Então nós chegamos de patrulha, eu tomei banho, me troquei e você ainda não decidiu o filme? Se não decidir rápido acabaremos com Jason colocando algum de ação ou Tim descobrindo o final logo no começo do filme. Precisamos de uma boa opção que até mesmo Damian Wayne aprove. É aniversário dele e ele precisa sair um pouco da asa do Bruce.

Panda Pause Ep. 68 Anti-Dev

Welcome everyone to Panda Pause. Panda Pause is a podcast where we take a moment and pause to interview a artist or writer from various communities, interests and backgrounds with an emphasis, but not limited to, the furry community. We upload every Sunday with round-table discussion every Thursday. I’m your host Mickey Bamboo and join me as we listen to everyone’s stories.

So let me introduce you guys to another amazing guy and artist I got the chance to talk to. Anti-Dev, @antidev is most well known for his comic Brogulls, @brogulls but that’s actually his second comic, not to mention all the rest of his great art pieces and projects. Do take a listen and I hope you guys have as much fun as I had with this interview!

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This has been a great series and its been so cool watching all the work and seeing all the people come together to help out as much as they can. I’m very proud to be a part of this internet family. I have made some of the most amazing friends and done so many things I would never have done before joining Have a Hart.

I have grown as a person and helped so many people along the way. Please check out these links (x) (x) to find a Have a Hart Day near you and join in on this fun. YOU WILL NOT REGRET A MOMENT OF IT (well maybe one or two but those are mainly ‘why do i talk to these people they are such dorks’ moments. Nothing to worry about)

I want to say thank you @mydrunkkitchen @ever4lar and the Auckland city captain @boring-talk for helping me become who I am today

man cishet aces who say they aren’t straight because “straight means heteroSEXUAL!! you can’t be asexual and heterosexual!!” are really throwing their heterosexual aromantic friends under the bus like damn,,,y’all claim to be supportive of each other and then you completely abandon one straight identity so that you can argue that your equally straight identity is somehow Better and Queerer than the other like,,y’all are transparent as fuck