intercontinental title match

Today is the Two-Year Anniversary of LoadingReadyRun Without Context

Honestly, this surprised me as well. I wouldn’t have even noticed except that I was looking through the archives yesterday, making sure I wasn’t repeating an image I could’ve sworn I already did. But anyway, here we are. Two years. It doesn’t feel like it. I’ve posted a lot more of these images than I expected. I’ve gotten substantially more followers than I ever expected (largely due to Graham’s shout-out on a podcast and my apparent popularity with the tumblr MTG community.) I’ve even had people tell me that they’re “a big fan of my work,” which with all due respect, feels a bit silly to me. LRR is who makes this stuff. I’m just over here screenshotting, cropping, and posting without a caption. Thank them.

In any case, this has gotten me in a retrospective mood, so I thought I’d talk about some of the more popular, notable, and my personal favorite entries, giving a bit of context to two years of no context.

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