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Why Ochako is Actually a Complex Character


 So leggo.

 Now I won’t go into overall details about her because I already did that in this post that you can read right here, which I essentially discussed how she’s actually an amazing WSJ heroine and whoever voted her the worst should put their heads in sand because they don’t deserve to see the rest of the world (I kid I kid, promise!).

 Rather, I wanted to challenge the viewpoints people have of her and really argue on the fact that Ochako Uraraka is actually more of a complex character than we give her credit for. Most often than not, the fandom looks towards Katsuki or Izuku or even Todoroki and they build them up and go on and on about their complexity in the series. Hell, those three are my friend’s favorite characters and they are fan favorites for a multitude of reasons that they deserve. I myself have made numerous posts about Katsuki since we are given such complex views of him as well as the others in the series. They are the main focus in the story and their growth has been some of the best we’ve ever seen in a series.

 However, characters iike Ochako, who actually does have a lot of complexity and dimensionality, get lost in their wake and I really want to talk about that.

 Most often than not, when we see Ochako, we see this bubbly smiling girl who has such a wonderful and positive attitude that sometimes comes off ditzy. One glance at her and the words that come to mind are cute, adorable, fluffy, etc because that is the type of character that she mostly is. She is the female support of Izuku and the way she contributes to the story is with her adorable attitude that lightens up the mood in certain situations like the Ground Zero fight and even the room competition (did you see how cute she was with Iida’s glasses!?).

 Yet, what bothers me and possibly other really hardcore fans of her is that she isn’t just this bubbly character that smiles on the side but she does have complex issues that really makes her character more interesting in comparison to other characters.

 I mean for starters, this girl is the QUEEN of keeping her emotions from people and really suppressing them in most situations and not letting them get in the way of what she wants to get done.

 For example, the first real example of this is when she lost to her fight with Katsuki.

Now let’s remember situational factors going into this: we just found out her true goals into going to heroics (which was said in a much more serious tone than we had ever seen from her before)

we found out she was incredibly nervous to be facing Katsuki (and again WAS SUPPRESSING HER EMOTIONS)

we saw her rejecting Izuku’s help (as well as her little speech about feeling ashamed)


 So seeing her crying when she’s speaking to her family isn’t just some small defeated thing but it really gives us so much insight in her character and who she is as a person. We finally see how truly hard she is on herself and the perfectionist personality that she usually keeps hidden from others. You can even see by her facial expression when Izuku left that she put on a face for him to not let him get more worried then he already was. 

 And then don’t even get me started with her attitude during the Hero License Exam because oh my gosh, that was so powerful from her.

 From that, we first see her being so strategic af:

Then we get this amazing speech from Izuku about her and how he could have told the difference between her and Kemi (notice the plan part!)

Of course her being a BA here cuz eh why not, she’s really grown from her training


I just

There are so many moments of Ochako that I missed that would have proved my point even further than this but these moments here showcase how complex and really interesting Ochako is as a character.

 The bubbly personality that we see from her is only a piece of the whole picture and you could even argue that she’s so good at suppressing her emotions that it’s the personality she chooses to portray to others to keep her other emotions away from people because she doesn’t want to burden others. I personally don’t know if that’s true at all and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the fact is that she isn’t just some character that sits on the side and looks cute and adorable. There are so elements about her that makes her different and the fight she had with Katsuki really changed her as well as her inspiration from Izuku. She took both of those interactions with those characters and used them to better herself and it’s just SO POWERFUL. Not many shounen female heroines do that so it’s so refreshing to have Ochako be the way she is.

 Overall, as obvious as it must be, Ochako is one of my favorite characters and I’m so excited to see the growth she’s going to have more in the series. Her feelings for Izuku got cut off during the exam so that’s an arc we need to get from her and I know I want to see Ochako kicking Katsuki’s ass and actually winning to show how much she’s grown from the beginning. I have so much hope that Horikoshi has so many plans for her character and I’m so excited to see what he has in store for her and how he will continue to build upon her.

 Regardless, Happy Birthday Ochako!

 TLDR: Ochako is a very complex character and I wish more people celebrated that.

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Actually the ILY being forced proves it was real and not fake. If there was no emotion behind it, no meaning, wouldn't he just say it like he did to Janine in his FAKE proposal? In both scenarios he's determined to get to his goal, with Janine he does it smoothly, putting on all his charms, and magnificent acting skills and gets what he wants (an access to the office). He's such a good acting manipulator he FORCED out of John a forgiveness for the Fall in TEH! (and if it was firced does it (1/2)

mean it was fake? Now here is another angle to do a meta…) anyway, Sherlock has been determined to get to the office so he fake proposed saying ILY to Janine, now wouldn’t he be more determined to save Molly? Wouldn’t saying fake ILY be as easy and smoothly done as it was for Janine’s sake? Yet, he struggles, it’s difficult, he can’t say it to her (one, because she’ll know it’s fake, but) because it’s not fake at all, ‘i can’t say it to you because it’s true, it’s always been true’ (2/3)

It goes both ways for Sherlock and Molly. Saying it to each other under those circumstances is hard, very hard. It’s done under duress and force and it’s still so hard BECAUSE it’s true. For both of them. Just a thought I had when I saw a comment on Sherlock’s ILY being said only to Molly, and recalling he said it to Janine as well ('cause I’m canon Nazi ;)). But comparing those two scenes shows how real Sherlolly ILYs are (3/3) :)

q&a warlocks and illness, Julian and Kieran

midnightfireburnsbrighter said: I wanted to thank you for LoS and especially Cristina-it’s not often that faith is shown separate from religion and as a strength & for the introduction of Zara & co. and the culmination of their hatred; it is a very honest representation of fear and humanity, fictional or (sadly) not. Do you plan to expand on Annabel as a person, as you did with Kieran, with her current circumstance? Also, does the 

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Are there any other characters that you’ve wanted to dive into more deeply but haven’t had the chance to yet?

We definitely start turning the development heat up on Beth. Her separation from Jerry is a blessing and curse for her. She has been defining her life by her marriage straight out of high school to this unremarkable man that she in her mind compares to her mother, while fetishizing exceptionality in the form of her father. That excuse being removed, it just allows us to put the spotlight on Beth a little bit and start asking a few more questions about her, who she is in a vacuum. And that happens in season three and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

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Hey i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the whole Icarus' pride/fall analogy for fahc Gavin that seems to have gone around a bit? If you feel like it of course!

Oh Ramsey’s perfect little frontman, all polished shine and pearly whites, mouth dripping charm like poison, like promise. How fitting to dress him up in ancient fables, a cautionary tale that has stood the test of time, how apt to deem him doomed from the start.

Is it any surprise that the people can’t stop talking about about him? Can they really be blamed when he goads them into it? When he wears vanity like the finest cloak, teases rumours out of thin air, when he seemingly lives to be in the limelight no matter the cost.

They’ve named him Icarus, like hubris. Like ill-fated glory hound. Like pretty fool with his head in the clouds. Like the fatal fall is inevitable and he has already lost. It’s funny how no one ever talks about the fact that Icarus was running, hurled into the sky to escape the fickle fancies of a cruel king, less human trying to play god than prisoner willing to risk everything for one more day in the sun. Child still naive enough to believe his father could never steer him wrong.

They call him Icarus, and it fits.

At birth he was named Gavin and as a child he’d have given anything to fly. A tyrant needs no crown and cruelty has never been limited to kings; Gavin outgrew blind faith years ago and since that day he has been running. It’s made him cautious, most would never know it now but he has always been calculated where it counted, has never needed another to build his escape route.

He’s as skittish and distrustful as an alley cat, as anyone who has ever been powerless, who is determined never to be again. He investigates every outcome, he does his math twice, and though many laugh when he sets his sights on America Gavin has always known exactly how perilous his wings are. By the time he arrives he has been reborn; all that swanky blasé confidence didn’t come naturally, was built piece by piece, fragile feather by fragile feather, stitched together with fear and need and the hardened resolve of someone who has run out of options.

They say Icarus, like hubris. Like there is any pride in desperation. Like ambition is the enemy, and chasing the brightest, purest thing you’ve ever seen is arrogant. Like that first winged boy wasn’t absolutely aware of what he was doing, like he didn’t aim upwards on purpose, didn’t swear that after a lifetime in the dark he was going to kiss the sun whether it killed him or not. Salvation or bust.

In Los Santos he is golden. Ramsey’s boy, untouchable boy, brilliant, brutal, menace. He is vital, important, he is vicious, he is streaking towards the sun blazing so brightly no one can look away, burning up right before their eyes. Gavin is higher than he’s ever been but he can’t stop now, not when death is coming from above and below and behind, not when everyone knows it’s better to go out on top. Better to choose it, to taunt it, to die laughing with the sun on your face.

He knows what the people call him, knows what they all expect, and can’t quite stop himself from laughing at them; no one ever seems to talk about the fact that Icarus didn’t die in the fall. It was neither height nor folly that that got him in the end; Icarus drowned. Blinded by hope and dropped into an environment he had no way to prepare for, dragged down with no way to help himself and no one around to save him.

For all Gavin’s many faults, real and affected alike, no one can say he is alone, not anymore. Not after he built himself a safety net out of hard eyes and loaded guns, leather jackets and bared teeth, weaving desperate affection and steadfast protection so deeply into the most ruthless crew he’d ever met that they’d drain the entire ocean before they’d let him sink.

They call him Icarus, and it fits, but they are missing half the story. Gavin built his own wings, omitting wax in favour of blood and bone, coated them in bullet casings and gold leaf so they’d catch the sunlight and blind any who tried to look too closely. Who can tell, then, if he is climbing or falling? Who can see clearly enough to know when the ocean is rushing up to greet him? Gavin who is always two steps ahead, who could talk a fish out of water, could charm gravity, who has never feared the fall. Gavin who dreamed of flying, who spent his whole life learning how to swim.

Extract from the Lennon Remembers Interview: Satyricon...

“Q: The Hunter Davies book, the “authorized biography,” says …
A: It was written in [London] Sunday Times sort of fab form. And no home truths was written. My auntie knocked out all the truth bits from my childhood and my mother and I allowed it, which was my cop-out, etcetera. There was nothing about orgies and the shit that happened on tour. I wanted a real book to come out, but we all had wives and didn’t want to hurt their feelings. End of that one. Because they still have wives.

The Beatles tours were like the Fellini film Satyricon. We had that image. Man, our tours were like something else, if you could get on our tours, you were in. They were Satyricon, all right.”

Why the film Satyricon tho, John?:

One thing I can tell you about Satryicon is that it contains quite a bit of sexual innuendo, but very little, if any, is heterosexual. The main character of the movie breaks up with his lover after the lover took a boy that they shared and sold him. Later in the movie the two original lovers are reunited but then one is killed. Could John have been suggesting that homosexual adventures were a staple of Beatles tours?

I am having fun finding all the overlooked John answers in interviews. 

Half-formed thought of the day

A big theme in news articles and commentary lately is manufacturing jobs, crisis of labor, crisis of automation, etc, heavily focused on white working-class men. Often with the obligatory mentions of Luddites, carriage-makers and the automobile, etc etc pick prior examples as you please. But here’s a dot I’m not seeing connected:

Modern feminism arose out of a crisis of automation.

Feminism isn’t just the incorporation of women into longstanding ideals of citizenship and equality, although that’s important. Feminism is what happens when the huge amounts of domestic labor that need to get done for society to function–and that women as a class-like entity have been responsible for in most agricultural societies–can be done with machines in a fraction of the time. In the time it takes to get from the invention of the sewing machine to the mass adoption of the microwave, half the labor force goes from a back-breaking full-time job to chronic underemployment. 

(The other big structural pillar that people underestimate is safe, controlled reproduction. Its importance as a personal right is feminist dogma now, but IMO that misses just how much the insoluble problems of constant pregnancy and death in childbirth shackled the entire structure of society. Like, the reason there’s still so much conflict over this is that we’ve basically solved one of the eternal problems of the human condition and are still figuring out what the fuck to do with our success. But that’s a topic for another time.)

Mind you, I’m not saying “stop thinking of the white working-class men when you could be talking about women!” Just that it’s a potentially interesting point of comparison that’s being overlooked. And I’m definitely not saying it’s a one-to-one comparison, for probably some of the same reasons it’s being overlooked: underemployment plays out differently with unpaid labor that’s generally organized through household units instead of a more liquid job market. Or rather, supplemented by a job market for domestic labor, which is also heavily female and goes through its own series of upheavals.

Anyway. I don’t have enough knowledge of the relevant fields to develop this much further. But I thought I’d toss it out there in case somebody does, or just wants to cc it to the thinkpiece writers at the Atlantic.

Hm. Interesting

Odin and his pride: 

Odin swallowing his pride for Ava: 

What’s interesting about this comparison is that in the first scenario Odin has something to gain from humbling himself. Maggie is about to kill him. In the face of death Odin refuses to give in and apologize for something that is one hundred percent his fault.

 In the 2nd situation with Ava he doesn’t have much to gain. Ava is in a position where she no longer is at the peak of her power and she’s lying completely vulnerable. Odin also knows that it’s not fully his fault for abandoning Ava, yet he apologizes and takes the blame for it. 

Isnard Barbosa just posted an interesting comparison between digital painting and classic drawing. I’m considering to switch to digital too, not sure I’m ready for it…

“Every serious artists get in the confrontation of digital art or traditional art…what’s the best??
-Well i think serious artists should eventually move to digital art because it’s easier for painting and we are entering to the digital era. But if that’s the case, why even bother with traditional drawing at all?
I put together some toughs so you can take your own conclusion!Traditional Art
1. • Art on paper or canvas has more value. You can’t sell or auction your files like art on paper.
2. • Looks more natural.•. pencils, brushes, and inks are definitely a lot cheaper as compared to a computer and digital tablets/ipads.
3. • You can draw even if there’s no energy! Just need a pen and paper 👌🏼
1. • You’ll do a lot of erasing and will sometimes force you to redo the whole artwork.
2. • its Messy. If you’re a painter you’ll hate the smell of paints and lacquer thinner. And the cleaning after…frustrating.
3. • Storage. Storing original art work will take some space.
Digital Art
1. • Very efficient. No messy pencil smudges or inks. Erasing is easy which makes revisions easier. It makes your work faster especially if you have a tight deadline.
2. • No need for a SCANNER unless you sketch the construction lines manually.• Environment friendly. You don’t use paper.
3. • Ease in organizing. No paper or reference clutter!you can save the files in CD or a back-up drive.
1. • Computers are expensive. Especially if you’re using it on art. You need a good tablet ( i use 12inchipadpro)
2. • tablets are as expensive most of the times as the computers themselves especially if you’re buying a CINTIQ/ipadpro.
3. • It’s hard to make your art look natural and hand drawn. Line art done by hand still looks impressive. Although there are techniques that will make your digital line art look hand drawn.
Before I switched to digital medium I had to teach myself the composition, the human figure, perspective etc, for long years on paper!!
After I had the knowledge the transition was easy.
I bought my ipadpro (second hand) that made my life easy!. I still sketch on paper with a pencil and color with copics!and you can still see the strokes of the markers on my digital art.
Traditional art is here to stay even if computers will become more advanced.
My advice to aspiring artists is to learn traditional media before buying your first tablet! ✌🏼hoping sharing this thoughts will help you somehow!“

Isnard Barbosa

What do you think?

You’re My Mission (Part 2/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 1

When Wanda and Vision arrived to assist Tony, you were barely holding onto your senses, and the strength you would need to get away was depleted.  He could have stopped, he could have quieted his repulsor at any point now, and you would still be their prisoner, but he continued until his backup could make sure that you were safely detained.

“Mr. Stark, you can release your hold,” Vision urged, kneeling at your side.  “Her power is significantly diminished.”

“Don’t…don’t touch me…”

“I do not wish to harm you.”

“You can’t help me, either.”

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A Maze of Choices...

I didn’t attend the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Actually, I have never attended a comic con before and I know very little about them other than what I have read and experienced through my cosplay son. So, you can say, that I lived the con through the many who posted pictures and wrote of their personal experiences on social media. Also included in that information is the multitude of professional photographs and celebrity interviews and a lot of articles written and published by other “news” organizations. Some of the later are pretty shady which is why I used the quotation marks - these often called “click bait”. So… I had a ton of sources from which I could gain the knowledge of a comic con and what part Outlander played in it all. And, unless you attended it yourself, this speaks of your experience too.
I am not interested in the con info unless it related to Outlander and especially, Sam and Cait. So, I started sifting through the maze of pictures; interviews; blogs; and articles, hoping to see a true picture of Sam and Cait’s time at comic con.
Well, it reminded me quickly, of googling a name on the Internet, and trying to decide what was true and what wasn’t. It became a huge endeavor and I had to soon, make a decision. I had to formulate in my own mind what was important, true, and believable. To do that, I stopped reading and looking.
I have been in this fandom now for about two years, not long, but long enough to know what speaks truly of Sam and Cait and those a part of the world of Outlander. And if you haven’t had enough yourself, here is what I came up with.

1. Like I had already determined, Sam and Cait are embroiled in, what I see, as a no win situation. A shadow game of disguising what is true about their personal relationship overseen by at least two men who know nothing of what true love is all about. We will never know why this game is being played and who actually started it. What we do know and understand is that real love will not exist this way for long. I believe that S&C were blindsided with the return of a girl that could never be of interest to Sam (in comparison to the person that is Cait) and it greatly effected Cait this time (referenced by the pictures of Cait on the red carpet). This was “obvious”.
2. Already determined, Cait and Sam talk in innuendo and clue. Their responses in interviews and the consequent reactions of fellow cast members tell a very different story than what is being told. All you have to do is watch and you can see it. They were separated from sitting next to each other last weekend because the private bubble that being close creates, is contrary to the current narrative. Even in a large group, Sam and Cait can create an island of their own in which they are the only inhabitants. Every answer they gave on a personal nature was spiked with words and body language that was cryptic and told a different story. Body language alone does not lie. Especially when it comes to Mr. Heughan. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his facial expression cannot tell a lie. Look at the wringing of his hands, holding them in tight fists, his constant rubbing his ring finger. He doesn’t like the position he is in. And for the first time, the stoic and ever confident Cait, couldn’t pretend either.
3. There are a couple of interviewers who should not be allowed to interview the cast of Outlander anymore. They embarrass themselves, the cast, and play against the best thing about the show - it’s fans. I was mad about the letter and I tagged Sam a couple of times about it. I am hoping that he finally says enough. I was also smoked about showing the entire first episode at comic con. All I could think of was fans posting spoilers and I was mad. Come to find out, the fans were awesome about that - a certain interviewer was not. She needs to take a seat and give up this job.
4. My last thought is this dear ones. Take what you know and what you see and count on that. Remember that we know this couple through others who truly know them as people and that is what we should fall back on. We see them in their charity work and how important that involvement is to each of them. And most importantly, we see them together, and who they are in each other’s company. That is something that cannot be faked, no matter how good an actor you are. Their smiles reach their eyes and no other can do that for them. They are so comfortable with each other and when they are together, there’s no one else in the room. Be happy for that. When they are side by side, there is no question that these are two people who worship the other more than anything. You may see them next to others, but they really start living when together. Be your own eyes and ears, and yes, there will always be pictures that disturb and articles that say different, it’s inevitable. But we know, don’t we? They are the fairy tale.

interesting comparisons i have come across about living with POTS:

- a potsie’s body reacts to standing the way a healthy person’s body reacts when they’re either a) extremely dehydrated, or b) bleeding out

- the effect of dehydration through the night on how potsies feel when they wake up is the equivalent of a hangover for a healthy person (so basically, we always wake up with hangovers)

- potsies’ heart rates when they stand up are the heart rate a healthy person would have during an extreme cardiovascular workout

Quick Ayano Recap

Since it looks that in the next chapter we’ll have a Snake of Clearing Eyes (Kurobiya) / Ayano confrontation, I wanted to do, as it’s stated in the title, quick Ayano recap. Althogh it won’t be a recap of what she’s been doing up to now, but rather of what she’s been doing that we didn’t see (it’ll make sense later in the post). I mostly just want to point out/remind some things and occasionally ask some questions.

The first time Ayano is mentioned in the new route (except for Shintaro’s dream) is actually way back in the Chapter 19 (Heat Haze Days II):

Back then we just naturally assumped Hiyori is talking about Kenjirou because that’s how it happened in other routes and we didn’t know how different this one’s gonna be just yet. But now we know that Kenjirou isn’t alive here, so the only person she could’ve been talking about is Ayano. (Also, before I assumed that Hiyori made disheartened face bc she wanted to spend more time with Momo, but now I wonder if it has anything to do with Ayano?)

But that’s not all of the persons that Ayano invited to her house! As we see in Konoha’s flashback later…

Well, the frame alone may not say much, but just like in the other routes Konoha greets Hiyori and Hibiya to Tateyamas houshold here he does the same… only now we know the only one living there is Ayano. And well… Ayano even said it herself:

And now is the point where I will start making questions. For the beginning what caught the tiny fraction of my attention which is the plural form of “roommates”. I know that Konoha + Hiyori + Hibiya would already make it for that plural form, but considering that Hibiya and Ayano hasn’t met before he got his powers, it’s safe to assume that Hiyori and Ayano hasn’t met yet which in turn is kinda safe to assume that they haven’t even spend a night in her house… Which would make it kinda weird to call them “roommates”.

Of course it’s still possible that Ayano met with Hiyori when Hibiya was asleep or something and I’m not trying to say that there is some misterious person for us yet to met that would be in any way significant to the story… All I wonder about is if Ayano was just inviting random people of the streets to her house lol (this girl was made for family life after all, not loneliness, at least not outside the Daze).

But it all also rises another question to me- could there be a reason to why Ayano is gathering people other than loneliness or will to help? Well to answer simply- yeah, it could, there always is some possibility like with everything, but if that’s really how it is is a whole different story.

And from the beginning I want to emphasize that I don’t think Ayano has any sinister intentions. In the end I think that, basing on Ayano’s reaction, Kano already could guess Ayano’s goal pretty well

But the problem with Ayano is that we don’t know what she knows, we just know that she knows much, which makes it hard to tell what she is planning (obviously her siblings’ happines most of all, but by what measures).

So far we know that Ayano saw in the Daze: 1. Snake’s plan to kill everyone (with “no full details”) 2. Azami’s memories including who entered the Daze and gained powers (although that one seems to not that clearly)

And for now it’s hard to tell if she remembers everyone that escaped the Daze or just the ones that did it before Ayano’s death in this route (probably depends on if Azami has memories from different routes).

In the end I think that in this route Ayano has a very similar role to Kenjirou, at least story-wise. Aside from the fact that she basically took his place, in the end she did help the Snake of Clearing Eyes to gather all other ability holders around Mary, even though maybe unintentionally or without bad intentions (well, not that Kenjirou had any).

And on the final note something that maybe doesn’t really mean anything and can be just a matter of translation, but that is still a pretty interesting comparison in my opinion.

When Kuroha confronted Dan last time, he said to Kano this:

But when Kurobiya meet Ayano in the last chapter he said to her:

“It’s been a while, Favoring Eyes.”