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Uuuuhhhhh not a reason why, but if Kravitz can open doors to all the other planes, then can't he take Taako to meet up with Joaquin? and they have like a playdate? He's good out here b/c that's where his friend is?

idk if he can in canon but now he can in my heart

so I heard there’s an oc promothon shindig going down over at @charlesoberonn and honestly you all know I will throw myself headfirst into anything of the sort soooo yep 

Anyway some of you know this merry band of losers already, Penwright, Horrie and Grace, a ragtag gang of enby kids who are so bad with directions they accidentally catch a bus into another dimension instead of their local shopping mall. They wind up in a bizarre sci-fi otherworld where people’s wandering thoughts and daydreams directly alter reality - an ever-shifting mess of a universe where nothing makes sense, nothing is consistent, and stratocumulus clouds are particularly skilled at origami. Shenanigans ensue.

I’m gonna ramble about the characters more under the cut ‘cause I don’t want to get too long on your dashboards lmao

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On April 9, 2007, the Paper Mario series received its third entry (in North America, at least!). Ten years later, Super Paper Mario, the widely-regarded black sheep of the series, has gained a following for its gameplay, soundtrack, and particularly its plot amongst other things. What’s your favorite memory with Paper Mario’s interdimensional adventure?

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I appreciate the fact that Marco's parents have jobs (Angie as a creative writing professor at community college and Rafael as a professional artist). That explains most of their absence in the show. Maybe working 50-60 hours a week. But with Star and Marco traveling to many dimensions, has Marco been lying/forgetting to tell his parents about where he goes with Star? At least he tells them, maybe off screen? But because of their absence (work reasons) they'll put more effort in family time.

Marco and Star clearly don’t tell their parents half of what they do, and I really don’t think he does it off screen. Still, they do know, at least, that they have interdimensional adventures, so it’s not like they’re completely unaware.

And yeah, while I don’t know how much things are actually going to change, since them “interfering” with the plots too much couldn’t work, at least every once in a while they admit their mistakes. I think it’s hard to find the screentime to show that things actually change, and not have these scenes being important on the spot, but without any lasting effect on the show.

Brothers who are not brothers. XD

No one probably are interesed about this, but I posting it because yes. XDD Since the Next Gen comic that I wanted publish quickly had a little delay, I decided share with you this data about of these two:

Well, they coming up of different universes, timelines of an alternative ending. Worlds where Michelangelo is their father, obviously. XD Can’t you see the resemblance? XDD

But their mothers vary. For something is a alternative ending. XD

The girl with blonde hair is daughter of Michelangelo and Renet. She is the new Mikey in the Hamato family. And with her father is a double trouble now. XD

And the other one, in his universe is the son of Michelangelo and Shinigami. How you can see, he isn’t very… very… Mikey. XD But he loves his parents so much, even if he doesn’t say it.

I can’t say their names, not yet. I prefer do it when I formally present them to you, in a amazing pic with their cousins!!! Because, the story can not be story if Irrilia, Hana and Kiba doesn’t appear there. XD

This is probably confused, but when it is about an adventure interdimensional doesn’t exist the limit. And they will know soon. :3

I died when Eyeholes was revealed to be a breakfast cereal. (Available at IKEA, CVS and Target!)

I died when Stealy was just fucking stealing stuff, then it turned into QVC. 

I died during the entire “How It’s Made” spoof, mostly because I watch that show a lot.

I died when the guy in the last commercial said, “Everything served out of a butt-hole, just like your back at home.” 

I feel like this episode had just as many funny gags as the first, even if it couldn’t produce something as brilliant as “Two Brothers”. There was a lot more satire and parody, which I guess you have to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate. And, the A-story was brilliant. 

Reblog if you loved this episode, because the recent backlash is making me feel pretty alone. 

Cracking Glass by KannaKyomu

Link: { Ao3 // FF // Other }
Pairing: [No Pairing] Thor, Loki, Hermione Granger
Status: COMPLETE ~ oneshot
Chapters: 1/1
Genre: Adventure, Friendship
Theme: Inter-dimensional Travel, Time Travel, Alternate Universe
Summary: “Curious,” He murmured taking a few steps towards where she stood, “Time travel, as I recall. Curious that I should remember such a thing now, when only moments before I knew you only as the girl I had met in the hall.” In which Hermione learns that books aren’t just for transporting the imagination, and that even good little boys can grow up into something else entirely. [My summary: Hermione finds a book in the Hogwarts library that transports her to Asgard in another universe. She meets the two young princes Thor and Loki.]

Notes: This is a prequel to another story by KannaKyomu called A Million Candles Burning

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Hi Sam! I just finished reading the Izzy Chronicles for the seventeenth time this week. I can just not get enough of Clint's sassy little baby girl. I want to know - how does Clint handle Izzy's first prom? Does he terrorize her prom date? Are he and Phil the typical "stop-embarrassing-me-dads" dads?

Izzy’s first prom is in another dimension, because she totally gets T. Stark Lokason, Interdimensional Gentleman Adventurer, to take her to his prom, which is a few weeks before hers. Clint terrorizes Stark because hello, he’s the son of LOKI AND TONY STARK, what possible good could come of his daughter dating that? But fortunately Stark is a devious and good-natured lad and he knows Clint won’t actually kill him, so he mostly milks the “your dad is so horrible” line to get Izzy to be nice to him. (This only sort of works.) She takes Kate Bishop along on a double-date with one of the other kids from the Lokason dimension, which calms Clint down considerably even if it means she owes Kate FOREVER AND EVER.

I think in general terms Phil is way more intense about Izzy’s safety than Clint because Clint just got to be a father, Phil had to earn his dadhood so he values it more. Clint has occasional freakouts over stuff like her first day of school, her prom, et  cetera, but Phil is in a constant state of low-level freakout that nobody notices because he’s also in a constant state of eerie calm. Clint’s the one who teaches Izzy how to jump off high places and land safely, while Phil’s the one literally sewing GPS chips into all her clothing so that if she is ever kidnapped or hurt or gets lost he can find her.
So in that sense Phil’s probably less embarrassing only because everyone is used to his level of Dad Intensity, while Clint’s flip-outs are unusual and therefore mortifying to Izzy. :D