intercontinental carlton cannes

A Lone Bandit and the Mystery of France’s Greatest Diamond Heist

The terrace doors of the opulent Intercontinental Carlton Cannes hotel on the French Riviera were supposed to be locked. 

But before lunchtime on the last Sunday of July, a thief—whose face was obscured with a bandanna and a motorcycle helmet—managed to slip through them and directly into an exhibition room loaded with millions of dollars worth of Leviev diamonds, “the world’s most extraordinary.” Armed with an automatic pistol and an uncanny familiarity with the setting, the mystery bandit began his heist.

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Dream: if the rooms could talk

As the lights prepare to dim on the Cannes Film Festival for another year you can bet many stories were created and shared at the infamous InterContinental Carlton. Undoubtedly the the most prestigious place to stay, it becomes its most starriest during the festival, and is the undisputed headquarters of motion picture industry deal-making.

Intercontinental Carlton, Cannes, France