Otro ejemplo es el del gobio de Luther, un pez, y una gamba ciega. La gamba excava una madriguera con sus fuertes patas y permite que el pez la ocupe también. A cambio, éste actúa como lazarillo, guiando a la gamba en la búsqueda de alimento. La gamba toca con sus antenas la cola del pez y éste la mueve cuando detecta algún peligro: en ese caso, los dos se retiran hacia la madriguera.

A Rescued Piglet And Kitten Are Best Friends, And It’s Totally Adorable

This is Laura, a rescued piglet, and her BFF, Marina, a rescued kitty.  They were rescued within a few days of each other by the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary) in Santiago, Chile, and now they’re adorably inseparable.

Laura and Marina just love to take naps, and cuddle, but even when they’re not cuddling, they stay close together, like BFFs should.



Santuario Igualdad Interespecie

Salvador was born in a dairy farm. For the dairy industry, male calves are unwanted since they don’t produce milk. For a male calf in a dairy farm, there are only two options: be killed the day they’re born, or be kept alive for around 4 months in miserable conditions to then be sent to slaughter and be turned into veal. Salvador would have been a victim of the second option. The moment he was born, he was separated from his mother and was obligated to live in a 2x2 wooden box. He was barely given food and during his first two weeks of life he had to sleep, live, and eat over his own urine and feces. This is all he knew of the world. Salvador was weak, malnourished, and had an infection that caused him diarrhea. His spirits were low, until one day he was rescued by ONG AnimalLibre. Thanks to the treatment of the veterinarians and the emotional care given, he recuperated. He regained both the energy and hope for life. When he arrived to Interspecies Equality Sanctuary, you could see by his eyes, the happiness he felt to have escaped the dairy farm. Today he attempts to explore everything around him and appreciates every ray of sunshine. He values every second of freedom. Little by little he’s left his fear behind. The caretakers of the sanctuary were so impressed that despite the fact that he was damaged by the treatment of humans, Salvador held no grudges and has allowed them to take care of him. Salvador currently resides at Santuario Igualdad Interspecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary) in Santiago, Chile.