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Do any other animals work out in the way humans do?

That’s an interesting question and I think first it’s important to consider the reasons humans work out in the first place. Lets be real, most humans like to build up muscle mass for aesthetic reasons, or people work out to lose weight often gained due to the abundance of food we have or our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. 

The problems mentioned above are exclusive to humans. In the wild, animals are constantly hunting which helps them to stay fit. Food is not in abundance, so these animals need to be cautious about conserving energy. Just excercising for the sake of excercising like we humans do, burns too much calories. For animals, this energy is best preserved for hunting/reproducing etc. 

That being said, animals do engage in play and I don’t know if that is similar to humans playing sports recreationally?

If anyone else knows anything about this pls add to this post, I am interesed too!