Meg: “With the game and how it’s going there are people in here who are not going to make it.”

Steve: “Am I one of those people?”

Meg: “Yes. There are two people in this house that have a real shot at winning and you’re not one of them.”

Steve: “Why do you think that I won’t make it?”

Meg: “Numbers.”

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Please, don't go the Larry route, you will be heartbroken. I was so relieved when I understand Harry and Louis are no longer a couple and Harry is happy with his new boyfriend. I never saw Harry so content than in the last 3 months when he and X became close. Now seeing Louis happy make me glad and support him and Harry even if they are no longer together. You are a fresh Larrie but have the time to turn around.

Oh, anon! Your concern is really sweet :)

I was well prepared to have a hell of a life when I accepted to sell my soul to Larry, don’t worry. I’m really really here to discuss the Xarry phenomenon because it is quite fascinating. I wonder if all these new shippers are actual fans that got on track so well with 1DHQ that they automatically catch their hints and do all the work for them or are somehow pushed with “inside” info and asked to spread the narrative, like the Update Accounts. So, so fascinating.
Why Anime Has Been Getting Shorter And There Are Fewer Second Seasons
It is an interesting question. Are there any reasons for the shortening of anime series? Yes! There are a few reasons for this, including money.

The recession and declining birthrate affects anime in two ways.

  1. Anime production committees and studios are reluctant to invest in a long term series
  2. Most long term series were aimed at children and teenagers.

Modern examples include Naruto, One Piece, Ace of Diamond, and Fairy Tail. Their manga are popular, so committees are comfortable with investing in the large episode counts.

It is worth noting that Weekly Shonen Jump, which is the most popular manga magazine in Japan, has been losing subscribers since the early 2000s.