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This makes me so fucking happy.

Since 2012, this guy has been eating SHIT. Jobbing out to losers and being relegated to obscurity.

Now, after being screwed over for 4 fucking years, he did it.

He’s the NEW NEW NEW Intercontinental Champion.

Woo Woo Woo…you know it. :’)

So I saw that post about wanting cheap flights and I’m like ??? I can get a flight to Paris with the money I found under my bed yesterday. So basically, there’s a YouTube channel that I think I’ve already advocated for before but whatever. Damonandjo (Damon and Jo) are two people who travel the world. (They also speak like 4(?) languages between them and do videos in Portuguese and French) and they have said to use a website called skyscanner to find cheap flights. Well, now they have their own flight finder (watch their latest video) and it’ll find you the cheapest flights. Might be a bit harder for intercontinental flights.

So for cheap flights go to (will link when it’s not 2am) and/or skyscanner.

Also check out Damon and jo because they’re really funny and also are learning Italian.