interested to see what the fandom thinks


Hey Jack, you might have heard from me and what I do around this fandom already. And I’m pretty sure you are very well aware of what the situation is.

However I don’t think you are aware of the solution. I’m not gonna state it entirely here again. If you are really interested you could find enough about it on my blog.
Many of my friends have tried to reach out for you, in my name aswell since they all so badly want to see this problem fixed. And I’m working on it. I’m working very hard. But I can’t do it alone. I can’t do it unless you let me really help. Right now I’m just making caption files in Premiere Pro and uploading them in the hope that fans will approve.
Sadly this isn’t the case.

I ask of you: Please take a look at your own captions. Enable them on your own videos for once. You will see that almost every captionbox is either
- too long
- Zalgo-fied
- Has own commentary
- Selfpromotion in it
- people putting words in your mouth
And many other examples.

Jack please, I don’t ask much of you. Just 5 minutes of the time you already barely have. But after 6 long months of trying to grasp a bit of your attention on this problem. I’m tired, I’m tired of working so hard without any progress or validation that I’m doing the right thing or that I’m on the right path..

I love this fandom with all my heart and I wish I could help out in a better way..
I have a lot of information on this subject and I would love to educate people on it. Sadly I’ve gotten so much hate that I stopped bothering to teach people how it works or how ableist it is to mess with captions.
I know you stand against bad captions. But again,

Please. Let me help.

It sucks to know how to help but being unable to.

How Sony deals with fandoms

I’ve been to an international in-house PR summit hosted by one of my clients this week and nearly fell off my chair when one of the guest speakers was a VERY important person from Sony Music Entertainment. Let’s call him John. I won’t disclose his function and real name because I don’t want to reveal where I was, but based on his title he definitely knows what he‘s saying and has a lot of industry experience.

His speech was mainly  about how to engage with a variety of different target audiences. Of bloody course one of the first slides he showed was a picture of 1D engaging with fans which was supposed to drive the point home that there are some audiences who are more passionate about a brand than others.He mentioned then that he’s worked with 1D on their albums which drove me into a bit of a freeze.

Because I’m embarrassing, I recorded parts of his speech on my phone and wrote the most important things down to share some interesting insights he gave about how Sony manages their artists’ target audiences, crafts their artists’ social media actions and deals with the fact that at the end of the day they always need to get people to buy music.



According to John, they have their very own data-driven digital tool that helps them identify and manage different target groups for an artist (it’s not perfected yet but has been rolled out a lot of countries, I think he said 50?) and see where there might be connections to other artists, who the influencers are, what the specific target groups are or will be interested in and to identify collaboration opportunities.

Target groups are being split into four categories: Fanatics, enthusiasts, casuals, indifferents. These segments are being broken down into even smaller groups defined by age, genre preference, gender and country. They found that the older you get, the less likely you’ll be a fanatic or enthusiast.

How does Sony find this stuff out? Well, they survey polled music audiences of every age in a way that covers either nationally representatives or represent one of the major top tier cities. People shared their music preferences, consumption habits, lifestyle, media habits etc. Sony gathered all that information, analysed the insights and created their own audience understanding tool.

According to John, that way everyone at Sony has access to an interactive map of the world of Sony that looks into segmentations and audiences for every artist while being searchable in a number of different ways. The tool is pulling from real data, but they are also adding to that „with things like analytics of platforms like Spotify where we are able to gather lots of informations about user behaviours and reference that against things that we do“.



John gave the example of Snoop Doggy Dog who had launched a new album (song? Idk) around that time: „There was a week-long debate in parliament around the legalization of Marihuana, so we just jumped on this conversation and did lots of social marketing around Snoop with his rolling papers and his spliffs… so maybe that’s bad taste, I’ll allow you to judge that for yourselves. The point is though that you are also marketing into a wider cultural context. [You need] an understanding how that works and where you can have a conversation that is seamless and not fake, genuineness is quite important.

“The way you can get people to connect is: You’ve got a lot of stuff that you want to say. Start under the assumption that people actually don’t give a shit about 95 percent of it. And then see which are the bits that might overlap. This is where the understanding of the audience really comes into its own. It forces us to think before we jump to execution. The quest for relevance is vitally important.”

Why are people to connect with a brand/band though? John thinks this is one of the most underused questions when planning an approach. Why is it that they do specific things? He gave an example: „We would normally take a record to radio because we always believe that radio is the thing that breaks the record. But if my core audience, my phase one audience – the people that are gonna give that band its first lift – are on Spotify, what am I doing on radio??“


„The thing is that you don’t start with a conversation around a product. The consumption of the product is the end point of a journey where you built an engagement and a fan. So again, for us that means that when we sit down and do our plan around our next Robbie Williams album, we start with „How are we gonna maximize the engagement around Robbie Williams“? because that will then sell us albums. Not „Okay, we’ll be releasing in a week in November, eight weeks out we need to be here, here and here“. So we’re not doing product launches anymore unless [it is suitable for the target demographic]. We have to built a tension and an engagement around an artist.“



„We run most of our artists social media channels or at least their official  pages, so we are involved in all of those conversations.“

Shocking, I know.

Based on the situation we face in this fandom,with this band, feel free to draw your own conclusions about what this information means.


1.       It’s not news at all, but the existence of their own audience understandig tool confirms it: the 1D fandom is being monitored, segmented and analyzed. Sony’s strategies are tightly tied to that fact. Collaborations or artist interactions such as Louis/James Arthur or One Direction/ Little Mix are most likely the result of a data-driven analysis of whose fan groups are similar and whose are likely to be open towards that particular other artist too.

2.       Again no news, but the example of Snoop Doggy Dog shows that there are strategies behind even the most random photos. Often placements of specific pictures or stories serve a wider purpose. Hello pap walks, hello b**ygate, hello Louis Twitter, hello Liam visibly being linked to L.A.‘s cool singer/songwriter crowd before his first album drop.  

3.       The decision to not promote Louis‘ song could very well have been a logical outcome of the team asking themselves the question „Why?“: Why should we promote his song with huge effort when we KNOW his own fans are going to do it passionately, especially if they think  we don’t give a shit? Why not playing that game in order to make them promo it the hardest way they can?“ Why indeed??

4.       One Direction is a huge deal for Sony. John was talking about a lot of bands during his speech but whenever he was talking about major acts, he always listed One Direction amongst them (along with gems like Beyonce, David Bowie, Adele). He name-dropped them at least 5 -6 times in a 60 minute speech. He really didn’t have to because the audience was in no way whatsoever a target audience. So yes, they clearly have been and are a very huge deal for them.

5.       The part about social media? Well :))))))

So today, @deerstalkers-and-jumpers gave me the brilliant idea of going to St. Barts hospital (where TRF was filmed) to see the graffitis that some fans wrote, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 

I am tagging some people that I think might be interested in seeing this silly photo i took, if you don’t wanna be tag please tell me 

@88thparallel @rominatrix @unapologeticocdsufferer @wildspiritsneverdie @thejennire

if i’m forgetting someone, I’M SORRY.

When we asked for women to be included, we meant in Harry’s inner circle informing the decisions that are made. 

We didn’t mean using women as a tool to try and placate the fandom, while in actual fact just doubling down on the stereotype that we are only interested in his looks.

If that bizarre video was an attempt at damage control it was a big old fail. I’m not putting this sort of stuff in tag posts any more because I want them to see what we think.

So I saw this perfectly delightful post, and my immediate response was “oh yes, of course Tali writes fanfic! She just doesn’t tell anyone because she’s afraid they’d never let her live it down.” (And as regards Garrus she’s probably right.)

Because obviously what Tali writes is schmoopy self-indulgent Shallicus, mostly for her own pleasure/comfort, and the prototypical Tali fic is 90% romantic fluff and 10% incredibly accurate and detailed descriptions of hacking. Shalei and Bellicus might spend most of the fic having a long romantic walk around the Presidium, but with amazing regularity they discover that they need to hack a terminal during said walk.

Tali is also that person who writes impassioned essays about how misrepresentation of quarian culture by the non-quarian parts of the fandom (which is most of it) is offensive, and that they either ought not write anything set on the Migrant Fleet for the fandom or at least ought to do a modicum of research. (She’s not wrong.) She does this all under the pseudonym Chatika63, because of course she does.

But my next thought was… you know who else I could see writing fanfic?


We know Legion plays MMORPGs. And we know that they have an interest in attempting to understand how organics think (in part, in the hopes of convincing organics not to attempt to destroy them on sight). And what better way to get inside of someone’s head than to… well… get inside their head? Write from the perspective of an organic? Given how awful they were at the Fleet and Flotilla visual novel (”Hopeless”), they probably have some awareness that this understanding is not a strong point, and trying to work it out via fanfic is certainly less risk-prone than trying to work it out via interaction 

At first, Legion just downloads the 100 most popular fanfics for Galaxy of Fantasy and Fleet and Flotilla and analyzes them, breaking them down in terms of both general plot structure, scene structure, and even all the way down to sentence structure. Then they use that analysis to generate new fics, dump them on Space AO3 under a variety of pseudonyms (the sheer volume of Legion’s output would make posting under a single name look awfully suspicious–even the notably prolific salarian writers don’t write that fast), and wait.

(Space AO3 is a fascinating place. Some of the asari-written WIPs have been going on for centuries now, Support has to spend something like half its time mediating all the times when krogans write thinly-veiled bloodthirsty revenge-fic against anyone who posts critically about their stories, and the hanar fandom gift culture is… unique, to say the least. But that is another post for another time.)

Anyway. Those first attempts of Legion’s basically read like Mad Libs written by someone unclear on the concept, which, in effect, they are. But the thing about Legion is that even though they don’t have a great grasp of how shipping and etc. work (see above re: the Fleet and Flotilla visual novel), they are in fact not a mindless computer process but a highly intelligent AI. They learn.

In this case, they learn by analyzing feedback, hit counts, and upvotes. They break the stories down again, analyze what they discovered worked and what didn’t, and adjust, and post again.

Story quality actually takes a dip for a bit–it turns out that chasing popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to quality–but then begins to rise, slowly at first and then steadily. They learn what works and what doesn’t, what rings true to readers and what feels stilted or artificial. They store witty quips and bits of banter and felicitous turns of phrase between crewmates in long-term memory to slot into stories later. When they’re performing a task that doesn’t require the attention of all 1,183 programs, they let some of the idle processes spin out projections for how this or that scenario might be received, based on the current databank of information.

(In short, like all authors, they begin to eavesdrop, and to daydream, and to treat everything as grist for the mill.)

They rapidly become well-known, under several different pseudonyms (having ditched the early pseuds with their hideously awkward mix-and-match prose). Under the pseudonym VarrenRider13, they’re known for an epic romance set in the world of Galaxy of Fantasy, which is well-known for its sensitive portrayal of asari romance and its detailed worldbuilding. Under the pseudonym MorningWanderer, they’re known for a number of Shallicus fics for the Fleet and Flotilla fandom, including the fandom-famous “And Stars Danced” series and the underappreciated standalone “Breaking Bread.”

tl;dr: The One Where Tali’s Favorite Fleet and Flotilla Fic Writer Is Actually Legion.

(She never has a chance to find out before Legion’s death.)

I get that every fandom dwindles eventually, especially one with no new content ahead, but man, I’d hate to see this fandom die out. I mean, I don’t think Killjoys will ever be completely forgotten–people still dedicate blogs to the Revenge era and that was 13 years ago, lol. But I really enjoy the creativity in this fandom and don’t want to see it disappear.

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Not to pit ships against one another, but I haven't been able to find a good answer for this question: ktdk is obviously very, very popular in Japan. Is there a series of factors for why it isn't as popular in the non-Japanese fandom? (At least, tddk is WAY more accepted and hyped by western fans.) :'c As an English-speaking fan, it makes me a little blue.


Mod Deku explores this very topic in her thread here: X

In summary, it’s mostly because of very biased and incorrect translations the western fandom was presented with. BakuDeku is the most popular ship in Japan fandom, which is why OVA’s make jabs to the BKDK fans and merch is numerous. 

There were even rings produced back in Season 1 and that’s odd in it of itself considering where BakuDeku’s development was. 

So that says a lot about the quality of work and perspective we’re getting from our translations vs. what JPN is seeing.

They actually are just as more meta inclined than us! It’s so interesting! I think I only got one meta from east fandom translated to us and they see things *we* can’t catch!

So yeah, its mostly just text differences!

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely do you think is the possibility of Sheith being canon? - Sincerely, a very distraught Sheith shipper who doesn't know whether she should trust the overwhelming staff support for Sheith as something more or just bait.

oh i think theres a good chance actually! i wouldnt believe that if not for 1 korrasami and 2 the staff already voicing that lgbt representation is something important to them that they’d like to add. sheith has a lot of backing from staff, both the writers and vas. and its nice to see that, even with some fans demanding that staff stop “withholding information” and outright writing callout posts about even the showrunner and episode directors for supporting shieth, that they haven’t stopped. there seems to be this general sentiment that the staff owes those kinds of fans something when?? its the writers’ story not theirs? and im glad they’ve made it clear that they aren’t willing to compromise decisions they’ve already made in the writing to suit what’s popular (see: “space mom” allura). 

so anyway: what’s done is done. and from what we have, i think season 2 basically establishes two potential love interests for keith: Shiro and allura. both are kinda unpopular with a lot of the fandom, but based on character interactions so far theyre the two that make the most sense to me. so anyway, i think that sheith has just as good a shot as kallura, which fans are already recognizing as something possibly romantic. There’s a bunch of parallels in their interactions i really like: 

  • shiro and allura are both represented as opposite sides of the scale in reaction to keith’s galra reveal. or, on a scale of allura to shiro, how well do you handle keith being galra after youve gotten close to him?
  • they both hug keith goodbye in this private moment to see him off before a dangerous mission. these scenes also both relate to keith being galra—shiro showing his support immediately after bom, and allura apologizing for her (quite understandable) reaction
  • both ships have an episode where they’re separated from the team and get a lot of one on one character development—see arc of traujeer  and across the universe/blade of marmora 
  • keith is the one who reassures both shiro and allura that the team needs them–who would open wormholes? and Nothing is gonna happen 

so anyway, in terms of which pairing i think is most likely, its either of those two, and id be happy with either ;;    but some other things shieth has going for it: 

  • its the ship i can most easily see being lgbt representation 
  • they already have an established backstory, one that we havent even explored yet, and we know whatever happened it was monumental enough that keith says shiro literally changed his life 
  • shiro is the person keith most desperately wants to see. out of everyone, lying there dying on the floor, the person he wants is shiro. whether you see it as platonic or romantic, its obvious that 1 keith loves him and 2 shiro is the most important person in his life. he doesnt even stay for his dad, but he does chase after the fake shiro
  • seems like theyre fated to keep getting separated and then reuniting, i dunno that seems pretty fairytale to me 
  • keith’s intro scene being his rescue of shiro. right when we first meet keith, we automatically associate him with shiro 
  • shiro wants keith to pilot black, and they already both share a mental link with her 
  • keith’s first and last lines right now are both “Shiro”
  • shiro seeing keith’s hallucinations in bom is, to me, the most deeply interpersonal, intimate scene in the entire series. its one thing to talk to another character about your feelings, but its another to be right there with them in their head. shiro saw a part of him that i dont think anyone else ever will 
  • i talked about this in my hug post a bit but while keith kinda represents this galra side of shiro (he’s the right arm of voltron and shiro’s right arm is also galra) it seems like shiro represents keith’s humanity. keith is humanized by his compassion and vulnerability with shiro. shiro is basically shown to be the one thing tying keith to earth–his family was gone, and he really had no other friends. he was lost without the garrison. after shiro was taken he had nothing left. he’s one of the only paladins who never expresses being homesick. Whatever good memories he had of earth, im guessing shiro was a big part of them. and shiro is the one there when keith finds out he’s galra, is the first one to reassure him. 
  • they mirror each other in a lot of their scenes 
  • seems to get a lot of staff support 

anyway i think it has a pretty fair shot, but that’s just my take on it. as for queer baiting in general, im already seeing people talk about that, but like…we’re 24 or so episodes into a 78 confirmed episode series. major ships aren’t gonna be cannon for a while now, so i think its best to wait a little and give some more time for relationships to develop. korrasami wasnt even a thing until the very end. and while i dont think that will be the case here, i think we just need to give it a little more time. id like to believe theyre sincere about lgbt representation, and would rather them take their time to develop it properly than get something just thrown together and feel like my identity was just reduced to a stereotype 

I seriously think it’s interesting that Black people will say, in reference to Black Panther, that Wakanda is an example of what African countries could have been without colonialism…

…all for a white person to come in and say that us niggers couldn’t possibly learn math.

People often say that there’s no proof of racism in fandom spaces, but this is it. Because these aren’t your typical internet wannabe Klansmen. These are nerds. Go onto their pages and you’ll see gifsets of Kickass and Batman. They follow these tags because they like Marvel movies, but then throw up flares when there’s a Marvel movie that doesn’t feature a white dude named Chris saving the day. These guys are in the BP and Wakanda tags (which were OUR spaces initially) because they like these movies, and they say the things they do because they DON’T like us.

And don’t even try the whole “those aren’t REAL Marvel fans” bs. Because you can’t distance yourself from them simply because you’re Not Racist. This is a problem in fandom spaces that people of color have been highlighting since the first damn Comic Con.

Small Rant

Pressures of being a content creator

Most of you may not have any idea what it’s like to be stuck in something. I love the Underswap comic I’ve been dubbing, but it also keeps me from doing other dubs. You have no idea how badly I just want to focus on the dubs I want to make, but I’m not able to. I love the Shovel Knight comics I’ve seen, but my first Shovel Knight dub did worse than any of my shitposts. But people just keep asking over and over and over for Underswap, and it starts to get to ya.

Like at first I didn’t get the concept, cause people kept bugging me for Asriel’s Awakening. Which is fine, I love making it, and people are fairly patient. But then it comes to Underswap and people “need” it right away. I get now why Starbot gets so tired of people asking for Drunk Chara. We all know it’s a great comic and love it, but the pressure from fans, at least for me, makes me want to do it less.

There’s so many great comics out there we wanna dub, but if it’s not what people want, we have to put it on the backburner. This goes beyond Undertale, beyond Overwatch, beyond any big fandom. So I just ask everyone this:

If a content creator uploads something for a fandom you’re not in, or if it’s something that you don’t think will interest you, watch it anyway. You never know what you’re going to discover. You may find a whole new game to play that you’ll come to love, or a whole new fandom you may become a part of. I didn’t know shit about 17776 until Starbot told me about it, and now I absolutely love it. It sucks to see that their video only has that many views. So give just a few minutes of your time to try out new things when it comes to these videos.

PR relationship vs Private...

I’ve stumbled across a few fandoms in my time; real life ships vs on screen. Many who expose themselves pretty early on as being nothing but pushing a person(s) career along, networking a show, promotion of a movie or movie franchise and so on. It’s usually pretty easy to point them out; getting faces out there, carefully planned shopping trips or eating out in places ‘all of Hollywood’ go to eat. A stroll down a street that is ear marked by paps as the street a certain someone or someone’s will be walking; my PR calls your PR agency to arrange a time and a place.

I could list the amount of 'PR’ couples who have and still do just that, but I’m not writing this to name names and point fingers. I’m merely putting across that this did, does and still happens in the show business industry. And those who are new to following shows or movies with fandoms attached, better train your BS skills in to what is 'fact’ over what is 'fiction.’ A real couple (as in one who have got together privately off screen, regardless of time, work ethic or closeness) know the dangers involved in getting together; media attention, scrutiny from other cast, fan scrutiny and public appraisal or disappointment. Outside of work is very limited to where you can go without being seen, particularly if you don’t want anyone to know about you. It’s too easy to get trapped into that kind of pressure, actors are after all still human and stress over the same things you and I do. Except their lives are like living in a goldfish bowl, swimming around aimlessly while the outside world judges them and boy! Do we judge.

So…it’s not uncommon for a 'private’ relationship to remain private for the time being. If you are 'like most shows/movies’ a couple who are linked romantically in the storyline; your face and acting are the main base for promoting, it becomes even more stressful, when forced to understand that a movie or shows success rides heavily on your 'believable’ chemistry with your lead. When it becomes 'too’ believable, well that’s when tongues wag and if tongues wag it can mean failure to not only the show/movie, but also the financial investment (studio, media advertisement, merchandising, futures tie ins etc) as an actor you are known as the cash cow; marketing earns money of your back. A show that may have the prospect of longevity, does not want to damage itself, bolting before it’s been released from the stocks. Nor does the movie want to cripple itself financially, before it’s even released to the public. So yes, a 'private’ relationship between two actors can cause a huge headache for both investors, studios and networks trying to push an investment and again I will stress TV shows or movies are financial investments as are the actors, whose faces 'market’ that investment.

You’re only as good as your last performance.
Many believe that you have a choice, fans seem to think you can March right into the board of directors, demand they allow you to live your life, that they cannot tell you want to do with your private life as it belongs to you - wrong, so very wrong. Everything about an actor belongs to a studio. Your public life is a performance, your private life should never be seen. You are a piece of clothing, to be promoted, advertised, displayed and sold to the highest bidder…as long as your agent and manager get as much money as you are worth out of it, of course.
This is unfortunately the black and white, you need to earn money, they need to earn money, the studio or network of studios need money and financial investors need the money they put into the project they invested heavily in, in order to create a profit and success. Romantising in a different light does not work, simply because it’s not reality. Your 'private’ relationship is the difference between success and failure. Off screen romances are a huge no no, your agent, manager, studio want nothing more than it to remain hidden from the public. Studio bosses will be sweating with clauses you many have broken, NDAs are scrutinised and checked to make sure no leaking to the media happens…it’s a financial noose around a studios neck, particularly a very young TV show or the beginning of a movie franchise with the hope of more movies to come.

So…this is why a couple, who no fault of their own, but human nature, fall in love on set, off set - in the privacy of their own private bubble…find themselves in a situation were they cannot disclose what really is going on. Instead play the dumb 'we are best friends, best buddies, supportive and deeply fond of each other’ card. Except body language tells a different story.

The wonderful world of a 'PR’ relationship.
A relationship with nothing to hide. Happy to walk arm and arm down a busy street, go shopping together, get seen at wineries or dinner in an exclusive well known restaurant. Go to public events together or are simply seen as nothing short of 'fake Ken and Barbie’ it’s all to do with image, with promotion and little to do with personality. A good PR agent will see the opportunity of promoting careers, help image, get work. It’s all to do with networking a story, get the media chatting, all along its just a performance. Friends yes, they would need to have some kind of razor or slight chemistry to pull it off. Although there have been a few awkward ones in the passed where neither looked entirely happy to be with each other and yet were supposedly selling a sizzling romance? You also get others behind it; work colleagues, people with clout in the industry, well known faces or names to support this 'showmance’ and yes it has been done in the past, to act as someone’s 'beard’ (ie to cover up the truth) mainly due to the actors sexual orientation or (despise the use of the word gay) relationship with another… they are easier to spot, its always promoted in such a way to get it out there, it doesn’t gradually appear, it just gets put into the public eye in a way that just screams 'too much’

Don’t believe me? How many recent romances, indeed horribly ended marriages have happened due to PR? How many look at a recent paparazzi saturation of a couple, who just looks 'too convenient, too set up, short lived’ to not want you to roll your eyes so far to the back of your head? I can name a few famous singers, whose agency promotes that kind of romance; when an album or single is about to drop, or the eye candy at the time has a movie needing a lot of promotion? As I said PR romances or showmances happen all the time. Self serving for a period of time and then it’s time to move on. No self respecting actor wants their private life splashed across the media. Have fan sites dedicated to pap photos taken of them when they don’t want to been seen. Get hounded by endless questions by parasites (photographers freelance) at airports, calling your name, insulting the person you are linked with by nasty comments to get a reaction from you. That unfortunately is what happens when your 'private’ life is 'out there’ but a PR relationship they are humorous with. They, like other keen sighted people know it’s just for show, so don’t really make much of a fuss over it. It’s titillation, because they (media) know it won’t last for long…they never do.

So before you join a fandom of a movie or TV show, think long and hard of what you are about to get yourself into. There will be tears, there will be tantrums. And unless the object or objects of your desire are already married to each other or another person, then the likely interest will be purely on the cannon story arc and not off screen romances. But then again, frenzied fans see that as a challenge to ship the couple regardless and hate on their real life husband or wife, but that’s going down an even more darker path of fantasy. Or as it has happened in the past, marriages are tested when working very close with your co star, and unfortunately end. Sad but true - that’s just life…I suppose.



These books were pulled from the stock because they’re in English and we don’t sell English.. BUT–! They’re also really kinda cool: They’re nothing but British women’s fashion plates from 1828-9 and 1843-4.

The question all of you out there is whether it be helpful or interesting for anyone for there to be a side-blog to post a bunch of these plates? 

(These kinda-crappy photos are just from a phone camera but I can easily take better photos with a better camera.)

I think people from these fandoms might be interested? : les mis, jane austen, american civil war (maaaybe if it’s a figure’s youthhood or something)

…There’re probably other fandoms from ~1820 to ~1850 that I don’t know about too.

Anyway, just checking for interest. Might do it anyway, but wanted to see what other people had to think first.


Social Contract Theory and Fandom Libertarianism

An essay in which I finally get to put my political science degree to work

So I was out walking my dog this morning and ruminating over why I have such a hard time with the conversations in fandom that seem to assume that the only two options when it comes to content are “all fan works must be pure vanilla innocence” and “all criticism is policing and evil.” To be clear, I think both extremes are, well, extreme and lacking nuance. But since I don’t actually see a whole lot of “no one can write characters doing anything wrong” in my corner of fandom (although I’m aware that plenty of it exists other places), I was much more interested in trying to figure out what bugs me so much about the “policing is the greatest evil in fandom” side of things.

Here’s the epiphany I had — people on that extreme end of things bother me because they sound so much like libertarians, much like a lot of us see echoes of fundamentalist purity culture on the other end. And then I got excited because once upon a time I was a political science major and now I get to take my epiphany and my degree and talk about social contract theory like the giant nerd I am :)

Strap in, folks; this got crazy long.

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Dan seemed quite calm and had that post vacation vibe about him today and it was exactly what I needed. Also, what did you think of his fandom rant/you tube rant/ I don't really care I just want to hear your opinions?

i thought it was an interesting moment bc he starts off sort of stating his general opinion off the cuff that fandoms are inherently annoying because a bunch of people collectively being enthusiastic about things is annoying to any outsider, and i think he thought it was funny at first when someone messaged saying that we (the phandom) are also annoying. but i feel like after a moment he backpedals and then throws some MAJOR shade about people who hate on fandoms and probably the phandom in particular (that bit starts here if u want to watch back).  it’s like he’s about to move on from the topic after just laughing about the general nature of fans being annoying but then he’s like hOLD UP, actually!!!! and then i LOVE his comments after? he talks about how ppl being annoyed by fandom is probably more indicative of the nature of the person who’s feeling annoyed than it is indicative of the nature of fandom itself. he kind of makes it a point to talk about how actually fandom is just a bunch of people making a community for themselves and having a lot of fun and how if someone takes issue with that maybe theyre just insecure or jealous bc they dont have a space like that themselves. and i think this is so revealing on a lot of levels, the most obvious being that dan just Gets fandoms, having been on the internet and dabbled in fannish pursuits himself. but also imo this is dan kind of responding in his own subtle way to all of the people who have issues with him and phil and any other popular ‘mainstream’ youtuber (or media in general, whether its ariana grande or whatever) PURELY bc of their fan base. there’s a whole slew of people who take his and phil’s careers less seriously or not seriously at all because their success is founded upon what is perceived to be the rabid support of ‘fangirls’ who, obviously, are just collectively derided and disliked by a lottttt of people (be it other creators on the platform or just outsiders in general to youtube overall) due to a deep-seated misogyny for teenage girls first of all, but also an insistence that if anyone likes anything en masse then it must be vapid/dumb and the ppl who like it must all be completely stupid and shallow and not interested in anything w intellectual merit etc. etc.. and i think this was dan’s little way of saying like nah yall bitches are just jealous that you and your content have not been able to engender this sort of community and enthusiasm and excitement amongst your viewers and if youre annoyed by seeing fandoms come into existence and contribute to the success of certain entertainers or media, then its on yOU to examine why exactly you have a problem with that, and also you are probably bitter and insecure. i fucking live for that kind of shade and dan taking pride in what he and phil have given rise to with the phandom. it’s not rly even about him validating the existence of this community, but rather him validating the success of his career and phil’s too, bc finding success out of your appeal to large numbers of women/girls/young people is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing that should devalue that success in the first place. so yeah i was just rly rly proud of that addition to his answer. 

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i feel you so tough when it comes to season S3. I'm trying to limit the time I think about it, which actually is sort of a catch-22 because now it seems to approaching faster than ever /: I always knew the fandom ignored Allura, but im only now starting to see how little they appreciate Shiro. I feel like he's not going to be in this season much at all and most people are ok with that. Guess this fandom only cares about using him as shipping fodder

man i know this is salty but… listen. it is SO HARD being a Shiro stan in this fandom. SO HARD. and the run up to S3 has been especially difficult. because not only have we had to deal with the marketing team yanking our chain yet again with the old “oh HO HO will Shiro DiE?!? wHO kNoWs hahahaha!!” bullshit, we’ve also had to sit through the fandom merrily discussing who gets to replace him.

and i get that from a narrative point of view, Shiro’s absence (either temporary or permanent) is a great opportunity for other characters to grow and develop and maybe take on different roles… but at the same time it feels so tasteless to me because my sole focus going into S3 has been: “is Shiro okay? is he coming back? what’s he up to? how/when will he come back to the team? what will be his role when he does?” whereas the focus of a lot of other people seems to be “HERE’S WHY MY PERSONAL FAVE DESERVES THE BLACK LION!!! Shiro whomstve?? I don’t know her ANYWAY ______ FOR BLACK PALADIN UNFOLLOW IF YOU DISAGREE”

and i’m just like… could you… at least pretend to be upset that Shiro is gone?

you’ve caught me in a mood upswing today and i’m feeling a bit more positive about Shiro’s role in the show and the prospect of him swiftly returning - and part of why i think the show won’t do him dirty is because Shiro is actually a GREAT character. he’s GREAT. i don’t get why people don’t appreciate him more??? he’s amazing???? listen:

  • an Asian man (Japanese) who is portrayed as tall and buff and attractive
  • a traumatised character whose trauma is addressed in the show and portrayed in a sensitive light
  • has a canon mental illness, including having flashbacks and panic attacks on screen
  • an amputee
  • STILL gets to go on adventures and fly a magical robot Lion
  • is portrayed not only as an important member of the team, but the LEADER of the team
  • multiple characters in-canon reinforce that he’s their leader and they don’t want to replace him:
    • Keith: “You mean you’ve got your bayard.”
    • Allura: “You are the Black Paladin now, not Zarkon.”
    • Lance: “Shiro’s our awesome leader.”
  • a disabled character who is physical and competent and excels at fighting
  • a traumatised, mentally ill character who:
    • leads a team
    • has fun and enjoys himself
    • supports his friends and is the glue that holds the team together
    • is appreciated, loved, and admired by his team mates
    • is never treated like a liability or a burden on others

Shiro as a character is HUGELY important and he’s great rep for a lot of people - one of the reasons why i attach to him so much is because as a traumatised, mentally ill fan who has panic attacks and anxiety, i rarely get to see good characters like me on screen. but he’s also just flat out an interesting character. he’s a fundamentally good and kind person who is nevertheless capable of great depths of anger and acts of violence. he’s a great leader but he’s also often confused and dorky. he switches between inspiring speeches and making laser gun noises and when he didn’t know how to form Voltron he legit actually in all seriousness built a cheerleader pyramid out of the Lions and he would do anything for his friends and he’s just… so great.

and he’s got that missing year!! we still don’t know what happened to him?!? like what did Haggar do to him?!? we don’t know!! there’s so much left to discover!! does he have family back on Earth? what was he like before his imprisonment? did he fight any other gladiators in the arena?

and his bond with the Black Lion!! it’s amazing!!! he bonded with her so quickly! and fought Zarkon on the astral plane for her!! they’re so close?!? and he could do the nosedive bonding exercise on his first try?!? he’s so great at being a Paladin?!?!?!??

i think it would be quite frankly bizarre for the writers to give Shiro so much complexity and work to actually establish him as an interesting, fleshed-out, multidimensional character… and then sideline him without really digging into his character and exploring his history and seeing what he and the Black Lion can do together. it doesn’t really make sense to spend two seasons building him up as such a complex interesting character… only to bench him and let him sit back in the Castle doing nothing.

tl;dr: i agree with you that a lot of fandom seems to glance right over Shiro as a character and ignore how interesting he is. i think it’s partly because he’s older, so some fans just categorise him as “boring adult authority figure” and leave it at that. and i think that to some fans, he mainly exists as one half of a ship - that’s certainly something i’ve noticed browsing the tags. and honestly part of the reason why i started running the bloofyboy blog is because i wanted to show fandom another side of Shiro: the dorky goofy fun side; the always-confused-and-struggling side; the “i need an adultier adult” side. because Shiro is great and he’s so important and he’s deep and complex and we haven’t even begun to explore everything he can offer to this story and i would really like to see more of him, please and thank you Dreamworks. 

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hello! i have been a fan of the archie sonic comics for quite some time. there’s been one thing in the fandom that’s been pressed for a while. one im very dedicated to. i absolutely loved the archie sonic comics, and im sad to see them go, but im also excited to see what you bring us!

onto one small thing the fandom has been thinking about.

for the longest time, sally and sonic were dating. this dates back to the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (SatAM) where they were also a couple. This has led to much debate before, people who wanted Amy to be Sonic’s lover were fighting those who liked Sally. Sadly, while Sally had her own interesting traits, as both a strong princess and the true leader of the Freedom Fighters, she was mainly seen as “Sonic’s Girlfriend” and nothing more.

Then, SEGA, trying to stop these shipping wars, told all the companies working with them one small rule: Don’t have Sonic officially have a girlfriend.

So, the soft reboot in the Archie Sonic comics happen, and Sally and Sonic aren’t dating anymore. Cool, alright. However, despite this, people STILL just saw Sally as Sonic’s girlfriend.

You’re probably starting with a fresh, clean slate. I BEG you to keep big characters who were comic-exclusive afloat (Sally Acorn, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Bunnie D’Coolete, Antoine D’Coolete, etc.} as many people DO love these characters, and the thought of never seeing them again is quite disheartening.

And with Sally, you’ll have her as a semi-new character. Still with all her traits, although she’s not dating Sonic anymore. So, if you guys DID want to have a big couple Sally could be in, its a challenging thought. But you guys have the ABILITY to give her another partner, try to detach from the concept of Sally just being Sonic’s girlfriend. Maybe even do new, giant, radical things that would change the perspective of your guys’ comics in a big way.

And there’s one character, Sally’s best friend, who has so many small hints to being in love with this now-single Sally.

These two’s connection, Sally’s and Nicole’s, have been connected heavily, especially after the soft reboot. You can say that I’m just a shipper, but there’s a lot more than that. I myself am a lesbian, and there’s so little representation for girls like me in comics and other sources. It’s getting better, yes, but it’s still disappointing to see how little I can relate to characters and their experiences with love.

I see myself in Nicole’s and Sally’s interactions, and many other girls who are lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc. do too. There’s already lots of things that connect them in a way that’s more than “just friends”, and you guys are the one thing that could possibly remove Sally’s stigma of “Just Sonic’s Girlfriend” away, while making many comic industries also consider adding more LGBT+ representation in their comics.

And if you want more, Ian Flynn, in his podcast, has stated that Sally and Nicole being in a romantic relationship could be a good idea, if it weren’t for the fanbase and their stigma towards Sally.

You don’t have to make her attracted to Nicole, but she’d be an easy and plausible choice, but if you guys add new characters, there could sure be more things to see and come by. I hope you take this into consideration, if you see this.

Signed, your local desperate lesbian.

Been thinking alot about how fandom really focuses on Sansa and ‘lying’. To me, it is very overstated and overfocused considering Sansa never lies with malicious intent to hurt people. Sure, how she shapes and interprets reality in A Game Of Thrones especially with the Trident Incident is important (where she falsely recalls Mycah hitting Joffrey) is important, but it’s not the be end all of the character. How Sansa grows and changes is also vital. Here, I’ll try to make clear that lying is not one of Sansa’s ‘flaws’, she is human and is not perfect but holding her lies against her doesn’t really work.

I don’t mind discussion about how lying impacts on Sansa, and the role in plays within her story- my problem is when people use that as a reason to be against her character.

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“Oh shit, a fandom that de-sexualizes teenage girls, that’s SO wrong ! If all the female characters are no longer considered like potential loves interest, where is the world going ?!”

This post made me laugh. I feel that you are really trying to give the impression that you care about women in the show.
I will explain to you why all this is wrong. You’ll be free to tell me where you think I’m wrong, but with arguments only. I think it’s a kind of open letter….

1-Women are constantly sexualized

In advertisements, movies, series, books, everywhere. Women are constantly sexualized, and that: from the youngest age (contest of mini-miss, always being the love interest in the kids show, etc). The Voltron fandom is composed mostly of young women, still adolescent. The average age must be between 15 and 17 years (Including my little sister. So i’m very protective). Your reproach of de-sexualizing female characters to which they are (necessarily) identified themselve is something that you shouldn’t do. It is even wrong to do so (and acephobe…). If they don’t want to sexualize them, if they want to consider them as female characters before potential love interest, that’s their choice, their sensitivity. You criticize something you can’t really understand. You are surely a man who isn’t used to seeing every single male characters turn into lovers before the end of a series or a movie. That’s the case of female character. Every single one is a love interest. From a very young age, the media put them in mind that a woman must be the sensitive person of the team with feelings for the hero (even if the hero doesn’t necessarily realize it). If nowadays, now that they are teenagers, they don’t want to see a sexualized female character. That is their choice.

Pidge is 15 and is more interested in computers than people. Where is the problem to not ship her with anyone (and please, she’s 15, don’t sexualise her) ? Allura IS the heroine, the choice to not sexualize her is the most ambitious because (all women know it from the start of the show) she’ll be the one that’ll become the love interest of a male character before the end of the show. To finish: the Lotor’s general… Is it wrong to not sexualize women with their boss ? For my part I’ll answer no, but maybe I’m too adult and professional to think that way ?

2- You use this argument to make believe that the fandom is invaded by yaoi fans and not because you’re interested in the female representation (time to be honnest)

And I’m sorry to announce that the fandom is not invaded by yaoi fan (sorry to break your dreams … in reality I’m not sorry, it’s time for someone to break your prejudices). I think you’re in a kind of personal war against Klance or Sheith, or any other homoromantic couple and I think you really should turn off your computer or just block the tag. I don’t ship either (before you start to make ideas), I am even rather adept of Allurance, their relationship is very good in the last season. But you, you are at a point where you seek at all costs to discredit the people who ship these homosexuals pairs by hypocrisy. You have to know that as a rule, heterosexual couples are as popular as homosexual couples. Maybe Kallura isn’t very popular (because of many reasons), but Shallura is much more popular (and despite all the ages discourses). Pance also has a good fan group and I’m not even talking about Allurance, which is gathering more and more followers after this season 3 (like me). To summarize, heterosexual couples are present through the Shallura community (who has tended to be discreet since Allura was officially announced as a teenager). And if they are present, the female characters are well sexualized in the sense that you wright it …
And this is where everything becomes funny and we realize that you have absolutely nothing to do with feminine representation.
Let’s talk about the Lotor’s generals. That’s true that few people ship the boss with the four Galra, on the other hand … The couple Ezor / Acxa is rather popular …. Well well, seen that they are sexualized between women and that’s a homosexual couple, it doesn’t count ? And Shayllura ? Alluridge ? No, we forget all of that, they are only de-sexualized anomalies. Or rather, de-sexualized in relation to men.

It is true that there are more fans of Klance than Kallura for example, but denying the presence of other ships that include women (all this to pretend that the fandom is invaded by fujoshi) is not a good thing. And that’s lying. They are present, and they have the right to be present. Many homosexual pairing shippers are multishippers, and they ship heterosexual pairing too (Allurance, Kallura, Shallura, Kidge, Pidgeance, Hidge, Hallura, ShayHunk… Ship what you want) What you think is not the great truth and stops trying to convince everyone that the Voltron’s fandom is invaded by fujoshi (a sexist term for that matter).

3-It’s time to make peace. All ships are canons in this reality or another. And in some realities, the characters are asexuals.

If people (male or female) ship a homosexual couple, you have to respect it and stop decrediting them. It brings nothing. You should respect, you can criticize the ship but always with real arguments and without hate (you have to be open to debate, accept that maybe you’re wrong, always thinks it’s only you’re point of view), not devaluing those who ship it. If you ever see them behaving ostraciously or hatefully you can react, and tell them to stop. Politely and explain to them why it’s wrong to act like that. I feel like repeating myself but the fandom is YOUNG. It’s mostly teenagers, you can’t blame them for loving what they want or feel the need to de-sexualize women. 

Sorry for my English, this is not my first language. I’m just trying to ask you to pay attention to what you say to young people, no offense. De-sexualizing women isn’t a bad thing, especially when we see that they are sexualized everywhere else, and actually, they’re not de-sexualised on the show so…. debates about fanon aren’t really interesting (because you know, it’s fanon, people thinks what they want to thinks).

Ship what you want, love what you want, be respectful with others and have a nice day everybody, and if you don’t want to ship and hope for platonic relationship everywhere, you’re totally free and right to thinks so. 

Now, that the part of the interview about Eren and Armin has been translated, I’d like to give my thoughts on it. I usually don’t like to talk too much about the interviews, since Isayama (just like any other writer) doesn’t want to reveal the plot in the interviews. He can only hint at the things that the manga has already hinted, and it’s the fandom that usually tries to make it sound like Isayama has said something big, even though he didn’t. But this interview is a treasure.

Isayama talked about some scenes between Eren and Armin, in the same way that some of the blogs that I follow have talked about, months/years ago. Isayama basically confirmed a lot of the meta writings that our community wrote, which brings smile to my face.

The scene in ch72 where Eren doesn’t give Armin the response he expected to hear, Isayama said that it was a shock for Armin. It just brings joy to my heart seeing how Isayama is focusing on the moments that Armin/Eremin fans have been talking about for so long, while the majority of the fandom has ignored it, thinking it’s irrelevant.

It was a shock for Armin to see how Eren doesn’t seem to have that dream anymore, because he heard him talking about it during the graduation ceremony, just 3 months prior.

And it’s interesting how Isayama used the words “The end of a dream”, when Eren ignored Armin who wanted to show him the sea shell. It’s basically a confirmation to what we’ve already been talking about many times before, that for Armin, there is no dream about the outside world, if he can’t share it with Eren.

Armin said in ch72 “Let’s start by going to the ocean.” The realization of his dreams were supposed to start at the ocean, but the dream ended there, because he couldn’t share it with Eren.

We always knew that the root of that dream was different for Eren and Armin ever since they were kids, but Armin didn’t knew that. He thought that Eren wanted to see the ocean, and other wonders, for the same reason that he wanted. It’s the one and only time where he misinterpreted Eren’s thoughts.

Eren and Armin aren’t the same in anything, really. They are opposites in many aspects, but they are like the opposite sides of the same coin. Even though the root of that dream was different, they shared the same dream. Similarly, even though the root for why they didn’t get along with the other kids in town was different, and they acted differently (Eren either fought them, or ran away, while Armin never ran away from them), they shared that they didn’t get along with the other kids.

Their friendship didn’t start because of the dream, the dream just made it more powerful. They were already best, and only friends to each other, before Armin ever came to Eren running to him with that book. And after wall Maria was destroyed, they didn’t talk about the outside world for 5 years, and yet Jean thought that they were way too close to each other.

Eren and Armin were always drawn to each other. They never managed to create a bond to anyone else that is near as strong as their bond to each other. They feel incredibly comfortable in each others company. They understand each other better than they understand themselves, and have accepted each other for who they truly are without judgments. They complete each other, just one look in each others eyes can bring peace to their hearts. Their fear vanishes when they are next to each other. They sacrificed themselves, and “died” for each other.

Their childhood friendship lasted for 8 years, from the time when they were 8yo, to the time when they were 16yo. Whatever relationship they happen to have in the future, it won’t be as innocent as before, cause they aren’t kids anymore.

Their “separation” as hinted, suggests that they will take different responsibilities in the military, which won’t allow them to be as close as before. This was hinted in the manga a long time ago. In ch3, Eren suggests to Armin that since he was the best at theoretical courses, that he should work on that. But, because of the dream, Armin joined the SC. Though now Armin probably won’t think that he has that dream anymore.

The veteran SC members are all gone, so 104th squad has to fill the gaps, and EMA should take the responsibility and work in the area that they’re good at. Since Armin is more of a strategist/tactician, I assume he wasn’t as close to Eren and Mikasa in the last three years, since Eren and Mikasa are good at different areas (combat).

The dream itself has ended for now, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Just because they aren’t kids anymore, it doesn’t mean that they can’t dream anymore. Armin’s parents were grown ups and yet they wanted to explore the outside world together. Erwin had a dream until the day he died. I can definitely see Eren bringing back that dream to Armin after the war is over, and make his eyes shine again.

After all, Eren wants to feel free, but there is no freedom for him without Armin. He wanted to see the ocean, and other wonders of the world, because he thought that if he’s able to see it, than it would mean that he’s free, but the thing is that he always wanted to see it with Armin, just like how Armin always wanted to see the ocean, and other wonders of the world, with Eren.