• Wanda Maximoff, on a date:So what do you think of Vision?
  • Date:Meh, he's ok I guess? Not as cool as the other Avengers though
  • Wanda Maximoff, shoving breadsticks into an interdimentional pocket:sorry but i have to leave right now immediately

“Cavos Cavum” by U-Ram Choe

this fascinating sculpture pulses as if breathing and flutters it’s little wing-spores in it’s sleep. According to Choe, it’s a sleeping guardian of a hole to another world, letting loose spores from it’s wings so the other holes will have guardians to look after them. Choe’s site seems to be broken, but here is a link to io9’s article on the peice and the source for this post links to the gallery’s site (which features some beautiful sketches of the clockwork sculpture).

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Published on Mar 11, 2012 by tsaklar

PLS READ!! It may even make you laugh! Now I fully understand of all of the testimony I have provided the reptilian references may be of the most difficult to swallow; but in tying the similarities & anomalies present daily on broadcasts it will hopefully spark an interest for others to pursue the phenomena a bit more closely as there is definitely something just not right about this.

First just some quick context -references to these types of entities goes as far back to our earliest civilized ancestors, the Sumerians, whom were a culture who leapfrogged the rest of the world - creating the first form of written txts; cylindrical rollers used for writing. It’s important to provide some base context about this ancient culture whom pioneered concepts of literature, agriculture, commerce, scientific study, pottery, plumbing, clothing, domestication of animals, instruments-and possibly most remarkably of all documented precise detail of how us humans came to be via genetic engineering (mutation). Oh & they say we were created to be used as a slave-race; but would a conqueror such as they describe really layout their intention to break into the natural course of the human spirit, wreak total havoc on the global population, etc, with purpose to hijack the entire planet & make use of its most precious resource, humans, in a much more demonic methods than simply being slaves? Lastly about the Sumerians they mapped out precise details of our Solar System – all planets aligned in orbit around the sun at precise destinations. Yes they knew the sun was in the center of the Solar System. Yes they knew all planets were round. Yes they knew there was an asteroid belt & of the rings of Saturn. Ok so wait a minute a culture over 5000 years old had knowledge of all of this? How come this wasn’t in any of our history classes?

The Sumerians refer to a race of beings called the Anunnaki, those from which the heavens came, who manipulated the human species genetically to come up with a version that best suited their needs. Again how is it a culture so long ago knew about DNA, even the double-helix, & told a “tale” about how modern day man was created in this process by an advanced race of beings? They even had a name for this genetically engineered human calledthe “Adamu” who was manufactured & delivered to E-Den. Really – a reference to Adam & the Garden of Eden 4,000 yrs before Christ? Yes this is all true & even when I mention it to folks who don’t know the typical response is, “wow, that’s really interesting!”. But am I really in a minority that information such as this compels me to want to look much further in seeking truths? There is clear hard-core evidence that this culture understood our entire Solar system, planetary size-proportions & alignments , etc.. Yet Wikipedia shows Pluto being first discovered in 1936? And that the world was discovered to be round in the late 1800’s? Hmm what’s going on here, & I find it a bit humorous that a new planet was discovered in our solar system after my grandparents were born (Pluto) yet the idea that another planet may yet exist is ludicrous? Of course it’s not. I only see 2 possible scenarios for how this ancient culture held such deep in our celestial space. 1 -the Sumerians developed technology to either send satellite images back to earth or fly throughout the solar system without leaving any evidence of such tech behind; or 2 – they were enlightened with this knowledge. And yet when most people first learn about this the initial response is, “wow, that’s neat!”??

The magnitude of this is staggering, & when you factor in the Ancient Asian cultures, Mayan, Native American, African tribes & Zulu, etc all shared similar stories about an advanced race of beings, many known as the Serpent gods, who held a hand in establishing modern man while instilling common practices across all in praise, control, offering sacrifice, & that one day this race of beings would return.

So there you have it – this video is not intended to persuade anyone that these entities exist as in no way should anyone make such judgment by simply watching a video on Youtube. But there is so much information out there that makes the case very compelling. David Icke’s got some great stuff; Jordan Maxwell; oh & tsaklar (with more to come :). And remember don’t be deterred by simply the terminology of “Reptilian”. It’s just a mad-made definition & it is what these entities represent that matters….demons, Djiin…reptilian….inter-dimensional. But the whole licking of the lips & blinking does indicate some physical difference in our subconscious behaviors. I could see lizards having these traits as well as the more spikey/jagged teeth. And they certainly attempted to manipulate me away from any path that took a more scientific/reptilian route, but hey – all of the above are demons to me. Please see for more. Cheers.

It feels so great to be back in this dimension.

The dimension here that us living human-animals are in now is such an easy, simple little world. I know it has it’s problems and downsides, but it is far more easy to exist here than the next dimension we go to after leaving these vessels(bodies). The place I went last night was terrifying, and it was definitely a real place. An infinite organic-seeming yellow wall similar to the structure of a honeycomb, but definitely was not a honeycomb nor were there any bees or honey there. Only pure consciousness, all trapped in that giant wall. Each consciousness in there was of someone or thing that lived and died. I knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, everything from the past of everyone and everything, and also everything about the future of everyone and everything. Infinite knowledge of everyone that haven’t even lived yet, and everyone that ever lived before. But this knowledge couldn’t simply be put into words, questions could neither be asked nor answered, all the knowledge was an emotion. Infinite knowledge. It was all just felt, known fully, but only felt. In that dimension, wet-dry, hot-cold, none of that even came close to mattering. We have no bodies there. No senses other than raw emotion. There, we cannot speak, act, or express. There is no sleep, no stopping the thoughts or knowledge.. As I finally began to go back into my own body and regain some control, I kept saying the word “pocket” no matter how hard I tried to say “body”. I finally pulled myself out of the other dimension and began to feel my body and earthly senses again. It was so amazing to be back in a place that has the simple ability to touch and feel, I curled into a ball on that comfortable chair I was in, so thankful to be back. As half of me was still in full knowledge of the other dimension, I moved to the floor to feel more grounded. I saw a guitar pick and a small wadded up piece of paper near me on the floor, and said aloud as I picked them both up: “Thank the Universe for this simple dimension, something as simple as trash or whatever dropped on the floor. The simple ability to be able to bend down, reach out, and grasp whatever is on the ground or floor and pick it up. In the other dimension, had there been something ‘on the floor’, we would have only infinite knowledge of it, and no matter what, no ability at all to pick it up. We could only know about it for infinity.” In the dimension I was in, I maybe was there for a hundred years, maybe even 150 thousand years, maybe millions. I don’t know if it was limbo. There may have been more infinite walls. I’m pretty sure I saw glimpses of a couple other dimensions but I have no knowledge or any way of explaining them. I’m so glad to be back in this dimension again. Everything is completely back to normal only I have new vast knowledge that no words can ever describe. This demension doesn’t have words like that. 


Thanking pictures of my newest drawing! it was alot of fun its from one of my stories Im gonna put the first verses of it here its of the dracobus prince Karlin

Taxi Grave Yard

Born in the raging hurricane of fire, smoke, and writhing histories was the long span of hatred between the incubus, and dragon clans. This cultural separation spanned generations of   the Hellion dimension’s Alchemic time. Time within this realm is not easily read because the dimension is partially nonphysical in nature. In the clans home dimension, they coldly scorn the each other’s race. Due to a reason that is lost to the humans knowing, because both clans never wrote it down in a fashion easily reached. Both races are oral story tellers, and only they only speak of their cultural rift to their offspring at a time when the young become mature enough to carry the generational burden. The humans of the dimension were always the ones who were at the mercy of both clans and they were the defenseless race.


One day the humans did something both clans would have never had guessed…they found a way out. The humans of the dimension found an alchemic rip that they could summon at certain times. This information was hidden in secret, it was found in the ancient language of the dragon’s text, and it was translated over thousands of years, until the translation was finished. The humans were leaving slowly the two clans were in great anger and fear because they used the human’s and in a way needed them for their own indulgent faceless ness. To look at themselves and what they had done with their races would be too hard to admit. Both clans understood this, and made an unspoken twenty-year lift of the treaty where both races could interact freely after eons of time. The Draco Incubus War ensued the main goal was to find a way to stop the human’s from leaving. Because of the up-lifted treaty both races could learn and converse freely. Love grew between some individuals of the two races, and a great amount of dracobuses were born. Before the treaty this never happened in their history on such a mass scale. Even though the two races could meet freely it was against the treaty to have children together. Most halflings, also called dracobuses wander or were killed because they were rejected as a race. Additionally, their world was so large and there were so few of them they rarely found each other.

 The new race wasn’t found out to be such a great number until after the twenty year war. The dracobus race was very young thy mainly had normal life when the treaty was up lifted because it was mainly unnoticed they were out casted and their parents returned to their respected clans but met with their children in periods. The race was protected by the king of the dragons Almund and every one feared him not many knew his true nature. They were also protected by the succubus queen Celica she was feared for her power, authority, strength, and stealthy nature. The two leaders met in the shadow of silver stained moons during the twenty year war they fell within a deep imprinted love they had a dracobus daughter and son. This affair served as the dracobuses guaranteed protection and to their parents. Rumor has the two leaders may one day not be able to keep this promise that there hearts have grown to soft to endure the raging harshities of the Hellion dimension. The two leaders wondered were to put the young race, which they considered now their children. In Hellion a part of a world dropped down and bled into their dimensional existence a place from a human city a junk yard full of broken taxis and human lore. The parents and children went out to build a community that the dracobuses could call their own and so A dimension dropped down bled into their dimensional existence a place from a human city a junk yard full of broken taxis and human lore. The parents and children built a community the dracobuses could call their own and so starts the story of the forbidden race.

The only written knowledge is in the dragon kings royal library

The treaty is to keep peace between both races because of their long history of bloodshed.

FAO: Thesecretlifeofpyris

I’ve been working on trying to re-open the “third eye”, and I just had the best post “fun-induced-giggle-fit” vision ever.

Looking against a brilliant white background, there were small black dots everywhere,reaching back as far as I could make out, as if looking directly along a hair-thick straight line. And a small black creature that resembled a seahorse as if made from a single black strand of hair. It was so beautiful, I could see the yellow bedroom walls as well, but it was like this reality was merging with somewhere else.

The weirdest part was the rippling portal on the ceiling, it was rectangular, with a single tear-shaped drop coming out of the pool, although it looked like it was a screenshot of what happens when a droplet lands in water, except it was trying (unsuccessfully) to go the wrong way. The oddest thing was that the portal/pool had ripples. But they weren’t coming out circular from the droplet, they were rectangular.

Ideas? Comments? Queries?

Edit: Oh yeah, and my hands felt fizzy (for lack of a better word) when I reached out to touch anything in the vision.

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"It's cold and windy and dark, and we've got nothing to— THAT'S MY CHICKEN!" ( littlesoundsof-flux, omg hi. )

“It’s your…. interdimentional chicken.” Nano replied, feeling rather dumbfounded by the entire situation. How she had wound up in some sort of dreamscape outside of reality with herself, she had no clue. But she went running after the chicken anyway. If worse came to worst and the found no way out, they could always eat it before fighting over who got cannibalised. Wow, that train of thought took a dark turn.

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T-Thenmaybe we could build an interdimentional space-time anomaly remover instead! I like to call it the iSTAR.

“I call it stupid,”