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Would you say Pangur is higher energy/higher maintenance than Grim? We often hear about the screaming weasel but Grim always seems to be chilling and being a good kitty. Your cats are so precious, thank you for sharing them!

Grim’s definitely easier. when she gets REAL riled up, it actually pisses her off (aka overstimulates her) if I try to involve myself extensively. her preference is to kill catnip pillows (and Pangur) in Peace damnit! though she does go Buck Wild when I chuck stuff for her to chase

when we pass eachother she goes RRRR & I go RRRR & that seems to greatly please her

PANGUR, now PANGUR!! she’ll start playing by herself & then lose steam & squat by her toy & try super hard to make eye contact. if I make the mistake of acknowledgement, that’s her queue to begin a Forever Scream

this process (catching my eye & shouting real sad) is repeated if I’m not sitting in a position where she can crawl onto my lap or back & snooze

so yeah, one gets overstimulated pretty easily & the other demands constant stimulation. it’s cool that my Opposite Girls love eachother like they do!

Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~

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I hate to say this because I'm a WonderTrev stan but maybe there was too much Steve Trevor in the movie...? Do you have any thoughts on this?

I totally have thoughts on this. I agree that there was a *lot* of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie. Chris Pine is a cutie (I’m a recently converted fan, tbh) and I enjoyed seeing him on screen. But I also noticed while watching that he was being treated far, far better than are female love interests (here, a moment of silence for all of the Lois Lane scenes on the DCEU cutting room floor).

On the one hand, DCEU!Steve is a well-rounded supporting character with a well-defined story arc. That enriches the movie as a whole and contributes to the overall aspirational-level-status of this movie. In an ideal superhero movie, the love interest should never overshadow the lead but still be written so that the audience is emotionally invested in them. Wonder Woman gets very close to that movie. And it’s a geektastic parallel to WW’s debut in All Star Comics #8, where, Steve Trevor’s backstory took up 3 out of the 8 pages of that initial story (never to have this much “screen time” again).

On the other hand, there is something to be said about the emotional and political power of subverting an existing trope. Instead of writing the perfect superhero movie, they could have made Steve Trevor be more passive, show up for only a few scenes where he had to make kissy faces, and then be kidnapped for the hero’s motivation (that we would be just supposed to believe even though the movie would spend little time building a romantic connection).  I feel like that would have been powerful because it subverts aggressive masculinity and not have made me enjoy the movie any less. And I mean… I’m a hardcore Steve Trevor stan and I’m still comfortable saying that. 

I can’t shake the feeling that because Steve is a man, they were likely hesistant to go that route, like “what’s the point of this man unless he’s *doing* something?” If he was a woman, that question wouldn’t even come up. This is kind of telling of how we see men and women. Men are seen as active, well-rounded, and with lots of agency. Women are seen as passive objects (sexy lamp strikes again). If portrayals stray from these expectations, then it’s striking. It’s why we’re crying at No Man’s Land and it’s why we would notice if Steve Trevor got as little screen time as did Lois Lane in MOS/BVS.

Also, I don’t agree with people who say that Steve was the heart of the movie. He got some choice lines and Chris Pine’s charisma made him stand out, but we’re giving Steve way too much credit by saying that, no? This was Diana’s movie.

Here’s to hoping that in the next superhero movie, the love interest will get to be as fully developed as Steve Trevor’s maleness allowed him to be in this one. Thanks for the question! And if you have thoughts, let’s hear ‘em!

Ohh. Interesting thoughts. I’m interested to hear more about all of these angles. Like how Chara would’ve survived or come back, and what would fill someone with that much hate.  

Those are 2 things I am happy to say nobody has ever asked me to do.
And uh wow how did you find out don’t you believe in me, friend?

Oh? This one is interesting, too. Props to this pacing.

whoops I accidently made headcanons

flug is a closet homestuck (until demencia found his nepeta and kanaya shirts….and old cosplay horns.)

demencia skipped to act 5 to piss off flug and also because she didnt want to read the “boring” parts. she unironically likes gamzee.

black hat could literally care less about it and hates being called spades slick, which is what demencia does. Often.

505 is a bear.