interchangeable frames


Freedom Arms Model 2008

A large single-shot pistol that was available in a variety of calibers. Meant for long range pistol silhouette shooting or hunting the Model 2008 appears to have been discontinued. The example in the photos has an odd pairing of calibers that most average shooters may not have heard of before; .357 Maximum (not Magnum) and 7mm Remington Benchrest. The barrels are serialized to the frame and are supposedly not interchangable with other frames. (GRH)


kiss by Yu Wei Lin

The last of the legendary Bf/Me 109 series, the Bf-109 K4. 

The K4 variant was a response to the wide array of field modifications, different parts kits, and sub variants of the Bf 109. The K4 consolidated various different parts, types, and weaponry and made many of them interchangeable on one air frame. 

While it was overall a fine machine and remained fairly comparable to contemporary fighters from other nations, poorly trained pilots meant the K4 could never be used to its fullest extent.