Teams for the the last team competition in Planica

Team USA:
William Rhoads - Casey Larson - Michael Glasder - Kevin Bickner

Team Italy:
Roberto Dellasega - Davide Bresadola - Sebastian Colloredo - Alex Insam

Team Finland:
Jarkko Määttä - Antti Aalto - Lauri Asikainen - Ville Larinto

Team Switzerland:
Killian Peier - Gabriel Karlen - Gregor Deschwanden - Simon Ammann

Team Russia:
Aleksandr Bazhenov - Mikhail Nazarov - Alexey Romashov - Evgeniy Klimov

Team Czech Republic:
Tomas Vancura - Vojtech Stursa - Jan Matura - Roman Koudelka

Team Japan:
Ryoyu Kobayashi - Taku Takeuchi - Daiki Ito - Noriaki Kasai

Team Slovenia:
Anže Semenič - Domen Prevc - Jurij Tepeš - Peter Prevc

Team Norway:
Robert Johansson - Johann André Forfang - Anders Fannemel - Andreas Stjernen

Team Germany:
Markus Eisenbichler - Richard Freitag - Karl Geiger - Andreas Wellinger

Team Austria:
Michael Hayböck - Manuel Fettner - Markus Schiffner - Stefan Kraft

Team Poland:
Piotr Zyla - Dawid Kubacki - Maciej Kot - Kamil Stoch

I was doing a roleplay with my girlfriend, and we decided to fUCKING KILL OFF THE CANON BOYS!!
And this not the right place to submit, but it was fun to RP, and I thought you should see it anyway.

- Moho says: oh my fucking gosh OwO Wait, then who are the other tom and Tord fighting the canon bois?
Codot Doesn’t Do Television

I’ve had a few asks from people wondering if I had ever pursued an acting career, so I thought I’d bore you with a rambling tale!

I love Voice Acting: It’s incredibly rewarding, and I get to be whoever/whatever I want and have fun with roles. There was a time, however, where I wanted to do some TV / Film things - it looked fun, and I’m a pretty decent actor, but here’s the thing:

I’m big. I’m tall. I’m menacing.

With my voice, I am the Riddler, I am Scarecrow, I’m even the Penguin. On Television? I’m Henchman #04. At least that’s what I was on Rent-A-Goalie back in… oh lord, 2007?

There I am! Hidden in the left looking all tough!

Oooh! There I am AGAIN! This time on the RIGHT! Edgy!

The only time I ever got to do anything close to fun was when I did my indie films - I did a short called Profetia: Salvarea (Prophecy: Salvation). I had realised early on that many stories involving angels have hokey dialogue that sounds MUCH better in another language. So my buddy Zsolt translated it all into Romanian. I butchered the translations, but no one who saw it knew!

Oooh! Codot looks angry! Threatening the other angel (who was the translator, so HE said HIS lines right)!

It wasn’t long after all this that I decided my place was either on stage, or behind a microphone. I don’t think the world is ready for my SHEER BEAUTY and RAW SEXUAL POWER.

This has been a completely pointless post from Codot!

even underneath the waves, i’ll be holding on to you

aftg zombie au, “i want to go back for you”. warning: very long
basically, what would happen if neil and andrew were separated during an apocalypic situation.

The news says it first.

The world is ending and everything has gone to shit.

Nowhere is safe and nothing is okay anymore.

Nothing was ever okay, but they make it sound new, like this is something nobody expected to happen. Not here, never here.

It started with a virus. It was like the flu in every other way; the fever that kept people bedridden for days, the sickness and the headaches. It was like the flu in every other way but one: it slowly ate away at people’s insides, made living people into nothing but hollow hosts. Nobody would have expected a kindergarten teacher from the West to lash out her students but it was even worse when she bit one, and then he bit his mother three weeks later and she bit her boss. Like that, the vicious cycle continued. Everywhere there was panic, there was a disaster, there was death.

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anonymous asked:

Tuafw your mom told stories for years about how when you were little, you had a collection of yellow ducks. Rubber ducks, pictures of yellow ducks, plush ducks, ect, and once your aunt got you a grey duck and you cried and didn't touch it. You even had the best duck that was a beanie babie and you couldn't go to sleep without it on your chest, but when you bring it up again your mom says "it wasn't that extreme" now that she knows you think you're autistic. ⭐️⛸