Pixel Commission Info

It’s been brought to my attention that my pixels might gain some interest as commissions here on tumblr for little side images on blogs as well as avatars on different sites. 

Since my main selling point for them was deviantArt, which I’m taking a rather long hiatus from, I thought maybe I might put them up here for those interested. I have fun with them, and hey they’re cute and can liven up any site page c: 

So here we go : 

50 x 50 - Best as avatars for sites that allow this size, or character buttons. (Static ones available on request)
//this sized pixel will stretch if used on tumblr as an avatar. If you wish to use one as an tumblr avatar, I may be willing to do one the right size for $1AUD more. // 
Price: $5AUD

Couple icon example:

Couple icons equal the same price as 2x 50 x 50
Split versions will be made available to you once done. 

150 x 150 - Good for little side images to plaster anywhere. Animation can be more varied than smaller as well as posing. 
Price: $10AUD

Extra character: +$2AUD (max 2 characters per pixel) 

200 x 200 - Bigger images, but still nice enough to plaster in places. Animation and posing can be experimented with.
Price: $20

Extra character: +$2AUD (max 2 characters per pixel)

As usual, I’m flexible with both people and animals / creatures. c: 
If interested, IM me or email me at <3

☬ᵒᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳ˥
   So, a few friends and I have been somewhat talking about a Fallout: RWBYverse. We don’t really have much decided, as it’s a very brand-new idea, but I figured I would do an interest check, for those who might fancy themselves a fallout verse in their arsenal. So go ahead, like and share if you would love becoming involved in this developing universe, and we’ll see you around!
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Flight Rising Commission Interest Check

So, Joker from Flight Rising here, I was thinking about opening headshot commissions for dragons, and maybe other creatures, but mostly dragons. Edit: cost May range from 75 to 100k on them, I’m unsure I haven’t done treasure commissions before.

Like or Reblog if interested please.

They would look like this:

—————— 01/16/2014 Due to surprising and overwhelming interest and since FR Is up and running again, after I get off work today, I will be opening up Dragon Bust Commissions, they will be running from 75 to 100k. Based on complexity of apparel and genes. I will quote you a price on your commission and you pay upon completion, only three slots will be available at a time, one dragon per slot, first come first served. I will likely be opening them sometime around 9 or 10 pm central standard time. Thank you all for your support I’ll be seeing you and all your wonderful dragons soon. -Joker on FR
Bigger, Longer, Interest Check

Hey guys!~ So within the next month or so we’re planning to start up a larger South Park ask blog where we will be acting as Stan (Admin Craig) and Kyle (Admin Tweek). 

Characters we’re looking to include will be: The Main 4, Craig’s Gang, Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Butters Stotch, and maybe others. 

We’re also going to be joined by our friend @katze-stan-marsh who will be our Wendy/Wendyl (and potentially others). 

This blog will be much more plot/story driven and will be home to a variety of new pairings (however Creek will still be present)! We were just wondering how many of you would be interested in this blog and would love any suggestions for what you might like to see in it. 

Comissions opening soon!

Hello, Tumblr! My last exam is this Friday, and I’ve been meaning to open them for very long, so hopefully I’ll finally be able to between the end of this week and the next! There are a few things I need extra money for and it could be a great opportunity. This is an interest check for me to plan the slots that will be opened beforehand- comissions are not yet open!

For examples of my art, you can check my main DeviantArt Gallery, my  tumblr art tag, my pony Ask Blog if that’s your thing (Chrono story / Reference examples), and my Flight Rising art tag in my FR sideblog for some dragon examples. 

I’ll recieve payment via PayPal and the cheapest price will be 5€. Prices haven’t really been worked on for now, but if you’re interested in getting art from me and would like an aproximate price you can email me at to discuss and clear out any doubts you may have.

Thanks for your interest! <3

Saturday question

It’s Saturday! I have a couple hours where I don’t have to be on call, it’s great!

So a large part of why I haven’t been producing much in the way of video lately is because of day job picking up, and video is very time consuming. But blogging, less so - If I were to do blog-style recaps of the More Than Meets the Eye comic (like nellachronism’s been doing for Tiger’s Curse, only not hate-reading), would that interest folks?


After watching shade infections claim the lives of many of their clanmates, Lucille and Elliot have taken it upon themselves to hunt down any shade touched beings who escape from the Hewn City. Somewhat of a local legend, whether these two are vigilantes or murderers is the subject of many debates. 

NEW PAIR, WHO WANTS A PING? Sitting on 3 eggs right now, probably cherub/fly/glim shadow/soil/beige skydancers. Probably in the 350g ballpark because let me tell you, these guys were difficult to get ahold of. 

Also imagine the famiily drama if one of their babies was shade touched. Somebody buy one and make that happen. Write a tragic backstory.