Couple of thoughts about D.Gray-man Hallow ep 4

D.Gray-man Hallow episode 4 got me crying and jumping out of my sit couple of times.

-Tykki Mikk appeared on the screen , i totally forget that he suppose to appear in this episode and i screamed and cried tears of joy because HE’S BACK !!

-then i so this homeless men screaming in pain and i immediately knew what is about to happen , WISLEY i can finally see you animated.

-the whole noeh family gathering together , was so beautiful , i missed those fuckers so much.

-and if that wasn’t enough we got proper interdiction to the third exorcist , Tokusa my boy is here  , and he has green hair , i don’t know why i always thought his blond .

-Alma Karma arc is actually starting and i just so overwhelmed with emotion ,  we got to hear Almas voice , even his voice is too pure for this world .

-when i sow Fiidora standing in front of Lavi and Bookman , my heart broke a little . Stay away from them Fiidora !!!!!!

Every new ep is giving me so much feels , I still can’t believe that we actually have a new D.Gray-man anime series !!!!
French journalist goes undercover with Islamic State terror cell - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

What I find most interesting here is that even though he talks about how fake online identities and encrypted messaging apps allow this cell to organize and evade authorities… It is still raided and shut down before he reports them.

So, despite the use of encryption, couriers, clandestine meetings in public spaces, this cell was still interdicted by the French security forces. They’re clearly much better at this than they let on ;)



TITRE ORIGINAL : Quel maledetto treno blindato

TITRE FRANÇAIS : Une Poignée De Salopards

TITRE U.S.A. / ANGLAIS : Counterfeit Commandos / Deadly Mission / G.I. Bro / Hell’s Heroes / Inglorious Bastards

TITRE ITALIE : Quel maledetto treno blindato

TITRE ALLEMAGNE : Ein Haufen verwegener Hunde

TITRE ESPAGNOL : Aquel maldito tren blindado

LANGUES : Français / Italien

SOUS-TITRES : Français

IMAGES : Couleurs

ANNÉE : 1978

DURÉE DU FILM : 1h35mn24s

GENRE : Guerre

PAYS : Italie



Interview de Enzo G. Castellari par Quentin Tarantino : 38mn24s

Bande-Annonce Française : 1mn36s

Bande-Annonce Italienne : 3mn44s

INTERDICTION : Accord Parental

SORTIE DVD FRANCE : 5 Janvier 2010

SORTIE CINÉMA FRANCE : 28 Février 1979

ÉDITEUR : Universal Pictures

DISTRIBUTEUR : Universal Pictures Vidéo (France)


Quatre soldats indisciplinés de l'armée américaine et un lieutenant qui a refusé d'exécuter un ordre qui lui semblait inhumain échappent à la police militaire. C'est la campagne de France, 1944… Ils tentent de passer en Suisse. Après quelques accrochages sérieux avec les troupes allemandes, ils tuent, dans des circonstances imprévisibles, les membres d'un commando américain déguisés en soldats allemands. Ayant établi le contact avec un groupe de maquisards français, ils adoptent l'identité de leurs malheureuses victimes et apprennent qu'ils sont chargés d'exécuter une opération très difficile. Un colonel parachuté de Londres peu après est contraint de les accepter, d'autant plus qu'ils se proposent (en échange de leur liberté) d'exécuter la mission.

MA NOTE DU DVD : 07/10


Le film est partiellement inspiré des Douze Salopards. Son titre anglais, destiné à l'exportation internationale, est The Inglorious Bastards. Ce titre inspirera quelques années plus tard Quentin Tarantino pour son film Inglourious Basterds. Bo Svenson et Enzo G. Castellari font de brèves apparitions dans le film de Tarantino.

À noter que le film est passé totalement inaperçu à sa sortie en France.

VU LE : Mercredi 20 Juillet 2016

The end of plastic bags in France is now!

La fin des sacs plastique en France, c'est maintenant !

After years of waiting and turnaround, the ban on single-use plastic bags returned officially in force in France on 1 July 2016. A first step will be followed on 1 January 2017 by the prohibition of all packaging disposable plastic, including those used for fruit, vegetables and cheeses. This is an important victory for Surfrider who fights against the consumption of plastic and “throwaway” for several years via the campaign “Ban the bag.”

Après des années d’attente et de revirement, l’interdiction des sacs plastique à usage unique est rentrée officiellement en vigueur en France ce 1er juillet 2016. Une première avancée qui sera suivie le 1er janvier 2017 par l’interdiction de tous les emballages en plastique jetables, notamment ceux utilisés pour les fruits, légumes et fromages. C’est une victoire importante pour Surfrider qui se bat contre la consommation du plastique et du « tout jetable » depuis plusieurs années via la campagne « Ban the bag ».

43 shopkeepers engaged in #BanTheBag campaign

What about the voice within the logic of the supplement? within that which should perhaps be called the “graphic” of the supplement?

Within the chain of supplements, it was difficult to separate writing from onanism. Those two supplements have in common at least the fact that they are dangerous. They transgress a prohibition and are experienced within culpability. But, by the economy of differance, they confirm the interdict they transgress, get around a danger, and reserve an expenditure. In spite of them but also thanks to them, we are authorized to see the sun, to deserve the light that keeps us on the surface of the mine.

What culpability attaches to these two experiences? What fundamental culpability is found fixed or deflected there? These questions may be elaborated in their proper place only if we first describe the structural and "phenomenological" superficies of these two experiences, especially the area they have in common.

In both cases, the possibility of auto-affection manifests itself as such it leaves a trace of itself in the world. The worldly residence of a signifier becomes impregnable. That which is written remains, and the experience of touching-touched admits the world as a third party. The exteriority of space is irreducible there. Within the general structure of auto-affection, within the giving-oneself-a-presence or a pleasure, the operation of touching-touched receives the other within the narrow gulf that separates doing from suffering. And the outside, the exposed surface of the body, signifies and marks forever the division that shapes auto-affection.
—  Jacques Derrida, Of Grammatology
Conventional Sorrow

Seek to impose justification
Upon which calculated pious fragility merits falsehood
Unlike callous wanton divinity pursuing blind vaccine
The ratified quarrels in stone drives not beauty
But restless aberrations into anomaly

Constituted brutality admits resign
People decay thee unwilling façade
Devoid of justifying matters does compassion trip
And shutter no more drained morality

Berthed fragrant assurance in the accords
Account the frantic fanaticism facing fractures
That now assumes position beneath our foundation
Political dividends have usurped precious stability

Recited anticipation upstages passion
Denounced imagination to foster little creativity in the young
Now interdicted human ingenuity’s progressive resolve
Asphyxiated dreams once showered glittering memories
Now what once was, remains hollow

I, myself am rather saddened to the core
My brethren around me are pounded by the fact
That standards risen by others who do not understand their own societal condensation
Confines us all into peaking depression

Judged not by our own strive to further our future
But grades skewered and gutted from those whose credentials expired long ago
Bland has this world gone neither white or black
But grey, a world withering in creative genius
I am ashamed

I am very scared
I am very frightened
For my children
And the next

What can I do?
But posterize noise squashed beneath inflated individuals
Their greed sloshing pools brimming defilement
Chant do voices mean nothing
When money and power assume cause

I fear what is happening to us all
I am fearful that soon enough
Our world will lose what little push we have anymore
That our doleful backgrounds will retract
And ignite a blazing crash

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