intercontinetal championship

Listen, I don’t wanna be that person, but for all of you saying it was Dean’s fault for being a bad champion, you’re wrong. Last time I checked, it’s wwe creative who decides what you do with the belt, not the wrestlers themselves. Same thing happened with Kevin Owens’s horrible booking with the Universal Title. It’s always creative’s fault for never giving their champions a chance to shine.

At least he shows up to work and was around to defend his title unlike a certain Bork Laser

Trip To The Beach - Dean Ambrose

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“Is sunscreen in the diaper bag?” You asked Dean as you put on your two year old son swim trunks. Y|S|N was standing in front of you as you got him ready to go to the beach. 
“Yeah.” Dean answered before handing you the sunscreen. You then rubbed the sunscreen against Y|S|N\’s skin. You then put the sunscreen back in the diaper bag. You were already in your two piece. You had a tank top over it and you had your flip flops on. Dean was in his swim trunks and a tank top as well. “Are you ready to go to the beach, bud?” Dean asked Y|S|N as he picked him up. 
Y|S|N grinned and started clapping, making both you and Dean laugh. “Let’s go!” You said as you slung the diaper bag over your shoulders. You and Dean already gotten the beach stuff in the car so you didn’t have to worry about it. 
The beach wasn’t that crowded which was good. Dean was placing the towel on the sand as you took Y|S|N’s shirt off, leaving him only in his shorts. “Want to go in the water, bud?” Dean asked him. Y|S|N jumped up and down. “Yeah!” Y|S|N squealed. You smiled as Dean scooped him up in his arms. You walked beside Dean as the three of you entered the water. 
Dean made sure Y|S|N’s feet were in the water. He held onto him as Y|S|N was in the water. 
You splashed water as Y|S|N started splashing you. Y|SN laughed as Dean spun him around in the air like an airplane. “There’s a wave!” You pointed. Dean put Y|S|N on his shoulders as the wave hit. It knocked you over but Dean took it like a champ. 
Y|S|N laughed as he saw you getting knocked down. “What’s funny?” You asked with a smile, pushing back your hair. Dean smirked as Y|S|N was still laughing.  After a bit, you decided to get a tan. You laid on the towel while watching Dean and Y|S|N play in the water. They were toe deep now and Dean was chasing after Y|S|N. 
You eventually drifted off to sleep which was a mistake.You soon woke to cold ocean water being poured on you. You gasped, quickly getting up and jumping around. Dean laughed as you saw Y|S|N holding the bucket. “You two are partners in time, I swear.” You said, slapping Dean on the arm. 
“It was Daddy, mommy!” Y|S|N said, throwing the bucket down. You smiled, ruffling his hair. “I know, bud.” You said, tossing Dean a glare. 
“I’m hungry now, mama.” Y|S|N told you. “Let’s eat.” 

After eating lunch, you and Dean decided it was time to head on home. Y|S|N ended up falling asleep on the way home so that was peaceful. “I hate that you have to go back on the road tomorrow.” You sighed once Dean laid Y|S|N down in bed, 
“I know, babe. I don’t want to go either. But when I come back, we can go to the zoo or something.” 

First Kick - Dean Ambrose

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You were eighteen weeks along with your first child. You wanted to find out the gender but Dean wanted to be surprised. So, you and Dean were going to be surprised. The doctor had told you that the baby should be moving a lot stronger and you will able to feel him or her move or kick. 
Dean was currently having a promo with The Miz in the ring and you were backstage You were starting to get a small bump and everyone told you that you were glowing. 
You walked into catering and took a seat next to Sasha and Roman. “How are you, Y|N?” Sasha asked.
“Can’t complain.” You answered with a smile. “You feel baby Ambrose kick yet?” Roman asked with a grin.
“Not yet, I should soon.” You replied. 
As you watched on with Dean’s promo, you started feeling something. It felt weird, like a flutter. You placed your hand on your belly as you continued to feel it. A smile flashed across your face as you figured out what it was.
Dean’s segment was over so you hurried to gorilla to meet up with him.
As you got to gorilla, Dean was coming past the curtains. 
Dean put the Intercontinental championship  over his shoulder before pulling you close. 
Dean rested his hands against your belly as he kissed your lips. Just as the two of you pulled away from the kiss, your baby moved again. Dean wasn’t expecting that.
“Was that the baby?” Dean asked. You answered with a smile.
“I came to tell you that I can feel him or her.” You responded. 
Dean then rubbed your belly before kissing the peak of your stomach. “I have a feeling it is a Dean Jr.” You laughed at what Dean said.
“I don’t care as long as he or she is healthy.” 

7. “I don’t want to have a baby.”

Dean Ambrose x Reader

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You and Dean have been dating for almost three years now. You two were now engaged. Dean proposed about a week ago and all you have been doing is planning for the wedding that would happen in a few months. 
While you were happy with the love of your life and was planning for the best day of your life, you have been feeling like there was something missing from your life.  You were over at your sister’s house and you were holding your newborn nephew who was a few weeks old. “How are you and Dean?” Your sister asked. You looked up from your sleeping nephew in your arms and looked at your sister. 
“We are doing good. Just trying to plan for the wedding.” You answered with a smile. Your sister grinned. “So, when am I going to have a niece or nephew?” She asked. That’s when it clicked. You wanted a baby one day. You haven’t told Dean, of course. 
After staying a few more hours with your sister, you headed on back home to your and Dean’s place.
You placed your phone and keys on the table and took your shoes off as Blue, your and Dean’s bulldog ran up and greeted you. You scratched the back of his ear before walking upstairs. Dean was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. You leaned against the door frame and smiled at the handsome sight in front of you. 
“Can we talk?” You asked Dean. “Yeah, what’s up?” Dean asked before washing his mouth out. You sighed and took a deep breath. This was a sensitive topic and Dean probably doesn’t want any kids. 
“What do you think about having kids one day?” You finally asked. Dean scratched the back of his neck. 
“I’m going to be honest with you. I love you a lot. But, I don’t want to have a baby.” Dean answered. That answer broke your heart but you love Dean to death. 
Even if a baby wouldn’t be apart of your future, you had Dean and that’s all that matters.