Looks like MPG is here for the “potential relationship” between Ginny and Mike because he said this to Hollywood Life:

“I think that there will always be a connection within the two, a spark [of some sort],” he told at ATX TV Festival in Austin. “I think there was a spark between the two of them the first time they had that ass slapping. We’ve always played that up too, just kind of peppering it with a little something extra.”
Witcher Larp, 250+ Followers - News and more

So guys ! I will be gone for a couple of days, because i will be attending on a Witcher Larp in Czech Republic. Since of course things like internet dont belong on these kinds of events, i will be away from my PC for a while, so i wont be posting anything new here.

Please forgive me for the inconvenience. After i return i will restart working on a couple of mini-projects i have been planning for quite a while, just as the picture rewards of those of you, who have made it in time ! I still have 2 free places for those, who would like to have a picture, just like the one i did for @iamscanda

Example, here.

Also another amazing thing happened today ! I broke the line of 250+ followers ! Which is freaking amazing ! I love the hell out of you guys, and i hope i will not let you down with the content i put out here on tumblr. I am indebted to you people with all of my heart.

Also, i think today was not only a glorious day for all the amazing support, but because i had the chance, to support a few people as well. And i am very proud of them, for allowing me to help them.

Please, have a fantastic rest of the day, or an majestic evening.
Deusn out, wish me luck
(hopefully i will only break a few bones, hehehehe)

fun fact: procrastination happens to animals too. it’s a naturall thing.

animal equivalents for scrolling tumblr include:
 - hamsters starting to wash their faces in inaproppriate situations
 - hyenas stopping everything and starting to dig holes in the ground.
 - seagulls starting to ruffle their feathers instead of doing important things

this happens for two reasons: 

1) an animal is in the situation where none of the standard scenarious it has are fitting, so it does the next best thing 
(example: hamsters were put in a vibrating bowl, they couldn’t run or attack, so in about a minute they stopped everything and started washing their faces.)

2) an animal has two conflicting instincts fighting for dominance, so the third one, usualy suppressed by them, kicks in.
(example: when two hyenas meet at the border of their territories, they have an instinct to protect their own territory conflict with an instinct not to cross someone else’s. they don’t know if they need to attack or leave, so both start digging holes in the ground.
example: a seagull sitting on the nest needs to protect her children, but also has to go get some food. instead a seagull settles for ruffling her feathers for two hours.)

with humans it’s usually the second reason.
(example: I’m tired and I want to go to sleep, but I should write an essay for tomorrow. both these things are important, so I’m procrastinating them by writing this post.)

nature is beautiful.
I’m gonna go to sleep now.


Here are the gold cocoons of the Mechanitis Polymnia butterfly! According to Reddit, there are no metals in the chrysalis. It’s all organic proteins and polysaccharides, like chitin. During formation, the material forms what’s called a multilayer: a series of very thin ordered layers. The spacing between the layers (a few 10s to 100s of nanometers), and the specific properties of the materials that the layers are made of (index of refraction) determine the reflective properties of the stack (multilayer interference). Broad spectrum metallic reflection is often due to a “chirped” structure, where the layer spacing changes with stack depth. That is, the layer spacing might be thicker at the bottom and become thinner towards the top, for example. This phenomenon is called structural color!

TL;DR: Damn, that is some @sixpenceee​ shit!

“He will roast you faster than a speeding bullet!
His voice is more powerful than a screaming fan girl! 
He is able to leap over haters in a single bound!”

Look! There on the channel suggestions!
It’s a man in a morph suit!
It’s carrot with arms!

Here ples don’t hate me for this :D