not love each other and they will always forgive each other but they can never really understand each other 

In sum: Octavia and Anakin’s journey’s are surprising similar and I’m tried of fandom distilling it down just to make a now overused joke 

@raincityruckus as the staunchest Octavia defender and the one whom I consider to have the best understanding of her character, do you have any thoughts

@abazethe100 @rosymamacita

letter from an unknown woman (2004)

this was based on a short story written back in the european 1920s, and it is so clearly written by a dude, but at the same time the chinese adaptation places the story beginning in the 1930s, as well as the fact that xu jinglei is both the unknown woman character and the director, which made it a bit more interesting. like, at the end of it all, jiang wen’s this figure of forever unattainable affection, but more to the point, he’s just a sophisticated suave hoe douchebag whom this woman (xu jinglei) literally had a massive thirst for for over the duration of about 10 years or so while this guy is literally on ‘new phone who dis’ mode every time they meet while she basically friendzones herself to death. the end. 

it’s is like watching a genderbent woody allen movie. considering i don’t make a point of watching sad european movies where there’s pining and smoking at the same time, that’s my closest reference that i could make. he’s basically the heartless hoe who would never love the protagonist back. WHAT I AM SAYING IS HE WAS THE MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL, right down to the semi-philosophical profound-sounding dialogue. in absolutely shallow terms tho, 85/100 for giving me all the romantic hoe shirtless jiang wen, but docking for points because he’s (necessarily) a douchbag. my (and her) thirst is real man – if i didn’t already buy tht he’s attractive i’d prlly spend the movie shouting at her to save herself. as it is, i was like, get it girl get that d.

Press A for Positive Reinforcement

We finished our first week back at uni yesterday, and it’s pretty much been straight back into it. It’s an interesting to comparison to last year, where we spent the first week playing ice breaker games and being reluctant to speak up in discussions.

Thanks Google.

This year it’s like we’ve just had a really, really long weekend between classes.

Our first module however, is one that I hold near and dear to my brain, because if I wasn’t doing Game Design and Production this is probably what I would’ve wound up studying.

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What’s really interesting is the comparison.

Think about it. The two main characters of the First Order we see - General Hux and Kylo Ren- have both come out of completely different backgrounds and yet still end up where they are, in the same place, in the same evil environment.

So Ben Solo, his parents were married, he’d probably seen them together, he knows that marriages do not end well and that the children get hurt in the process. Kylo Ren had a loving family for his early childhood and a father who wasn’t as strict and demanding as Brendol Hux but most likely very absent from his son’s life. And Kylo Ren eventually does turn to the dark side and his parentage and childhood surfaces through a lot. Though he doesn’t do it to please anyone or show himself as better. He does it for himself.

Then we have Armitage Hux. Whose mother is unknown, possibly to him also, and who is labelled as illegitimate from the moment he was born. Hux doesn’t have the parentage Ben had. His parents aren’t together, he grew up with a woman who wasn’t his mother and a mentally abusive father. Hux has something to prove. That’s his goal. He joins the order as a legacy. He does it to please his father and to show himself better then useless. He does it for someone.

Think of the jealousy. Hux longed for what Kylo has. A family. He never had that. Think of the anger boiling in Hux when Kylo complains about how his father never cared or how having an overbearing mother and protective uncle was annoying. Think of the outroar when Hux finally screams at him “You had everything I ever wanted!” Because Hux is still a child screaming for approval. Kylo is still a child crying to for affection. They are both still children because they had no childhoods.

So, consider, they’ve suddenly become a lot more real but yet, different. Hux and Kylo’s aspirations are similar to each other, but yet they have their own motives. 

Just thought this was interesting.