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what are your thoughts on Ruby's "it's always been just me, but bigger" line?

That is something I’ve been thinking about. Because in practice we can see that the three Rubies are not identical; palm-Ruby seems a little exasperated by the other two’s punch-happy enthusiasm, and of the other two, one seems to focus more on the idea of fighting while the other seems to focus more on the idea of dominance via fighting. Their vernacular is similar, but that’s to be expected- they’ve been raised in similar formats.

The Mega-Ruby can’t have the same personality as each individual Ruby because those personalities are not the same. But her components have been trained to think of, and present themselves, as interchangeable, uniform, all the same- so she doesn’t analyze herself. Especially if she’s only formed for fighting and not allowed to hang around or throw herself through especially complex psychological self-analysis, her component Rubies are not going to find out that what’s comfortable to one of them is not to the others.

But Ruby and Sapphire? Different contexts, different backgrounds. Sapphire has been encouraged much more to assert her individuality, because she’s rare- there are not a lot of other Sapphires around and she’s used to being “the Sapphire” rather than “a Sapphire.” A resource as valuable as future sight would probably be stretched quite thin- it doesn’t make sense to gather them all together when only one would suffice.

So when Ruby and Sapphire come together- they, and Garnet, are immediately aware of their difference. It’s expanded, highlighted, and, once Garnet moves into the context of the Crystal Gems, nourished and encouraged. Garnet explores how she is and is not like her components, develops a conclusive theory of who she is. She’s allowed to think about herself in ways the Mega-Ruby hasn’t.

Mega-Ruby hasn’t really thought about how she’s her own person, because she views herself as just stacking together of interchangeable, identical individuals. So I feel like Mega-Ruby really could’ve been much more of her own person if her components were allowed to develop and explore their individual identity outside of their shared thread of all being Rubies. But since she hasn’t, she, and her components, see her as just an extrapolation of each of their individual experiences, which they assume are all the same.

(Daddy/Mommy), its Playtime.

You are watching (favorite cartoon) with (Daddy/Mommy) when (s)he looks at you and smiles. (S)he gets up and grunts.
“Prince(ss),” he says to you, “Daddy has to go to the bathroom. Pause this and wait till I come back.”
“Yes, (sir/ma'am)!”
You pause the cartoon and begin to talk to your favorite stuffie, (Name). (Name) was a stuffed (animal) that (Daddy/Mommy) gave you when you first got together.
“(Name), what do you think (Daddy/Mommy) would do if I unpause it before (s)he gets back?”
You talk for (him/her/them), saying, “(Mommy/Daddy) would give you a spanking, (Your Name).”
“All the more reason to…” You unpause the cartoon and look satisfied.
You hear the toilet flush. Its (Daddy/Mommy). (S)he looks at you with disappointment. “Well, don’t we have a bad little (boy/girl).” (Daddy/Mommy) pins you up on the wall, rubbing your prince(ss) parts.
“Is this how you should behave, little one?” (S)he asks.
You shake your head.
(Daddy/Mommy) spanks you a good three times, and tells you to get to bed.

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Honestly I would've liked to see the direction they were going with AU Warren because I'm sure he made the mistake of hitting on AU Max before she joined the Vortex Club, based on Alyssa's texts. He hooks up with Stella instead and I take that as a sign that none of his Blackwell relationships are meant to last (the girls are interchangeable to him).

the girls are interchangeable to him” oh my god it’s so true. i think that’s a succinct summary of his character right there. 

The 10 Least Sexy RomCom Premises

I think we’re all a bit too familiar with:

Coming this fall to a theater near you… Lily had everything she ever wanted; a group of completely interchangeable friends, a nonspecific marketing job that is probably in the fashion industry, and a family with at least one token gay. But the one thing she couldn’t find, was a man. [cut to a friend sympathetically telling her she deserves love, only for the protagonist to say she’s fine without it.] Little did she know, her world is about to be turned upside down when a breakout of the avian flu and subsequent city wide quarantine mandate lands her in close quarters with her neighbor who has a sloppy apartment.

Sign me up to watch that on an airplane sometime!

No, but really, though romcoms may not be my predilection, I do at least appreciate the effort of certain movies that attempt to make such a formulaic genre a bit more exciting. Especially given that the tropes universally agreed upon as being appealing have been done to death. Yet for every Clueless (damnit, Jane Austen, stop being so good at this game!) there’s those special few that make you wonder what the industry executives had been drinking during the pitch meeting to give it the “okay.”

I’m not talking strictly “bad” films here, by the way. Some of these might be diverting. But here are, in no particular order: ten romcoms with hideously unsexy premises.

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Sweetness of the Qur’an

Imam Tabari رحمه الله tells us how we can taste the sweetness of the Qur’an:

إني لأعجب ممن قرأ القرآن ولم يعلم تأويله كيف يلتذ بقراءته؟

I am amazed with one who recites the Qur’an and he does not learn its ta’weel, how will he taste the sweetness of his recitation?

Reference : Mu’jam al-Adbaa

Note : Ta’weel used here means the tafseer of the Qur’an. During the first few generations of Islam, ta’weel and tafseer were used interchangeably. There are no ahadeeth that mention tafseer, rather the word “ta’weel” is used.


Play Arts Kai Batman Vs Superman: Superman Collectible Action Figure

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice depicts the clash of two iconic heroes in the DC Comics universe. Now Superman joins the fray as a Play Arts Kai action figure!

Superman has established himself as a shining beacon of hope for humanity. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he faces off against Batman, the dark hero of the DC Comics universe.

Square Enix has highlighted the noble, classically heroic characteristics of Superman, in striking contrast with Batman’s complex dark aspect. The chest and cape utilize flexible materials, creating a wide range of motion. Superman’s iconic take-off and landing poses are easily recreated. Square Enix has paid special attention to the fine details, keeping close accuracy to the design of the character in the film, such as the small Kryptonian insignia etched into the waist of his suit. The finishing touches are his accessories, including expressive interchangeable hands, and a face piece that features his powerful heat vision. All this and more make this figure a superb depiction of Superman.

Figure also includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.

Pre-order Superman at Big Bad Toy Store

Price is $149.99

Release is scheduled for June

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Couldn't help but notice a few character omitted from your updated chibi sheet (e.i. Steven and friends, Lily and friends, Jun and boyfriends, the circus(?) people). Are you scrapping their stories?

yeah, they’re shelved for now >< a couple of them I borrowed their designs and used them for necessary side characters in the stories I’ve kept or expanded, and jun’s whole story I took and made an AU for another newer set of characters that I kept. I was tired of feeling like I had to upkeep such a wide range of characters, many of whom were so similar as to be interchangeable anyway DX Steven and friends, I just… I really wanted to keep them but I couldn’t find a way to like, modernize their story. that story feels unrepairably highschool weeb to me DX so I still have a lot of OCs but deffffinitely not as many as before. I feel a lot better about this amount.

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wow! super jealous of your Nanatsu no Taizai figurines, where'd you get them?

My boyfriend got them for me as Valentine’s Day gifts :)

Elizabeth even comes with an interchangeable hand but standing next to Meliodas I thought it was appropriate her trying to keep her skirt down lol :D

Jeff Azoff

I just got this information from someone I trust implicitly and have a personal relationship with, so while I can not independently confirm it, I fully believe it to be true and accurate.  I also have permission to share.

Jeff Azoff is still employed by CAA and has signed a contract with them through this October (apparently the contracts are year-to-year) and they are adding to his staff, so it looks as if there are no plans for him to leave at the moment.  At the same time, CAA apparently has less strict contracts than one would think and people can and do leave all the time to start their own related businesses.

One important point my friend brought up, I have been mistakenly using the terms “Manager” and “Agent” interchangeably.  Jeff is a licensed booking agent for CAA. Irving is an artist manager.  Successful acts often have both, and while there is some overlap, agents are licensed to book talent and managers are not. Agents may suggest areas of development for the artist to work on, but are not involved in development and day-to-day coordination of business as managers are.  An agent will call a manager to suggest booking.  Additionally, while Jeff is working at CAA he is not allowed to take on management clients.  So James Corden’s statement that Jeff is Harry’s manager is wrong, but likely as much poor word choice as deliberately misleading.

That said, my friend tells me for the moment Jeff is said to be handling Harry’s business as an agent, not a manager, but doesn’t know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes as far as the rest of the band goes or Harry’s future plans.

She almost loved him.
Maybe it was his too loud laugh or the way he refused to wear anything but shorts in the thirty degree weather. Maybe it was his habit of mumbling or the fact that he could never stop whistling. Or maybe it was the humming or the snapping or some other stupid habit or the way his voice shook when he said goodbye that kept her from admitting that almost and absolutely are not interchangeable.
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #27

it was a present from marco, who can’t stop giggling.

on another note, isn’t it great how ax’s human body is canonically not white? or ever described as having anything but brown skin? how he is canonically afro-latino? how we know his exact genetic makeup so this fact cannot be disputed? it’s so great.


It was brought to our attention that the scarf and stockings for 1/6th scale RWBY Yang Xiao Long collectible were the incorrect color. We assure you that the final product will match the appropriate colour for Yang’s costume.

The 1/6th scale RWBY: Yang Xiao Long collectible figure is available for pre-order at starting for 150USD / 1170HKD with International Shipping included in the price.

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main characters and her weapon of choice is a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica.

1/6th scale R.W.B.Y: Yang Xiao Long collectible details:

*figure stands around 33cm / 13 inches tall;
*new fully-articulated body developed specifically for the RWBY series of collectible figures;
*paint application to depict the cell shaded design of the character;
*hand-tailored clothing & detailed accessories;
*”Ember Celica“ weapon (Bracelets mode & Gauntlets mode);
* 2 pairs of interchangeable hands: relaxed hands and closed fists.

Please head here to see more photos.

RWBY 12"可動人偶陽小龍在之前公佈的圖片中,圍巾及襪子顏色有偏差,現在我們發佈最新修正的圖片,最終產品將會修改為正確的顏色。

RWBY 12"可動立體化第四彈!陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)正式於 接受預購!定價$1170元/ US150 (全球包郵)。

武器是灰燼天堂(Ember Celica),能射擊爆裂性霰彈槍子彈的鋼鐵拳套,集增強拳擊威力、遠射攻擊及快速移動於一身的熱血武器!

RWBY 故事背景是一個充滿著超自然力量的現代世界。人類為了生存,發起了對黑暗戮獸的戰爭,直到他們發現塵晶(Dust)的力量,這讓人類得以對抗黑暗戮 獸!RWBY成員包括:Ruby Rose(紅玉・玫瑰),Weiss Schnee(白・雪),Blake Belladonna(布蕾克)及陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)。

陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)產品規格:
* 全身關節可動;
* 1:6比例,全高約13英寸(33厘米);
* 以官方中3D數據作為機械製作藍本;
* 手工特製的服裝和配件;
* 灰燼天堂(Ember Celica)武器(護腕模式和拳套模式);
* 2種互換的手型 - 平手和握拳。

RWBY ヤン・シャオロンのスカーフとストッキングの色が間違っていたため、画像を修正させて頂きました。最終製品版では、この画像の色の物をお届けいたします。

Black History Month: 12 Facts About Jerry Lawson, Creator Of The Video Game Cartridge

Thank Gerald “Jerry” Anderson Lawson for inventing the first home game console that took interchangeable cartridges.

(Photo : Museum Of Play | The Estate Of Jerry Lawson)

[Originally posted at Tech Times]

An early computer hobbyist’s club in Southern California has some pretty heady history behind it. You’d be hard pressed to match the geek cred of some of its members – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, for example – and Jerry Lawson.

The late Gerald Anderson Lawson, known as Jerry, along with Ron Jones, were the only two members of color of the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley.

The club began in 1975 when hobbyists, most with an electronic engineering or computer programming background, met to talk about the Altair 8800 and to exchange schematics and programming tips.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-born electronic engineer, taught himself everything he knew about designing. His impressive creation of the Fairchild Channel F video game console separated him from his contemporaries such as Nolan Bushnell and Ralph Baer.

The Fairchild Channel F console was released by Fairchild Semiconductor in November 1976 and was the first programmable ROM cartridge-based video game console, as well as the first console to use a microprocessor. Baer wrote the first video game played on a TV set, called Chase, and in  1972 Bushnell helped create the game Pong and later that year started  Atari Computers.

But it was Lawson’s main distinction as the inventor of the video game  cartridge, something that seems simple now, that set the standard for  how video games were played for the next 30 years. The cartridges were sold separately, unlike previous games that were built into the hardware.

“The whole reason I did games was because people said, ‘You can’t do it.’ I’m one of the guys, if you tell me I can’t do something, I’ll turn around and do it,” said Lawson to San Jose Mercury News reporters.

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we are honored to introduce those who are unfamiliar with Lawson’s work and history, and help highlight some significant moments during his career.

1. Lawson Was A Self-Taught Engineer

While growing up in the projects of Queens in New York City, Lawson got a start on his lifelong tinkering. His love for all things electronic and gadget-y compelled him toward the engineer side of things. As a youth, he operated his own ham radio and as a teenager he made money by repairing his neighbors’ television sets.

2. Lawson Founded And Ran His Own Company

Videosoft, a video game development company, was created by Lawson, who used it to produce cartridges for the Atari 2600. When the 2600 came out, it effectively made the Channel F obsolete. Unfortunately, the company only released one, which was a technician’s tool called Color Bar Generator.

3. Lawson Was In A Group That Had Steve Jobs As A Member

The Homebrew Computer Club, an early collective of computer hobbyists, would go on to produce such other legends as Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Lawson and Jones were the only black members, Jones developed a way to reprogram inkjet printers to enable  desktop computers to produce silk-screen quality printing, and later came up with the idea for transforming Nintendo’s Game  Boy into a portable music player in 1999.

4. Lawson Was Honored By The International Game Developers Association

On the eve of his eventual passing, in March 2011, Lawson was honored as an industry pioneer by the International Game Developers Association. His accomplishments as an engineer and inventor were appreciated by the IGDA. A month later he passed away from complications of diabetes.

5. Lawson Produced One Of The Industry’s Earliest Arcade Games

Debuting in a southern California pizzeria only a few months after Allan Alcorn’s Pong, Lawson’s Demolition Derby marked one of the earliest arcade games in the industry. Lawson would go on to work with the Stanford University mentor program in an attempt to write a book on his career.

(Photo : Kreg Steppe | Flickr) Atari 2600 game cartridges.

6. Lawson Developed A Game Console That Utilized Interchangeable Cartridges

The Fairchild Channel F, albeit not reaching the heights of popularity likes the Atari, Nintendo and Sega, did have one thing above its competition: an interchangeable game cartridge. Predating the Atari’s video computer system by a year, the Channel F released 26 cartridges that ranged from sci-fi (Space War) to cards (Blackjack) to sports (Bowling). Game machines like the Atari and the Magnavox Odyssey (created by the late, great Ralph Baer) all had their games built into the hardware.

7. Lawson Was The First Major African-American Figure In Video Games

Few within the growing video games industry could believe that a microprocessor would work independently within a console. Lawson not only innovated the culture, he also diversified it with his impressive invention. The Channel F home gaming console was designed by Mr. Lawson using the Fairchild F8 CPU, which was the first public outing of said processor. The F8 was very complex in relation to the typical integrated circuits of the era, and it had more inputs and outputs than other contemporary chips. Back in that time, chip packaging was not available with enough pins, but the F8 was fabricated as a pair of chips that were used together to form a complete CPU.

8. Lawson’s Parents Encouraged His Growth In Gaming

His father, a longshoreman, had a strong affinity for all things science. At a young age, Lawson was gifted interesting items like an Irish mail, which is a handcar typically used by railroad workers. His mother was so vested into his education that she made it so that Jerry attended a well-regarded elementary school. She eventually became the president of the PTA.

9. Lawson Was Inspired By George Washington Carver

“I had a picture of George Washington Carver on the wall next to my desk,” he told Vintage Computing in an interview. “And she [my first grade teacher] said, 'This could be you.’ I mean, I can still remember that picture, still remember where it was.”

10. Lawson’s Geek Cred Was Infallible

From repairing his neighbor’s television sets to running an amateur radio station out of his housing project, Lawson taught himself most of what he knew about engineering. He attended Queens College and the City College of New York before taking his talents to places like Grumman Electric and Federal Aircraft. He went from running an antenna out of his window with a radio license to being an influential part of Silicon Valley.

11. Lawson’s Invention Caught The Attention Of The FCC

Nobody had ever done something like what Lawson was proposing. Interchangeable cartridges was a new concept. With that said, the FCC was interested in how Lawson beat them to the punch in creating his own microprocessor. Every cartridge that Lawson produced (26 to be exact) had to be approved by the FCC.

12. Lawson Advocated For More African-Americans In STEM

Standing at 6 feet, 6 inches tall, Lawson was a sight to behold in an industry mostly relegated to nerd culture. According to an interview he did with Vintage Computing, race affected his job prospects “as both a plus and a minus.” If he did well, he would receive widespread notoriety. If he failed, it would be marked as an expected disappointment. Through it all, he encouraged other young black men and women to become invested in science and engineering careers.