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*slides u a dollar* pls protect les mis from bbc

Oh my sweet, sweet anon… If I had that power I would happily do it bro bono. 

However… I am considering putting my bachelors degree to good use, and using it to critically analyse each episode of BBC Les Mis. If Davies wants to insist that his adaption is going to be the crème de la crème of Les Mis interpretations then I am more than happy to hold him to his word.

I’ve been thinking about a Taekwondo bokuaka au (it was bound to happen), in which they only ever meet at tournaments. Bo is obviously a natural and unbeaten at the fighting part (though he may have once or twice taken a hit because he got distracted by Akaashi’s face). Akaashi has perfect technique and always gets first place in the patterns (hyong) and oh boy, tiny smug smile Akaashi standing on the podium looking down at #2 Bokuto. Bo starts bulking up and they end up in different weight classes, so only the hyong part remains and Bo starts getting super competitive but he’s up against Akaashi “once got an 8.5 score″ (10 is practically never given and 9 basically unheard of) Keiji and he just can’t win. Bo ends up taking the black belt exam a lot earlier than Akaashi and when they see each other, Akaashi is a little disappointed they won’t compete anymore. He congratulates Bo and goes “I’m gonna miss seeing your face” and Bo’s like WHAT DID HE JUST SAY omfg i’m?? “you know, the one you make when you lose” and that’s it, Bo drags him into a changing room and goes “AKAASHI that was the last straw!!!! …go out with me.”

I finished Jumin’s route the other day. And while I can understand the criticism it gets, I have to say that it’s quite possibly my favorite storyline. At least, so far.

I say that with a big caveat: generally, I am not really a fan of how any of the narrative elements of this game have been executed. It usually feels like my character has little to no agency. I don’t feel like an active participant in the story so much as someone being dragged along by the men (and one woman) around me. And that becomes especially tricky when you’re dealing with a character whose issues center around possessiveness and control. 

Discussion with some spoilers below the cut:

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I'm a medical student in the uk and i've heard lots of stories from doctors who've been in the usa that the doctors over there are more likely to push patients towards having possibly unnecessary/excessive tests and procedures becasue they get more money for it. i'm sure you don't do that because you seem very honest and caring, but do you think that does happen?

Yes…sort of. 

Doctors in the US often practice defensive medicine, which basically consists of ordering sometimes superfluous tests or blood work in order to prevent a lawsuit or back up your thought process in a lawsuit. Suits can be so expensive and devastating here that we get scared of them and let them dictate how we practice. 

Now there are also doctors that benefit directly from the tests they order. Patients tend to love seeing doctors who do all their labs and procedures in the same building. It’s just convenient. You may see orthopedists with MRI scanners in their offices or internists with mammography machines and DEXA scanners and X ray capabilities. To some extent, this helps make things easier on your patient. But it can also form some conflict of interest. If you have easy access to a test, the decision to order it becomes easier. In some of these practices, the partners collect proceeds directly from these tests. 

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My office doesn’t follow such a system. I try really hard to not practice defensive medicine and not order tests that won’t change my management of the patient. I have recently talked with a potential job that has lots of lab and test capabilities where the docs get bonuses based on their ordering of tests, and even the conversation made me feel dirty. I just don’t like it. It’s sketchy to me.