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662: Space Oddity (David Bowie)

Sentient alien satellite orbiting Earth for thousands of years, turning from what was hostile intent to admiration of humanity.

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I Miss You Bowie

So, I just had a dream...

…in which we somehow established a link to an alternate version of Earth. The dream wasn’t about that, so much as it was about learning the difference between our worlds. I don’t really know what my job was, but I was involved in going over there. (Also, for some reason, this other earth was called “outer earth” or “upper earth”.
Anyway, apparently, they didn’t have a problem with global warming, exactly, but actually global cooling. Their sky was sort of purplish, and there was a film in the air that made it smell and taste kinda perfumey. (They thought our air was salty, so go figure). They did a lot of building underground, rather than building up by default.
For some reason, i was best buds with @markiplier, and he was on this mission, too.
Also, they didn’t have dogs.
They were baffled that our ancestors thought it would be a great idea to become best buds with an apex predator and, through selective breeding over countless generations, turn it into a new species.
This was apparently too much of a break from reality, cuz I woke up when Mark’s upper-earth analog (everyone had a counterpart/alternate self and we met his), flipped his shit upon seeing our team’s dog, thinking it was some sort of monster. I remember Mark turning to me, aghast, and saying, “…no Chica..?” in this small, horrified voice, and then I was awake.



The increasing connection with the consciousness of Divine spark transforms the physical body to raise its vibration into the fifth dimension. Genetic mutation of the DNA for two-fold onto twelve-fold spiral occurs. In the moment of Ascension the Divine spark life the vibration of the physical body to that extent that it merges with the etheric body. So an interdimensional Light body is created, with which you can travel in each dimension of space, time, no-space and no-time. Through a dimensional doorway you can enter various Star systems. In this case your Mer-ka-ba body will serve as a space ship, as a Star Base

Aurora 2012 - Ishtar Antares

Art via @dimensao7

Over the past ten years there’s been this growing trend of people my age obsessing over Halloween yet being somewhat dismissive of Christmas… and what i really think it really boils down to is Christmas comes with a lot of pressure.  

Expensive plane rides to visit family, having to split your time between your divorced parents and your partner’s parents without upsetting anyone, arguing with your conservative family over holiday dinner, knowing your mom deserves the best but not having the money to buy her what she wants, wanting to take time off but needing to work, not knowing what to buy distant family members that you don’t know at all but being socially obligated to, your great aunt Bertha expectantly waiting to see your excitement over the horribly gaudy vest she spent all year making you, not wanting to make a fuss but not being able to enjoy Christmas dinner because nothing is within your dietary restrictions, being forced to practice a religion you don’t identify with at a 6 hour sermon, and not being given any time to emotionally rest because it’s “family time” and you are not allowed to go to your room or look at your phone so you take exceptionally long bathroom breaks so you can recharge.  Apart from the softly glowing Christmas lights, the cups of cocoa, and the woodlands covered in snow, the whole thing is just really stressful for a lot of us.

However… Halloween?  

Want to dress up like a sexy librarian and show a lot of skin?  Great!  Feel more comfortable being totally covered with a big hooded cloak?  Also great!  Want to be pretty?  Here’s glitter and fake eyelashes!  Want to be spooky?  Here’s cobwebs and fake blood.  Have to work?  Go to work with cat ears and whiskers, nobody will yell at you.  Don’t have to work?  Do whatever you want cause no one expects anything from you.  Want to welcome in a spiritual new year with candles, altars, invocations, and reflections?  Be my guest.  Want to stuff your face with candy and drink spirits?  Perfectly fine!  Want to stay indoors and watch scary movies cuddled up with your cat?  Please do!  Want to haunt the town in a costume it took you 3 months to make?  I love it!  You’re a boy and you want to experiment with high heels and fishnets?  Do it up, son.  You’re a human and you want to dress up as an interdimensional space beast?  Get it, you crazy homo sapien, you.

No expectation to travel home or buy presents.  No forced family time, no forced religious services.  No pressure to participate in trick or treating, just dim your house lights and don’t wander door to door.  

There’s no pressure tied into Halloween, so we feel like we can relax and be ourselves.  

the-saga-of-spyro  asked:

Why DOES Godzilla always want to know what year it is? I would think the human concept of time holds no meaning to an ageless radioactive dinosaur.

well actually back when i was doing the comics for free, it was kinda just a joke based on the context of the situation

I was trying to think of what Godzilla could POSSIBLY do if he suddenly found himself in the world of MLP, and the best thing I could think of was just him looking around and being confused as to why there are no more humans 

its funny cus sometimes he’ll sleep for several thousand years and the world probably changes a hell of a lot when he wakes up, cus honestly if i woke up and there was nothing but flying magical horses I’d be freaked out too

after that it just became a running gag based on the context of the setting he was in

Nausica: movie takes place some thousand years after giants destroyed civilization and now the main characters live in a world full of giant bugs 

Cross Ange: humanity has evolved(?) to a point where everyone can do magic, but if you’re a ‘norma’ who cant do magic you’re sent to an uncharted island in the pacific where you have to fight interdimensional space dragons and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD EVEN? IS THIS THE FUTURE OR IS THIS MODERN DAY? WHAT??

Monsters Inc: assuming the Pixar theory is true, Godzilla lives long enough to see the world overrun by monsters, so he applies for a job at Monsters Inc and his questions get him banished by being sent back to present day earth

ya know cus .. the lawyers at Disney will rip you a new one before they even begin to share their secrets, and blowing the cover on the Pixar theory is probably a huge liability for them 

but yeah hope that answers some questions .. I dont have a lot of running gags in my material, but im kinda proud of this one 

Blind Faith Au…or Space Pirate Au???? 

I finally finished something! :’’D  I want to do a side piece of them as old men. If I can get to it.

I’m not sure which au is created by who anymore. Please let me know so I can tag accordingly. 

Okay! So Blind faith is thought of by gravity-what and I believe another person.

Space Pirate or dioscuri au (which I’m still not sure if it falls under) is by stan-o-war. Then expanded by cellard00rs and theywerefireworks


znh12  asked:

Hate to bother ya, but I'm super curious. What Aberrant usually do when the Player is not around? Just sitting in his house? Also, has he ever hit another Face Monster with his lantern? No need to answer it. And have a nice day! ^-^

He reads.

A lot.

It really doesn’t matter where he is, and he’ll either sit in his room to read, or go outside to get out of the way of those who generally detest him. He tries to spend more time outside than inside.

Since the dungeons are the source of most of the books found in any town, and the dungeons go way back and were used as bunkers by stranded space/interdimensional travelers, the available books can range from magic tomes to historical accounts to technical manuals to fictional novels.

Aberrant prefers technical books to outright fiction, as he (ironically) doesn’t follow character-driven narratives well. 

Maybe, once he runs out of textbooks and manuals, he’ll read fiction out of boredom and find he likes it. But seeing as Terraria’s wealth of objectively written work spans multiple times and dimensions, what constitutes their reality is often just as, if not more fascinating than fiction is to us. 

As for the last question…


But he would.

Inter-dimensional Space Pirate Stans! 

AU by stan-o-wars. I hope you like this friend! I was falling asleep sketching these. I love drawing their hair~ 

Fun fact: I redrew Ford 5 times while I did Stan just once! I still think Ford looks off. It’s awkward…. awkwaaaaaard~

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