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Squiggle, still kicking, still alive (barely). I took a break briefly as admob reward videos were getting to me and instead chose to focus on some more feedback and minor things.

Pretty new particles! Made some more visual colour changes and gem pickup, still tweaking these to not be overwhelming. Using unity particles is also something I haven’t played around with much so this was also a good test with them. WIth this I also added a tiny screen shake when you die, this will need a little tweaking but it looks good for now.

I also added tonnes of tiny animations such as a little bounce to your score total when you get a point, a grow and shrink ping pong for the ‘tap to play’ on the main menu and probably like at least 3 more.

I replaced some of the hard to see colour palettes with more vibrant, distinct colours such as the following.



The biggest issue still looming over me is admob reward videos, I have banner ads working no worries but the reward videos just aren’t having any of it. 

I also have small bugs with flicking colours which I ‘think’ I’ve fixed but it works fine for a while before breaking again so I have no idea what’s happening.

Lastly I haven’t implemented audio yet as I do want to spend a lot of time on that and I worry that if I spend too long on that I might end up pushing the release date further back than I anticipated.

There was never a goal so to speak to release this game quickly, learning from other games I might as well spend more time here making it pretty before releasing it then worrying about prettying it up afterwards.

Hence my release date ideal goal is in a months time, this may be pushed back but no longer than 2 months. On this as well there is no way it’ll be released before the month is up, if I think it is ready early I’ll bust out some more testing and iterations before releasing it.

Bendy and Boris had been living with Henry in LA for about a year now. They were adjusting slowly to the new culture, but they got along well. 

A lot of things interested Bendy, but the thing that interested him the most, was tattoos. The act of staining one’s skin permanently with ink. The intericate designs that would sprawl across the human canvas. Bendy himself couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride knowing that this trend ran amok in today’s culture.

He began to crave some of his own, but was unsure how to go about it. How do you stain ink, with ink? But then, he had an idea.

Henry was in a panic, his animation stills had gone missing, and he’d been looking for them for an hour. He sweat bullets, trembling, panic starting to cripple him. He never left a stone unturned looking for them.

“Hey Henry!” Bendy chirped, a big grin on his face. “Check out my cool tattoos!“ 

"Not now Bendy! I need to find my work! It’s due in an hour!” Henry cried. “Boris! Have you seen my stills!?”

Boris turned from his place on the couch, spying Bendy, he gave a small chuckle. “Yeah, I have.”

Henry looked up at him, a relieved smile. “Oh thank God, where?”

Boris pointed behind him.

Henry turned to see Bendy covered head to toe in paper. Various stills were taped all over Bendy’s body.

Henry couldn’t help but laugh. “Bendy, I understand you like the concept of Tattoos, but you can’t use my Animation stills to decorate yourself, ok?” He took the stills off his small, inky friend, and put them into a folder. He turned back to Bendy who now wore a frown.

Henry knelt down to Bendy’s eye level. “Tell you what, when I get back, I’ll draw up some designs especially for you, ok? You’ll be able to help me, and they’ll be badass, I promise.”

“Really?” Bendy gasped, a grin rising on his face.

“Yeah. Better than the biker’s across the road.”


Enjoy mai friend!! :3

((I’m gonna adopt you))

anonymous asked:

Anakin's body was damaged by the malnutrition and the abuse he suffered as a slave and while he was an omega, he had never officially presented (he used fake-pheromones to cover up the unpresented smell) well it turns out he was an omega- and an alpha and the same time because the force is his dad. His heat-rut has both omega's and alphas attracted to him and he would like it to stop now please

If the jury is still out on Anakin being the Chosen One than him presenting as both alpha and omega would certainly convince the rest of them (although IDK the idea of inter-designation individuals is an interesting one). Also Anakin probably was so happy to finally present (there was probably a bit of shame over the fact he hadn’t presented and was therefore ‘broken’ from his childhood) only to end up being once again out of the norm.

The thing is though he probably only seems like one to other alphas and omegas – when he runs into an alpha their brains process him omega, when he runs into omega they process him alpha. It’s probably only really beta’s who can tell he’s both. So he has both alphas and omega flirting with him and it’s all very new to him because while he had been using false-pheromones they aren’t as attractive as the real deal and certainly not as much as a heat/rut. So he doesn’t know how to respond to all the alphas and omegas flirting with him and comes across as pretty awkward (which doesn’t seem to work much in deterring the alphas and omegas)

He probably ends up wishing he could go back to before he presented because at least than he was just broken not feeling like a freak.


If you’ve been following my character design final at all, this is the finished product of my animated tv show pitch packet!

Wimbleweep Mystery House is an all ages tv show about Olive* who is the sole housekeeper at an inter-dimensional boarding house.  The Wimbleweep House is a mysterious house sitting on the axis of where multiple dimensions meet.  It’s uncanny location gives the house strange and mystifying powers where even the dirt and grime can even come to life! The owner of the house is the eccentric Edna Wimbleweep who scours lands far and wide to bring back students to her elite school. While she is away, her haughty assistant Nn keeps everyone in line.  Will cleanliness and order prevail or will Olive be overtaken by the house? Anything goes when you’re at the Wimbleweep Mystery House. 

In order of appearance:

Nn, Edna Wimbleweep, Olive, Bartholomew the cat, Pear Princess, Taro

*Names are still subject to change!


Intersection: Where are you come from, where do you live et where would you like be carried by the life?

Daft Punk: We come from space, and not from Versailles. We live on Earth because we love her. We will go where life will lead us. 

Inter: Do you remember the exact moment when your route clearly bifurcated to music?

DP: At the release of “Da Funk” in 1995.

Inter: Had you a moped when you were at lycée Carnot?

DP: No, we took the metro.

Inter: What was your ambition at the time of Darlin’ (band name in homage to the Beach Boys)?

DP: Become rock stars for have groupies.

Inter: When did you started the production of this new disc, what was the starting concept?

DP: No concept, we wanted to give free rein to experimentation. What is now an album has long been a dizzying chaos.

Inter: Since your first tracks, what changed the most in your way to do music?

DP: Not make music just together in a room, but invite all a team to participate to the adventure.

Inter: What are your first motorised remembrances?

DP: Renault 30 and Fiat 500

Inter: How do you use the travels you do in your work?

DP: Between France and the United States, we successfully linked inspiration, work and pleasure.

Inter: Do you have an anecdote related to mobility to tell us about one of your tour?

DP: We are pleased to have been around the world in a pyramid.

Inter: This American dream that you share with Phoenix, and now greatly realized, was it related to the car culture, the fantasy of the road? We think about the Ferrari 412 of "Electroma" …

DP: Yes, the road is a part of it.  The excess, the travel and the freedom. “Electroma”.

Inter: Do you own a vehicle? Why this one? In which one would you like to move?

DP: The Ferrari 412 form “Electroma”, it was our car. We’ve auctioned it for the Japan benefit after the tsunami. Now, we would like to drive a Lamborghini Countach or a Aston Martin Bulldog.

Inter: We imagine that for your tours, you use more the aircraft than the truck. Are we wrong?

DP: The crossing of USA by bus in company of Kavinsky, Sebastian, Dj Falcon and our loved ones will forever remain a memory etched in the asphalt.

Inter: And daily, how do you move? Jet pack?

DP: We teleport ourselves.

Inter: Would you like to work with an automotive brand? If yes, in which form?

DP: We were present at the Monaco Grand Prix to support Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean for the Lotus team.

Inter: Music, film, design (the Habitat table) … Apart from music, which type of creation you interested in? What are the fields of interest that you have not yet explored?

DP: We are interested in creation in general, as long as we believe we can bring a little something. Designer a car would be nice.

Inter: What the word “intersection” evokes you?

DP: Crossroads.

Inter: Could you reform the band today with Branco from Phoenix and have a great success?

DP: We could also form a super group with Z6PO and R2D2.

Inter: Choose 3 books, 3 albums and 3 holiday destinations.

3 books:

“Alice in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll

“53 Days” Georges Perec

“My Last Breath” Luis Buñuel

3 albums:

“The Dark Side of The Moon” Pink Floyd

“Yeezus” Kanye West

“Le Messie” Georg Friedrich Händel

3 destinations:

Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.